View Full Version : Nurgle WOC viable?

Boss Zagstruk
10-12-2012, 22:07
Since seeing the new WOC models i feel inspired to start an army and in preporation for the new book whenever that comes along. I want to create a nurgle themed army as nurgle just oozes kwl. Admittedly i dont know a great deal about WOC this edition. From lookin around the forums khorne heroes on juggers and sorcerers of tzeentch on discs seem popular as well as both those marks on warriors. So is MON viable on characters and warriors?? The mark seems defensively benefical especially with our good ws, toughness and save. A unit of warriors with MON, bsb and festus with halberts seems really strong to me. Am i missing something?? While were talking nurgle what magic lore would complement lore of nurgle as i dnt want my lvl 4 sorcerer also casting the lore of nurgle since festus is. 2 more questions. Best set upl for marauders? And what specials are best to use??? I do like trolls. Thanks