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Lord Xcalibur
09-01-2013, 20:56
Hi everyone, I'm coming back to the tabletop gaming hobby after a long hiatus (about 3 years). The reason for it was a move across the country to a place I'd never been before, and now I'm really starting to miss everything about wargaming. To make a long story shorter, I have a small-ish Bretonnian army and a larger Chaos force, and since I don't have a wargaming group where I am now, I want to demo Warhammer to some friends who might be interested in playing. To this end, I want to use what I already own and actually fully build/paint both forces before demo-ing. Since I'm also not sure which army I want to play in 'local gamestore' battles either, this will be a chance to try them both on for size in the new-to-me 8th edition!

So, I'm not looking for one list to beat the other easily, more have two distinct armies that are both somewhat optimized but not tailored for each other at all.

What I have:

Warriors of Chaos
- Archaon on Daemonic Steed
- Battle Standard Bearer on foot
- Tzeentch Sorcerer on foot
- Tzeentch champion/sorcerer on Chaos warhorse
- Chaos Champion/Hero on foot
- 15 Chaos Warriors with hand weapon+shield (painted as undivided/unmarked)
- 13 Chaos Warriors with two hand weapons (unpainted)
- 7 unassembled Chaos Warriors (was originally planning to add 5 to the HW+S warriors to make an anvil unit and 2 to the 2HW)
- 14 Chaos Knights
- Hellcannon
- 2 Chaos Spawn
- 20 Marauders with Hand Weapon+Shield (assembled, partly painted as undivided)
- 16 Marauders with Two Hand Weapons (partly assembled, could be changed up)
- 16 unassembled Marauders
- Old Dark Elf Cauldron of Blood parts and many other bits I thought of turning into a warshrine

- Trebuchet
- 6 Pegasus Knights
- 13 Men at Arms
- 13 Bowmen
- Damsel mounted on warhorse
- Damsel on foot
- Mounted Battle Standard Bearer
- 6 Questing Knights
- 6 Grail Knights
- 11 Knights

I can probably trade some unopened 40K and other boxes of GW figures I have to get more Bretonnians, but I'd like to have an idea what the community's recommendation would be before I buy/trade anything.



10-01-2013, 01:04
Well based on your Bretonnian models, you have about ~400 points worth of core. So based on that, run a 1500 point game. This is a fine size for a demo game.

Sample Bret Force.

Characters 318
Damsel Mounted on Warhorse, Level 4, to be your general. Lore of heavens.
Paladin battle standard bearer, mounted on barded steed with lance.

Core 408
10 Bowmen
10 Bowmen (just mix some men-at-arms in with the bowmen to get more bowmen)
11 Knights of the realm with full command

Special 425
6 Questing Knights with full command
4 Pegasus Knights with musician and champion

Rare 348
6 Grail Knights with full command
1 Trebuchet

Lord Xcalibur
10-01-2013, 15:19
Thanks for the advice Kayosiv, looks like a good use of the models I have. Do you have any idea of how 'fun' that list would be to play using and against? Would it be weak against any particular setup that I should avoid for creating the Chaos list?

11-01-2013, 08:56
I think just limit the number of chaos knights you take to 6 and focus on infantry. Emphasize that chaos has extremely powerful infantry and cool monsters while Bretonnia has effective knights and decent shooting.

Make sure to add some mauraders to the list so the peasants have something to shoot at.

Make sure to have some chaos warriors to emphasize chaos' elite nature.

Throw some spawn in there to show that chaos has cool monsters.

Get a combat hero who can effectively pierce armor to show how dangerous Chaos characters are.

I wouldn't use a hellcannon, but a warshrine could be neat.