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The French Guy
24-12-2012, 09:50
Hi all!
My brother plays lizard men and asked me to post his list in order to get some feedbacks!
Here is the list:

lore of life, has 4 disciplines (Focus of Mystery, Becalmeing Cognition, Higher State of Consciousness, Unfathomable Presence), Divine plaque of protection, Cupped hands of the old ones . 500pts

Kuraq: Fencer's Blades, Dragonhelm, Ironcurse Icon, shield, armor. 143pts
Kuraq: cold one, Sword of Strife, Enchanted Shield, Dragonbane Gem. 155pts

59 saurus: spears, musician, standard. 726pts
12 skirmishers skinks: javelins. 96pts
12 skirmishers skinks: blow pipes. 84pts

20 temple guards: musician, standard (Totem of prophecy). 391pts
10 cold ones cavalry: musician, standard (Huanchi's Blessed Totem). 405pts

Venerable Stegadon. 275pts
3 salamanders. 225pts

TOTAL: 3 000pts.

What do you think?
What should he change?
Thank you very much!

maze ironheart
24-12-2012, 12:27
Well I would take a BSB on the slann and maybe just take just 2 Disciplines known as Focus Mastery and Focused Rumination.I would split the salamanders into 3 units of 1 they perform much better alone in my eye's.The Ancient stegadon I would just have a normal one 40pt's extra is not worth it the stegadon is for charging not shooting.The saurus warrior's would split into 2 unit's of 24 and drop the spears as they are the anvil and the parry save is useful some times.

24-12-2012, 16:40
I have a lot of suggestions.

1 - The Slann is going to be in the TG unit. You can drop the Divine Plaque and Higher State. I'd also drop Presence and take pick up Rumination. There's no reason not to have it. And yes, make him the BSB.
2 - Split the saurus into two units of 30 (or of 24). That giant unit is too easy to avoid (or kill with spells/templates). I like having spears on a unit to help tear through enemy core units.
3 - Drop the skinks to units of 10. There's little reason to have larger units (big units die just as well as small unit), and units of 10 are easier to maneuver (which is important for skinks).
4 - Split the salamanders into three units. Like Maze says, they perform better since they are easier to maneuver. Plus, it's harder for the enemy to tie them all down/kill them when they're spread out.
5 - The scar-vet on foot is probably unnecessary. Either drop him, or mount him. If he's mounted, you can either boost his survivability (dawn stone, charmed shield) and run him solo, or boost his killing ability and put him with with the cavalry.
6 - I don't remember what the Totem of Prophecy does, so you probably don't need it. ;)
7 - With all of the points saved (there should be between 100-300), I would get skinks. At least one unit of chameleons and the rest skirmishers.

It looks like I'm tearing the list apart, but the core of it isn't bad. These are just a bunch of changes you can make to optimize it.

24-12-2012, 17:05
drop two cold ones, re-kit the scar vets for destruction and put them there..

The Above comments on the slann are good advice

drop the skinks to 10 man units

drop the steg to reg

salis to 3 individual units with extra handlers

split saurus to two units

With the points saved, a fat unit of chamo skinks can be added

The French Guy
25-12-2012, 09:48
lore of life, BSB
has 4 disciplines (Focus of Mystery, Becalmeing Cognition, Focused Rumination, Unfathomable Presence), Divine plaque of protection, Cupped hands of the old ones . 525pts

Kuraq: cold one, Fencer's Blades, Enchanted Shield, Dragonbane Gem, Potion of Speed. 155pts
Skink priest: dispell scroll, ironcurse icon. 95pts
Skink priest: Ruby Ring of Ruin. 90pts

29 saurus: musician, standard. 337pts
29 saurus: musician, standard. 337pts
10 skirmishers skinks: javelins. 80pts
10 skirmishers skinks: blow pipes. 70pts

26 temple guards: musician, standard (Totem of prophecy). 391pts
9 cold ones cavalry: musician, standard (Huanchi's Blessed Totem). 370pts
7 skinks chameleon: kapac. 90pts
Stegadon. 235pts

1 salamander. 75pts
1 salamander. 75pts
1 salamander. 75pts

TOTAL: 3 000pts.

The French Guy
25-12-2012, 10:00
Ok, so list changed according to what he got.
Does it look better? What would you change?

Totem of prophecy gives Fear to the TG unit, Huanchi allow the cold ones to add 1d6 to their first charge.
Would you give a magic banner to the slann, or is vanilla BSB enough?

the priests join the saurus squads.
TG unit is the center of the army, flanked by the saurus with the skinks acting as relay for the slann (and maybe trying to cast some blizzards.).
Are the priests worth it?

Regarding the slann, Becalmeing Cognition seems pretty annoying when used on your highest level wizzard, why would you swap it?
Unfathomable Presence seems interesting to give the TG a 4++ against magic attacks, and was pretty good for the slann when couppled with Higher State of Consciousness, even allowing him to drop the Divine plaque .
Why do you think he should drop those disciplines?
Thank you very much!

26-12-2012, 03:18
Having fear on the TG isn't the most optimal choice. Being immune to fear isn't a big deal, since you'll be taking fear tests on a rerollable 9+, and causing fear is (in my opinion) not worth 50pts.
Vanilla BSB is enough on the Slann.

I don't know if the priests are necessarily worth it, but they're definitely not worthless. I'd drop the Ruby Ring, though. It's doubtful that you'll have enough dice to cast it, even with Rumination (in my experience, the Lore of Life tends to suck power dice).

Becalming Cogitation is worthwhile in my opinion. I wouldn't swap it. I suggest dropping the Divine Plaque and Higher State of Consciousness. Having a 2+ ward against ranged attacks and immunity to mundane weapons are useless to you, since your Slann will be in a unit of TG (he can't be targeted by those attacks anyway). Those items/disciplines are mostly useful only when running the Slann on his own.

Having MR isn't necessarily a bad idea; it's just something I rarely see a need for. If you think you'll need it, then keep it.

All in all though, it looks better.

Has your brother tried a heavier concentration of skinks? I personally started out using mostly saurus, but then started experimenting with more and more units of skinks. I found that they are more useful than I initially thought, and now rarely play with less than five or six units of them in a 2000pt game. They really add another dimension of maneuverability to the army.

The French Guy
27-12-2012, 20:35
Thanks for your feedbacks!
He doesn't have more skinks than that I am afraid (only 24 and some chameleons.)
Would a razor standard be more effective in the TG unit (giving them more punch to balance the lack of attacks due to the slann), or is there another one you usually take for them?

The ruby ring could be dropped for the lizardmen special dispell scroll which also dispell the remain in play spells on a 4+.
The divine plaque would give some pts too.
Maybe he could just increase the cold one unit woth every pts saved?