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29-12-2012, 02:12
I know the rumors that WoC will be released soon in the new year- maybe this will have to be revisited then.

But, would an all cav WoC be semi-competitive in a non-tournament environment? Using units of 15 x marauder cav with LA, Shield + Spears as medium cav, units of 5/6 with javelins and chaos knight heavy cav?

Bolster units with mounted aspiring champions.

Probably hounds for good measure.

Seems like a fun list. I know it could be done in 7th- is it an impossibility in 8th?

*braces for "wait for new Army Book" responses*

29-12-2012, 02:23
I'd recommend a Chariot or two or giving at least one Marauder Horsemen unit Flails and MoK to act as a hard hitting flankers.

It wouldn't be the most effective list you could do with Chaos, but it certainly wouldn't be so bad as to not be fun :) you could also try the new Hellstriders and Skullcrushers if you had the desire.

29-12-2012, 03:02
Yeah why not give the marauders, or one as above poster said, flails?. S5 at I4 is good, you lose the shield though. But i think giving them shield makes them lose the Fast cav rule? so it might be worth thinking about,

29-12-2012, 04:53
Oh yeah, I didn't even think of that: LA + Sheild means you lose Fast Cav. One or the other is fine, though.

29-12-2012, 04:59
I know you lose fast cav- that is why I called them medium cavalry...

Still a unit of 14 'medium' cav led by an aspiring champion would be able to put the hurt on, wouldn't it?

EDIT: Or maybe a heavy cav empire list- knights & outrides/pistoliers backed up with demigryphs, cannons and the stank

29-12-2012, 06:38
Empire cav lists are one of their most competitive builds, I see no reason why a WoC version couldn't be as good. The empire one relies on magic but warriors have such good stats it should be fine, especially now you have access to skullcrushers, opponents will have to decide if they want to get smashed by them or knights.

29-12-2012, 06:47
Anyone want to posit samples lists for WoC cav or Empire Cav armies? Lets say, 2000 pts.

29-12-2012, 07:21
Straight off the top of my head I'd say something like:

Sorc Lord on Steed + Mark/Puppet/Scroll/whatever
2x5 Hounds
2x5 MoK Flail Horsemen
20 MoT HW/S LA Horsemen
2x Chaos Chariot
9 MoN Chaos Knights w/ FC, BoR

Off the top of my head that's 1600-1750 depending on how kitted you want your Sorc Lord, leaving you 250-400 points worth of Skullcrushers (no idea what their cost is).

Hounds for chaff and to stop your Knights/Crushers getting redirected. Flail Marauders hit flanks to support HW/S Marauders. Chariots support either Knights, Crushers or HW/S depending on circumstance. Sorc goes to town with any one of the powerful lores at our disposal. Knights and Skullcrushers destroy everything they touch.

You could look at changing it up a bit to maybe add a Hellcannon--though your model would need some conversion to fit the theme, they are M6 so they're no slouches. Heck, you could even consider a Shaggoth for mage hunting.

29-12-2012, 17:20
What is the point of the MoT horsemen they have a 4+/6+ plus units of 5 light cav wont cut it IMO.

immortal git
29-12-2012, 17:37
Unit of 30 maruader horsemen MoS with LA and flails. Chaos lord with Glaive of putrification (Or whatever its called) on a steed of slaanesh backed up by units of ten hellstriders (Which can move 32 inches on your first turn and be on your opponents flank before hes rolled a die.

The glaive is for if you hit monsters and dont manage to kill it. they are then T2 on your second round so flails arn't needed :P Looks solid on paper and its something I would love to try

29-12-2012, 21:11
I play a loosely themed WOC cavalry list with variations based on the points available. I focus on clearing flanks then heading to the centre to dismantle a horde or whatever foot troops are left. Typically too many targets to successfully shoot down before I engage, Throgg and the trolls are the real core here, but this is often missed by opponents who focus on the hellcannon and disk lord for some reason. I have found the only way to play marauder horse is with nurgle mark hiding behind knights to give -3 to hit, this way they remain in one piece. I deploy the horseman early on flank then use vanguard to re-position back behind knights. Knights clear flanks with horseman support if needed. If the opponent is not prepared, this list can whip through for early wins. Good luck, these type of lists are loads of fun to play.

Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord on Disk
Nurgle BSB on Steed

5 Chaos Trolls
3 x 5 Chaos Hounds
2 x 7 Nurgle Marauder Horsemen, Flails, LA, Mus.

5 Nurgle Chaos Knights, FC, Rage Banner (BSB here)
6 Khorne Chaos Knights, FC, War Banner
2 x Chariots
Tzeentch Warshine

30-12-2012, 14:25
I'm running a all cav 2k list

4 sc
7 knights
Mounted bsb
mounted sorc lord lvl 4 fire
5 mh medium cav
5 mh medium cav
5 mh fast cav
5 mh fast cav
5 dogs
5 dogs
sorc lvl 1 fire in Medium cav
Sorc lvl 1 fire in medium cav

Lots of fire lots of cav, all mok.

Lord Solar Plexus
30-12-2012, 21:40
Hmm...I haven't tried it but it doesn't sound that feasible really. Characters would be needed to up the wound count, which becomes expensive, and even Slullcrushers only go so far. 20 Marauders will die to any mildly serious opposition. I realize you wrote "semi-competetive, non-tourney" but that's either a polite way to say sucky ;) or doesn't preclude people from taking halfway useful stuff.