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18-05-2006, 22:03
Here is a quick Report of a Naval Engagement, a buddy and I fought yesterday

We did a fleet engagement in which we where initially headed opposite directions. We both turned our fleets in. I playing the Imperial fleet immediately began to take fire from the Chaos fleet. I attempt to force changes in his plans due to Torpedeos, a lesson learned hold off on them until I get in close. His fleet was reduced slightly because of two Daemon Ships and he was more spread out. My Mars was caught in the open with only 6 hits remaining due to its attempt to manuever through the asteriod field to avoid torpedoes. The two Carnages opened fire on it with a total of 32 Strenght combined battery, reducing it to a drifting hulk. After I was able to bring my entire fleet together on his squadron of two Carnages only to cripple one and not destroy them. His turn followed in which his vessels began to manuever for a killing strike on the rear of my fleet as well as the Daemon Ships showing up. I assessed the situtation and determined that with the amount of debris surrounding the engagement and the majority of his escorts dead I could walk away with a tie if I disengaged. However this was only in points and I odviously saw it only getting worse from where I was.

19-05-2006, 07:24
Cheers for that bat rep orangesm!

A nice synopsis of the battle. Its good to see a BFG battle report up.

Goq Gar
19-05-2006, 12:18
Hey, any BFG report is just a good way for me to learn! Starting soon, may aswell learn from vets

19-05-2006, 13:31
i love the fact that you were playing at work! ;)

19-05-2006, 15:47
This thread just made me realize my last game of BFG was in the year 2000 :/ when my Blood Angel fleet refused a flank and pulverized an Ork fleet that split into two parts to avoid a large asteroid field.

Time sure flies. Boarding torpedoes made short work of the Ork Rok (memory starting to fail me but the auto crit I think did one damage per boarding party), and two or three escorts were likewise scuttled by hordes of angry little marines and auxilliaries. After a couple turns waiting for the Barge and the Cruisers to get into position a violent scrum erupted near the center of the board.

Everything seemed to go my way, and more than half the Ork fleet was alight by the time I lost my first escort. One crippled Kroozer tried to limp away, heading for a board edge and my fleet was in no position to chase it, but I managed to bring it down with an improbable throwaway shot from a 4 firepower Strike Cruiser broadside at near maxium range (I had one dice) which then caused a critical wiping out the remaining hits.

19-05-2006, 16:45
I live at work too... I got to a military school and our clubs room is in the Academic Building.

Should have another one later today - got a good number of people playing BFG here.