View Full Version : Is taking Huron or Ahriman worth it for infiltration

31-12-2012, 22:12
Is taking Huron or Ahriman worth it just for Master of Deception

I've been thinking recently about taking one of these two to guarantee getting Master of Deception so that I can Infiltrate various squads into more suitable locations on the board earlier.

I wanted to know what other people thought about these characters since they are both rather pricey compared to the standard Lord and Sorcerer.

31-12-2012, 23:00
They are worth it if you have a good strategy involving several infiltrating units getting right up in the enemies face.

01-01-2013, 00:31
considering im sticking ahriman in a unit of termies armed to the teeth with guns that spout flaming things of mystics.. i would say that i am going to get as close to the enemy as i can...

you reminded me he gave that out...

01-01-2013, 00:58
I take Ahriman and outflank a unit of Terminators with him. Nasty surprise.

Ahriman can be pretty destructive just need a delivery device for him, at least a Rhino. I go with his one obligatory Tzeentch power, then two telepathy and one biomancy. Makes sure you've got at least three witchfire powers so his staff can be used to full effect. If you get hallucination or invisibility that's just gravy. If your opponent isn't Eldar or Space Wolves/Tyranids you'll probably get his points worth.

01-01-2013, 22:47
Makes sure you've got at least three witchfire powers so his staff can be used to full effect.

Can't you cast the same Witchfire spell three times ?

I'm pretty sure his staff doesn't require them (the Witchfire spell) to be different. Is there something in the core book that doesn't allow a single Witchfire spell be cast multiple time if you have enough warp charge?

My only beef with Arhiman is his cost , and that he can't make use of a spell familiar (Or isn't equipped with something similar), and you'll end up playing with fire (Pun!), casting like mad, increasing the odds are that you'll peril of the warp. Its offset by his increased number of wounds and the fact that he's got better chance to end up with appropriate powers , but it still something that you end up being taxed for in the form of his point cost.

Similarly , you'll probably want to field , at the very least, a Thousand sons troop to justify his point cost , and have at least one unit worth infiltrating, which really boils down to a hand full of options ; Probably something with rapid fire capabilities , and something tough enough to sustain fire from your opponents shooting phase (more so if he seize the initiative on you). All in all it adds up to quite a large point cost depending on the point range you like to play; I prefer 1500 my self , and this set up is effectively 1/2 the points.

Nevertheless he might end up being the better option , simply because you know ,to a degree ( because god forbid you'd have the option to select spells) , what you're getting into. Huron is a little too random in game that's already far too random.

Unless you're building up on models you've already got ,I don't think that infiltration is so worth it ; Its one of those rare instances where i'd roll the trait , in exchange for a cheaper lord.

02-01-2013, 01:58
Page 67, top left, second paragraph.

"A Psyker cannot attempt to manifest the same psychic power more than once each turn - even if the manifestation attempt was not successful."

02-01-2013, 02:19
Thanks for the info.

Considering this , i'm not so sure if Ahriman's "multiple witchfire cast" is really worth it npw. I'll probably have to take a closer look to pyromancy, see if it overlays with the Tz discipline when considering targets.