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06-01-2013, 20:41
I have been recently running a list that focuses on a concentrated ogre vanguard. This vanguard is designed to all be covered by the 12 inches of my bsb, and the range of boosted gut magic. More info on how it plays after my list, and I will have little snippets of info on how I use each unit after each entry. I would love to have feedback.

Bargholg the Slaughter master
Lvl 4 of the maw
Fencer's blades
Glittering scales
Potion of strength
Power Stone
To be used as expected inside the larger ogre unit. Tries to cast boosted ogre augments on the vanguard. May use braingobbler to deal with units on the flank.

Varokk the Banner Bruiser
Bsb, iron fist, heavy armour
Giant breaker
Banner of discipline
I assume that when the rules for giant breaker say "may never refuse challenges" that I can choose to accept challenges with someone else instead. Inside larger bull unit.

Barghteg the butcher
Lvl 2 lore of death
Greedy fist
Potion of speed
Warrior's bane
Inside ironguts unit. This butcher is used to get off boosted death magic to target high priority targets early on. This butcher challenges any lords or heroes he can, and tries to use his death magic to finish his target. If I get the spell that lowers Leadership, I would use that to counter steadfast.

Hunter on stone horn
Ironfist , throwing spear
Armour of destiny
Kept on the flank with more dangerous targets. This hunter has always preformed far past my expectations in both survivability and killing power. The hunter remains in Gut magic range

8 Iron guts
Full command with banner of swiftness
Insert death butcher here. March and cast purple sun or sniping spells first turn if able.

Unit of six ogres
Full command
Used to countercharge flanking units. This unit lags behind my first wave and only wave.

Unit of 9 ogres with iron fists
Full command
Bsb and butcher are inserted here.

1 Sabertusk

1 sabertusk
Both are used as chaff units or to tie down war machines. (One kitty is nearly useless for attacking dwarven cannons. I plan on running two units of two)

Scrap launcher
Scrap launcher
Stay to the outside of my formation. Used against outflankers and to counter charge.

Stone horn
Keeps within twelve inches from the slaughter master and provides a devestating charge along with the unit of bulls/iron guts he charges with.

I believe that stone horns are worth their points if used correctly. By placing them on the flank I can deny those damnable cannons bouncing across my lines.