View Full Version : Vamps vs Warriors 2500 (video batrep)

19-12-2012, 20:36
Hey guys,
Fell in love with the idea of a mindrazor list I stole from Johnny Crass on the vamp forums. Wanted to give it a try. Kinda combusted, but had some fun - will give this list a shot again.

The battle report is here (http://youtu.be/pE-nu5-Qgko)


20-12-2012, 06:36
The report seems a bit discombobulated with you constantly correcting yourself and flipping back and forth between slides because you missed something.

Armies were really pretty and I enjoyed a lot of your commentary. I always like to hear what you're thinking at the time when you make moves compared to 20/20 hindsight perspective.

I'm confused as to why you take a 260 Ghoul king and then just treat him as a level 1 necromancer. You can't spend 260 points on a guy and then be afraid to get him into combat.