View Full Version : BCL Pre heresy Dark Angels [Cataphractii Terminators VIP 10/1/13]

Brother Captain Lucian
10-01-2013, 17:26
Heya fellow Warseers.

I have always been a Dark Angel fan but i lost the "will to paint and play" for quite some time but with Forgeworld releasing the Horus Heresy i saw my chance....
It helps that GW is releasing some sexy new models aswell..^^

Anyhow, this is the VIP pics of my first cataphractii terminators, colours inspired by the description in "The Lion".. or atleast i think that is where i read it ^^

All im lacking is the bases (havent arrived yet) and decals, which i hope i can find in the new DA boxes that are on their way...

Soo comments ?:)

*Click on pics if you want to actually be able to see anything..*

That is the best i can do with the current light, but ill get some better ones when i get home from work tomorrow. Apologies for the terribad pictures.

10-01-2013, 17:36
Nice start. Pics are a bit unclear, but like how you did the wings on the sergeant.

the damned artificer
10-01-2013, 17:36
Looking good, although the individual pics of them are really small. What kind of bases will you be going with?

Og så lige et hej på Dansk, var det ikke noget for dig at starte en tråd med dem her på vores horus heresy subboard på powerfist.dk? ;D Det kunne være fedt.

Brother Captain Lucian
10-01-2013, 18:02
Oh Doh, thought i had the bigger individual pics uploaded :o Ill get some more usefull ones when i can.

As for the bases, iv ordered http://www.waylandgames.co.uk/scibor-miniatures/bases/templar-ruins-40mm-round-bases-set-1/prod_18075.html

And for the post heresy ones iv ordered http://www.waylandgames.co.uk/scibor-miniatures/bases/ruins-40-mm-round-edge-bases/prod_18073.html

I feel the theme is right. ^^

When they are done, i have a full 30 Mk2 marines waiting to get primed :)

Næh hvor hyggeligt, elsker dine blogs TDA. Det vil jeg tage op til overvejelse når jeg lige har fået ordnet de der billeder.

the damned artificer
10-01-2013, 18:27
Ohh you got one of them marine bundles for Christmas? :P And yeah the bases look great, scibor's getting quite popular I've noticed :P

Jamen jeg insisterer på at du skal dele dit pre-heresy sjov med os andre danskere også, jo flere jo bedre ;)

Brother Captain Lucian
10-01-2013, 18:35
It was a christmas gift - from me to myself, but it still counts! :)

Yea, they are really nice and full of details. The normal guys will just get cork/sand/grass bases i think, im not very handy with bases :p

Skal nok, skal nok :D

Brother Captain Lucian
03-02-2013, 15:09
Shall we say, minor update? :)

Terminators are done, as are 10 legion veterans with meltaguns.

Yes i know the terminator picture is bad, but i cant get new ones till tomorrow :>


the damned artificer
03-02-2013, 17:08
Nice progress :D Now my browser might not be working correctly... But I can't eem to find these over at PF ;P Haha no but seriousely, these are very nice, you should get some DA brass etch too, the small DA logos would look great as decoration :D

Brother Captain Lucian
03-02-2013, 17:10
That is easy to explain...i uhm.. something something forgot it? Ill get it done now then :p
Yea, im going to order some brass + decals from FW. Need some more colour to break up the black.

the damned artificer
03-02-2013, 17:33
Hehehe I see you've rectified it now, my bullying shall hereby stop :P Yeah colour is always an issue with black minis I think, that's the main reason I didn't do DA or IH which were my top 3 along with IF :P