View Full Version : 2250 skelton love:)

30-12-2012, 10:28
My try on a vc list 2250 games :D

Vampire count

Vampire lord 465 (LoV)
Heavy armor, hand weapon, lvl 3, ogre blade, talisman of preservation, quickblood, red fury

Necromancer 110 (LoV)
Master of dead, dispel scroll

Wight king 165
Bsb, banner of the barrows, gw

60 skelton warriors 330
Full command

60 skelton warriors 330
Full command

Special unit:
24 grave guard 318
Gw, full command

5 hexwraiths 150

3 vargheists 138

Mortis engine 240
Blasphemous tome


30-12-2012, 17:57
As it stands, you have nothing to stop your two dangerous combat blocks (the GG and skelton/blender unit) from being put into unfavorable positions. Also, I'd bet that most armies can keep the blender lord out of meaningful combats all game. I think that some wolves or spirit hosts can help with this.

I realize you'd like to keep the skeletons as-is, but maybe drop some for a zombie bunker for that necromancer? And try to get him an extra level.

I would put the magic banner on the GG unit, not on the BSB. The BSB will likely die very quickly, leaving you without the item.

31-12-2012, 07:02
I agree with everything that Moss has already said. Esspecially the part about charge re-directers.
You NEED Dire Wolves and Spirit Hosts to help get your nasty units in to the fights you want.
I would trim atleast 10 Skeletons off each of unit to get pionts for this. You don't really need to be starting them so big when you've got a Master of the Dead Necro to raise them above starting size.

I would also try and find points to increase the size of the Grave Guard. 24 just seems a little too fragile for my liking. And as Moss said, move the Banner of the Barrows from your BSB to your Grave Guard standar bearer.