View Full Version : 2k Orcs (and a few goblins)

18-05-2006, 15:40
So, I'm glad to hear the orcs and goblins are the next race for a touch-up, and glad that its known october is the time to expect them.

So here's a list I figure I could run when the new stuff comes out. Comments/feedback are welcome.

Orc Great Shaman, LVL 4, Knobbly Staff

Orc Bigboss, Armor of Mork, Greatweapon

Orc Bigboss, BSB, Drogs Dead Ard, Wollapa 1 hit wonda

Goblin Shaman, LVL2, Itty Ring, Double Doin Do Dahs

30 Orc Boys, Shields, Full command

30 Orc Boys, Shields, Full Command

30 Orc Biguns, Shields, Full Command, Waagh Banner

10 Wolf Riders, Spears, Shields, Champion, Musician

10 Wolf Riders, Spears, Shields, Champion, Musician

1 Boar Chariot

2 Wolf Chariots

2 Rock Lobbers

total is 1996

It seems a nice list to me in this incarnation of the O&G, I hope to be able to field something similar after we all find out just what they changed about the list (and only way to know for sure is to have the new book, in october)

I was also considering, if rumors are true, to just give boyz and biguns additional handweapons aswell, time will tell.

Only thing left to do is wait.

Brother Maynard
26-05-2006, 14:16
It is a nice list, but I think you'd be best to have a least a little magic defense, like a couple Dispell scrolls on your mages. You could free some space up on your gobo mage by moving the itty ring to your Orc General (yes, he can use it too) and dumping the Double Doo Dahs (this I'd either place with your Great Shaman or not take at all.)

Rumors are abound for the 7th edition Orcs that you won't get the 2 for 1 deal on the Goblin Chariots unless you have a Goblin General...so you might want to prepare for that little let down.