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02-01-2013, 23:01
Hi, I have ordered a dkok of krieg list, but I have a serious problem...

what types of base should they be on!

I want some nice resin bases, which I cannot decide upon. (what kind or where to buy).
What I do know is that I want the theme to be either:

ruins/rubble - this was my default, but it seems almost to obvious for a siege army to be in ruins and rubble.
alien - perhaps the krieg have been sent to an alien planet. They may walk upon glowing green necron architecture, of blue and taupe tau roads etc.
chaos - blood and chaos symbols?
marsh - dirty water and ooze with dead plants fill the air with a poisonous fume.

What is your opinion, and give some specifics and some fluff if youd like as well! Im open to suggestions of style and where i should buy it from.


02-01-2013, 23:06
If you pull off marsh and dead plants with lots of water effect in a good manner it'll look real good. I myself always like snow bases :). I think the army's base should reflect that army so I'd skip the chaos/xeno ones :)

02-01-2013, 23:40
every single time ive seen pros do the bases for DKoK it has been geared toward trench warfare circra 1914-18.. so lots of mud, decaying bodies, discarded shells or blown up tank bits...

but i agree a marsh would look awesome with them

do you have a main army? if so match DKoK to the bases on them.. and when you ally them.. they look like they are fighting on the same battlefield..

03-01-2013, 01:11
They really look best on anything "dark" looking. Mine are on dark soil with some middling shade static grass, which is easy and works well enough. Mud works but can can be hard to pull off well without looking lazy/too boring. Rubble also looks good but can be expensive to do.

03-01-2013, 01:42
i plan to put some light snow on any type of base i do. they are going to have a elysian drop troop ally detachment. it consists of 3 vendettas, a vulture gunship, lord commissar (using a krieg model, aka taking command of ally forces) and either a vet squad or a platoon loaded in the vendettas.

as for where, if I stick with swamp, I think I'll make the bases myself using the system below (see url).


Just not so bright, and the water will be darker and oozier (i just like the DOIY method there). Each base will consist of 15-100% "swamp water" and a mound of dirty mud, (dark earth tones). Burnt/Black grass will be lightly bunched into one or two small places to give the feel of dying vegetation. In the swamp corners, Ill see if I can plant in some thrushes or tall grass sticking out of the water. The odd base there might be something gross, like a hand or face in the water (think LOTR marshes). Also, the odd soldier might be modeled into the water himself, holding his gun over his head "trudging" through the mud. As for artillery, probably build some planks onto the dirt and have the artillery supported by that. Im not sure how that would look though.

Any ideas? suggestions/improvements? Modeling tips etc?

03-01-2013, 04:22
Wet mud. That's what the fought in during The Siege of Vraks.... You can use weathering powders to make awesome mud.

03-01-2013, 05:42
question is: what kind of terrain do the tables you play on most have? Everything in the game looks better when it matches the table.

03-01-2013, 12:52
well, the table i built is grass matt on one side and "cityscape" on the other; aka, grey board with roads crossing through here and there. It a flat surface, and we place terrain.

To match the board, I would have to go with rubble, unless I make swampy movement trays for my units (though that might also look odd)

05-01-2013, 02:19
rubble is good, but it seems to...mainstream?, im just not sure I want MY krieg to be like all others...I want to be able to tell them they are special :)

05-01-2013, 09:37
rubble, with some small grassy patches. Or rubble with some small chunks of clump foliage. Both will work on both your regular table bases and look pretty good.

05-01-2013, 12:00
A lot of ones I've seen are based on Mud and Marsh; however Vraks shows the Tank Regiments being used tonmake quick rapid assaults; ones painted to look like the ground in say Battle of the Bulge coarse grasslands could look quite good; unless of course they are in the typical trench grey.

Of DKK are more WW1 as opposed to Steel Legion WW2.

05-01-2013, 12:24
hmmm, well this is the painting scheme im going with. I do like the sound of a (wintery?) course grassland too...


05-01-2013, 12:26
hmmm, well this is the painting scheme im going with. I do like the sound of a (wintery?) course grassland too...


06-01-2013, 00:22
Everything in the game looks better when it matches the table.

Quoted for truth.

Any scheme is good on a base so long as it doesn't draw attention away from the model, it can complement or even enhance the model but it should always be playing second fiddle. Try the squint test, squint enough to turn the model into a blur of colour, what stands out? If it's the base, you're doing it wrong.

06-01-2013, 01:27
Quoted for truth.

the squint test.

haha, thats quite good. I saw a base that really interested me, but it seems to go against the playing second fiddle idea.

This would be just in the range of my hobby skills, or something close. (if not so impressive)


is this too eye drawing?

06-01-2013, 16:46
Off topic, but I just had an epiphany. All these bases Ive shown are worked on to get depth to pour in water...but what IF i took a regular base and flipped it upside down!. Yes the edges are no longer going down but up, has anyone done this, would it look strange to have the base "open up" toward the model? It would save a lot of cutting and modelling, just use some filler to create the mud or sand, and leave a depression for the water effects.
any concerns or experience with this?


06-01-2013, 17:21
I think it'd look a little weird, and some people might complain, but that's them. Personally, my Krieg are fielded on rocky snow covered dead grass.