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Oogie boogie boss
14-01-2013, 18:29
Hello all! Played a 1,250pt game with my SO allied to the beginnings of my friend's NG army, against another friend's Beastman force. It was a really great battle, so I thought i'd have a bash at writing it out as a battle report. Apologies for the lack of pictures and maps, hopefully it'll be interesting enough on it's own.



Wargor: Sword of Strife, Shield

50 Gor: Command, Additional Hand Weapon

50 Gor: Command, Shields

4 Minotaur: Champion, Standard, Additional Hand Weapon


SO Big Boss: Basha's Axe

SO Shaman: Lvl. 2

NG Shaman: Lvl. 2

20 SO Boys: Extra Choppa, Command

20 SO Boys: Extra Choppa, Command

20 NG: Command, Nets, Bows, 3x Fanatics

5 SO Boar Boy Big Un's: Command, Shield, Spears, Banner of Swiftness

3 River Trolls


As you can guess, when our opponent (I was playing with another friend who was controlling his 300pts-odd of NG) took out his armies, those two units of 50 Gors got our attention! We were seriously worried about being able to put a dent into one of them, let alone both, and that was before we'd even thought about the Minotaurs! It was obvious that it was going to be a case of the flexibility of having multiple units against the sheer force of those hordes.
On the plus side, we knew we had magical superiority, so hopefully we'd be able to either whittle his units down a little or buff our stuff up a bit. Rolling for spells, my Shaman (Boogie the Mad) rolled 'Eadbut and 'Ere We Go. I exchanged Eadbut for Gaze of Mork. The NG shaman got Gork'll Fix It and Night Shroud.
The table had a tower in the middle, with two normal woods on the left and right edges of one side, while the other side had a hill on it's right hand side.


We one the roll for deployment, so he placed a unit first, placing his Minotaurs on his right hand side, about a quarter of the way in from the edge (18"). We then placed the NG unit opposite them, just behind the wood, reasoning that the fanatics and shooting had the best chance of whittling them down before they can do too much damage.
He then placed his shield Gor unit to the left of the Minotaurs, in a 10x5 horde, so that they were opposite the channel between the woods on our left and the tower. As his other unit was ambushing, we then deployed the rest of our force, with (left to right) one SO unit going next to the NG (with the SO Big Boss, Oogie the Great) facing the channel, then the River Trolls facing the channel as well. Then the next SO unit facing the right-hand channel followed by the Boar Boys on the far flank. The NG Shaman went between the NG and SO, While Boogie went on the other side of that SO unit, next to the Trolls.

OnG Turn1:

He won the roll to go first, but elected to go second, so we began our turn. Animosity saw both SO units squabble (that's my boys!), but everything else was fine, and the Trolls passed their Stupidity. The NG moved towards the Minotaurs, ending up just the other side of the wood. The Trolls moved up to the left hand channel, anchoring their flank with the tower. The Boar Boys marched through the right hand channel past the tower and woods, ending up the other sie of the woods, facing slightly away from the Gors in case Frenzy pulled them in to combat with the horde too soon.

In the magic phase the NG shaman cast Night Shrough on the NG unit, in case the Minotaurs managed a long charge, but other than that none of the spells were yet of use. The NG unit had marched, so couldn't shoot.

Beastman Turn 1:

The first Beasts turn began with the other Gor horde failing to arrive in ambush. The other Gor herd moved forward, wheeling so that it was facing the right hand channel (from out perspective) and the Boar Boys, about 15" away from them.
They had no magic or shooting, so the turn ended.

OnG Turn 2:

Our second turn began with all the Animosity checks passed, and the Trolls passing their Stupidity. The Oogie's SO unit moved up next to the Trolls, facing towards the Minotaurs With their left flank anchored on the wood. The other SO unit moved towards the right channel, up to the tower so that they could flank the Gors if they charged the Boar Boys, while the boar boys moved a little further to the right then reformed to face the Gors, so they could pull the same trick if they decided to charge the SO unit. The NG moved forward 6" so that they were 8" away from the Minotaurs. Releasing they're fanatics, 1 fell about 2" short, while the other two went through them, one moving 9" the other 10" to emerge just behind them. In total they caused 6 wounds, killing 2 Minotaurs and causing a Panic Test, which, inspite of the Wargor's Inspiring Presence, they failed and fled about 5". Of course, in so doing they went through the two fanatics again, and after inflicting damage they did 5 wounds, leaving the Champion alone on 1 wound.

In the magic phase the Gor unit was hidden from the two shamans, so nothing was cast. In retrospect, casting 'Ere We Go on the right hand SO unit may have been wise. The NG had marched so couldn't shoot.

Beastman Turn 2:

The beastman second turn began with the second Gor horde arriving on the right hand board edge (from our perspective), with them being placed near our board edge, moving so that they were halfway through the right hand wood. The lone Minotaur rallied, while the other Gor unit declared a charge on the right hand SO unit, which it could partially see round the tower. Needing a 9+ from the nearest visible point, they rolled enough and swung around the tower hit the SO. I wasn't optimistic about this, especially with the Wargor in that unit. This, combined with the appearance of the AHW Gor Horde on that flank, meant we'd have to re-deploy quickly to address this.

With no magic or shooting, we passed straight to combat. The Beasts passed their Primal Fury test, giving them Hatred. The Wargor and Gor, with their higher I and WS caused 7 casualties on the SO. In return they also suffered 7 casualties, but the extra two ranks they had and the fact they'd charged meant they won by 3. Failing the break test, the SO fled 11", escaping the Gors who pursued 4", but within charge range of the second Gor unit in the woods.
Things had swung back in favour of the Beasts following the decimation of the Minotaurs.

OnG Turn 3:

Our right flank was starting to look very vulnerable, with the two Gor units looking to swing in along our side of the tower. Luckily, the fleeing SO unit rallied, and turned to face the two Gor hordes. All animosity was once again passed, but the Trolls failed Stupidity and ambled towards the Minotaur. The fanatics managed to wipe themselves out, with two colliding and one rolling a double to kill himself. The Boar Boys charged the rear of the Gor unit which had beaten the SO, hoping the damage output and rear charge would be enough to at least win the combat. The Oogie's SO unit wheeled to the right and moved up to face the two Gor unit, while the NG moved a little close to the Minotaur to get in range to shoot.

In the magic phase Boogie was out of range to cast 'Ere We Go on the Boar Boys, so cast Gaze of Mork on the AHW Gor unit, killing 3. The NG shaman attempted to cast Night shroud on the NG unit again, but it was dispelled.

In the shooting phase, despite hitting 5 times, the NG bowmen failed to wound the Minotaur.

In combat, the Gor failed their Primal Fury, but the Wargor moved through the ranks into combat. Between him and the Gor, 2 Boar Boys died. In return the Boars killed 2 Gor, with the riders claiming another 3. With the rear charge factored in, I ended up winning by 3, and in spite of steadfast and the Wargor's LD, they still fled. The Boar Boy's had to pursue and caught the unit, slamming into the flank of the other Gor unit in the process.
This once more turned the fight in our favour, and if we could get the rest of our forces to concentrate on the remaining Gor unit, we would probably have it in the bag.

Beastman Turn 3:

The Beastman turn began with the Minotaur attempting to charge the NG, but needing a 10+ failed. The Gor unit was already in combat, so we moved on to that.

The Boars managed to kill 2 Gors, who in turn (having passed Primal Fury) killed 2 Boar Boys. The unit champion managed to kill another 2 Gor, which meant it ended in a draw.

OnG Turn 4:

Our fourth turn began with all Animosity checks once more passed, and the Trolls passing Stupidity. Both SO units declared charges on the Gor horde, but crucially Oogie's unit, who needed a 9+ failed, so only the depleted and now Frenzy-less SO unit made it in. The Trolls attempted to charge the Minotaur, but failed and ambled forward 4"

In the magic phase, the NG shaman cast Gork'll Fix It on the Gor unit, while Boogie, who had moved into the tower, cast 'Ere We Go, reaching the lone Boar Boy but not the SO unit.

In shooting the NG finally managed to bring down the Minotaur.

In the combat against the Gor, the Boar managed to kill 1, while the Gor attacking the SO unit, despite the fact that they had Gork'll fix it cast on them, killed 7 due to their once more successful Primal Fury. The Gor on the flank however failed to kill the Boar Boy champion, who in turn killed 2. The remaining 6 Savage Orcs, in spite of the lack of Frenzy, managed to kill 6 Gor, thanks largely to the 'Ere We Go re-rolls. This meant we won the combat by 1, but the Gor held.

Beastman Turn 4:

With only one thing to do, we got on with the combat. Once more the Boar claimed a single victim, but the Gor managed to pass Primal Fury, and killed all 6 remaining SO boys. Again, they failed to kill the Boar Boy Boss, but he fluffed his attacks as well. Needing snake eyes, he failed his break test and fled, going 8". The Gor elected to hold and stayed facing the rest of the OnG force.

OnG Turn 5:

The turn began with the lone boar Boy rallying, and the NG and Oogie's SO unit passing Animosity, as well as the Trolls passing their Stupidity check. Oogie's unit then charged the Gor unit, which by now was down to around 35. The Trolls about faced and ambled round the tower (feeling thoroughly messed around by the whole battle), so they could potentially charge the Gor next turn. The NG also about-faced and moved back through the woods towards the action.

In the magic phase the NG Shaman once more cast Gork'll Fix It on the Gor, and Boogie cast 'Ere We Go on the SO.

The NG unit had marched, so there was no shooting.

In combat, Oogie himself stepped up and, with the benefit of re-rolls, cut through 4 Gor. In return the Gor killed 6 SO. The SO themselves then killed another 5 Gor, meaning I won the combat. Unfortunately, these Gor were made of stern stuff and held.

OnG Turn 6:

Our last turn began with the NG failing Animosity and squabbling, and the Trolls failing their Stupidity. Hoping that we were getting our bad luck out of the way early, I decided not to charge the lone (heroic) Boar Boy Boss into the flank of the Gor unit in order to deny my opponent the points for the unit.

In the magic pase, Gork'll Fix It was dispelled, but Boogie managed to get off 'Ere We Go.

There was no shooting, as the NG were busy playing an aggressive version of rock, paper, scissors.

In combat, Oogie once more earned his moniker 'The Great', by cutting down 5 Gor. The Gor in turn (who had failed their Primal Fury) only managed 3 kills. The SO then cut through another 5. This proved too much for the now much depleted Gor unit, who fled 7". Though Oogie's unit pursued, they moved a mere 4" (killing is tiring work), and thus failed to catch them.

Beastman Turn 6:

The final turn of the game, and all that was left was for my opponent to try and rally the Gors. This he failed to do, and they fled a further 10" and off the board.

And with that the game was over.

Result and Post Battle Thoughts:

The final result was a victory to the OnG by 1,035pts, as the only unit our opponent had completely destroyed was the second SO unit. This sounds crushing, but in reality it was a much closer game than that. When his second Gor unit turned up on that flank and the SO unit fled, I thought we were in serious danger of getting our whole line rolled up. Luckily, the sterling performance of the Boar Boys, breaking and catching the general's unit and holding up the second Gor unit long enough for us to re-organise was the critical factor. Also, the Fanatics blitzing the Minotaurs early on was crucial. If they'd been able to threaten our left as the Gor units threatened the right then things could have gone seriously wring. As it was, I think it was a mistake by our opponent to move them up towards the NG unit, as the damage the fanatics could do to them was likely to be high.
Had he sent the Gor unit down that channel, and sent the Minotaurs round to our right in co-ordination with the second Gor unit, it could have been a very different story.

As it was, it was a great game, and we all had lots of fun, which was the main thing. Hopefully you've enjoyed reading about it, and i'll try and get Oogie's next triumphant victory/crushing humiliation up soon (hopefully with pictures!).


Gork or Possibly Mork
15-01-2013, 22:56
Nice report. Beastmen vs O&G always sounds like such a fun match-up. Shame no one around my way plays them :(

Oogie boogie boss
16-01-2013, 10:19
Cheers, it was indeed a really fun match up. This game and the one after were the first times i'd played Beastmen, they're really hard! Great stats for they're points, and Primal Fury's really harsh! Glad he didn't have a mage to buff them any further, otherwise those hordes would have been impossible. Sorry you don't get the chance to play them, they're a great army.