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18-12-2012, 07:26
Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone else has thought of taking a large number of Bruisers without magical gear as deadly add on's for cheap units of Ogres?

-Iron Fist
-Heavy Armor

So you could take 3 of these throw them in an 6 x Ogre Iron Fist unit with Banner, Musician, Lookout Gnoblar...
-3 Impact hits at Strength 7
-16 strength 5, attacks at WS 5
-9 strength 4, attacks at WS 3
-3 Strength 5 stomps
-3 ranks total
-Forces them to divide their attacks between separate toughness 5 models, allowing you to protect yourself reasonably well.

This is very inexpensive for what it does, and leaves you with enough hero points left over to field a BSB in a different unit.

18-12-2012, 08:50
What would be the point of giving the other ogres iron fists? They never get to use them in combat anyway. Might as well go for Ironguts for the strength 6 hits.

18-12-2012, 10:31
5+ armor against shooting, and if something annoying happens like the special reserve missions and crappy rolling preventing you from having your bruisers in the unit, you still have a presentable unit rather than the weaker non-iron fist versions.

Iron Guts, are very expensive when compared to Ogres as you save 13 points, I would still be fielding a unit of Iron Guts of course, but that is more for my BSB+SM bus.

18-12-2012, 12:11
Well it makes a sweet target for a Foot of Gork.

But are not those 3 characters at around 300+ points?

You could buy another 10 Bulls for that; I think that may be a better option.

18-12-2012, 12:35
Wouldn't it be about the same price to do that with a unit of maneaters? You'd trade T5 in the front rank for scout and poison, or some other really handy rules added in, but it'd likely be worth it.

18-12-2012, 13:03
Wouldn't it be about the same price to do that with a unit of Man-Eaters? You'd trade T5 in the front rank for scout and poison, or some other really handy rules added in, but it'd likely be worth it.

So your suggesting dumping the bruisers to field a unit of Man Eaters, the list I made for this already fielded them as a separate unit. Mainly the Bruiser idea was a way to expand the capabilities of our core units. I always take a unit of Iron Guts, but some times you need to fill out your core with another couple hundred points and this takes the unit from being a point sink, to dangerous.

18-12-2012, 14:26
It can work but you have to remember how elite an ogre army is, with such a small model count, and how this REALLY isn't helping the issue.

23-12-2012, 16:36
I rather would take 2 of those bruisers and 2 units 5 bulls with iron fist, musician, banner and look-out gnoblar.

Lord Inquisitor
23-12-2012, 17:25
It works, certainly. Having to allocate between 3 heroes, all T5 and armoured, with Trollguts on top if you can get it off, yeah, that's a tough prospect. It isn't a cheap unit though. It's also not stubborn unless you put the crown of command in there. It doesn't have a huge number of ablative wounds for shooting either.

The main use for a unit like this from my perspective is that if you put a slaughtermaster, BSB and maybe tyrant in another unit, you now have two deathstars. Sure, you've spent about 50% of your points on characters by now, but one of these units is going to be pretty hard to stop, two is very tough. Divide your core points into two units (about 9-strong) of bulls or guts at your preference and then after that you'll probably only have enough points for your two ironblasters, three cats and some mournfang maybe for quick chaff clearance. One thing that might be mentioned is this sort of build does well in high comp environments as it circumvents the common restrictions pretty well. No unit over 450 points? Check. Not more than 1 unit of mournfang? Check. You can drop an Ironblaster easily as required. Very rarely do you find multiple heroes penalised.

Weirdly though, since you'll probably want the crown of command in your main unit, this unit with the three bruisers (or three firebellies, or whatever) is actually the weaker link. Got to keep that sig stubborn on them to keep 'em around if it goes pear shaped and your opponent will probably know this.

Still, six ogres characters in close proximity? An excuse for a level 4 of Beasts if I ever heard one. Just think of the fun if you can IF boosted savage horrors.

23-12-2012, 22:37
It looks a bit like the zombie,cairn wraith taktic. 5 wraiths for 300point a unit of zombie's from 20-50 models no banner no musician. you got your ranks for static comat but every thing non magic can't damage u. ( this unit costs between the 360 and the 450 points.

23-12-2012, 23:34
Ironguts over Bulls any day of the week. IGs have heavy armour so they still get a 5+ save vs shooting same as a bull with Light Armour and Iron Fist. And they can have a magic banner and they hit so much harder then bulls, the only real advantage bulls have is 6+ ward in combat and, well if your bruisers are in front you dont really need the save.

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