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01-01-2013, 15:21
Looking for criticism on a 1000 point list to be used in an upcoming tournament.

Mage Level 2, Annulian Crystal =175

L.S.G. X20 Musician, Standard Bearer
Banner of Eternal Flame =265

White Lions x14 Musician, Standard Bearer =228

Swordmasters x14 Musician, Standard Bearer =228

Eagle =50

Eagle =50

996 pts

The mage will bunker in with the L.S.G. and use the Lore of Metal or Shadow (not sure which!). At the current time I will be facing at least 2 dwarf armies, Warriors, Dark Elf, Bretonnians, Orcs and Goblins, and a couple of Demons. I know Metal will deal with high armour saves and shadow is very versatile. Something doesnt quite feel right about the list. Hoping to receive criticism that reveals something I
dont see!

05-01-2013, 15:27
Looks fairly OK to me.

I might be tempted to drop the Annulian Crystal for the Silver Wand to save some points.

The units of LSG are fine (I assume you run them 7x3).

I'd only run one special infantry unit (probably the White Lions) and I'd put the points saved from the Swordmasters and Crystal to buy a couple of Lion Chariots. These guys hit like a ton of bricks (especialy if you get off a double charge) although they won't last long in a grinding match they can still hit hard in the second round of combat with their multiple strength 5/6 attacks.

The two Eagles are fine.

I'd recommend running the Mage with Shadow, Beasts, Life or Death depending on what you want from him. All have really solid Signature spells depending on what you want. If you want to slow your opponant down go with Shadow. If you want to improve your hitting power go with Beasts. If you want to improve your main units survivability go with Life and if you want to deal with enemy characters then go with Death.


05-01-2013, 16:59
I agree with kahadras about using only a single special infantry unit. I would do as he says and grab a chariot or two, or take a unit of dragon princes.