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Clearing the Fiefdom


A campaign between Bscube and I, with him playing Bretonnians and I the various invaders. Basically, an excuse for him to get some practice with his army of chocie, me to try out fun builds, and to tell a story.

Game 1

* The villages of wakeful hollow (Farm country. This is what most of the populace survives on. A local hedge wizard miscasted a cantrip, and an army of khornate daemons has poured through his ravaged body. They now rampage across the countryside. Can the lord's men stop the daemons before they reach the village?)


[b]Game 2

*There are several hamlets scattered throughout the Forest Savage. (They are vital to the prosperity of the feifdom, for from the forest comes good wood which is sent down river to the shipyards. The center of these operations comes under attack from forest goblins and their spider minions, who seek to raid and pillage while the Lord's knights are off fighting daemons. Can the knights and their retainers hold off the goblins until reinforcements arrive?)


[b]Game 3

* The town of Louen's Bluff [Located along the river, nearly all trade to the fiefdom comes through it. It also makes it a perfect target for raiders. When a small band of chaos warriors follows the river, sacking hamlets as they go, a force of knights rallies to drive them back. Can Louen's Bluff avoid destruction?)


[b]Game 4

* The Keep (Years ago the former Lord locked the gates to his castle and refused to come out. His vassals waited, and waited...but neither he nor his men ever returned. Now, at night, horrible cries can still be heard from the keep, and none dare enter. Should the Fiefdom be conquered, taking the keep will be of great importance.)


4 objectives. If the Bretonnians manage to win 4 victory points, then the feifdom is not only secure, but is booming. It grows in size and importance, paving the way for the Lord to become a Duke.

If the Bretonnians win 3 victory points, then the feifdom is secure, for at least a generation. There are still dangers, but the Lord has managed to protect his lands.

If the Bretonnians win 2 victory points, then the feifdom is vulnerable. For years to come the knights will have to sally forth to liberate their lands. Funds will be short, and there will be little land to give his house-knights or money to pay his men-at-arms. Fortunately, due to the ensuing casualties, there will be enough to go around.

If the Bretonnians win 1 victory point, then the Lord will be driven to the brink of desperation. He will have to call for aid from the Duke, his neighboring Lords, and from any knight errant who will listen. It will take a generation to reclaim enough of the land to properly establish a real feifdom. Oddly enough, in this, many a questing knight will be drawn to the land...

If the Bretonnians gain 0 victory points, then the Lord will either die on the field of battle or will be driven out of his lands. Part of Bretonnia in name only, it will take another enterprising Lord or a knight errant who is charismatic (and connected) to conquer the fiefdom.

Loss: 0 victory points
Draw: 0.5 victory points
Win: 1 victory point

[b]Special Rules

* Units at 1/2 strength give 1/2 victory points
* Heroes at 1/2 strength give 1/2 victory points
* Units fleeing at the end of the game give 100% victory points
* Lances give ASF on the charge (it just makes sense!)
* Neither of us are that good with the rules, being Mordheim players first and foremost. So we will screw up the rules. So as a special rule, we won't let that get to us, and will just have fun.

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Game 1: Defense of the Farms


Daemonic Marauders
Herald of Khorne (140)
M5 WS6 S6 T4 W2 I6 A3 Ld8
- Cause fear, Hatred (gives hatred to his unit), killing blow, 5+ WS, daemonic instability, armor of khorne (3+AS), dispel scroll

40x Bloodletters (505)
M5 WS5 S5 T3 W1 I5 A1 Ld8
- Cause fear, Killing Blow, 5+ WS, Daemonic Instability
-Full command

5x Flesh Hounds (175)
M8 WS5 S5 T4 W2 I4 A2 Ld7
Cause fear, 5+ WS, daemonic instability, Magic Resistance 3

5x Flesh Hounds (175)
M8 WS5 S5 T4 W2 I4 A2 Ld7
Cause fear, 5+ WS, daemonic instability, Magic Resistance 3

Total: 995 points

Bretonnian Defenders

Paladin, Lance, Shield, Barbed warhorse, Virtue of knightly temper.....120

Paladin (BSB), Barbed warhorse, Virtue of Stoicism.....109

8x Knights of the realm, Full command.....216

11x Knights Errant, Full command......241

20x Peasant bowmen, braziers, full command......145

12x Peasant bowmen, full command......92







Well, given the lists, I decided that my best bet would be to march the bloodletters forward and chop everything to bits. I didn't really have an idea of how to use the flesh hounds, besides for them covering the bloodletters' flanks. Their job was to scare the knights errant away from going for a flank charge, and if possible to cause a little damage.

Turn 1


Knights go first, decide not to pray, and shooting takes off 9 bloodletters and puts a wound on the left fleshhounds. Daemons run forward. Except for right hounds, which attempt to scare Bscube into not hitting the bloodletter flank.

Turn 2


Shooting decimates the left hounds, taking them down to 2 models! The big rock misses the bloodletters though. The KE and the FH stare at each other while arrows rain down on the right FH, taking off a wound.

Turn 3


Knights of the Realm fail their fear test to charge the Bloodletters, but a big rock takes off 9 more of them. The archers on the left take the FH down to just 2 dog on 3 wounds, and the KE continue to refuse to give their flank to the right FH.

In return, the bloodletters charge the KotR, and slaughter them all in a single round of combat. They overrun, but not far enough to get away. The last FH on the left charges the archers. 4 archers are eaten, but they pass their fear test and kill a dog. The archers hold.

Turn 4


The last fleshhound on the left eats a few more archers, and then gets banished to the warp. The bloodletters turn to face the archers...

However, the knights errant finally unleashed their charge against the right fleshhounds. The hounds manage to wound the paladin leading the young knights, but they are all destroyed without killing a single noble.

Turns 5-6


The bloodletters charge through rocks and arrows, a little over a dozen remaining. They cut the archers down to a man, and overrun over the hill. One last spiteful rock takes their numbers down to 9, and they charge off the field of battle, and to the waiting villages behind.


1/2 Herald (70)
1/2 Bloodletters (252.5)
10x Flesh Hounds (350)
Total: 672.5 victory points

Paladin: 120+100=220
1/2 Paladin: 54.5
KotR: 216+50=266
20x Bowmen: 145+50=195
Total: 735.5


The brave knights (and commoners) managed to (almost) halt the daemonic invasion. The last nine bloodletters broke through their lines and went on a killing spree among the farmers before they could be brought to heel. The damage that they did was far less than what would have happened should they have been left unchecked...but the price was high. Twelve experienced knights and twenty archers lay dead on the field of battle. It was a victory for the Bretonnians, albeit a costly one.

0.5 points for the tinheads!

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Sweet! Another Grumbaki campaign, I've been longing for this! :D

One rule thing though, there is no fear test to charge, you just take a fear test while in combat and if you fail your ws is reduced to 1. :)

11-12-2012, 01:20
Sweet! Another Grumbaki campaign, I've been longing for this! :D

One rule thing though, there is no fear test to charge, you just take a fear test while in combat and if you fail your ws is reduced to 1. :)


Glad to hear from you. :D

My only regret for this campaign is that I don't have the time to write the stories that I did for the previous ones. Heck, I'm even playing online rather than in person, because taking 2-3 weeks to play a game is more of my speed at this point.

But I'll certainly keep that rule in mind for the future. As you can see, we're both picking this up again as we go (I'm stuck in a 7th ed mindset when it comes to remembering rules, and he hasn't played for a few editions....)

Also, besides for rules mistakes, feel free to point out tactical ones as well! Such as my hounds. Did I use them correctly this fight?

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Game 2-The Bloody Forest



Goblin Warboss (159)
M-4 WS-5 BS-3 S-4 T-4 W-3 I-4 A-4 Ld-8 AS-3+
M-7 WS-3 BS-0 S-4 T-4 W-3 I-3 A-3 Ld-3 (can run over walls/forests, poisoned attacks, +2 AS, cause fear, stomp (1 auto str4 hit, doesn't work on cavalry)]
-Gigantic Spider, Light Armor, Shield, Spear, Crown of Command (stubborn)

lvl 2 Shaman
M-4 WS-3 BS-2 S-3 T-3 W-2 I-2 A-1 Ld-6
- Sneaky Stabbin (signature spell. 5+ Gives unit within 12'' armor piercing in CC. If fighting enemy's flank/rear re-roll failed rolls to hit/wound. Lasts until next magic phase)
- Gift of the Spider God (8+ Gives a unit within 12'' poisoned attacks. If they already have poisoned attacks, then it works on a 5+)
- Vindictive Glare (5+ 12'' range, 2d6 str 3 hits. Can boost to 3d6 for 10+ to cast)

Goblin Big Boss (151)
M-4 WS-4 BS-3 S-4 T-4 W-2 I-3 A-3 Ld-7
- Battle Standard, Spider Banner (gives unit poisoned attacks), Shortbow, Light Armor, Shield

50 Goblins (285)
M-4 WS-2 BS-3 S-3 T-3 W-1 I-2 A-1 Ld-6
- Light Armor, Shields, Spears, Short Bows, Full Command, 3x Nasty Skulkers (2 attacks, hidden in unit, killing blow when they pop up, asf when they pop up)

49 Goblins (280.5)
M-4 WS-2 BS-3 S-3 T-3 W-1 I-2 A-1 Ld-6
- Light Armor, Shields, Spears, Short Bows, Full Command, 3x Nasty Skulkers (2 attacks, hidden in unit, killing blow when they pop up, asf when they pop up)

13 Spider Riders (222)
M-4 WS-2 BS-3 S-3 T-3 W-1 I-2 A-1 Ld-6
M-7 WS-2 BS-3 S-3 T-3 W-1 I-4 A-1 Ld-2
- Can run over walls/forests, causes fear, poisoned attacks for spiders, full command, spears, shields [222]

Arachnarok Spider (8 crew) (320)
M-7 WS-4 BS-0 S-5 T-6 W-8 I-4 A-8 Ld-x (fear, thunderstomp-d6 auto hits that don't work on cavalry, moves normally through cover, large target, poisoned attacks, stinger-1 hit does d6 wounds)
M-x WS-2 BS-3 S-3 T-x W-x I-2 A-1 Ld-6 (spears, shortbows)
* Fligner (stone thrower, may shoot when moving. Str 1, d3 wounds, misfire only means it can't shoot that turn)

Total: 1497.5


Lord, horse, shield, lance, knightly temper, token of the damsel.....205
Paladin, empathy, Enchanted shield, sword of battle.....105
BSB, Horse....74

20x bowmen, full command.....140
20x bowmen, full command.....140
40x Men at arms, Full command.....227
11x Knights of the realm, full command.....288
8x Knights Errant, full command, Errantry banner.....201
Trebuchet, yeoman craftsman.....100


Gobbos win if they can sack the town (ie: move a unit in BtB contact with 3 buildings). If they move into BtB contact with a building, they set it on fire. If a unit is within a building, they need to force it out first. When a building is on fire, any models who enter it take a str4 hit.

Note, the giant spider can simply wreck a building. A building has T5 and 4 wounds. If the spider charges a building, and reduces it to 0 wounds, then it counts as destroyed for victory purposes.

The well and tower don't count for this, as they are too hard to burn.

If the gobbos burn 0 buildings, then reinforcements come and the town is saved. Huge win to the Bretonnians.

If the gobbos burn 1 building, then they escape with some loot before being driven off. Win to the Bretonnians.

If the gobbos burn 2 buildings, then they manage to do a substantial amount of damage and get some choice loot. But the town is still saved. Minor win to the Bretonnians.

If the gobbos burn 3 buildings, then the town has been seriously damaged before the gobbos can be driven off. Minor win to the gobbos.

If the gobbos burn 4 buildings, then the town has gone up in flames. The gobbos get out with loads of shinies, and it will be months, if not years, until the town is fully rebuild. Win to the gobbos.

If the gobbos burn all 5 buildings, then the town is no more. By the time reinforcements come, all they find is burnt wreckage and bodies. Major win to the gobbos.

Turn 1


Gobbos move up. Webs kill a few archers, stone thrower scatters. Magic unimportant.

Turn 2


Spider riders and Gob unit 1 fail animosity tests, so they are stuck in place. A few spider riders fall to shooting, and the giant spider runs into the woods to try and eat some knights.

Turn 3


KotR charge through the forest, losing 1 knight. They do 6 wounds to the giant spider, who does 1 wound back on the lord. The spider loses and is run down, with the knights losing 1 more model to the forest. The Bretonnians do enough shooting damage on the spider riders to panic them.

Turn 4


Gobbo unit 2 charges the KotR, giving themselves poisoned attacks. They barely miss KB the lord. Both knights and gobbos whif, but the lord kills enough gobbos to win combat by 1. Gobbos break and get run down. Knights position themselves for a charge. Shooting takes down all the spider riders, save the warboss, who runs to join the last remaining unit.

Turns 5-6


Both knight buses hit home, and slaughter loads of gobbos. The gobbos do next to nothing in return, taking down a handful of knights only. Game!

Massacre for the Bretonnians

0 houses burnt. The town escaped unscathed, with only a handful of peasants and knights falling. The goblin tribe has been all but exterminated, including their living god. The forest has never been safer.

1.5 points for the Bretonnians!

The lord has now secured for himself both the farmlands and the woods from which good lumber flows. His economic base is all but secure, and the majority of the population has been defended. However, threats appear on the horizon. The fiefdom's largest town is under threat from an approaching force of raiders, and if he is to securely defend his lands, he will need to retake the old lord's castle. He has the beginnings of a prosperous fiefdom, but he now needs to control the strategic points which will allow him to properly defend his people.

12-12-2012, 19:17
So, given the above massacre, any advice that could be given to me on using gobbos? :P

14-12-2012, 13:12
To bad on the loss there.

For gobbos, keep the general in a unit and keep the units close together to support each other. :)

15-12-2012, 21:36
Thanks for the advice. If I ever get to use greenskins again, I'll follow it. It's funny, playing with the armies that I always go up against. Really gives a new perspective on them. Not sure that I like greenskins, with animosity they are just far too unreliable.

The Battle of Louen's Bluff


For months now, a band of Khornate warriors have plagued the Bretonnian countryside. Following the river, they have torched and killed their way through the land, losing the weak as they went. Where once they were an army, now all that is left is a hardened force of killers, each one a champion of the dark gods. Now they have reached the outskirts of Louen's Bluff. They quickly sacked the watch tower that guarded the only river crossing for miles in either direction. The only thing keeping them from the town itself were the valiant soldiers who defended at the bridge which led to the town proper...that, and the the chaos warriors taking the time to erect a 'temple' to their god made out of the bodies of said defenders.

Following the battle in the woods, the Lord of the land has arrived at the river. He and his men rode with all speed, for should the forces of chaos despoil the shrine to the lady, then it would be an affront not just to their goddess, but to everyone in the fiefdom as well. And moreso, should their advance go unchecked, then the town of Louen's Bluff, and the economic prosperity of the fiefdom, will be in danger.

Special Rules

To despoil the shrine to khorne/lady, an enemy character or unit champion must move into BtB contact with it and spend a turn doing nothing besides pass a Ld test. If this is done, they have despoiled the shrine, and their army gains 500 victory points! All units within 12'' of their respective shrines are stubborn. Once a shrine is defiled, the entire enemy army will hate the champion/hero who defiled it.

Terrain Rules: Models cannot march when crossing a river, and units do not gain rank bonuses (and cannot fight in horde formation) while in it. If on a bridge, only models also on the bridge can fight them (ie: models in the river cannot charge them)

The chaos shrine has no natural defenses. But any enemy who attempts to move into BtB contact with it must pass a Ld test at -2 Ld, or they may not move for that turn. If the unit rolls a 10 or more on the Ld test, they flee towards their own deployment zone. This lasts until the shrine is defiled.

The game lasts 6 turns

Warriors of Chaos-1500 points

Chaos Lord (350)
M-4 WS-8(9) BS-3 S-5(6) T-5 W-3 I-7 A-5(7) Ld-9 AS-1+
M-8 WS-4 BS-0 S-4 T-4 W-1 I-4 A-1 Ld-5
* Mark of Khorne (frenzy). Chaos Runeshield (+1 AS, enemy magic weapons count as mundane), Chaos Runesword (+1 WS, +1 S, +1 A) Chaos Steed, Eye of the Gods (must challenge, if he wins gets to roll on a table for bonuses)

Exalted Hero (175)
M-4 WS-7 BS-3 S-5(6) T-4 W-2 I-6 A-4(5) Ld-8 AS-2+
* Mark of Khorne (Frenzy), Battle Standard, Axe of Khorne (+1 str, killing blow), enchanted shield (+2 AS), Eye of the Gods [175]

39x Chaos Warriors (724)
M-4 WS-5 BS-3 S-4(5) T-4 W-1 I-5 A-2(3) Ld-8 AS-4+
* Mark of Khorne (frenzy), Halberds (+1 str), Full Command, Blasted Standard (5+ Ward Save v. shooting attacks)

5x Chaos Knights (250)
M-4 WS-5 BS-3 S-4(5) T-4 W-1 I-5 A-2(3) Ld-8 AS-1+
M-8 WS-4 BS-0 S-4 T-4 W-1 I-4 A-1 Ld-5
* Mark of Khorne (frenzy), Champion, Ensorceled Weapons (+1 str)


Lord, horse, shield, lance, knightly temper, token of the damsel.....205
Paladin, empathy, Enchanted shield, sword of battle.....105
BSB, Horse....74

20x bowmen, full command.....140
20x bowmen, full command.....140
40x Men at arms, Full command.....227
11x Knights of the realm, full command.....288
8x Knights Errant, full command, Errantry banner.....201
Trebuchet, yeoman craftsman.....100

Total: 1499



I set up first, and decided to protect my shrine. The warriors were there to block the gap between the ruins, and the knights would then protect the warriors' flanks.

Turn 1-Bretonnians


Bretonnians get the first turn and decide not to pray, so as to maximize their shooting advantage. A stone lands on the warriors and 4 fall (the banner saving 2 of them).

Turn 1-Warriors of Chaos


Aggressive movement! Shocking. The knights decide to go for the knights errant, in the hope of taking them down quickly. I move up to be within charge range, but with a poor rolling still failing.

Turn 2-Bretonnians


Knights Errant charge, but fail to roll high enough. Arrows bounce off hell-forged armor, and the stone scatters.

Turn 2-Warriors of Chaos


Knights charge the knights errant, who hold, as the distance is still pretty far. The knights of chaos make it. The warriors move up, inviting a dual charge from the knights and halberdiers. In close combat, my lord challenges and his paladin heroically accepts. The paladin is hacked down, along with 6 knights errant falling to enchanted blades. The knights errant fail to do anything back and get run down. The Lord gets +1 Ld.

Turn 3-Bretonnians


Halberdiers and Knights of the Realm charge the chaos warriors. My exalted challenges and his paladin accepts. Exalted hacks down the paladin (2 wounds), and his lord hits twice but rolls double 1's to wound. The knights of the realm take down 5 warriors. The warriors hit next...31 men-at-arms fall, as well as 4 knights. The brutalized men-at-arms do nothing, and neither do the horses. Both knights and halberdiers break. Men-at-Arms flee 10'', knights flee 13'', and warriors pursue 10'', catching the men-at-arms.

Shooting does nothing, as the stone scatters off the knights and the archers fail to get through the tough armor.

Turn 3-Warriors of Chaos


The warriors charge the fleeing knights, chasing them off the table. The knights turn to face the surviving peasants, unwilling to let them escape.

Turn 4-Bretonnians


Bretonnians bravely hold their ground. Archers fail to get through the chaos knights' armor, but a well placed stone does take one down.

Turn 4-Warriors of Chaos


Warriors come back on the board, and the knights run up towards the archers.

Turn 5-Bretonnians

http://im1.shutterfly.com/media/47a2cc04b3127ccef1a6f368e49b00000030O00AasWzVu1csW wPbz4W/cC/f%3D0/ps%3D50/r%3D0/rx%3D550/ry%3D400/

Stone thrower misfires and blows up. Archers turn to face the warriors and drop 2.

Turn 5-Warriors

http://im1.shutterfly.com/media/47a2cc04b3127ccef1a6331165b200000030O00AasWzVu1csW wPbz4W/cC/f%3D0/ps%3D50/r%3D0/rx%3D550/ry%3D400/

Warriors and knights charge, with the warriors failing to make it. Stand and shoot takes down a warrior. The knights hit the archers in the flank, killing 9. The archers break and get run down.


An excerpt from 'A history of the Realm'

...and so it was that our glorious lord was betrayed by his vassals. Fleeing from the field of battle, they were cut down by the northmen. Bereft of a fighting force, the young knights under the command of Sir Beo of Veld fought a desperate rear guard. Facing numbers three times their own, they held back the northmen long enough for our Lord and a handful of his house knights to cross the river and evacuate the monks who held vigil over The Shrine of Our Lady. Against such an onslought, there was little to be done. Louen's Bluff fell that day, put to torch by the marauders. There was a great loss of both life and property in the sacking, but if it were not for the heroic last stand of the realm's finest, then one can only imagine how much greater the tragedy would have been.

An interview with Bors, former Man-at-Arms

'Yeah, twas there. We had our polearms, thought we knew how to use 'em. But our lord, he said we were to charge the northerners. Seven feet tall they were! Their polearms were as big as us. Didn't stand a chance. I was lucky, 'cause I was in the back. Didn't so much as see what happened as heard it. Lots of screaming. Lots of blood. You could smell it in the air. Aye, I ran. You would too. The 'nobs though, they ran faster. Or they rode, you know? Left us to die. I only lived 'cause I hid under my brother's corpse. Then again, I got to see what happened from there. Saw how the lads refused to run, even after the 'nobs were gone. Not a single one of them made it, but they distracted the northerns. Gave the monks time to get out, and to bring the relics with them. Walked the battle after the northerners left, trying to find my pa. Wasn't enough left of the corpses to find him. No, I'm not crying. Just something in my eye. Look, this field isn't going to till itself. Get going now, y'hear?"

18-12-2012, 13:46
Aye animosity is annoying. :(

Next one looks tough for the tin cans, 39 frenzied chaos warriors are tough to bring down.

I miss your fluff. :)

18-12-2012, 14:10
Cool stuff. But I think for the last battle the WoC army needs three units to be considered a legal army.

19-12-2012, 06:45
Aye animosity is annoying. :(

Next one looks tough for the tin cans, 39 frenzied chaos warriors are tough to bring down.

I miss your fluff. :)

Thank you. I really miss writing the fluff too. It's as fun as the games for me. Maybe after the bar... (even dropped out of my Mordheim group =( )

And aye, 40 chaos warriors is a tough nut to crack. But a good flank charge and a failed break test=entire army gone. And with no stubborn, and only one other unit to guard their flanks...well, it's a tough as nails unit that isn't invincible.

Cool stuff. But I think for the last battle the WoC army needs three units to be considered a legal army.

Does it? Damn. We're currently about 90% done with the battle. I'll be sure to keep that in mind for the next game.

As you can see, with each army I'm trying to stick to a theme. And I really look forward to starting the next battle, simply because win or lose, such armies are fun.

27-12-2012, 05:09
Just updated the post above with the full battle report. Couldn't upload the last two pictures...but if you really want to see it with the full pictures you can also see it here: http://animositycampaigns.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=171&t=6822&p=157109#p157109

The next battle will be the final one in this campaign...

Bretonnians v. The Zombie Horde