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30-12-2012, 13:32
Since I went ahead and made another battle report I will attempt to keep the links and such here.

The first report has its own thread and can be found here.

The second one is my Bretonnians vs Beastmen and can be found at the below.

30-12-2012, 14:03
Looks like you had fun although personally I cant stand the look of unpainted armies, proxies and slapdash terrain. BUT I can appreciate reading the report and the time and effort put into it.

That said, the Ungor in turn 4 shouldve been positioned to lead the BretLords unit away after being overrun....not into the flank of the minos :(

30-12-2012, 15:32
Oh no worry. The Bretts are my unpainted force my normal army is Skaven.

Since the last battle report I already have 2 additional knights painted and 5 men at arms. My hopes are to have the army painted up by Buckeye Battles.