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02-01-2013, 15:28
The exodites of Tuzanor - Tuzanor roughly translates as "The sorrow of a lost dream"

As those who’ve seen my previous sparse and rarely updated blogs will know, I’m one of those people who can’t go “hmmm…a new army? Let’s build the minis straight out of the box and looking like the army was created by GW to sell more shiny stuff”
I have always gone about it the same way. Find an obscure theme, work out what parts to use for the models, weep when I discover how many boxes Id have to buy to make one squad, then suck it up get on with it. Previously I’ve built a Techguard army, White Scars using the Ravenwing rules, a colonial/revolutionary themed guard army and a Heresy era truescale World Eater army.
This gave me a slight hint that I was being very human-centric, so for the next army (eventually planned for ToS 2014) I was challenged to make a Xenos army.
Now which of the nefarious Xenos races to pick? After perusing the websites and codicii I decided to return to the second army I ever owned, way back in the heady days of 2nd ed. circa 1995, Eldar.
Now I know many people will be crying “but they’re RUBBISH in 6th”, but that’s not the point. I want to make armies that look good and fit a theme, not WAAC.

So why Exodites? Firstly the modelling opportunities, I mean who doesn’t love the idea of space elves riding dinosaurs? Secondly there are some fantastic looking armies out there, so lots of inspiration.

Now the theme. Many of the armies already out there seem to stick to a couple of stereotypes.
- They are wood elves in space
- They are backward
- They all use dinosaurs instead of vehicles
- If they’re not dressed as wood elves then they’ve got lizard skin cloaks
- Aspect warriors are “shoe-horned” in as craftworld allies.

Of these, the third one is the only one I wanted to use. With this in mind I scoured the high elf and dark elf bits for inspiration.
Cold ones were a definite, as were the mage parts for my farseer/warlocks. However since I wanted them to have winter/snow bases they needed something to make them different from the standard CWE. Then I spotted the White Lion kit. Fur capes, top knots, scale mail kilts? Of course!
And so the Exodite idea was born.
My only rules-
- NOT wood elves
- NOT barbarians
- Jetbikes modelled as armoured cold ones
- Some (but not all) vehicles modelled as dinosaurs
- Guardian units and Guardian crewed units only (unless someone can suggest a way for aspect warriors to be included)
- High elf scalemail on every model somewhere.

The plan is to build guardians (defender and storm) warlocks, jetbikes (including shuriken cannon) Warwalkers, Jetbike seer council, Avatar (2 riders on a Carnosaur) fire prisms (based on the stegadon) Vypers and heavy support platforms (any ideas for the dino mounts would be appreciated)

oh and a cookie for the first person to get the reference in the name.....

Finished the first guardian squad with warlock, and the first 3 jetbikes










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More to come

02-01-2013, 19:53
Those exodites look great. I like the cannon mounted on the coldone.

02-01-2013, 21:10
That is some real nice modeling. Impressive. Nice paint job too.