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20-12-2012, 13:14
Hey guys,

I'm heavily leaning towards starting with a Bret army now the end of my Skaven collecting is in sight. Should offer something nice and different to both play with and paint. To kick myself off I figured I'd buy a couple of Batallions and one or two character sets to have something playable at 1500 points, which should then give me a platform to start hitting 2000 afterwards.

So, the 1500 list:

LORDS: 261 pts
Prophetess - Level 4 (Beasts), Barded Warhorse - Sceptre of Stability = 261
(hides in the unit of Knights)

HEROES: 274 pts
Paladin - BSB, Barded Warhorse - Sword of Anti-Heroes, Charmed Shield, Luckstone, Gauntlet of the Dual, Virtue of Confidence =149
(joins the other knights, acts as a character hunter)

Damsel - Level 2 (Beasts) - Power Stone = 125
(Joins the archers and tries to turn into a monster)

CORE: 698pts
8 Knights of the Realm - Full Command = 213

8 Knights of the Realm - Full Command = 213

30 Men-at-Arms - Full Command = 177

15 Bowmen - Musician = 95

3 Pegasus Knights - Musician = 175

RARE = 90

TOTAL = 1498

So basically that gives me something to start playing some games with. While I have a bunch of excess peasants I would like to get away from painting the endless hordes for a while anyway and this gives me a few knight units and even a monster I can paint in the mean time. Once I've got through those I can make a start on the peasants, eventually using the excess to expand up to 2000 points by:

LORDS - Switch the Sceptre for a Dispel Scroll = +10
HEROES - Switch the Power Stone for a Power Scroll = +15
CORE - Add an extra 3 knights to the unit with the BSB, add the Banner of Eternal Flame = +82
CORE - Add an extra 3 knights to the unit with the Prophetess, add the Standard of Discipline = +87
CORE - Use all 40 Men-at Arms = +50
CORE - Expand the Bowmen to 2 units of 16 = +107
SPECIAL - Add unit of 5 Questing Knights with a Musician = +149

Total = +500

I'll worry about getting up to 2500 later. But for now is this an army which kinda works? It has a lot of Core in it, coming from the Batallions, but then I'm used to Skaven which can only kill things with their special toys. Going for the lower model counts sounds nice to begin with, but it doesn't half make you feel nervous when you do the head count! :)

25-12-2012, 18:20
Your damsel and prophettes work well if you just give the prophetess 1 dispel scroll and the damsel the prayer icon to give those men at arms the blessing.
your archers work well in units of 10naked ore 20 with flag/musician/braziers.

i love to play with lances of 9 strong. I normaly dont need those extra 3 knights.
9 errants with a errantry banner are cheap and quit nice to fire on some ogres for example.
questing knights are a fluffy choice.. there pretty terrible atm.

cheers Juicy