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12-01-2013, 19:49
Just a quick question, I'm planning on purchasing a load of Elysians and Tauros buggies but am unsure which FW Imperial Armour book has the rules in and I can't seem to find a simple answer on the FW website. From the website, it appears that the drop troops are in one book and the buggies are in another book - Is this true? as I don't really want to be buying multiple books if I only need to buy one.

If anyone owns or can shed any light on this matter it'd be much appreciated

12-01-2013, 19:56
8 has troopers and some buggies.

Atrum Angelus
13-01-2013, 05:55
Welcome to the Elysians, droptrooper.

The book you want is IA8: Raid of Kastoral-Novem. It has the current army list for the Elysians, which includes the Tauros and Tauros Venerator.

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