View Full Version : Revealing maneaters 'been there, done that' ability

14-01-2013, 14:12
Is it required to reveal the Maneaters 'been there, done that' abilities when deploying, or only when they become relevant?

I understand that you need to specify what they are armed with when deployed.

For example, giving your Maneaters poison and snipe would be a lot more potent if the opponent can't be sure you have it.

14-01-2013, 20:27
Check out the ogre FAQ on the GW website, where you'll find:

Q: When do you reveal what special rules a unit of Maneaters has
picked for their Been There, Done That special rule?
A: When you deploy them.

Though technically you're revealing that they scout when you don't deploy them :p

14-01-2013, 21:41
Ah, thanks 10 minute pie, that clears that one up! :)