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08-01-2013, 09:31
hey guys.
I have done this once before (that is creating a project log, for the reason of motivating myself to paint more often), then i stop everything to do with warhammer and all tabletop games in general, for about 2 years. After moving house i found some of my old fire warriors and really felt like painting them again because they looked horrible.
So here i am again, in one of the most expensive hobbies that i know, but loving it again, painting tau.

Here is my first colour scheme idea. This model was done at about 3 in the morning before work so this is by far the standard that i hope to be painting at for my collection. I hope to be posting new pic every week. Let me know what you guys think of the colours, im realy not set on the blue tau marking on the shoulder pad.



08-01-2013, 15:33
May I ask how you build the white? If you don't still do it you could start from a light grey and build the white in thinner layers.
You can improve the blacklining (at least on individual armor plates like the legs), but in the end a fully painted army is more important than a fully painted single squad^^.
I think the blue is quite nice, maybe put in some "lense" effect.

Besides this, it's a nice colour sceme.:)

08-01-2013, 16:36
@harlekin, Normally i would build up the white with a base coat layer of astronomican grey followed by a layer of codex grey then the white, but i was very sleepy when i did the model and very short on time, i just wanted to give and idea on what the colour would look like. Still not convinced on the blue symbol. I will try a few other colours and see which one i like the most.

12-01-2013, 22:01
Your brave going for white, I can never get it right, but I like your colour scheme. Good luck with this project.

13-01-2013, 09:23
This is What i have been working over the last week, i'm happy with how the white Armour and the red pants turned out, changed the symbol to red. I'm not really happy with the boots and the sight on the weapon. Once i have worked out what i want all this to look like i can get on with my other squads. So far i have 1 hammerhead, 3 stealth suits, 2 fire warrior teams and one fore world battle suit.
I hope you like the mini.




self biased
16-01-2013, 00:48
it's a good start. as has been suggested, thin your paint with a little bit of water. I would also basecoat white, and wash with ... shoot. i don't know all the new colors, but the color formerly known as fortress grey, and then use a thin white to clean up the armor plates.

similar to what i did with these banshees:

20-01-2013, 03:45
I think im going to use the white as a leader destinction colour. Like only the shoulder pad on the leader of the squad. What other colours do you guys think would be good with this. Iv had a look at the project logs but sugestions would be good. I think im going to leave the guns white. They look good like that.

26-01-2013, 03:22
i have decided to buy some more fire warriors as the ones i currently have weren't assembled very well, and they paint is way to thick, i cant be bother removing it.