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10-12-2012, 00:40
So, after many moons of staring forlornly at the corvus belli website, getting all the rule books, listening to the podcasts and battlereports, and reading all the (absolutely fantastic) fluff, I've decided to start up infinity.

I think the hardest part of infinity is deciding which army to play, there are so many sweet armies, and the "its not your army, its you" mentality of the game really lets a hobbyist pick and choose his models.

It was a close call between Ariadna (gotta love those alien-werewolves and scotsmen!) Tohaa (pretty much tau) and the Combined (think The covenant from halo, but led by an ancient and immense alien AI), but the combined won out!

First up, an army shot! I only got in some of the units I wanted so far, but some of the coolest ones came first!
First you can see all the figs with pic-cards (no in game value, but cool nonetheless).

below is a Shasvastii Noctifier, with Missile launcher.
These nasty bug-aliens are pros at genetic manipulation and basically being sneaky. A Noctifier has Thermo-optic camo, so gets to sneak around undetected until he blasts a sucker with some nice missiles.


Next up, we have 4 cool dudes, mostly Shasvastii

Starting from the left, we have the skiavoros. This is an EI aspect body, meaning a combat aspect of the EI is downloaded into this big tubby bro, and he walks around wailing on peeps and telling the alien underlings what to do.
next, top right, is the Shasvastii Aswuang. Basically Space vampire. Has a ADHL (adhesive launcher) to stick his prey to the spot, then runs up and eats them, gaining wounds and such.
bottom left, we have a Shasvastii Malignos. Anothter TO:camo dude, is a hacker, for breaking down enemy TAGs (mechs), shutting down heavy infantry, or hacking guided missiles and air drop vehicles.
bottom right, we have a Shasvastii Gwailos- the main line infantry for my combined, I'll be using two of these bros. Tough, has a nano-screen (shield) to protect him, and big ol' boarding shotgun.

last, My Shasvastii Corax spec-ops. More meant for campaign play, I will be using her to sub for additional shasvastii units not yet out. She has a massive Combi-sniper rifle (can choose different kinds of ammo) to take out any homies sneaking up on my turf.

Lots more to come as I begin to paint these guys. The figs are glorious. metal models, little to no flash or miscasting, and so delicately detailed I might need a magnifying glass!

My roomie will be playing ALEPH, the militant arm of the human AI, so as soon as his stuff comes in, expect more pics and battle reports as they come!

10-12-2012, 16:37
Nice stuff! Glad to see some Infinity Combined army plog. Do you intend to build your force around the Shasvasti sectorial? because all your stuff except the Skaivoros is Shasvasti, and I think you should either add some Morat (to take advantage of their special rule), or take out the Skiavoros (to take advantage of the Shasvasti sectorial special rules).

Oh! and you've got some nice basing!

Looking forward to seeing some paint!