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06-01-2013, 13:35
Hey guys, recently i've taken an interest in many things not GW and i've made this log to put it all in :)

Having downsized my Warhammer/40k armies from 4 to 1 (my beloved nids) ,and using the moneys gained from that, i now have some more infinity, started Hordes, Drop zone commander and, due to the simply amazing Ten Thunder models, Malifaux. So, quite alot to keep me busy lol.

To get the log rolling heres a pic of my assembled Ten Thunders Malifaux starter set..


Some of the most delicate models i've ever assembled. I was really worried about breaking those chains lol.

I have these to assemble aswell so shall put some pics up once built and magnatised


06-01-2013, 21:20
Ooh, looking forward to seeing the Ten Thunders. The models are mighty tempting. How does Wyrd's plastic compare to GW's?

06-01-2013, 23:01
Ooh, looking forward to seeing the Ten Thunders. The models are mighty tempting. How does Wyrd's plastic compare to GW's?

I was absolutely amazed by the detail in the models. They go together really well aswell. Definitely more delicate due to the little details but thats what you get with such awesome details and poses :)

Just had my first game with them tonight against my Mrs Neverborn Pandora starter. Loving all the shadowy moves you can do. They've definitley captured the Ninja feel with their rules :)

07-01-2013, 11:19
A Malifaux (amongst other things) plog! Looking forward to seeing the Ten Thunders painted.

07-01-2013, 13:34
A Malifaux (amongst other things) plog! Looking forward to seeing the Ten Thunders painted.

Cheers :-) Painting the Shang ( the fiery fox thing ) is going to be fun trying to get the fire right XD

07-01-2013, 23:43
Heres some progress on my Dropzone Commander models from the PHR faction :)


08-01-2013, 09:59
well this has peaked my intrest Nicho haha, those Malifaux models look beautiful!!

cant wait to see these done up (especially the fox!)

must admit tho that those dropzone models look a little, bland, like not much detail in them, but al see how they look when they are done

08-01-2013, 14:04
The PHR in drop zone are all about smooth curves etc ( there a bunch of cyborgs) Theres alot of detail in there if you look at he undersides/weapons etc. The other factions have loads of detail. Ill find some pics of the shaltari ( Think eldar protoss lovechild)


The whole range is on Hawk wargames website if you want to look Ben.

11-01-2013, 13:44
Well i have the first DzC PHR starter set fully built


and magnatised so the drop ships actually carry what their supposed to :)


11-01-2013, 13:54
Dropzone Commander is awesome!! I am hoping to get my own starters sometime in the coming months. Probably going for the small UCM and Shaltari starters myself, though I am still swinging back and forth between Shaltari or PHR. Anyways, awesome stuff, and definitely something different from the "standard" Warhammer logs. Will be watching.

11-01-2013, 14:02
Dropzone Commander is awesome!! I am hoping to get my own starters sometime in the coming months. Probably going for the small UCM and Shaltari starters myself, though I am still swinging back and forth between Shaltari or PHR. Anyways, awesome stuff, and definitely something different from the "standard" Warhammer logs. Will be watching.

Yeh i very nearly went Shaltari but PHR swung it in the end. The Shaltari walkers and the way their transports work, think protoss/eldar warping, is awesome.

11-01-2013, 18:04
Yeah, there are some elements that I really dig in PHR, and then some I dislike, and the same goes for Shaltari. In the end, Shaltari wins out though. Their walkers are cooler looking (to me), their fighter jets are awesome, and I kind of not like the PHR walkers and tanks, though their dropships are totally awesome!! Really dislike Scourge, but then their story is the coolest from a UCM perspective, but I can't bring myself to like the models.

11-01-2013, 18:16
Lol you and i share very similar views on the scourge. Love their story but i'm put off by there flying stack of shelves transports lol

12-01-2013, 20:36
Indeed... Perhaps people should write in to Hawk Wargames and tell him or something... Their transports literally look like CD racks, and especially after I saw someone photoshop in some CDs and Giger's face talking about it... I can't unsee it.

If their transports had looked like infested UCM transports instead... It would have been a no-brainer for me... But alas. Do you know much about the background material yet? I am kind of wondering where UCM stands towards PHR and Shaltari, and how the UCM is organized... like... how many planets do they inhabit or something... But if it's too much of a bother to tell me, no worries, I will be buying myself a set soon enough anyways.

12-01-2013, 22:12
Right basically mankind got to the 24th century and finally developed faster than light ( FTL ) drives for space travel. After this mankind began spreading out into space but, due to the inaccuracy of there FTL drives, with out the prescence of a FTL node at there destination ( having been placed there in a previous visit ) which acts as a beacon FTL jumps would be rather random with no guarantee of the destination. This meant their expansion was rather slow.

This all changed when they met the Shaltari who approached them after seeing that they were capable of creating FTL tech. These Shaltari who called themselves the Friends helped mankind by leading them to lush habitable worlds that humanity came to call the cradle worlds.

As time went on Humanity learnt a bit more about the Shaltari and found that they were split into groups roughly translated as tribes. They also found out that the Friends had intended to use humanity to aid them in a war with another tribe sort of like cannon fodder ( Shaltari are few in number, long lived and really don't want to die). Upon learning this Humanity broke off there connections with the Friends but have maintained an uneasy relationship woth the Shaltari tribes, sometimes flaring into conflict but with niether side wanting to go all out into a war.

Mankind continued to expand into the galaxy and thanks to improvements in FTL tech short distance jumps where becoming more accurate. Longer distance jumps where still dodgey but as Humanity dropped more and more FTL nodes they slowly created accurate travel methods.

Some frontier colonies where created on far flung planets thousands of light years form earth and the cradle worlds and played host to all sorts of pioneering, practical and hardy types.

In the year 2506 a small object fell to earth landing in Peru when tracked down it was found to be a pure white sphere about the size of a tennis ball but so dense it required 3 men to lift it. Tests where carried out on it and at one point it was connected to a device with a link to a networked computer. Seconds later the whole facility the sphere was in went into lockdown and no one could get in or out, a huge data spike was detected representing a massive upload to the labs network. Every computer in South America locked out at the same time. Minutes later the network and computers returned to normal. Hours later someone broke into the facility and took the sphere.

A few days after that all channels on every human inhabited world where hacked and had a warning message broadcast to them telling them of an immnent fatal threat to the human race and that if humanity wished to survive it should abandon Earth and the the cradle worlds and go to the planet Vega 4 where they would be guided to safety.

When the time came to meet at Vega 4 a large fleet of ships had gathered there to seek safety, Those who ignored the message and remained loyal to the orders not to listen to the message sent a fleet to stop anyone jumping to were ever the abandonists would apparently go. The " Loyalista" were severly out numbered about 3 to 1.

When the time came ( 1 year after the inital warning message) all the abandonist ships recieved a text based message saying

++++We advise you to proceed to the coordinates we have loaded++++
++++We have made your drives accurate++++
++++You have made the right choice++++

After recieving this message abandonist ships began jumping away and a massive firefight broke out between the loyalist and abandonist ships, The larger slower abandonist ships providing cover to the smaller faster ones while they jumped, In roughly 3 hours it was estimated that 10 million people where killed and 2% of the population of Earth and the Cradle worlds fled in the abandonist fleet.

2 days after the battle of Vega the scourge showed up and took over the cradle worlds and earth, what few humans escaped ran to the frontier worlds which, probably due to the distance, went undetected by the scourge.

Here humanity licked its wounds and eventually rebuilt its strength becoming the United colonies of Man. Eventually the UCM decided it was time to retake the cradle worlds and Earth and amassed a massive force to do so. Just before they commenced that operation a strange ship arrived at the capital planet of the UCM and requested to speak with its leaders. The strangers from the ship presented themselves as the Post Human Republic and said that they were decendants of the abandonists. They said they were sad so much death had happended at vega but did not apologise for it. EDIT: The PHR's leader is the sphere that fell to earth apparently.

The PHR advised the UCM not to carry out the operation to retake Earth and the Cradle worlds saying that it would plunge them in to a perpetual war. The UCM, many of which where decendants of the loyalists from the battle at Vega 4, seeing that the PHR would not accept blame for what happended at Vega 4 and the events which followed, informed the PHR that they where traitors, wanted nothing to do with them and would be quick to react if they tried to hamper the UCM's mission to retake their worlds in any way.

24hrs after the visit from the PHR the UCM launched the operation....

13-01-2013, 02:05
Update on my PHR Have starrted the second starter set and i've went a little further on the magnatisation side of things :)



13-01-2013, 09:15
Thank you so much for uploading that story bit. I must admit, as a whole I really like the story line. It's nicely hard science.
I think the PHR background is a bit shakey (with the sphere) but I am willing to accept it as a mere human not being able to understand how that all works.
But, the story is also making me lean a bit more towards PHR. From what I gather, Shaltari are somewhat neutral towards UCM in the current timeline, whilst UCM is openly hostile towards PHR? Am I on the right track?

It may be a bit silly from me, but I find the background material to be very important and if I end up playing many UCM - Shaltari battles whilst the conflict with PHR seems to be more aggressive...

Oh well... I still have time.
Good for you going all magnets. The PHR designs must have been made for them, with the round things in the middle. I am sure Hawk thought about that. :)
Any ideas yet on paint scheme?

13-01-2013, 10:32
Not to sure on the paint scheme yet. Trying to think of some sort of camo i'd like to do.

Shaltari - UCM relations vary from tribe to tribe. The shaltari have a culture steeped in war ( they dont even get a name till they fight in battle) so im sure some of the shaltari tribes are quite aggressive with humanity.

The PHR being the coy cyborgs they are aren't openly hostile with the PHR i think but aren't afraid to get their hands dirty if they feel they have to.

The UCM regard the PHR as traitorus cowards who abandoned humanity when it could have possibly beat the scourge after the battle of vega 4 had the abandonists not left. They prob would still have not made a difference though as the scourge where in such huge numbers. With that in mind alot of UCM open fire as soon as they see PHR because of their hatred of them.

PHR pop is only 3 billion compared to the UCM who have like 10 times that i think. Due to the PHR's advanced tech and cybernetic/ nanotech enhancements each individual is about the equivalent of 3 normal humans.

A little more about the scourge. They're basicly parasitic worms that possess a hosts body. When they first showed up after Vega 4 they had lizardmen like hosts but as time goes on the hosts bodies fail and the scourge need new hosts. Now humanity is finding itself fighting possessed humans while it tries to retake its lost worlds.

13-01-2013, 11:14
I saw some digital camo patterns that work reaaally well for PHR. Here's an example:
Would work really well no matter what colour you decide.

13-01-2013, 11:37
That looks fantastic. I'll have to look up how to do that :-)

16-01-2013, 22:34
Tonight i will mostly be building Infinity....


17-01-2013, 01:56
A couple of lists i'm trying to decide between for a tourni coming up.



A few more models to add to the long long long painting queue