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19-05-2006, 00:11
Okay, once again for Mr.Sigur: Where are C-Skinks able to deploy?

I made a little diagram how they were deployed in the last game (see attachment).

The Skinks used the "dead angle" (= not visible to my units [big block - Cold One Knights, smaller block - mage on horse, bowy thing - reaper bolt thrower) to deploy. Now my question: Are they able to do so? A friend of mine told me that they can't since units are able to "see" 360, but only shoot and charge those 90 to the front.

Can you please clarify that for me?


19-05-2006, 06:19
Well, first of all the sorcerer on steed has the same line of sight as the cold one knights. If it had been a model on foot it would be teh same as the bolt-thrower.


I don't know but I've been told
There's a rule that ain't so old
Line of sight at start of game
For all units is the same

Any unit is allowed to see
All around three-sixty-degree
The reason is for this they say
So you don't get F'd in the A

Good for you
Good for me



Gorbad Ironclaw
19-05-2006, 06:49
As T10 so eloquently put it, all units have a 360 degree line of sight when it comes to deployment of scouts.

19-05-2006, 08:24
T10, I love you man.

Duke Lionberg
19-05-2006, 08:42
To imput something usefull to this thread here is a link to an article on GW official site, with the rule T10 mentioned. Originally this article was published in Annual 2000, but since lately is availeable online too:


19-05-2006, 10:33
Those commentary articles are great. I think they should be required reading for anyone playing Warhammer, they clear so much up.

21-05-2006, 02:11
Thanks for clearing that up in such a formidable way, people (especially T10).

21-05-2006, 09:29
It's a service I provide :)


21-05-2006, 09:42
Thanks for that T10, I use chameleon skinks and have been looking for a clarification:)