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immortal git
16-12-2012, 17:45
Just a little list that I might be using for doubles and stuff if one comes up in the Uk any time soon (Does anyone know of any?)

Black orc big boss
Asf sword

Night goblin shaman
Level 2

24 Savage orc big uns
standard of discipline

20 night goblin bowmen

20 night goblin bowmen

5 wolf riders

5 wolf riders

2 x Mangler squig

The black orc is to make sure than my big uns are mobile every turn and provides my army with a ld nine bubble. The archer units set up either side of the big uns and a mangler either side of them. The wolfs are for redirecting/ double flees and warmachine hunting.

Your thoughts?

18-12-2012, 04:02
Initially, seems a bit too skimpy on blocks of infantry. Assuming @ 1k the opponent's battle-line won't have much either. SOrc BUs w/ Warboss put out some hurt so that unit and the ManSquigs would be my main target. I don't like the s. bow night goblins @ 20 small without musician even. I would opt for a second unit that can hold its own over both small bow units. You still want to bunker the shaman though so maybe work around pts to get a bigger unit of nGs with shaman and a boss w/ crown of command? Drop bows from wolf riders to cut down on pts.

I'm not very experienced mind you. Your list seems sound as is to me, really. Bow units aren't bad support and to further protect SOrc flanks. Just my 2cents.

18-12-2012, 19:40
Leadership 9 with no BSB is a must I agree. But your Big'Uns must be normal Orcs, not Savage, to equip them a magic banner. I think your startegy still hold if you change your Savage BU un Normal BU.

immortal git
18-12-2012, 21:15
Maaaaaan I can't believe thats correct (I was all 'man lemme check what this fools saying...ohhhh.) Hmm, Was thinking about changing out the wizard for an orc level 3 by dropping a unit of archers and using the points from downgrading the savages to just orcs.

Yeah dropping the savages down to orcs, the bows off the wolf riders, and the unit of archers without a bow frees up 168 and the level 3 orc is 165.

18-12-2012, 21:30
Check Unseen lurker - it usually has plenty of double tournaments listed (some even near Manchester I think...)

NG unit is too small - increase one unit to 30 and add a musician as a bunker for your shaman (put the second fanatic here too).
Combine the saving from the second NG unit and bows from the wolf riders to add additional big'uns to your main unit.

19-12-2012, 09:01
Maaaaaan I can't believe thats correct (I was all 'man lemme check what this fools saying...ohhhh.) .

ditto. Assumed SOrcs had the same deal in unit options as Orc big uns. Sure enough they don't.

In a 1k match I'd rather have little waaagh personally. Your shaman is fine just bunker him as k3nn3rs said. Plain NGs with spears, keeping in mind you'll prob want to go ahead and have FC anyway but mostly unit champ for challenges. Then use whatever pts to bulk up your big unz to 30 so you could horde them.