View Full Version : 1500pts daemons. first try.

Boss Zagstruk
12-12-2012, 21:00
First try at daemons let me know what u think.

Herald of khorne with firestorm blade and armour of khorne. 140

Herald of tzeentch wwith master of sorcery and flames of tzeentch. 165

19 blood letters with musician and standard. 246

19 horrors with standard, icon of sorcery and musician. 261

4 screamers. 160

4 flamers and pyro. 170

Soulgrinder. 250

Fiend. 55

Fiend. 55

Total 1502
Both heralds go in the 2 infantry blocks. Not sure what lore is best for my HoT. Fiends can cover the flank. Screamers and flamers are for disrupting and hampering the enemy. Soulgrinder smashes face. Im not sure if the soul grinders the best choice. Any comments ?

13-12-2012, 06:15
In my opinion Skulltaker is better than a herald of khorne and I personally always take him. Your herald of tzeench is nice but id swap flames for the spellbreaker. Lore wise on the herald take lore of fire. This lore really shines on him as it has quite a few usefull spells for killing chaff and weakening big hordes. Also as its spells are mostly low casting values you dont have to put many dice aside for him to use :)