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Grey Seer Kwokka
12-01-2013, 14:23
My learning of a fresh High Elf player to my local club gave me some drive to earn my keep back against the pointy-ears after some previous defeats. Let's face it, they may be small in number, but their magic and always-strikes-first hurts an awful lot.

I'm not a list-tailorer as such, but I thought that maybe going with a Grey Seer general might not be the wisest given the strong magic I could expect to face. Instead, I thought to try out a Warlord on Bonebreaker given the recent FAQ and relegate my magic to two lesser casters. The result of this game would incite whether the experiment would continue, as I had learned despite my poor performance on the table to respect the magic prowess that Grey Seers can bring.

This was a very exciting game and irrespective of the result, it taught me an awful lot in regards to proper tactical play, something which I am especially grateful for, given a tournie coming up next month at 2000pts; this was my usual play level of 1500pts.

I took...

Toxikos, The Ember-Plague King (Warlord on Bonebreaker Rat Ogre // In Stormvermin) - Sword of Might, Warpstone Armour, Talisman of Preservation, Shield
Warchief Skannox (Battle Standard Bearer // In Clanrats) - Shield
Krushklaw the Mad (Warlock Engineer // In Clanrats) - Lvl2 Wizard, Doomrocket
Wispblight (Plague Priest // In Clanrats) - Lvl2 Wizard, Addtl. Hand Weapon, Scroll of Shielding
27x Clanrats - Shields, Full Command
36x Storvermin - Full Command, Storm Banner
41x Skavenslaves - Shields, Musician,
20x Skavenslaves
20x Skavenslaves
Warp-lightning Cannon

He took...

Mage (In Archers 1) - Lvl2 Wizard, Silver Wand
Mage (In Archers 2) - Lvl2 Wizard
20x Spearmen - Full Command
11x Archers - Champion
11x Archers - Champion
10x Swordmasters - Full Command, War Banner
10x Swordmasters - Full Command
Bolt Thrower

"Wither into nothing, pathetic elf-things. Pox-pox take you!"



Turn 1


Taking advantage of first turn, I spur the vast majority of my units full steam ahead. It appears my opponent is going to bunker down and shoot vehemently at my forces in the hope of causing some mass-panic or simply doing enough damage to mop up with the Swordmaster units.

Things don't go so to plan for the High Elves though as with the magic phase I successfully throw off a Warp Lightning, which he failed to dispel, nuking a small quantity of Spearmen. My goal here, however was simply to drain his dispel dice so that I could throw off a Howling Warpgale, a deceptive tactic which couldn't have succeeded better. With the majority of his shooting firing at long range, plus Storm Banner waiting in the wings to pop, I was in a good position to advance without fear.

My Doomwheel rolled high enough to navigate the wall gauntlet as I'd hoped; fearing that cycling around the long way to the right would bring me to the action too late to be useful. Unfortunately, my attempts at restraining it's fire failed, and two of my Skavenslaves fall to S6 warp lightning bolts. No big deal. The Warp-lightning Cannon lines up a perfect shot to the rear-most Archer unit, containing my opponent's general, but as usual, the second die roll shows a misfire, causing the shot to fizzle. Dunno why I take the bloody thing.

Due to Howling Warpgale restricting his Eagle's flight, my opponent chooses to pursue only limited movement and just focus fire on the bigger Skavenslave unit. Due to the negative modifiers and my dispelling of his Curse of Arrow Attraction and Fury of Khaine though, he only killed a measly three.


Turn 2


Continuing forward march, I attempt to block in the left side with the smaller Skaveslave unit and maybe line up for a charge on the Eagle. The Doomwheel once again rolls well and stops within firing range of the secondary Swordmaster unit.

Sadly, my magic phase was a fizzler this time, with castings of Warp Lightning and Howling Warpgale being dispelled avidly and my remaining dice which I saved for throwing out Plague failed to roll high enough. Damnit.

Shooting was the polar opposite, however. Testing 5 dice at the roll, I launched my Doomrocket; only the second time I've ever taken the device and rolled especially accurately. The rocket landed right on the front rank of the Spearmen, nuking everything except the command group! Even more miraculously, the Spearmen actually manage to hold. The cannon and wheel were less fortunate, with the cannon finally landing a successful hit but slightly overshot, only taking out a single Elf. The S4 bolts from the wheel sadly all rolled too low to wound even the piddly toughness of the Swordmasters. Grr!

With the road open, the Eagle now barrels over the front line heading towards my cannon. At this point given its traditionally poor performance, I'm content to let this happen, but I still have Storm Banner in reserve to stop the inevitable charge next turn. The left-most Swordmasters charge into the small Skavenslave unit and as expected, overwhelm them and they consequently explode. Funnily, they failed to kill any Elves with their explosion, yet nuked a single rat from the larger group to the right. The Swordmasters reform to face this larger congregation, but cannot overrun as per my plan.

The right-most Swordmaster unit didn't have the arc to charge my Doomwheel, so instead chose to block it in so that I couldn't career past them and harass the back-line. I was faced with an interesting choice here.

Playing things safe, I allowed Curse of Arrow Attraction through this time (dispelling another Fury of Khaine with the dice I saved) and the opponent's shooters go ballistic (lol) on my Skavenslaves, killing enough to force a panic test on them, but they fortunately passed easily.


The frontline was no place for any self-respecting rat, but this had given him the chance to test his token machinations. Tapping at controls on his mechanical vice, Krushklaw prepared the warhead for a straight shot to the elf-bloods.

Despite his better efforts though, the expected result did not occur as the device whirred in whimsy.

His heart racing, Krushklaw mangled the controls in fear of facing the tips of the enemy spears personally, only to be rustled by the ranks behind as Skannox's shrill calls of failure stirred the Clanrats into a rabid rustling. With a great turn and scream at his back-end follower, he was violently shoved by the immediate culprit in the process, with his vice finally whizzing into submission.

The rocket launched and almost in slow-motion, Krushklaw turned sharply back to see it ounce chaotically into the dead centre of the pointy-eared Spearmen.

The oncoming reluctance to face the foe has dissipated. Krushklaw cackled maniacally and called to his opponents...


Turn 3


Not thinking clearly, I popped Storm Banner. I should have waited until my opponent's turn. Naturally, I failed the roll next turn and this achieved nothing. Facepalm.

I took an “easy left” on the Doomwheel, hoping to do a drive-by on the remaining Spearmen and take them out before they cause any trouble. On a successful roll, I swift reform my bigger set of slaves and turn, then advance to the Swordmasters on the left to restrict their advance to my casting bunker. The Stormvermin, complete with mounted general head straight for the back-line, not expecting any trouble.

This is where things get juicy. With a weak magic phase of only 5 dice to my opponent's 4, I decided to go hard or go home. I chucked the lot at Plague and got through on a 21, successfully killing 8 of the remaining 11 Elves in the general's bunker and successfully spreading the spell to the parallel Archer unit, melting another 5. Despite my previous error, this was really the moment of reckoning; for myself, it was where I realized I had a real chance here to pull a win off for the first time in a while. On the other hand, my opponent couldn't believe his unfortunate state and the raw power of Skaven magic when luck was on the side of those who praise the Great Horned One.

Some plan my Stormvermin had. Once again, my Doomwheel completely fails to do anything to the remaining Spearmen with S4 bolts. Furthermore, another excellent shot on the cannon is again ruined by a second roll misfire result.

Due to this failure, the three Spearmen pull off a flank charge on my Stormvermin, conveniently wiping out my rank bonus and minimizing my attacks back. The Swordmasters on the left plough right into the Skavenslaves, with the right-most unit intending to support the central combat.

Seeing the Doomwheel as a significant threat now, it's shot at with the Bolt Thrower, but the device fails to wound even with a 4+ needed at S6 vs. T6. Phew. The remaining shooting turn their attention to the Clanrat bunker now, but due to the horribly depleted numbers, only manage to kill 5.

Against all odds, my Stormvermin actually lose combat due to the lack of rank bonus, kills and the flank charge itself, but thankfully hold. That could have been very, very embarrassing.

The Skavenslaves though pay the price. The placement of my Stormvermin puts them just outside of the general's bubble, forcing them to test on rerollable 4, which they obviously failed. Quite comically, the explosion was a repeat effort, with not a single Swordmaster killed and again the right-most unit losing a single rat. To quote a Monty Python sketch, “Oh my god, déjà vu, ahh!”.

The cannon takes a single wound to the Eagle and fails it's break test, exploding in the process.

That birdy tawt he taw a Clanrat regiment.


Turn 4


I wasn't going to risk the embarrassment again. I rear-end the remaining Spearmen with my Doomwheel, ensuring their likely fate with bolts, impact hits and regular combat to come. Logically, flanking the Swordmasters might have been wiser, but I really did not want to go near the things. The wheel would be toothpicks before long versus those heavy attacks.

Turning to face the still undamaged Swordmasters, I toy with my opponent during the magic phase with smaller spells that inevitably fail due to dispelling and then throw my remaining dice at Plague. I barely scrape through with the minimum roll of 13 to cast and almost criminally succeed at the effort due to a lesser dispel roll. Six Swordmasters fall. I love this spell! Sadly, they refrain from a backpedalling expedition much like the fearless Spearmen. The Eagle and plagued Swordmasters double-charge my Clanrats. I really shouldn't have told my opponent, who was a little green on Skaven that flanking me was one of my weaknesses (in the spirit of sportsmanship... Not that that got any self-respecting rat anywhere).

Now realizing the bad position my combat units were in, I feared the worst from a flank charge on the Doomwheel, but the undamaged Swordmaster unit instead chose to frontal charge the Stormvermin. Taking the leaf out of an Ore-playing clubmate by taking the Warlord/Bonebreaker combo over a Grey Seer, I revelled that my general would now get a chance to test his mettle.
The Spearmen are not so fortunate this time, finally falling to bolts and impact hits.

The winds were fickly this turn, so the Elven player threw a Fury of Khaine at the rear-ending Skavenslave unit. Still packing a Scroll of Shielding, I popped this to give them the buffer to survive a panic test being incurred. 5 hits were rolled and I buried my head in my hands as every single ward save generated was failed, the panic test clicked and the slaves ran for greener pastures for the remainder of the game. You just can't enslave good help these days.

Concentrated shooting at my Doomwheel sees it survive a S6 shot from the Bolt Thrower, but takes a single wound from arrows.

The now-central Swordmasters perform especially well, killing 12 Stormvermin. Despite the impressive show from my general's 10-attack repertoire, my overall rolls were poor. I can only down six of the filthy nobles and end up lose combat overall by two due to his unit's War Banner. Fortunately, I manage to hold, although even with only four Swordmasters left I'm still anxious to see what they can dish out. These are nasty ones.

Comically, I kill the remaining Swordmasters in close-quarters with a handful of S3 and once again lose combat due to the flanking eagle. This time though even at 7 rerollable, I fail the break test and am overrun by a single-*******' bird, losing 20 rats, both of my wizards and my battle standard bearer. It was like watching a hungry seagull go to town. To add insult to injury, the bird overran into the flank of the Stormvermin.

I swear that overgrown parakeet is from another dimension.


Turn 5


This time, I err against flanking the nearby melee and full throttle the Doomwheel to the exposed, severely weakened back-line. I cure the dice though as I stop a single-*******-inch short of the general's bunker. Oh well, with only three there, I could still zap them into Elven pancakes for later consumption.

Let's just say I rolled a lot of 1s.

My turn saw the death of the final few Swordmasters one-by-one thankfully, the very last crushed poetically under the foot of the Bonebreaker's stomp attack; a tense die roll it ever was even at 2s to wound.

I pump a wound into the Eagle but fail to kill it, once again forced to take an embarrassing break test at LD7 now with no reroll. With a deep sigh of relief, I pass on a roll of 5, make way on the next combat round with my general to the squawking pile of feathers and smash it into the ground.

I turn the still-hulking vermin towards the backline.

Turn 6

Given the loss of my caster bunker and it's significant points investment, this could still go either way. Without effort, the Doomwheel now hit the enemy bunker and quicker than lighting the flames of Warpfire, the unit was eradicated it and with it, the general also via plentiful impact wounds. A charge on the remaining archers with my Stormvermin failed by a measly 1, to my opponent's hearty chuckling (in good spirit).

Attempting to seal what points he could left, the Elves shoot what they have left at the Stormvermin for brownie points. Luckily I avoid the S6 ballistae to the Doomwheel. I was panicked about a Fury of Khaine coming out, but the general was the only mage with any direct-damage spells left so the failure to do any damage with the Bolt Thrower looks like it had sealed the game for me.


Victory points were then tallied...

Groaning, Krushklaw came to with a strong sensation of battering. His last few moments shady in the chaos of clashing steel, he remembered only the high shriek of a gargantuan winged scourge picking apart his vanguard piece by piece into a fevered panic. The ensuing swirl of bloodshed is a blur to him, albeit amplified by his warpstone-infused snuffing and snorting. Quite was he the type to relish in distorted "procrastination" in his laboratory in the under-dark, but this was not on the more-pleasing end of his usual antics. Still, he had somehow evaded the dismemberment that followed his Pestilens accomplice or the common filth of the Clanrat ranks.

He knew all along the mercenary deal with Pestilens to be a waste.

However, in the process of collecting his scattered thoughts; to arrive at the doorway to this conclusion, he looked up from his knees to see the pale dusk light greying on the forms of his remaining Stormvermin approaching him. At the forefront, the withered, malformed visage of Toxikos stood malevolently, clutching the head of the Elven mage on the spike of his jagged blade. As the engineer's doubts of Pestilens' capability slowly receded, his awakening back to normality was greeted by the noble presence of the elite guard diligently reporting to him. Toxikos sneered, but the macabre smirk was meant of gritty flattery. With this, Krushklaw slowly cackled and Toxikos's feral mount reared to usher a howling roar; a cacophony... of bloodcurdling terror incarnate.

High Elves VP = ~850
Skaven VP = ~1150

Warlord Gnashgrod
12-01-2013, 15:24
You had one instance where 3 elf spearmen charged your Stormvermin in the flank on turn 3. But you don't lose rank bonus from this. The flanking unit needs to have a second rank to remove your rank bonus. A unit of 3 models doesn't even have 1 rank. He does still get the flanking bonus, though.

Otherwise, great battle report and congrats on the win.

13-01-2013, 07:07
Yeah, don't give away your rank bonus unnecessarily there. Was the same in Turn 4 with the Eagle; You don't lose your rank bonus unless the flanking enemy can count 1 rank of it's own. So single models like the eagle can never remove a unit's rank bonus (nor can skirmish units regardless of their size).

Bad luck with your cannons there. It's really annoying they fizzle out like that. (unless I'm on the receiving end), but I guess that's what Skaven are all about. :)