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- intercepted communication from rogue commander Arthur Price of the 4th grenadier "King's Own" regiment

after action report of Inquisitor Yeri concerning the events that transpired on Europa Major involving the forward investigation team:
with the success of the crusade in capturing the sector the administratum has begun it's standard procedure of documenting the crusade for posterity. however there is one event which the ordos has differed to my desk due to certain sensitive events which must not be known to those outside the holy ordos. the matter with which I am concerned are the actions of a forward investigation team sent to the planet Europa Major, and the possible origins and resurgence of the warp storm which cut off the sector for so long. as the people involved are not available to question, I am left with their journals, diary's and records of those involved to re-create the narrative of the events leading up to the arrival of the crusade. this report will mainly consist of first hand documents which are available to me, as well as vocal recordings and images when appropriate.

Records of Interrogator Jack Price, first entry:
My inquisitor has selected me to assemble a team to establish contact with the residents of Europa Major in preparation for the crusade that would soon be on its way. I was given authority to second anyone I needed to this mission, inquisitor, citizen, guardsman, even space marine. The team I selected was mostly close to home for me, I needed a tactical expert, a linguist, a diplomat, an astropath, a tech priest, and a priest of the imperial orthodoxy. Luckily being a member of the noble house of Price on Amerius Major gave me access to all those individuals. The first member I selected was my cousin Arthur, the commander of the household guard, as well as a natural polyglot. Also his notorious womanizing ways can prove useful diplomatically in certain hedonistic societies. The next member of my team was Father Lawrence, who from sitting in his pews for my entire childhood I knew could be quite the firebrand when he needed to be, but also a soft-spoken comforter when he needed to be. the astropath was the easiest to obtain, the ship we used as transport had a choir on board. We selected the youngest and most promising amongst them to travel with us to the planet. The tech priest I won’t bother to mention, as he died in the crash, and I will admit a disdain for the mechanicus, so there will be little further mention of him.
I arranged transport to the planet onboard a ship belonging to my family, as for our landing, I admit my memory is foggy due to a head injury sustained when I believe our landing craft crashed. My next memory is waking up in a straw bed with the worst headache I’ve ever experienced. A group of women were gathered around me, seemingly waiting to see what I would do. When I opened my eyes they seemed frightened and tried to avoid direct eye contact. One of them murmured: “he has the royal eyes! Don’t meet his gaze!”
One of them however was not afraid to look me dead in the eyes. She was dressed differently from the others, she wore a leather apron and what looked to be denim coveralls. “relax,” she told the others “you already met his gaze when he opened his eyes. If it was true that the royal eyes could kill a commoner just by making eye contact we would already be dead.” She just stood there, me staring into her yellow eyes, her staring into my purple eyes. I’ve always assumed my family could trace its bloodline to Cadia due to the hereditary purple eyes that mark a blood member of the House of Price, perhaps Cadians had been here and assumed a monarchical position, explaining why they had referred to my eyes as “royal eyes”. I am unsure how long we stared at each other, but eventually I was overcome by sudden weariness, and my world faded to black once again.
The next few days I faded in and out of consciousness, until I noticed my surroundings had changed, the stiff prodding straw bed was gone, replaced by what felt like some form of feather mattress. The room had also changed; I was in what looked to be some room in a sumptuous palace. There was gold encrusted furniture in every corner of the room. However it seemed that these were falling into disrepair, and some items had been replaced with more Spartan furniture. At a table in the corner of the room sat a man in what seemed to be the local traveler’s outfit of a leather duster and a wide brimmed hat. He sat there sipping an amber liquid from a fine porcelain cup. He looked up from his drink at me and I noticed his eyes were purple like mine. “good morning, or should I say good afternoon, or perhaps it is evening, I can’t say I’ve looked outside for quite some time cousin.”
I still had the remnants of the headache from before, and I rubbed my head as I sat up trying to disperse the last of it. “who are you?” I asked the man.
“the better question is who are you? everyone knows who I am, I am George to my friends, your highness to my subjects and the grand magister to those among the Order of Illumination. The problem is that no one seems to know who you or your companions are. You’ve become quite the item of gossip in my court cousin.”
“why do you keep calling me cousin?” I asked him. He took a sip of his drink before smirking.
“you must be at least my cousin, as you possess the royal eyes. Now could you please tell me your name.”
I told him who I was, and who my companions were, and he seemed delighted when I mentioned that my name was Price. He got up from his chair and pulled a book off of a shelf. “the mystery is solved at last.” He said. he thumbed through the book before stopping on a specific page. “yes the lost House of Price is lost no longer.” He walked over to a baroque cone connected to a brass tube. “Helen, please make preparations for the restoration of the Price estate. Turns out our guests are from the lost house.”
Over the next few hours he explained to me the story of the House of Price, and I filled in the gaps with what parts of the story I had. Then I told him of the approaching crusade to reclaim the sector for the imperium. He seemed overjoyed by this discovery, then he went into an explanation of the current state of the planet. My following reports will go into detail of what I learned, but for now my scribe grows tired and I myself must rest as well.

On the uniform and organization of the regiments of Britannia by Supply Officer Ebeneezer Dubouis:
http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2012/12/29/446433_md-Historical%2C%20Imperial%20Guard%2C%20Napoleonic.J PG
(pic attachment 1.1)
Here we can see a member of the 4th grenadier “King’s Own” regiment in traditional battle uniform. He wears the signature red coat that identifies him as a member of the Britannian military. The collar of his coat as well as the roll of his sleeves identify his unit designation: light blue for grenadiers, yellow for infantry of the line, green for light infantry and skirmishers, a cream color for dragoons, and a black color for artillery personnel.
Units are organized based on area of origin; all men recruited from a certain town will serve in the same unit. This is believed to utilize the already existing bonds found in these communities. When a unit is first formed it may be under strength or in good times over strength. When a unit is over strength the unit is divided into a full strength unit and an under strength unit, with reinforcements being preferred to go to the under strength unit first. when a unit needs further reinforcements they will be drawn from the town the unit is from, and if a unit becomes so exhausted that it can no longer function as a fighting unit it is disbanded. Members of a disbanded unit are offered a chance to reenlist with a promotion to officer if they accept. Given that a unit is not considered exhausted until it cannot maintain a single platoon, it is a rare breed that will accept the offer, and they often make some of the hardest and strongest officers.

On the geography of Europa Major by Administrator Tratos:
Europa Major is an interesting planet geographically; most human settlements are concentrated on a semi triangular pattern of islands in the northern hemisphere of the planet. In the center island sits Gaul, providing a key crossroads of trade in goods and ideas. Thus it is no wonder a revolutionary group was able to successfully form there. To the North West is the island of Britannia. It is often cold, damp, and dreary. It does not surprise me one bit that the people of this island enjoy on a regular occasion strong hardy ales, as if I lived in such an environment I would turn to drink as well. To the south west sits Hispania, whose people are known for talking in a fast manner with a lisp, making them hard for off-worlders to understand. On the south east side of Gaul sits the Etruscan Peninsula, once known for possessing an empire that conquered much of this world before falling at the beginning of the warp storm. Now they are a feuding group of city states who are known for employing mercenaries instead of standing armies during their wars. Just above the peninsula next to Gaul lays the feuding states of Germania, although a growing national sentiment is developing, the people are in a similar state as the Etruscans.
(foot note by Inquisitor Yeri: I believe Tratos is allowing his personal feelings to effect his work, as he is not kind to the people of this planet. when he mentions turning to drink I have sources who will claim that he in fact did turn quite heavily to drink during his stay on the planet. this may have effected his perception of the people. I will attempt to rectify this situation when I am next presented with an opportune moment.)

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Hey, figured I'd reply here rather than in my thread!

That's a good test model - simple, neat, effective. I'm guessing you're using a perry/victrix head? I like your fluff too!

Best of luck with your project! Happy to see more Napoleonic IG around the place!

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thanks, I've been working to get the fluff up to the point where I can just post something like "report of Interrogator Jack Price: today we got a resupply" and use the fluff to move the story along instead of having to write long blurbs about each and every thing, but every strong building needs a good foundation, and I'll be able to do that once I've got some good fluff foundations established. but here's something without any fluff: a custom Hydra:
I hope this shows you how I built this, because it's really simple, but if anyone would like to know more about any of my conversions feel free to ask.
also the models are indeed Victrix, that's just what my FLGS had.

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alright I've got a lot more fluff today, because my internet went down and I ran out of glue, so all I had to do was write fluff:
Records of Interrogator Jack Price, Second Entry:

Things here are going all pear shaped rather quickly in the past few days. Soon after briefing me on the situation a messenger arrived for George from Gaul. The messenger carried a bag which he presented to the king. He eyed the bag for a moment before undoing the drawstring opening. He reached inside the bag with a kind of strange curiosity, then pulled out the contents: a severed human head. he studied the head for a moment, almost unperturbed by the gruesome display in his hands. “Alas poor Luis, I knew him well.” I asked him who’s head he was holding, and he nonchalantly replied: “why this is the head of King Luis of Gaul, or at least a very good flash cloned replica.” He bid me to examine an area on the back of the head’s neck. “do you see anything…. Odd about this area?”
“why, is there something I should be noticing?” I replied.
“yes, if this were really the head of Luis of Gaul he would have an x shaped scar on the back of his neck. This is a copy, a good one, but a copy none the less.” We were so busy examining the head that we did not notice the messenger remove a trigger device from his pocket and flick a switch. As we held it in our hands the head sprang to life as the eyes and mouth opened. George dropped the head just as a rotary saw burst out of the head’s mouth and steam began to shoot out of the empty eye sockets. The head hit the ground and a set of mechanical spidery legs sprang out of the neck to allow the bio-mechanical monster to move around. “HELEN WE NEED THE FLAME PROJECTOR IN HERE!” George yelled.
By this time the messenger had pulled a las pistol and aimed it at George, this was no messenger, this was an assassin. I reached for the bolt pistol I keep at my waist, but it was gone. “where’s my bolt pistol?” I muttered to myself.
“oh is that what this is called?” George lunged over to the table where he had been sipping his amber drink earlier, and picked up my bolt pistol which had apparently just been sitting there. “we’ve been calling it a Ballistic Ordinance Launching Tube, we had no idea that it was a pistol.” He aimed it with both hands at the assassin, attempting to shoulder it, but finding no stock. “how in the emperor’s name do you aim this thing? Oh well.” he unleashed a rapid fire burst at the assassin, with only a few shots out of the entire clip hitting him, but it was sufficient. The assassin fell to the floor, mortally wounded. As we approached him he pulled out another device with a wire leading back to his pocket.
“long live the Enlightened!” he screamed as he pressed the device.
“that’s not good.” George said. I asked him just what was not good. “well for starters your “pistol” is impossible to aim, and two this man just activated a suicide bomb, probably implanted in his chest cavity. I suggest we do two things: install a stock on this pistol, and more importantly now: LEG IT!” we ran out of the room as fast as our legs would carry us, the mechanical head chasing us all the way, still trying to slice at us with the circular saw. We slammed the doors behind us, and the sound of a buzz saw slamming into the door could be heard, then the explosion. The doors were blown of their hinges, and flung us across the room with them. As we caught our breath after the blast we heard what I would describe as indescribable, but my best comparison was a combination of nails on a chalkboard and a feral wail. We picked ourselves up to see just what was making the horrid sound. What confronted us could be best described as an ever shifting mouth of flame belching teeth housed in a twisting and deforming lump of blue flesh. “ah a Flamer class daemon.” George looked down at the bolt pistol in his hands. “well this might as well be a spitball shooter against this thing.” He tossed my bolt pistol, my specially blessed bolt pistol, aside and pulled a symbol of the Emperor out from beneath his shirt. He waved it at the daemon and it recoiled from the divine might of the God Emperor.
“what do we do now?” I asked him.
“we wait for Miss. Magus to come with the flame projector full of holy promethium.” George replied. As if on cue a woman in a flame proof suit and a welding mask turned the corner of the hallway and ran towards us. “safety first I see Helen?”
“yes sir, so what do you need me to incinerate? Is it the escaped lab rats swarming again?” the woman’s voice was muffled, but I thought I could make out an accent different than the norm here.
“no, we have something much larger than rats I’m afraid. Someone has sent us a Flamer class daemon!” he pointed at the thing and the woman leveled her flamethrower at it. “ignite at your leisure miss Magus.”
“you got it sir!” a bust of flame erupted from her flamethrower into the daemon. For a moment it seemed the fire had no effect on the creature. Then it began to swell unevenly, then a series of blisters began to form on its “skin” before the entire mass of daemonic flesh burst in an explosion of fire.
“brilliant work Miss. Magus, now let us examine our guest.” We approached the remains of the assassin, and surprisingly his body was mostly intact, barring a gaping hole in his chest. George bent over to examine the hole.
“just as I suspected, an automated summoning device. Made to summon the daemon using the bomber’s death as a sacrifice to coax the thing into reality.” He got up from the body and looked over at me. “by the look on your face you seem to have experience with such things, am I correct?”
“yes, I’m a neophyte inquisitor, it is my job to investigate and stop such things.” I replied.
“ah I see, we have an equivalent rank here among the order of illumination, we call them vigilant eyes.” George said.
“you’ve mentioned that order before, what is it?” I asked.
“there are two competing fields of thought on this planet: Illumination, and Enlightenment. The order of illumination is dedicated to progressing knowledge, but we are aware there are things that should be left undisturbed. On the other hand the enlightened have no such restrictions. In the beginning we worked on many of the same things, but as of late the enlightened have begun to delve into said forbidden subjects: mechanical necromancy, like that head, exploration of the warp and the abilities used to harness it, I’ve even received reports that some of them are working on fusing humans with daemons to create super soldiers. Now we must get to the bottom of this mess. Miss Helen, please fetch Lord Price some civilian clothes, and a pair of goggles, we’re going out.”
“yes sir, and may I come as well?” the woman asked.
“of course. Oh and wake the other Lord Price and fetch him some clothes and goggles as well. he’s been getting a bit stir crazy of late, and some fresh air may do good for him.”
The woman ran off the same way she had come, and a few minutes later she returned with an outfit matching the one George was wearing, and directed me to a bathroom where I could change. When I had put the outfit on I exited the bathroom and found George, Helen, and Arthur waiting for me. we made our way into the city through the servant’s entrance so that no one would notice our departure. Before we stepped outside George instructed us to always keep our goggles on to hide our purple eyes. Our disguises would be no good if anyone who looked in our eyes could tell who we were.
George led us through the narrow streets of the city to a pub in what he called the white chapel district. We approached a back door and George knocked three times in rapid succession. The door opened and we stepped inside. Next thing I remember is a blow to the head and falling to the floor. As my vision became blurry just before I lost consciousness I saw two men dragging Helen away. The next thing I knew I awoke in a hospital bed back in what looked like the palace. George was in the bed to the left of me still passed out with bandages wrapped around his head, and Arthur was in the bed to my right, passed out with a bottle in his hand. Apparently doctors here still allow alcohol as a painkiller.
I learned later that in the absence of the king, the parliament under the direction of Lord Shepard had declared war on Gaul for attempting to assassinate the king. I received word later that heads had also been delivered to the other monarchs, all with a lethal surprise. Outside in the parade grounds newly enlisted soldiers were drilling and marching in preparation of the coming storm. As to what happened to Helen, I’m not sure.

Records of Rene Magus, subject: augmentation report, patient: my daughter

I’ve been a prisoner of the enlightened for some time now, but I have never had a harder day than today. today they brought her to my table for augmentation. She didn’t recognize me, I’ve been sealed in a mechanical suit to keep me compliant. They brought her in to my laboratory prison and strapped her to my table. They told me unless I augmented her they would give her to their dark masters as an offering, a fate worse than what I was forced to do to her. as she lay there on my table, naked and struggling I tried to beg my captors to at least give her some chloroform so that she would not feel anything as I cut into her. they denied my request. As I stared into her beautiful yellow eyes, her mother’s eyes, staring up at the monster I had become in horror inside my suit my eyes began to weep, but I had no choice in this matter. I picked up my scalpel and began to work, installing the connection ports that would link her nervous system to the suit, as well as modify her muscular and skeletal structure to be stronger and more durable. Her screams were heartbreaking, and I wanted to just stoke her cheek and tell her it would be all right like I did when she was a little girl, but my hands were too busy trying to be quick, and they removed my vocal cords long ago when I protested too much. Halfway through installing the ports an amazing thing happened, and for one small moment I had hope: her mother’s gift finally awakened, and lightning began to arc from her body. I thought to myself: “that’s it Helen, break your restraints, escape, you can do it!” but then one of my guards entered and stabbed a syringe full of sedatives into her, and she faded off into blessed sleep. Under my suit I breathed a sigh of relief, at least she wasn’t suffering now.
I continued my work installing the ports, and then it was time to implant the control device. It was a simple auto injector that would feed a horrible addictive cocktail called “Lotus” into her to keep her under their control. I have one as well, and if I am not given a dose of this cocktail daily my body begins to shut down. My mental conditioning allows me to resist the mind altering effects of Lotus, but I still feel the physical effects. The Lotus sustains my body in place of food and drink, but I believe it also removes all bacteria from my body, making me unable to digest food properly, and ensuring that if I were to remove my suit I would die of infection.
With the auto injector installed it was time to place the suit proper on to her. I opened her restraints to slip the soft under layer onto her, then the armored corset that my guards had joked about, then the armor and weapons on her arms and legs. I waited to place the helmet on her, I wanted to see her face one last time before it was hidden behind a metal mask forever. I waited for her to awaken, and as I waited I held her in my arms and as best I could hummed her favorite lullaby. Finally she stirred. “papa” she said. “is that you? I just had the worst nightmare.” Her eyes opened and she stared up at my helmet. “by the emperor, papa is that you?” I nodded as best I could in response. “oh papa what did they do to you?” she embraced me, even though my suit made me almost double her size. “don’t worry papa, I swear I’ll find some way to save you!” I found a piece of paper and hastily scrawled in the blood on the table: “first, save yourself” “I will papa, I’ll save both of us.” I handed her the helmet to her suit, and she nodded before placing it over her head and activating the seal. That activated her first dose of Lotus. She let out an ear piercing scream as it rushed through her body. “by the emperor I feel amazing!” she exclaimed. The mental effects of the Lotus were kicking in: feelings of power, hyper alertness, euphoria. One dose and she was hooked. As she sped out of the room I began to wonder if the woman in the suit was still my daughter, or had the Lotus replaced her with a monster?

A Petition to the King in Regards to the Formation of a Specialist Unit:

We the undersigned servants of the palace entreat his majesty the King to allow us to take leave of our duties of the foreseeable future to engage in a military expedition to recover one Helen Magus. As you know Miss. Magus was well liked among the serving staff, and we are greatly troubled by her kidnapping. We request this leave that we may form a specialist military unit to search for and recover Miss. Magus. If you will not accept this petition we are all willing to tender our resignations so that we may join the military to serve our glorious nation as best we can: on the front lines. If you accept our petition all that we ask is for standard supplies and a competent commander to lead us. We would ask for his majesty himself to be our commander, but we are aware that his medical conditions keep him away from stressful situations. Many of us already have military experience as grenadiers, and those that do not have passed the physical requirements to be grenadiers, so we ask that our designation be as a grenadier unit if his majesty would be so kind.
Response to A Petition to the King in Regards to the Formation of a Specialist Unit:

His majesty has reviewed your request and finds it less then reasonable, standard supplies and a competent commander will not do for a force made up of such noble and selfless men. As such I am forming under the command of my cousin Arthur Price the 4th King’s Own regiment. I note twenty five signatures in the original petition, a few short of a functioning regiment. Thus enclosed with this response is a new type of document: a letter of requisition. This note bears my personal seal and signature, and allows the holder to requisition any men or supplies he requires from any quartermaster on demand. It also gives the holder the equivalent standing as a field marshal, allowing him to take command of any other regiments as deemed necessary, as well as relieve incompetent commanders from their position. This document may only be overruled by a letter which I will keep on my person bearing a matching pattern to the letter of requisition. They are each soaked in a chemical that will react with the matching document, so that when they touch the letters will burst into flame.
Also please note that I am designating the 4th King’s Own as a tier one special unit. That means that should any members be captured, all knowledge of the organization will be denied, and no rescue will be sent, as the only people that know of this regiment are the members and myself, keep it that way.

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Have you thought about why the regiment would be the "King's own" in the 41st millenium?

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because the planet does not have a central government, and they've been isolated by a warp storm for so long that the people are not quite sure of a literal physical emperor. it's all faded into legend. also it has a better ring to it than "regional hereditary governor's own" :D

31-12-2012, 02:22
Or they have a feudal Governmental system and they cling to that a lot OR they call the big E the King rather then the Emperor :)

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Alright confession time: I've been writing so much fluff because my FLGS is sold out of a lot of guard stuff. apparently there was a run on it the day before I started this project. all they really had were Leman Russes and Cadians. so while I wait for them to restock I'll try my best to actually provide content for this blog, starting with the main character's models. I've got Helen done, but I'm still waiting on the store to open to get Jack and Arthur's minis. I've also figured out the three regiments that will make up this force and what their army list will be like:
4th grenadier "King's Own": mech vets
2nd Masshampton "Y Ddraig Goch regiment": blob guard with artillery support
45th Highlanders "the Only Ones": not sure yet

anyways one last bit of fluff then I need to get to work on the actual miniatures:
Letter from Leopold of Aust-Germania to George of Britannia:
I hope this letter finds you well, as at the time of writing this I am grieving. I have just received the heads of both my sister and my brother in law from the new revolutionary government in Gaul, and they were both implanted with bombs made to kill me. I am fine, but the loss of my sister and brother in law has put me in a deep malaise. That is not what this letter is about however, what this letter is about is a certain prisoner we captured delivering the heads. We have interrogated him, and he was very compliant once we “encouraged” him. He has information of a pending naval invasion of your northern island; I believe it is called Caledonia. The Gaelic have already mounted a land invasion of Germania, and I’ve mobilized forces to stop their advance, you must not let them capture the coal fields or they will be able to mechanize a good portion of their forces. I can handle the mass amounts of infantry I’ve had to deal with, but if I start to see more tanks I will be overwhelmed. Also my little bird tells me that you’re missing your secretary, I think I know where you can find her: the Enlightened keep a secret weapons testing facility hidden away in your Caledonian highlands. I’d guess you’d be able to locate the base by looking for rashes of livestock mutilation and missing persons. I’ll do what I can to stop this threat to our planet, I just need you to do your part and keep them distracted while they wear themselves down.

Records of Interrogator Jack Price, Third Entry:
The report from king Leopold gave us the clue we needed to discern the location of the enlightened’s secret base, and a quick skim of local newspapers gave us the answers we were looking for: the Loch McAllen Monster. Some beast with a red glowing eye had been preying on livestock near the Loch. The 2nd Masshampton was already en route to the Loch to investigate, and possibly claim the bounty on the beast’s head. we rendezvoused with them just outside the Loch. We waited for night to fall before splitting up into hunting parties, and each staked out a different sheep pen. Arthur and I were staked out in a copse of trees just beyond a barn. We sat there and waited, and waited, and waited, then we heard a voice. “hey, if it isn’t Lord Price and Lord Price. Nice to see you again.” We turned around and were confronted by the armored, cyclopean figure of the Loch McAllen Monster. We turned our weapons on it, but it leapt into the trees above us and we lost our bead on it. “relax guys, it’s me Helen.”
“Helen? What happened to you?” I asked the dark tree branches above us.
“I’ve been enhanced.” The darkness replied. “I got this cool suit that lets me do stuff like-“ she leapt down from the darkness, and midflight she reached out her hand and our weapons were pulled out of our hands and into the darkness “this!” she made a three point landing, then did a flip for added flare. “oh you guys just got to try this great stuff they’ve been giving me. It’s called Lotus, and it makes you feel like you could take on the god emperor himself. Once you take it you won’t need or want anything else.” She seemed twitchy and she seemed to keep turning the viewing porthole on her helmet towards the giant needle attached to her arm. I have some experience with Lotus from my acolyte days, and have had to beat an addiction to it after I infiltrated a chaos cult once. It shuts down the body’s digestive system and in long time users the digestive system stops functioning completely. The withdrawal symptoms are difficult to manage, as to give the digestive system time to regenerate the addict must be given intravenous fluids and nutrients.
I knew I had to get her off the Lotus if she was to be any use to us, and I knew she would not come off it willingly. It is not often that I use my abilities as a psyker, as I am rarely in a situation where I need them, but this looked like one of those times. I reached out with my mind into hers, and found her mental defenses wanting, a symptom of Lotus use. Having breached her mental shield I plucked the information I needed from her clouded mind, but I found something else. It looked like her life’s story:
She had fled Gaul when the revolutionary government took over, but her father had been captured. George had given her a job as his secretary on account of her being a high ranking member of the order of Illumination. But even though she had a good job and a warm bed, there was still a hole in the young woman’s heart. Recently her memories showed her with a mechanical, groaning giant that she identified only as “papa”. I realized it wasn’t the Lotus keeping her captive; it was her love for her father. Even if I got her off the Lotus she would still refuse to leave without him, we had to rescue him, and her memories showed us where he was: he was at the secret base nearby.
What I did next I probably shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t let her continue under the effects of the Lotus and have her jeopardizing our mission. I made a link between our minds and I shared with her my mental conditioning. Unfortunately when linking the minds of two psykers the link is never one way, and I think we shared a bit too much in that moment, because in the days and weeks afterwards I have become more affectionate with her than is proper for an agent of the inquisition.
I should have known it was a bad idea as soon as I felt the compulsion to remove her helmet. I knew that Lotus weakened the immune system when someone came off it, and for her safety it was probably better that she stayed in the sterile environment of her suit. But I could not stop my feet from walking towards her, and my hands from removing the clasps that sealed her helmet to her armor. As I lifted the helmet off her head I realized I was not the one in control right now, she was. When I saw her face it seemed different than I remembered, she looked like the perfect specimen of beauty. I didn’t notice a physical change in her, but in hindsight I believe she projected into my mind a standard of beauty that was her. I wonder now if this went both ways, did she also see me in that moment as a perfect specimen?
She leaned in towards me and wrapped her arms around me, and I returned the favor. In that moment we shared a passionate kiss, although I wonder now how much of it was real and how much of it was a byproduct of our mental link. I must end this report now, as I’m getting far too personal than I should. I will reexamine my mental state and then write my next report.

Decoded message from George of Britannia to Interrogator Jack Price:
Lord Shepard is a traitor, he is poisoning me, do not trust him. I believe he is planning a coup against me. as such I have updated my last will and testament naming you Jack Price as the heir to my throne. I have no living family, my parents are long dead, my only sibling, a brother, died when we were boys, and I have no wife or children. You are my closest kin I can trust. When Shepard makes his move and finally kills me he will likely see you as a threat and declare you a traitor, you must not let him capture you. Fall back to the old Price Estate. During my reign I have worked to erase it from all maps and the grounds have been fortified to serve as a last line of defense if Britannia was ever invaded. You will be safe there. In the meantime the order of Illumination will convince what regiments they can to support you, as well as supply you logistically. When the time comes you must march on the capitol and stop Shepard. I know you can do it.

PS: enclosed with this letter is my royal signet ring, Shepard will be unable to access certain functions of the palace without the ring. Also by possessing this ring you are identified as the rightful heir to the throne. Wear it with pride, as had the house of Price not disappeared you would be the one sitting on the throne and not me, thus this ring is in a way your birthright.

31-12-2012, 15:27
Report of Arthur Price, subject: the Heaven's Devils:
today a pair of men walked into our camp and made their way to where the 4th "King's Own" had made camp. as they walked through there were oohs and aahs from the men of the 2nd Mass. many were staring at one of the men's bionic arm. they made their way to our camp through the whispers of: "Heaven's Devils." and "it's them!" they approached Mr. Charles, the king's chief cook. they talked for a moment before the three of them approached me. Charles introduced them as part of his old special unit: the legendary "Heaven's Devils" who made their name during operations undermining the Enlightened in Gaul before the revolution. they had been held up as the ideal soldiers by the public office of the king, and now they asked to join our unit. this was an opportunity only a fool would refuse, and I welcomed the men into the camp. if we were about to be declared traitors it would help if we had a symbol we could use to convince other regiments to join us.
(pic attachment of the current members of the Heaven's Devils that are at our camp)

(hey yeri here: this is an example of my storm troopers that I've just made. tell me what you think about them.)

31-12-2012, 16:41
Wanted by order of Lord Regent Shepard:

Jack Price:
crimes: treason, attempted assassination of his majesty the king, conspiracy to usurp the throne.

Arthur Price:
crimes: treason, attempted assassination of his majesty the king, conspiracy to usurp the throne.

Helen Magus:
crimes:treason, attempted assassination of his majesty the king, conspiracy to usurp the throne, prostitution, lewd conduct.

01-01-2013, 02:35
OOOOO I love them, can't wait to see the paint job on the green jackets, what about the Pirates of the Caribean characters? they're about the right time period yeah? :)

01-01-2013, 09:42
Pirates is more mid 1700s rather than early 1800s. Conversions are well done!

01-01-2013, 11:08
Yea pirates aren't quite the time period I'm aiming for. Also I'm going to be making a trip to Atlanta today, so for the next couple of days I may be unable to supply anything but fluff unless the TSA will allow me to bring my paints on the plane. Also what do you mean when you talk about green jackets? Is there something my research has missed?

01-01-2013, 15:08
Green Jackets were the Rifle regiments (most famous was the 95th Rifles)


They were armed with Baker Rifles - a much more accurate weapon than a musket. They were slower to load, as ramming a bullet down a rifled barrel was hard work. I've heard tell that when originally issued, they were issued with mallets to actually hammer the bullet down.

In 40k terms, Rifles could be used to represent either veterans or storm troopers. Veterans would represent the BS 4 - the more accurate rifles being represented by the improved ballistic skill. Alteratively, they could, at a push, be storm troopers - the 'hellgun' representing a weapon that is an improvement of the standard lasgun in the way the rifle was over the muskets of the general infantry.

Miniature wise, Perry British Line Infantry sets come with 4 riflemen per box. You could probably pick some up off ebay.

Nevermind - you can get 2 for a £1 directly from Perry Miniatures; http://www.perry-miniatures.com/product_info.php?cPath=22_63&products_id=2563

01-01-2013, 15:32
Oh I knew about the rifles, I just didn't make the connection between the storm troopers and the green jackets. The heaven's devils are more a special unit than a rifle regiment, think more special forces than line infantry.

01-01-2013, 18:54
My bad I assumed that they were Green Jackets :p

The Rifleman were special forces, as much as they had special forces back then, they would scout, assassinate targets of opportunity, lots and lots. Even if the baker rifle was harder to reload it wouldn't be an issue.

Look up Sharpe to see more about them, also they were the first 'modern' army to start to wear camo, an idea that the French didn't pick up on till 1914 :)

02-01-2013, 14:16
I suppose I could maybe make their uniforms green, it would be a nice change from the other unit identifiers. also the TSA let the minis through, and they've all made it to Atlanta unharmed. I'm starting to paint the characters first, and I think I should note I had to change Helen's pistol to the one from the WHFB empire captain because of an accident. anyways I'll see what I can do today.

03-01-2013, 13:48
Hello all, just wanted to show you the painted version of Helen's mini:
no fluff right now, but I do have an idea for what I'm going to do once I finish building the IG armies. with the dark Angels codex coming out sometime this month I'm going to make a deathwing list with a nautical theme. instead of space marines in terminator armor they're going to be elite IG in steampunk diving suits. I'm drawing a lot of inspiration from the bioshock games as well as the fortune hunters from the new game Deepwars. rest assured the characters involved will stay the same, some like Helen will even have very similar miniatures (her's is just going to have a helmet instead of a bare head). as far as the fluff for this goes:
the attack on the capitol is also a diversion, the Enlightened's real goal is to recover an artifact in the Britannian channel trench, and with the main forces of the Illuminated busy on the surface, it falls to Jack, Arthur, Helen, and the rest of the gang to stop their plans.

one more thing, I'm having a lazy day today at the hotel, so expect a lot of painting to get done today, with frequent breaks for writing fluff. stay tuned, it's going to be a busy day on this blog:)

03-01-2013, 19:21
well I forgot that this hotel room is fething dark, and I forgot it took me like three hours just to paint Helen's mini, so I've got no real content for today, but I do have fluff, but before that I have updates on some of the models I've already shown you, and some new ones. I'm replacing Arthur's mini with Sue from the malifaux line, because next to the men he looks like a dwarf. and some of the other characters introduced in this post will have their own minis, including Stephan who will have a kit made from the victrix highlander kit, and Lady Raven will be using the Frikorps Librarian also from the malifaux line with some avian modifications. anyways here's the fluff I've been working on all day:

Records of Jack Price, fourth entry:

Helen is resting under the care of father Lawrence, who as a hospitaler is trained to heal the body as well as the soul. She is fighting the withdrawal symptoms of the Lotus, and is only conscious and alert some of the time, however she was able to give us the location of the Enlightened’s base: it is beneath the abandoned Ackley Estate high in the nearby mountains. Given as we are about to conduct a major assault of the complex I believe now is a good time to take inventory of the forces available to us: two squads of the 4th grenadiers, two platoons of thirty five men each from the 2nd Masshampton, one Britannia pattern hydra flak tank, one leman russ battle tank, and three special forces operators who are the equivalent of imperial storm troopers. One hundred men under our command in all. Given the defenses Helen described we would be daft to try and take that with what we had, but if the letter George had sent us was accurate the invasion force would land through a secret cavern used by the Ackley family to smuggle contraband that linked to the sea. With no word from George we had to assume Shepard had taken over and we were wanted men. There would be no more reinforcements coming, so one hundred men was all we had.
One day a pair of men in local dress came into our camp, the first one introduced himself as Faudron, and the other just stood silently. Faudron was a sycophant of the worst kind, trying to kiss my boots and generally worshiping the ground I walked on. It made me sick to my stomach. After a few minutes of this the other man spoke up, introducing himself as Stephen and then he asked a very peculiar question: he asked if he joined us we would let him kill Lord Shepard. I was hesitant, that’s when he pulled the las pistol and shot Faudron square in the back. As Faudron fell every weapon in the camp must have been pointed at Stephen, who seemed not to notice. He bent down and removed a document from Faudron’s coat pocket, and handed it to me. They were orders from Lord Shepard himself to assassinate me and Arthur, and to make sure that “his son” remained safe. When I mentioned to Arthur that Shepard had a son Stephen said he had a plan to hold the son for ransom in exchange for George, who was apparently languishing in a drugged up stupor in the palace dungeon. When we asked where the son was Stephen pointed at himself, then told the sad story of his life:
His mother was a local peasant, whom Lord Shepard had eyed since they were both teenagers. She would always refuse his advances, until eventually she became engaged to another man. On the night of their wedding Lord Shepard arrived at the couple’s home claiming he had the right of Prima Noctem as the lord of the land they lived on. He had brought a posse of his henchmen to ensure that the couple complied, including Faudron. When the groom resisted he struck Lord Shepard square in the jaw. That was all Shepard needed, and he ordered the groom to be immediately executed. His henchmen grabbed the groom and brought him to the tree in the center of the village. Then they prepared a nose and hung him until he was dead. In the meantime Shepard forced himself upon the bride as she begged him to stop. Eventually the henchmen returned to give him the news that the groom was dead. This overjoyed the lord and he decreed that as the lord of the village he had within his power the ability to perform a wedding, and right then and there he married himself to the new widow. Her life after that was a gilded cage in the Shepard estate, guarded at all times, and never allowed to leave the grounds. Almost every night he would force himself on her, until eventually she bore him a child: Stephen. Stephen was his mother’s son, and she raised him to despise his father. When Shepard began to force himself on her again after Stephen was born, she could take no more, and she splashed acid on her face to mutilate the thing Shepard always said he loved most about her. Shepard was furious, and would have beaten her to death had a member of the order of illumination not been there to intervene. He provided a direct line to the king and warned George of Shepard’s actions, but George was powerless over the House of Lords when Shepard was elected prime minister.
Stephen told us that now Shepard was living on borrowed time, and he wanted to do something that history would remember him for, he wanted to be a war hero, even if he had to supply the war. He explained that the attack in the north was a diversion, and that the real attack would come from the south near the capitol. Stephen and the unit he commanded had been sent to the highlands officially to stop the diversionary attack which in reality would only be a single newly formed regiment intended for slaughter to add glory to Stephen’s name, and by extent Lord Shepard’s name as well. Then Stephen drew a horn from under his kilt and blew a long note. In an instant it seemed the camp was surrounded by men in the uniform of the highland regiments. They entered the camp and shook the hands of the men before finding spots of empty ground to make camp. That night we hatched a plan to have Stephen infiltrate the base and disable the automated defenses that would give us so much trouble. If our plan succeeds my next report will detail the operation.

Records of Interrogator Jack Price, sixth entry:

(footnotes of Inquisitor Yeri: please note that the fifth entry to Interrogator Price’s records are missing, but from interviews with those there we know that they were successful on their raid, and retreated to the price estate along with Rene Magus and another enhanced woman known as Lady Raven, who was being held prisoner in the complex.)
As we explored the estate we found it very defensible, but when news reached the village that the capitol had been invaded we realized Shepard had bigger fish to fry at the moment, so we started looking for anything we could to help us launch our own counter attack, and we found it. Underneath the estate was a veritable wealth of munitions, workshops, and vehicles stored in a series of tunnels and grand galleries, there was even a runway built into a hillside for launching and recovering planes. We have yet to explore every bit of the complex, but we have found a few more interesting gems among our hoard: a flight of avenger strike fighters in a pattern I’ve never seen before, a few vulture gunships that looked to have been adapted from Valkyrie chassis, about six vendetta gunships that the Highlanders quickly claimed as their own due to having their national flag painted on the nose, I may be biased towards the birds, as I have always loved the feeling of flight. However one item we found exceeds all the others: the pressure suits. We found them deep in the complex, a whole rack of them. They almost looked like astates armor, but their materials looked more like Helen’s suit. Someone on a dare shot a lasrifle at them and found they barely left a scorch mark, while the instruction manual found next to them says that they are pressure suits for the deep ocean, they appear to work as functional armor.
As we wondered why George would supply his last stand base with diving suits we found our answer: the Ulysses, a massive submarine in a pen that seemed to lead out to the sea as a final escape. We plan to make use of the suits during our assault if we can find some way to transport them.
In other news Helen has beaten her addiction to the Lotus, and is back up and moving, although she has been spending quite a bit of time with our new guest Lady Raven in the infirmary. Also I’ve finally found out why Helen’s eyes are yellow: she is a local strain of psyker called a changeling. From what she has told me Changelings are a powerful breed of biomancers who are capable of changing their shape, powerful changelings like her mother are capable of changing other’s shapes as well, however a changeling can never change their eye color no matter what form they take. Apparently the changeling ability is a female only trait passed down from mother to daughter. Lady Raven is apparently also a Changeling, and by her accent I would say she is from Aust-Germania. Arthur has been spending a lot of time in the infirmary as well visiting the lady, and even though she refuses to tell us her real name, and even though he has not seen her face behind her avian mask, I believe he is smitten with her, unusual for a man who’s not exactly known for liking a woman for their personality.
We are currently in preparation for our assault on the palace to rescue George and kill Shepard. We will use Ulysses to land at the Royal Yacht docks on the river. The guards should be so busy fending off the Gaelic assault that they will have little manpower to spare for us. Once we are inside the palace a team led by Helen and her father will go to the dungeons to rescue George, and the main bulk of our forces will march on Downing street where Shepard has made his headquarters, secure the street, confront Lord Shepard, kill or capture him, then use the vendettas to ferry George to Downing Street where he will take command. That’s the easy part, the hard part will be actually winning the battle. We will need to see what conditions are when the first part succeeds before we plan the rest, but my inquisitor always said I thought well on my feet.

03-01-2013, 21:47
alright I got off my butt and did something:
here's the test mini for the Heaven's Devils. also I've got some highlanders coming in the mail that should be waiting for me when I get home, as well as some artillery to make a battery of thud guns. I've got one of the guns themselves ready to be mounted on a carriage, the other two will be made the same way as the first one from a set of tubes mounted together. the final piece of what I ordered is a deepwars heavy weapons trooper to represent Rene in the deathwing list. anyways I'll try to get back to work and do something.

04-01-2013, 02:51
on the fluff subject of "king"... as far as real world western monarchies go a monarch rules by Divine Right of Kings... they are kings because god says so. as such king I'd say would be a fitting title for a planetary governor.. granted their hereditary power by their divine godhead Himself, quite literally.

an alternative title could be regent, that they rule on behalf of the Emperor in His absence... which alludes to the Prince Regent from which that general period of British history gains it's name from.

04-01-2013, 21:30
that's how I was trying to put it, but Baphomael says it more eloquently than I could. anyways I'm condensing the IG armies and making a few more, here's a list of the armies as they stand, as well as their commanders and what codex they use:
4th "King's Own" and 2nd Masshampton: commanded by Aurthur Price and Jack Price (IG codex, blob artillery)
45th highlanders: commanded by Stephen McAndrews (legal name: Stephen Shepard) (IG codex, air cav)
1st Royal Guards: commanded by Field Marshall Princess Sephora Hohenhime and Arthur Price (GK codex with IG allies, purifier spam)
Order of Illumination Divers: commanded by Jack Price and Helen Magus (DA codex, deathwing)
as soon as I can I'll try to get some test models for the two new armies, and try to get some other work done today.

05-01-2013, 02:05
I just realized there's a lot of stuff I haven't shown you yet but I wasn't really able to get some good photos, here's what I've got:
this is one of my vet sarges with a shotgun. I cut off a scout shotgun arm with the hand still attached, then replaced a lasgun with the shotgun.
here's a vet with a plasma gun. move along, not much to see here.
this is the regimental banner bearer, and having sat through enough of my home town hockey team playing a clip from the movie Glory that I was going to link if I could find it, the banner bearer is going to be a black man.
this is one of the diving suits for the deathwing list. it's just a modification to the helmet, but I'm wondering: should I also modify the upper legs into a soft material?
this is one of the Aust-Germanian royal knights with one of their favorite weapons: the Tesla Rifle, that fires electrically charged bolts which explode with a burst of electricity on impact. they can also activate a tesla capacitor in their suit to activate different special effects (crunch wise these are psycannon and the psychic powers of the grey knights) there will be a fluff update going more in depth about the different nations on Europa Major and their specialist tech.
this particularly blurry photo is of the Princess's Champion: the Black Knight of the Royal Guards. I'm using his as Crow in the purifier spam army, one guess to his identity.
that's all I've got for now, I'll try to post some fluff tomorrow.

06-01-2013, 16:48
alright I took a quick break from this project, but now I'm back, and I've got some artillery to show you:
this is a prototype for the heavy weapons squads.
and this is a WIP of the thud gun, it still needs an ammo feed and the breaches need to be plugged.
that's all I've got right now, but stay tuned because there will be more coming.

19-01-2013, 12:32
Do you here that? Why it's the sound of bagpipes! I've finally got some of the Scotsmen to show you:
that's all I've got for now, but expect some more soon as I get back to work on this project.