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27-12-2012, 06:12
Yes, you read that correctly, I am attempting to start a semi-competitive wood elves list. By converting a box of treekin into 3 treemen and a regular dryad into a branchwraith this army comes in at about 300$ us, not to bad as far as GW goes. 3 treemen on the table gaining wounds back with life, 36 glade guard, 36 dyrads, all supported by 14 wardancers warping into a rear wood seems decent to me, but I'd love to get some feedback as WE are a rare sight and don't know how this will perform. Thanks in advance

Treeman Ancient
Annoyance of netlings

Lv 4 Spellweaver (life)
Dispel Scroll

Cluster of radiants

Noble BSB (goes in wardancers for a nasty suprise)
Moonstone of the hidden ways

11 Dryads (branchwraith goes here)

12 Dryads

12 Dryads

12 Glade Guard
Banner/flame banner

10 glade guard

10 glade guard

14 wardancers



28-12-2012, 12:48
Overall it's a fairly solid list, there are a few changes I would recommend though.

First of all, l9 Stubborn on the Treemen is ace but they really, really need the BSB re-roll. It's absolutely vital, as one bad roll can not only cost you around 300pts but also opens up a gaping hole in your lines. For this reason, I'd say that the Moonstone tactic isn't really worthwhile as it will involve your BSB being away from the trees and you can't really fund another character to carry the Moonstone- also, Wardancers aren't particularly effective at the best of times. I'd swap the Moonstone for the Hail of Doom Arrow, and the Dragonhelm for Asyendi's Bane.

I'd also drop all the Dryads down to units of 8, you don't really get any benefit from them from running them in bigger units- if you want them to hit harder or last longer, you can do that with your magic. The barebones units work very nicely. Also, I think you only really need 2 units of them in this list.

The flaming unit could do with being a bit bigger, 12 is enough to get a wound on a hydra or abomb at short range, but only if they are all still alive- any Dark Elf/Skaven player worth playing against is going to see the flaming banner coming a mile away and punch that unit with their own magic/shooting, so you need to allow for 5-6 casualties. I've found running 14 is about the fewest you can get away with, but taking 16-20 is much safer. A champion is nice in there as well for 1 round of challenging against any nasty flying character that gets into you in the late game.

The other Glade Guard units could do with musicians. Getting at least 1, maybe 2 more units of 10 into the list will give you a fair bit more killing power.

As I mentioned earlier, I really don't rate Wardancers. I've tried them a number of times, and run an awful lot of theory on them to see how they do against knight buses, but they simply can't trade efficiently for such an expensive and fragile unit. The most success I've had with them (barring tournaments where they get wacky boosts) is running them in units of 6 with champions- they're still fairly cheap so they can be used as redirectors, and they have a goodly number of attacks on a small frontage so they have a good chance on character assassination runs. However, they're not something I've gone back to as they just don't do enough. I'd drop them altogether and use the points to fund more Glade Guard.

A great thing about 2500pt lists for Wood Elves is that you can take both the rare treemen and still have room left over to fund an eagle- I'd absolutely suggest making the most of this.

28-12-2012, 21:05
Hi, Jarbo, you are brave for accepting the challenge of playing WE.
Treeman Ancient with Annoyance, good for crushing enemy characters.
Spellweaver with life and scroll, good
Noble with BSB and wardancer kindred (as that's the only way he can join that unit), this build seems woefully underprotected, unable to kill anything with his few S4 attacks, and pointless. If he is to be the BSB he should remain where that ability is useful, next to the Treeman and centre of the army. I agree that you should have a unit of archers, the spellweaver,and the BSB with the HoDA in a group right behind and supporting the Treeman and a unit of dryads.
Branchwraith sounds fine
The unit size for the dryads is okay if you plan on taking on horde size units which isn't always the best target for dryads. A unit of 11 could span the entire front rank and not waste any attacks by being forced to go into a 2nd rank. By going in smaller units the 2, 12 model units could form 3, 8 model units and be more manueverable for flank charges.
Glade guard are the opposite and need to be in bigger units if you want to keep using them. The 42 shots you have won't kill much, maybe the odd small unit but they won't dent a horde or anything with armour. You could have a unit of 20 to support the treeman and be a bunker for the spellweaver and bsb, and then a smaller unit for moving around on a flank harrassing fast cav or trying to get to a war machine.
As far as 14 wardancers, they sound great in stories, and look good on paper but they just don't do enough damage to have in such numbers. Try 8 as this will also fit into the wood terrain better than 14. If you still want to try the moonstone wardancer noble then drop the branchwraith. Just make sure enough trees are on the field when you start otherwise it is a big waste. Also bear in mind that these guys die very easily and will usually be too far away from your spellweaver to get brought back.
The removal of some wardancers should be lots to get an eagle or maybe some glade riders.

29-12-2012, 04:43
Thanks for the replies, Here is the updated list:

Treeman ancient

lv 4 life spellweaver

noble bsb
hail of doom

23 glade guard
banner (flame banner)

10 glade guard

2x10 dryads

8 treekin




29-12-2012, 07:04
I would add more shooting--that is what WE do best!

29-12-2012, 07:06
Other wise, it looks like a good list to give a shot at.

01-01-2013, 03:28
Well played 2 games, this is the updated list:


spellweaver (life/lv4)

noble bsb
asyendi's bane
Hail of doom arrow

20 glade guard
standard (flame banner), musician

10 glade guard

10 glade guard

2x8 dryads

2x5 glade riders

2 treeman



more shooting and a MSU approach will work a little better, had to many points in treekin.