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15-01-2013, 08:07
So I started warhammer 40k about 5 months ago and I've got about 3000 points worth of Imperial Guard models painted. I figured it was time to move on to something a bit more challenging to paint. I've always been a sucker for the Legion of The Damned SM models. I loved the fluff, models, pretty much everything about them, and I would have started my collection with them had it not been for my love of big damn tanks (and guard has plenty of that). Now that I've got some experience I'm thinking about ordering the full Legion of The Damned set from GW. Problem is that rule wise I know nothing abut them. I've never seen anyone use them.

So if someone could give my a simple rundown on how they are played and what their purpose is that would be great. I've been toying with the idea of getting some space marine allies for my guard but I think they are gonna be Blood angels. Would the LOTD be a better choice to help out my Guard, or am I better off just substituting them in for awesome looking blood angels.

Info on any experience you have with the LOTD will be much appreciated.

15-01-2013, 11:53
They are indeed awesome models. They are an elite unit where unfortunately other units do their job better. The best way ive seen them used is to convert up a whole legion of the damned army

So legion of the damned tactical squad, assault squads, sternguard and tanks etc

That way you can have all the fun of all the good space marine stuff and all the astetics of some of your favourite models

15-01-2013, 12:07
Would the LOTD be a better choice to help out my Guard, or am I better off just substituting them in for awesome looking blood angels.

Blood Angels would probably be stronger.

AFAIR LOTD teleport into battle and are slow but relentless in their attack. They are also pretty hard to kill due to a high invulnerable save. Trouble is they cost loads and die just as easily as any other marine to massed bolt fire.

They do look cool though . . . maybe that's reason enough to include them.

far harder to kill with high AP weapons, but drop just as easily to bolter fire as a normal Marine. However they cost way more and its difficult to justify the expense

15-01-2013, 16:46
Looks like I'm just gonna substitute them in as regular blood angels and start a LOTD themed Blood angels force. Thanks for the advice.

15-01-2013, 18:46
I use mine as Sternguard in my red scorpions force just so I can use the models (even though ive got a sternguard set made from forgeworld stuff)

I have ran them as proper LOTD a few times, but they have only been truely effective once!

16-01-2013, 08:48
its not that they are too expensive... 30 point for a Vet with 3++, deepstrike and fearless is not really a bad deal...
But instead it's that they add nothing offensively because their special and heavy weapons are priced so terribly...
I think that if their special and heavy weapons were priced like Sternguard this unit would see a lot more play...
Slow and Purposeful heavies are not even that powerful anymore because anyone can snapshot...
could even keep the heavy/special split... instead of the Sternguard "Two Veterans may..."
If you are playing with a reasonable group... try this house rule... and I bet you can make this unit work...

16-01-2013, 09:27
My feelings on them are echoing some of the others here - Beautiful models, mediocre to meh in tabletop effectiveness.

I'd like to do an entire army, but it's expensive. I roughed out a cost using them as troops rather than elites (Same costs, though). 35 marines at 1505pts. Looking at the spreadsheet, I jacked the cost of any regular marine choices to match the basic 5 man LOTD squad

16-01-2013, 09:49
I'll have to suggest the house rule idea to my group next time we meet. A lot of them play SM or use SM allies so I could probably get them to go along with it.

If they're not up for it, I'll just run them as death company with my soon to be blood angels force.

16-01-2013, 17:08
I would've expected them to work pretty well in an IG army. Still not as points-effective than other marines, but it's not like IG need another edge.

16-01-2013, 20:03
and it's ultra fluffy...
LotD swoops into to rescue a random space marine chapter *yawn*
LotD reinforces a beleaguered IG platoon... thats's movie marines!
It's just a shame you have to buy a troop and Libby to spoil the mood...

17-01-2013, 15:22
I like Legion of the Damned; they cost less than Terminators for the same profile but they're not any less durable thanks to the 3+ Invulnerable save. Thanks to Slow and Purposeful they can move and shoot with Heavy weapons just like terminators, and they have a decent selection of options, and come with grenades.

They always enter by Deep Strike, so if you'd do that with a Terminator squad then that's fine, and you can re-roll the dice for scatter which might help out. Also, the changes to Rapid Fire weapons means that Storm Bolters are now only marginally better in practice, and Slow and Purposeful means you can still charge after firing them.

So yeah, I'd say they're actually none too bad for the points; the points you save compared to Terminators are mainly from not having any special close combat gear, but bundled grenades gives them some flexibility and lets them charge things in cover without penalty, so you're still getting two Strength 4, Initiative 4 Attacks per model out of them. Being cheaper also means you can more easily take 10 for a mere (pfffttt!) 305 points, at which point they make a great tar-pit since they've also got a decent change of killing things you put them in combat with. Also, they're immune to the things that will kill Terminators so it can't really hurt to take a unit in addition to some Terminators if you've got the points, as if the enemy pulls out some anti-Terminator goodies you can just send the Legion of the Damned after them instead :D

Sure they'll die to spam, but then Terminators aren't that resistant to it either; your aim after all is to Deep Strike, weather one round of shooting, then get them stuck in killing things or holding up the enemy's most dangerous units where they can't hurt the rest of your army (and probably can't hurt the legionaries much either). When it comes down to it it's basically a unit of Deep Striking marines with Storm Shields and many Terminator, except the sergeant can still wield two weapons if he wants, and they have some Terminator bonuses rolled in, plus grenades! I wouldn't field more than one unit of them, but I do enjoy using them when I do take them. I currently them as part of an allied force that joins my Deathwing army; I have almost no models but it's a blast to play with :)

17-01-2013, 17:37
I always suspected Ward wanted to give their bolters AP 3 or rending but canceled it.

18-01-2013, 11:23
IMO 27 Points a Model, better Special Weapon Costs, Other than that, I find that The Legion of the Damned are either a poor mans Terminators or are used to weather Extremely heavy weapons (things that the Terminator armour and saves wouldn't take) or are used because they look awesome. I myself am looking to convert the Sergeant into a Chaplain.

18-01-2013, 11:48
Slightly off topic, but has anyone found a 3rd party site that sells LotD? Like the OP I'd like a set, but can't really justify GW's prices.

18-01-2013, 12:35
As far as I'm aware, Legion of the Damned are direct-only, meaning you've no option other than to pay full price from GW (or hope for the best buying finecrap from eBay). This probably contributes as much to their rarity on the tabletop as their being overcosted and a bit rubbish.

18-01-2013, 13:36
Personally I'd try to get the metal ones on eBay; I managed to get the squad box of five models (including sergeant and flamer) that way and ordered the rest from GW before they became Finecast. Getting stuff on eBay is pretty much a battle between patience and price; if you wait long enough you may get lucky and someone will put some up for auction allowing you a chance at getting them for a reasonable price.

IMO 27 Points a Model, better Special Weapon Costs, Other than that, I find that The Legion of the Damned are either a poor mans Terminators or are used to weather Extremely heavy weapons (things that the Terminator armour and saves wouldn't take)
"Poor man's Terminators" may be about right, but they do have some perks; for 215 points you can get a seven-man squad with Heavy Bolter. The extra two bodies should help you to soak up spam about as well as Terminators do; against anything else a Legion of the Damned squad is as durable as terminators with Storm Shields. However, while getting this durability they also retain the ability to shoot, which is only worse between 12" and 24" and is actually better at 12" or less if the bonus two models are doing okay, plus they have grenades and strike in Initiative order which gives them a good chance of hitting first. The grenades are a great bonus actually in 6th now that you can throw them as well, and being able to fire a Heavy Bolter while advancing gives decent shooting without the expense an Assault Cannon adds.

Basically I'd see them as being as survivable as Terminators with Storm Shields, without the consistency of damage in combat. But really damage dealing is secondary and they're a great tarpit; you can just throw them at the enemy's most elite unit and pretty much ignore what the enemy is armed with. Shooting and plenty of Initiative 4 attacks means you should also help thin the enemy a bit on the way in. Deep Strike also helps you to choose your target, and they work great in combination with another unit; maybe add some equipment to the sergeant so he can get rid of any AP3 or better weapons, then rush something else in for the kill without any risk to them, and that can even include Terminators (if you can afford it)!

So really they merge a lot of the advantages available to Terminators, while either costing less or being able to take slightly larger units, either way they can easily stop your enemy's best equipped models in their tracks and may even whittle them down over time, or with a bit of help once you've dealt with some of your enemy's other units. In short I find them really useful, and since I have Terminators as well they work brilliantly in tandem as many things that can threaten the Terminators are little threat to the Legion of the Damned.

because they look awesome.
This is also an excellent reason to take them; a well painted Legion of the Damned squad looks great :)