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04-01-2013, 17:19
chaos lord of khorne, juggernaught, shield,favour of the Gods,
necrotic phylactery, sword of bloodshed, 360

festus leechlord 185

24 chaos warriors of khorne, full comand, additional hand weapons 444
30 marauders of khorne, full command great weapons 200
5 marauder horsemen throwing axes, shields,musician 86

5 chaos knights of khorne, full command, 280

3 bloodcrushers, musician, standard, blasted standard 250
warshrine 130


04-01-2013, 19:28
ok, i noticed a few things that you could try tweeking...first off in my opinion, chaos lords arent really needed in 2k games. i would take a sorcerlord, and take a exalted champ and put him on jugger instead. secondly, you could swing 17-18 chaos warriors in a block instead of 24. with the points saved, i would beef up the maruaders to atleast 40. marauder horsemen are usefull, but i feel that for the points you could take 2 units of dogs instead and that would be more helpfull. lastly, the warshrine is cool, but not my cup of tea...i would rather adding a small unit of trolls or a chariot, or find a few more points to cut and add a hellcannon or even a giant or shaggoth...those are fun in 2k games. this is all my opinion, but i have played chaos for a while now

04-01-2013, 19:32
how good are the knights as a unit of 5? i mean for their points cost i could add another horde of marauders

04-01-2013, 22:25
In my experience, 5 man knight units with frenzy can do some pretty hefty damage, but it's hard for them to do enough to count against a steadfast infantry unit worth substantially less points than them. You'll likely just use them to support the Jugs.

The Lord's Shield doesn't actually do anything for him, as he already has a 1+ save from his armour and mount. You could drop it for the charmed shiled, which is 5 points cheaper and gives him a 2+ save from the first hit (which often ends up being a cannon ball).

I've found that it's hard for marauder horsemen to get close enough to use their axes (because of the 6 inch range, half the unit will usually be long range or unable to fire). I'd drop them for throwing spearsand flails, and turn the shield into light armour. Makes them more mobile, and better at dealing with the thing they actually need to kill, low toughness/save chaff units and warmachines.

06-01-2013, 01:12
Here is an idea of a 2000 point army.
I would also like some advice on how to change my current build.
Also I would like to ask any of you to build an army with the current models I have.
Here is my list:
Lords - 360
Sorceror Lord (360)
Enchanted Shield; Infernal Puppet; Favour of the Gods; Dawnstone; Warrior Bane; Level 4 Wizard; Lore of Slaanesh; Mark of Slaanesh.
Heroes - 460
Exalted Hero (275)
Sword of Strife; Charmed Shield; Luckstone; Soporific Musk; Juggernaut of Khorne; shield; Mark of Khorne; Battle Standard.
Festus the Leechlord (185)
Core - 1,049
34 Chaos Warriors (639)
Champion; Musician; Standard Bearer; Banner of Rage; additional hand weapon; Mark of Nurgle.
25 Chaos Marauders (175)
Chieftain; Musician; Standard Bearer; flail; Mark of Khorne.
25 Chaos Marauders (175)
Chieftain; Musician; Standard Bearer; flail; Mark of Khorne.
5 Chaos Warhounds (30)
5 Chaos Warhounds (30)
Rare - 130
Chaos Warshrine (130)
TOTAL: 1999 Points

I put all Characters in the block of warriors making it a 10x4 horde, using the 2 blocks of Marauders as flank guards and the dogs to control the frenzy on all the other units. The warshrine follows along back and blesses as need be.
The problem I have with it is that not many people want to come into the DeathStar of the Warriors, games usually end in a 10/10 split.
Any Advice on how I could change things up, or some how make my opponent walk into the DeathStar?
Alternatively, these are the models I own, what would you do with them?
48 Marauders on foot.
36 Warriors.
10 Warhounds.
02 Sorcerer/Sorcerer Lord.
01 Lord/Exalted Hero.
01 Khorne Lord/Exalted Hero on Juggernaut.
Thanks In Advance