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15-01-2013, 12:45
Figured I should spread the Infinity love here on Warseer as well! The place is certainly in need of it... :shifty:

Anyway, first two posts will be straight copies of what I've already posted on http://infinitythegame.com/forum/index.php . I hope you endure!

Yu Jing Judicial Intervention Unit 371


He broke down the door effortlessly, his state-of-the-art power-armoured bulk easily smashing through the reinforced yet ultimately obsolete thick wooden material.

Within: Silence. Darkness. His view shifted instantly between several visual modes to accomodate for the new surroundings, quickly settling on heat sensitive.

Still nothing, apart from a radiator in what, according to the tactical display in the upper left corner of his visor, must be the far end of the room. The yellow-red heat it emitted stood out starkly in contrast to the mostly green-blue colours the rest of the room had taken on in the late summer warmth slowly creeping in from outside. Then, suddenly, he could almost feel his suit's sensor spines tingling as they picked up faint traces of radiation in the air, impossible as that was without neural implants. This kind of power armour superstition grew on you, though, and he still liked to imagine some kind of connection between the suit and himself.

Anyway, there was radiation. A pyrrhic victory, indeed. This was really where they had been, but all it told him was that they were now gone, and that fact was made worse by the realisation that there must have been a margin of minutes at most, if amounts of radiation high enough to be traced still remained.

Xie Lingyun disconnected the helmet part of the armour with a thought and a small "foooosh" as the pressure equalised. The room felt suddenly dark again as he lifted the helmet off, the huge weight of it feeling bizarrely light with the enhanced strength the suit afforded him. It always felt weird, even more than on full super human mode, to see as a normal man saw but still being able to lift cars and literally punch somebody through if he felt like it.

Of course, he often had to, whether he felt like it or not, he thought to himself with a smile.

His unaugmented eyes adjusted slowly to the dark, and he took in the room. In the far end, the radiator gleamed white instead of the heat-mode's yellow-red, and of course didn't look warm at all, just metallic. Old, heavy wooden furniture, walls lined with rows of bookshelves containing an eccentric mix of books: Eastern and western, old and new, forbidden and recommended. The smell of crumbling pages mixed in a quaint way with that of freshly unpackaged holoscreens, in a way perfectly matching and describing the psychological profile of his quarry.

Deveran Clo.

He would expect somebody with such a criminal record to have a name like "*********** Psycho Maniac" or "Genocidal ****-Freak Of Nature", but for now (it could of course be arranged for a name change, even in Deveran's own mind, post-capture) he would have to do with "Deveran Clo"

Deveran and his growing group of terrorists, secretly sponsored by PanOceanian industrial ventures though the Pan-O ambassadeurs of course fervently denied this, had in the last few years gone from "minor nuisances" in his mental priority list, to "damn huge, red-underlined, circled, public *********** enemies" in spot number one on the list.

That they had made a habit of stealing top secret industrial information (and presumably disseminating it to their PanOceanian sponsors) was bad in itself, that their anti-technological, retro-environmental, society-razing ideology made them blow up the industrial sites themselves with nuclear bombs with an overkill ratio going into the double digits, was of course much worse. Still considered a minor issue in state wide priorities, of course, their death toll was nevertheless already up in the hundreds of thousands, and that was just the figures that the state made public. Being privy to further information, Lingyun of course knew these numbers to be higher by at least a factor of five.

Sighing, he went over the facts, trying to puzzle together some clue as to where they might be headed now, with that explosive nuclear device of theirs. It would give off some heat, even in its sealed carrier device, so they could theoretically track them down from above with drones.

Only that, well, in a closed-off area, or hidden behind something else, like a car roof or a wall, that potentially city-levelling radioactive power would give off only as much heat as a...

****, this felt bad.

Xie Lingyun didn't want to finish the thought, yet of course, he had to. Like the first time he tasted japanese cuisine, he just had to taste it a bit, and let it settle, before he could finish it.

The nuclear device would, hidden behind something, only just about emit as much heat as would a radiator. A standard, *********** radiator.

Who the **** would have a radiator turned on in late chinese summer any-***********-way? ****. He should have registered it as weird instantly of course - there was a turned-on radiator in late summer, in a room where nobody should have been for weeks.

In the middle of the *********** city.

The thoughts raced in his head like the blood suddenly pumping in his veins. Get the helmet on. Move, *********** MOVE. Rip out the radiator. Confirm that, of course, the radiator itself is *********** cool to the touch. Of-***********-course. Cables. Lots of cables. Find some damn interface. Radiation levels spiking. Digital screen, numbers, way too *********** low for his liking. No bloody interface. Not like the movies either, no red wire versus blue wire. ****. **** **** ****. Digits quickly counting down, time running out at the speed of light in his head.

****. This was the moments he did what he did best, final solutions applying brute force, failure deniable, success endorsed. Quickly assessing the psychological profile of the ****-head Deveran, he knew he was a trickster. Tricksters like being *********** clever. There would of course be an interface somewhere, and it would be coded and firewalled beyond a hundred hells.


Luckily, tricksters usually thought they would get hounded by other tricksters. In this unlucky smart-ass trickster's case, he was unfortunately being hounded by one brutal, kick-ass, sword-loving, bone-crushing, son of a bitch.


Drawing his yellow-glowing monofilament sword, its shine reflecting ominously like all kinds of radioactive doom on his jade-green armour, Lingyun pushed doubt from his mind and stress from his self.

Breathe, **********, breathe.


Stress. Fury. Disgust. He let it all go and cleaved the nuclear device and all the damn cables in two. A sound like a hundred apocalypses broke out. Or did it? Was it all just in his head? Around him, fire, but still, there was still an "around him" to see, though it was mostly now a tangle of cables and other ****. The countdown screen. Where was it? There. ****.

**** **** ****.


Dive for cover.


The day after, a report was filed, digitalised, and read a couple of hundred miles away by his dedicated bureaucrat companion, demanding the replacement of "one (1) wall section in wood and one (1) '*********** radiator unit' (censored before archiving, note), and reporting the loss of one hundred and fifty two (152) books in various states, loss of which was not to be considered as an issue", signed Imperial Agent, Crane Rank Xie Lingyun.

The clerk sighed heavily, of course stamping it with a digital mark of approval. Crane ranks always got what they wanted, so why Lingyun kept sending in these reports was beyond him. It was like some weird diary, he supposed, as he archived the file with the other five thousand eight hundred three (5803) making up agent Lingyun's own folder in the database.

Seriously, tearing up a radiator. What was that for?


If you made it through that wall of text, well done!

Repainted my Crane agent, and have ordered an Imperial Service starter pack, and all in all I'm pretty eager to get started on them. Really reminds me of the Chinese atmosphere (not saying that all of China is like the Imperial Service...) when I was backpacking there last summer.

Anyway, pictures, well needed after all these words (which should, by the way, have gone into my uni assignment...):






15-01-2013, 12:46
Next up, the finished Dakini with HMG.









Completed. Long time. Was it? Calendar functions assessed, confirmed. Long time. Imperial Service. Not present in earlier experience.

Command profiles updated. Xie Lingyun, most immediate. Chain of command complicated, not immediate concern. Target modules have arrived. Immediate threat level high. Multiple targets. Close vicinity. Reason for activation found.

Ammunition supplies assessed, satisfactory, maximum period of sustained fire in current threat climate 40.331 seconds. Adjust for friendly assistance. 42.930 seconds. Adjust for weather conditions.

Climate packages updated.

Adjust for weather conditions. 39.215 seconds.

Estimated length of engagement. 21-34 seconds, threat difference of +/- 1 units accounted for.

General engagement parameters positive. General behaviour/communication mode set to [I_am_anticipating_some_fun/mandarin_yujing].

Target visual acquired. Tracking systems active. Awaiting encrypted weapons activation package.

Package received. Confirmed. Weapons system activated.

Target is eliminated. Proceeding to next threat. General behaviour/communication mode set to [I_am_having_fun/mandarin_yujing]


Excerpt from combat log of Dakini unit 01 in Wuxi sector, routine organized crime engagement.

Aaaaand on to actual pictures and stuff:



Together with Xie Lingyun:


It's crazy how much sloppier my painting seems when blown up in photography... Well, I guess that's the way to improvement!


15-01-2013, 22:40
Absolutely awesome fluff and two cracking units to top it off. Your painting is excellent - I always take photos with a pinch of salt anyway ;)

16-01-2013, 10:34
Thanks mate! I really feel like the Infinity minis demand a lot of painting time, and I've never really had this much fun painting anything before, so happy to hear it looks agreeable :)

20-01-2013, 16:03
Due to lack of Imperial Service models (come on, Wayland...), I grabbed myself a Shang Ji Invincible and painted it up. Can't decide if I'm happy with it or not, but it's sadly leaning towards "not happy". Oh well, it's not really a part of my force, so it's ok... :D





20-01-2013, 19:02
Erm, my first reaction was to say this is one of best pieces yet actually! I love the highlights around the gun and the armour plating in particular.

I don't think I should subscribe to this thread anymore, it is making things very dangerous for my wallet... ;)

21-01-2013, 09:30
Hey welcome back stranger - good to see you posting again. I echo Jihad-ragsta's words, this stuff is looking very very good. The little Dakini unit looks great (and in a very familiar colour ;) ) and the Invincible looks good as well. I'm looking forward to seeing more - I like the Infinity stuff but not enough to commit to buying a load, so I shall live vicariously through yourself for now :)

23-01-2013, 14:26
Haha thanks guys, (and thanks for the welcome back JackDaw!), happy to hear you like the Shang Ji! Still undecided, or well, still not happy with it. On its own it's OK, but it just doesn't fit with the Crane and the rest of the Imperial Service models that will be coming along. Just as well that he's not really a part of the army then I suppose :D

Anyway, still lacking proper Imperial Service models, I took some time to finish off the limited edition Gogo Marlene model I had lying around:

I present to you, Zhang Yuqi, usually known as "Kitty Zhang" in the media of Yu Jing's official Maya channels, where her action-filled and dangerous (yet always stylish and fashionable) in-action news feed is one of the currentlly most subscribed programmes:



Pretty happy with how she turned out considering painting her only took a few hours, though the skin is something of a weak point and needs some additional blending and glazing to get rid of the present state of coarseness.


26-01-2013, 00:42
Great start man! :D

Looking forward to some more!

31-01-2013, 17:57

04-02-2013, 20:44
Thanks guys! After a long way due to delays from Wayland (from which the order still hasn't arrived, but at least I got an explanation and an excuse) I finally got some models in the mail today from Shae-Konnit.

So. Reinforcements have arrived!


These are three Kuang Shi (brainwashed political prisoners turned zombie-like soldiers perfect for suicide missions and blowing stuff, themselves included, up), one Sophotect (which really is a Deva model, but I like that model lots more than the actual Sophotect. Anyway, she's the perfect support soldier, a combination of great doctor, great engineer, high movement and damn tough as well. The Imperial Service sectorial has access to her, normally an Aleph unit, because of its close ties to the AI that is Aleph), one Ninja Hacker (you can probably guess from the name what it does...), along with my finished Crane Rank Imperial Agent (heavy infantry with great stats, but very multi-purpose, which is really a mixed blessing) and the Dakini Tacbot with HMG (robot, again loaned from Aleph, with heavy duty firepower, great speed and mimetism to boot).


05-02-2013, 12:42
Finished the first of the Kuang Shi just now. Fluff incoming when all three are done, there are only so many different versions of "AAAAH! POLITICAL DISSIDENT-ZOMBIE THAT BLOWS UP!" (entertaining as that one might be ;) ).




06-02-2013, 01:21
Nice! :evilgrin:

Liking the base work and the free-hand on the back. Good stuff! :D

06-02-2013, 10:49
That eye is creepy as feth... Very nicely done of course, and looking forward to the 3 together. But..... Don't TEASE!!! Me want fluff and robot NIAAOOWWW!!!!

So is there any chance if a battle report? It would be good to see some game dynamics - I haven't seen an AAR for Infinity before actually.

06-02-2013, 14:42
Thanks guys! As for battle reports, I haven't made any really, but I can direct you to some awesome (http://infinitythegame.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4088-battle-report-clouds-over-al-hadiye/), awesome (http://infinitythegame.com/forum/index.php?/topic/107-battle-report-hot-potato/) ones that make all other battle reports (and game systems ;) ) pale in comparison.

The second Kuang Shi is now done as well:




06-02-2013, 22:12
Great painting overall! I really like what you did with the Aleph miniature: replacing purple with dark blue/turquoise is simply excellent :) And great job also on those Kuang Shi, the orange is perfectly executed !

Duke Donald
16-02-2013, 02:18
Great fluff and great painting. I like in particular the Kuang Shi, which look really amazing. Zhang Yuqi is also well painted but I just don't like the Gogo Marlene mini. To me it is one of the weakest sculpts of the whole Infinity range.

16-02-2013, 10:24
I love the Kuang Shi. They don't get a lot of table time, in my experience, so I'll be interested to hear what you think of their performance.


18-02-2013, 11:17
Rotokultaxe - Thanks! I really wanted to keep the Aleph scheme as it sets a nice tone fitting to their fluff, but also wanted them to tie in at least a little to the army as a whole. Turned out to be a nice compromise!

Duke Donald - Thanks, I too am very fond of the Kuang Shi, not least since they are far too often my MVPs and the bane of my opponents... Wanted a uniform reminiscent of prisoners' uniforms, think it turned out well even though orange was quite hard to get right.

precinctomega - They don't? It feels like I keep hearing praise about them from everywhere, and my experience with them is wonderful. They usually kill enemies worth way, way more than themselves, and generally scare people off from their area of the table. Autohitting Chain Rifle-wielding, Dogged, suicidal human bombs is just plain ridiculous for five points when used well, even though they do tend to die to a light breeze in turn one or two they usually take some enemies with them, which is really a great trade-off. On a table with very little terrain they would be more or less useless though.

Anyway, Iave been way to busy actually painting and gaming to post here or to write fluff, but suffice to say Unit 371 has grown quite a lot, and gathered some well-needed battlefield experience.

So, no fluff, at least not yet, but a picture of the more-or-less finished models that make up the Unit right now:


And, work in progress, the Hsien lieutenant in charge of this honourable, service-minded crew:



18-02-2013, 12:02
Nice work so far. Can you please post some close ups of the new models?

18-02-2013, 13:48

Your wish is my command. A little low on time, but here's some pics which should give a general idea at least:







18-02-2013, 17:29
Thanks :-) Very pretty models you have there.

Did you manage to make a batrep of one of your games?