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27-12-2012, 04:24
Hi everyone,

I just started a new Orcs & Goblins army and it's my first attempt at making a list.

So I started with 2 battalion boxes and one goblin Shaman, the thing that I didn't own for now will be in green.


Orc Big Boss (124pts)
-Armour of Fortune
-Gold Sigil Sword

Orc Big Boss BSB (118pts)
-War Banner

Goblin Shaman (115pts)
-Lvl 2
-Dispel Scroll

Core Unit

30 Orc Boys (245pts)
-Full Command
-Additional Hand Weapon

40 Goblins (190pts)
-Full Command
-Short Bow
-3x Nasty Skulker

20 Forest Goblin Spider Riders (320pts)
-Full Command
-Short Bow

Special Unit

10 Orc Boar Boys (285pts)
-Full Command
-Ranger's Standard

Rare Unit

1 Doom Diver Catapult (80pts)

So it brings me to 1477pts...
Any suggestions?

Treg Almighty
27-12-2012, 05:25
Overall, the feel of the list is quite good. You do lack hitting power to deal with the units that your anvils will tie up. Boar boys are ok at that, but you have to pick your battles with them, as anything steadfast will hold them up.

I would take two units of 5 spider riders instead of the big block, or even better, exchange them for wolf riders. To get some hitting power, I would either upgrade the Orc boys to big unz, or if you can find enough points, get a unit of either black orcs, trolls or savage Orc big unz with two hand weapons to give you a badass hammer.

You have the right idea with the unit sizes, so try to keep them the same.

I would also think about splitting the gibbons into two units to maximise shots, or finding some points for another doom diver or rock lobba.

A good thought to have when writing an o and g list is that you want most of your army to punch through units on the first turn of combat. The anvils should be the exception.

Welcome to the green skins!!! Best army by a long shot ;)

27-12-2012, 17:20
Thanks a lot Treg for your answer!

Following your comment I made gthose changes:

I added a unit of 15 savage orc, Full command, Additional Hand weapon (215pts)
I brought the spider rider to two unit of 5 and removed Full command.
I lowered the number of goblin to 35.

Do I have enough firing option with the goblins and the doom diver?

I saw that a lot of Orcs & Goblins player use small unit of spider riders like you suggested. I'm wondering why the small unit of spider riders is considered more viable than large block?

Also, what makes Wolf riders more hitting than spider riders? They do have a better movement, but then Spider riders get Strider Forest and Obstacles and so on? Spider riders also have poisoned attack.

Thanks again for your answer!

Treg Almighty
10-01-2013, 02:28
Sorry for the belated response!

Good changes so far.

The reason that big blocks of cavalry in general are not useful is that only the riders in the supporting ranks get attacks. With the fast cav options in the book, that means your paying about 15 points for a goblin attack in the supporting rank. They just don't hit hard enough for the points cost. Also a big block of cavalry will always have less ranks than an infantry unit of the same points value. This means that even if you win combat, they will still be steadfast, and will whittle down the big cavalry block pretty quickly.

The reason I prefer wolves are because of the role that they are used for. They should be harassing the enemy, and to do that, they need to move pretty far. Spiders are ok too, but move slower. There is the benefit of strider, so if you play with lots of terrain, this could work.

With the archers, they are also pretty weak. You need enough shots to get your money's worth. I would drop the archers for another war machine as the damage output is better. I do like to use ng archers with fanatics to babysit my war machines if I invested lots of points, as this can deter enemy chaff and give you more rounds of shooting.

Not sure if it is possible, but if you have the points, more savages in the unit would be great. 15 is a small number, and if your opponent is shooting at you, you will lose most of the unit before combat.

Te most important thing is that every unit in your army should have a role, and should do well at that role. If you can say this for every unit, and find a strategy to beat your opponent based on what the units are good at you should be fine.

Just make sure you have enough variety of tools to do that. Orcs and hobbies are really good because they are one of the most varied toolboxes out there!

Da GoBBo
11-01-2013, 22:19
As a reply to your first list. I agree with Treg it needs a little more oumph, but seeing how you allready have most of the units in that list, I would change things around differently than Treg. I would drop the doomdiver from the list and get an orc boarchariot instead. I think the chariot adds all the oumph you really want to add. Normal orcs 5-wide work very well alongside chariots in my experience and this would make for a very reliable core. I like the common goblins for a second core unit and you might want to play around with fielding 40 or 2x20, just try what works best, but allways keep in mind the bows are a bonus. This is a very nice starting list.

I would tweak some other things though. You don't want the warbanner on your BSB, you really want all the protection you can get for that guy. Without that he's a really squishy target so buy him a wardsave. The rangers standard ... I never thought of using it myself, but it will be a nasty surprise for anyone you haven't fought yet.

I'd say go for it, and also play around with unit sizes like with the goblins. Take 20 spiders, or 15 and 5, or 4x5. Take 10 boars, or 2x5. You have a lot of different lists here. The only fixed given here are the 30 orcs and I strongly suggest a boar chariot to ride along with them. I also suggest buying a shaman of some sort and try swapping him sometime for any of your characters.