View Full Version : Dinosaurs and pointy ears - an Exodite log by LordKhaine

31-12-2012, 08:40
well, after over 5 years of painting nothing but space marines (for 40k) i have finally bitten the bullet and tried something new

but me being me i just cant do anything simple, so here we have the Exodites, always my favourite eldar (come on, they ride dinosaurs!!)

this log was inspired to me as i am currently working on a huge great crusade army and really wanted an army that could face off against them, so i have been doing some fanfiction and the enemy in the book is the exodites (with some allied alien help!)

so here is the beginnings of what will hopefully plan out to be a 20,000 point army.........thats right, 20K!

i hope everyone wishes me luck on this adventure and i will repay in kind by keeping it constantly topped up

thank you!

First up is a Autarch riding on a Dragon, hope you like them





Lost Egg
31-12-2012, 09:07
A nice start LordKhaine, looking forward to more...roll on 20kpts!


31-12-2012, 10:55
thanks Hairy! i have just got back from a local toy shop with a tricerotops, going to start work on him soon to possibly count as a falcon or something haha, more pics on there way!


04-01-2013, 13:32
okay update time!!

after a bit of kit bashing and some imaginations i came up with a unit to be my "count as" striking scorpians

if memory serves right, exodites dont have the aspect temples, but to be honest, an eldar army without aspect worries, isnt really worth being an army at all

so with some imaginations i thought that, as they are living on a dangerous and hostile planet ruled by dinosaurs, they are also living off the land, they would need to have some form of "hunters" amongst them, who are skilled at stalking through the wild and fighting off dangers

so here we have it, my Exodite Hunting Team

here is a little test job i did, sorry about the images, bad lighting ment i had to use flash just to see the model lol

let me know what you think of the model and the idea, thank you!



Hadriel Caine
04-01-2013, 23:42
Always a fan of exodite logs. I like the colours you're using- block colours suggesting they are Eldar but earthy tones reflecting the them. The paint job on the dino is great. I like the concept for hunters as scorpions. Fits well.

05-01-2013, 01:40
I love the hunter! It captures all the things I thought the originals were missing - some earthy colors and a bit more 'edge' from Dark Eldar parts, versus the rather High-Elfy looking originals. I think even just switching the blue in your scheme with the olive green would go a huge way towards making the models look more like Exodites living off the land instead of High Elves or Craftworld Eldar.

Great work so far though, really hope you keep it up. Exodite logs often fizzle out, but it would be great to see you finish an army!

06-01-2013, 10:08
thanks for the positive comments :)

and dont worry Pekel, i have moved to an area where there is NO gamers around haha, so i am more focused on the hobby now, so i wont stop this one

coming up soon is another 4 'Hunters'

keep your eyes peeled!


08-01-2013, 22:23
well, the unit of 5 Hunters is fully complete........for the first time in about a year i have finished a unit haha bases and everything!

(and im always reluctant to do bases for some reason)

will get some pictures up tomorrow as its night time now and i dont have that good light

see keep checking for them!!


09-01-2013, 09:34
ok as i said (urgh triple post, thats depressing haha)

here is my finished and fully based squad of Hunters[scorpions]

hope you like them, let me know!




09-01-2013, 11:52
Nice, the Hunters look great and really work as a Striking Scorpion stand-in. Have you got any ideas for any other aspect warriors?

09-01-2013, 12:17
cheers Master_of_Asgard

and i do for that matter haha

shining spears - dragon knights (cold one riders)
Howling banshees - amazonian style female fighters
Fire Dragons - Ritual fire breathers
Swooping hawks - Well, they will be a seperate coexsistion xenos race with the eldar known as the "dragonkin"
Warp Spiders - not having them, was too hard to think of a count as for them and im not a fan of them to begin with
Dire Avengers - veteran exodites

hope these sound good, if anyone has got any ideas too then feel free to share

Lost Egg
10-01-2013, 05:40
Hunters look cool, I'm liking the battle scar. Nice use of DE parts.


18-01-2013, 21:54
thanks hairy

well its been a busy week (at work, not hobby unfortunately) so i havent managed to get pictures of what im working on at the moment, the pictures i do have are of a tricerotops gun plat form (probably going to turn it into a fire prisim)

now this is my first attempt at sculpting with green stuff, so please be gentle haha, but do let me know what you think



and for scale shot!!

things coming up are my veteran exodites (avengers) and a foot autarch (possible yriel count as)

keep your eyes peeled!!!


Lost Egg
19-01-2013, 05:50
Wow, the big beastie is looking cool...think you might need a bigger base tho :D