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18-01-2013, 21:33
A Holy Work – The Three Hives Rebellion

Being an account of the Secession of Aren Prime and the interventions of the Iron Talons Adeptus Astartes therein.

“When they told us the Astartes were coming, that the Astartes would be fighting alongside us, we rejoiced. How could we not? The famed Astartes, warrior-knights of legend clad in polished steel, magnificent and terrible in their wrath. How blessed we were, to bear witness to their holy retribution?
When the Talons arrived, we swiftly realised just how foolish we had been and how quickly our dreams would fade.”
First Captain Morlan Assant, 3rd platoon 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry. Acting field commander following the Namas Highway Incident, Aren Prime Secession.

“They told us that we had wounded the xeno-beast immeasurably. They told us that our Chapter had been wounded almost to death in return. They told us that to stay was to see the end of our Chapter and our glory. All of this is true. All of this is lies.
We have been taken from the place of our glory and scattered across the Imperium in the name of preservation and recuperation. My brothers and I have been tasked with bringing this sole lonely world back into the arms of the Emperor. This is work for the Guard, not for my brothers and I. The sons of the 5th will not remove their helms to let the people of this world see the shame in their eyes.
They tell us that this is holy work. They tell us that we are needed here. They tell us that we will not die here and will not die in ignominy. All of this is true. All of this is lies.”
Praetor Corvin Varras, 5th Blade of the Iron Talon Adeptus Astartes.

Pict-cap of Praetor Varras, rumoured post Namas Highway Incident. Source unknown

Blissful Brushes
18-01-2013, 23:02
An interesting start, not giving it all up in one post eh?

19-01-2013, 00:39
Excellent opener, I really do enjoy your writing (as I've said in the House of Chains plog, I normally hate fan fiction).

Looking forward to more, subscribed just to be sure!


19-01-2013, 07:25
He's not wearing a helmet . . .

Lovely fluff mate, really sets a tone. Look forward to more writing, and models if they are all going to have as much character as the character there.

19-01-2013, 14:48
Nice start, can't wait to see how you progress this.


21-01-2013, 10:06
Hurrah, a new PLOG with some intriguing fluff to get us started. I like the idea of the pict capture although as Sheep says, he's not wearing a helmet, which is kinda the opposite to what the fluff says. In fact I think I can see the shame in his eyes already....

21-01-2013, 12:42
Afternoon everyone, and thanks for the enthusiastic response to the early days of this plog - stuff like this really gets me inspired.

As you may have guessed, this will be the plog for my Iron Talons Adeptus Astartes, a homebrew chapter descended from my joint-favourite Founding Legion, the White Scars. Anyone who's seen my Druchii plog will know what to expect - more units, loads of fluff, and a few surprises/shocks along the way. I'm going to try and keep the wip pics to a minimum and only post up completed units, unless that is people want to see wip stuff. Let me know folks. The army runs to about 2k, everything is assembled so far aside from the flyer which will happen next month.

@ Blissful Brushes - sorry mate, I am a massive tease ;) Stay tuned though, meaty Astartes goodness to come soon

@ Memnon - cheers buddy, good to see you along for the ride. The fluff will be coming with each unit, as well as a few colour pieces here and there. I'm finding it a little more challenging than the Druchii stuff though.

@ Sheep - your kind words are much appreciated mate, specially considering the awesomeness of your Sons plog. In the current glut of HH plogs, yours is one of the few that stands out. There will be plenty more fluff to come - anyone whos seen my Druchii plog can attest to that. And yes, the helmet. There is a reason why the Praetor specifically isn't wearing one, but I can't go into that yet. On the other hand, part of me does want to helm him up, just for completeness...

@ Lillloser2010 - cheers mate, hope you like where this will be going.

@ Jonahmaul - yeah yeah no helmet. I'm in two minds about it - the fluff reason might change so don't be surprised if he suddenly sports a natty mkIV helm next time you see him. The shame though...the shame is important.

21-01-2013, 13:32
A Systematic Breakdown of Civility

***Aren Prime Hive World, Logros sub-syst.
***Routine Arbite reports note increase in anti-Imperialist sentiment amongst primary Aren Prime Hives. Large scale demonstration and rioting affecting Namas Highway on-ramps at Junctions 14-alpha, 46-lambda and 35-theta are broken up by massed Arbite response and deployment of anti-personnel ordinance. Actions of Arbites approved in retrospect by Administratum.

No comments received from Aren Prime governance (ref The Triarchy).

***Rioting and demonstrations continue to occur in all major Aren Prime settlements, affecting output of materiel from manufactorums and factoria complexes adjacent to settlements. Arbites deploy in force, supported by local Magistratum forces, however their efforts achieve little. Adeptus Administratum recommends that non-local Imperial citizens arrange transport off-world, housing sub-sists and accommodations local to Journeys End Starport report marked increase in housing applications from non-indigenous citizens.

No comments received from Aren Prime governance (ref The Triarchy).

***Approximately eighteen (18) months from first Arbite submitted report of unrest, Inquisitorial agencies make themselves known on Aren Prime, beginning investigation into causes of anti-Imperial sentiment and uncooperative attitude of Aren Prime governance. To date, no other settled worlds in Logros sub-syst have displayed similar behavior, but Inquisitorial scrutiny is increased on each world as a prophylactic measure.

No comments received from Aren Prime governance, despite formal demands submitted by Inquisitorial envoys.

***Approximately three (3) months from Inquistorial intervention, Arne Prime erupts in full-scale revolt and militarised action against representatives of Imperial government. Early reports indicate that several Inquisitorial agents are lost, including Inquisitor Aros Specere, formally recognised as leading the investigation into this matter.

Primary hives are completely removed from Imperial control, along with large number of manufactoria complexes adjacent to Namas Highway. The Highway itself, along with Journeys End Starport, remains in Imperial control.

Inquisitorial demands for support are met by the 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry who deploy in regiment strength on Aren Prime and begin suppression and reclamation actions in the Emperors name.

No comments received from Aren Prime governance, despite formal demands submitted by Inquisitorial envoys.

***6 months from the date of deployment of the 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry, the coastal hive of Emmer's Dock is removed in its entirety by the focused deployment of several nuclear and fusion warheads. The resultant miles-wide crater and subsequent new bay created in the coastal wall of Aren Prime's northern continent is henceforth referred to as 'The Cut'. Approximately 30% of the 131st are lost.

Aren Prime governance formally declares its secession from the Imperium and deploys PDF and localised militia in open warfare. Specialised military units are rumoured to be equipped with non-standard equipment and armaments bearing no similarity to current Imperial and Mechanicum approved design.

Inquisitorial envoys request further aid from the Adeptus Astartes, claiming malevolent influence on the population of Aren Prime and stating that only the Astartes can bring this to a swift conclusion.

***Approximately thirty-six (36) months from first reports of unrest, the 5th Blade of the Iron Talons Adeptus Astartes arrive in system, diverted from crusade actions against the Orkoid xeno-beast (ref Blackmaw Subjugation) and begin the pacification of Aren Prime and its localised star-system.

Fleet elements of the Iron Talons breach the warp and enter in-system. [/SIZE

[SIZE=2]The Cobra Destroyer squadron 'Fury's Daughters' claim the first kills, wrecking 4 system defense ships operated by Secessionist forces

'The Wicked Sisters', an under-strength Sword frigate squadron begin picket duties, ruthlessly prosecuting actions against further in and out-system traffic that has not been approved by Imperial governance

The Adeptus Astartes Strike Cruiser 'Kiss the Blade' remains in close orbit above Aren Prime. All attempts to communicate with the Astartes cruiser are met with silence.

***14 days after arriving in-system via warp-breach, the first elements of the Iron Talons Adeptus Astartes are deployed planet-side. The system is formally declared compliant within 8 months by representatives of the Inquistion. Representatives of the Iron Talon Adeptus Astartes are unavailable for comment.

Solun Decius
21-01-2013, 13:37
Cool! Now I can be subscribed to this one from the start. I've yet to take the time to read the Druchii one through.
I like the feel you're setting at the start here.

21-01-2013, 13:48
Oew, this is promising. LIke the pose, and definitely like the fluff. Especially the Guard point of view. :)

21-01-2013, 14:19
I'm going to try and keep the wip pics to a minimum and only post up completed units

No, no and no again!

unless that is people want to see wip stuff.

Yes, yes and yes again! Although WIP of every thing that you do may get laborious (for you as well with having to take more photos) seeing how things develop is a fun part of the thread. You should do a step by step guide as well....

21-01-2013, 14:50
Moar WIP, moar fluff, moar moar moar :)

Thanks for the compliments mate, seeing those BFG ships in chapter colours makes me want to reprint my stuff in SoH colours, so thanks for that, moar work ;)

21-01-2013, 15:30
Moar WIP, moar fluff, moar moar moar :)

Thanks for the compliments mate, seeing those BFG ships in chapter colours makes me want to reprint my stuff in SoH colours, so thanks for that, moar work ;)

+1 :):yes: to this. And JackDaw your BFG ships have made me feel nostalgic and are tempting me into adding more stuff to my workload :D

21-01-2013, 15:52
Ha, so wasn't expecting this plog to be this popular already lol. Hopefully I won't let you all down.

@ Solun - glad to hear it mate. Trust me, things will get a lot darker before the end. This isn't likely to be the normal kind of Astartes plog, I'm sort of using the army to explore other aspects of the Imperium rather than just Astartes bolter-porn.

@ Drazhk - thanks for the kind words fella, happy to hear you're hooked already. Guard viewpoints will be plentiful.

@ Jonahmaul - ok, some Wip stuff then. Not too much though. I might sort out a step-by-step guide for the Astartes once you guys get a proper look at some painted ones if its wanted.

@ Sheep = lol ok ok, moar everything. And you're welcome - I found the BFG stuff to be nice and easy to paint, and quick too. Those 5 ships only took maybe 2 hours from start to finish, the trick is keeping the chapter colour panels to a minimum - less is more and makes them look more brutal and realistic in my eyes.

@ Deathcat147 - cheers buddy :) Lots more it is then. Do it man, the BFG stuff is pretty fun to paint and pretty quick depending on what look you want. Well worth the time.

Er right, suppose I'd better get cracking on some wip pics for you lot and some more finished stuff. Hmm, need to get a Razorback sorted for the first squad to make planetfall, but the squad itself is done - let's see what I can do with that.

Cheers all :)

21-01-2013, 22:39
Planetfall – The footsteps of giants.
‘Jesker was the one to spot them. Must have been no more than a hundred metres away, a stone’s throw really. They were huge. No one tells you that. No one says how frakking huge they are. Three of them, clad in cold bone war-plate. We got maybe three, four seconds of contact before they disappeared into the chem-fog. Moving up, we found maybe a score enemies casualties, torn abart by bolter fire, no sign that they’d even fired a round back in anger. Of the Astartes, there was no sign. They hadn’t even acknowledged our presence.’
Field report of fire-team leader Calin Droost, recon section, 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry
Raseen Commercia District, reclamation action 34/Mh-7

Helmet-cam capture of Astartes forces, Reclamation action 34/mh-7

***Begin record

2nd Combat Edge, Tactical Blade Rashan
Deployed without fanfare or ceremony to planetside, the 2nd Edge of Tactical Blade Rashan claim the dubious honour of both the first Astartes footsteps upon Aren Prime and the first shots fired in anger by the Astartes during this intervention. While the 1st Edge secured the immediate dropsite and surrounding square two kilometres for use by the Astartes, the 2nd Edge performed hunt-and-kill sweeps, systematically clearing all Secessionist forces from the initial theatre of operations. Early reports relayed to the orbiting strike cruiser Kiss The Blade were despondent at best, detailing weak resistance by medium to low numbers of enemy combatants that required little to no tactical nous on the part of the Astartes and cursing the vagaries of destiny that had brought them to this place. It is notable that contact with pro-Imperial forces was limited to the point of avoidance by the Astartes, with no representatives present at any briefings or communications made by the Talons. Contact with elements of the 131st Malaz Heavy in-field were brief and few, with many Imperial persons doubtful that the Astartes had even deployed planet-side at all.


The 2nd Edge are seen here clad in the standard bone-lacquered plate of the Iron Talons, bearing the red right arm as is traditional for fully inducted Astartes battle-brothers. As is usual for the Astartes, each brother displays a mix of various armour marks and bolters, ranging from the standard Godwyn pattern to older marks such as the venerable Tigrus. The Talons are renowned for a somewhat lax approach to the arms and armaments dictats of the Codex Astartes, instead allowing each brother to arm himself with whichever pattern bolter best fits his own desires and turning a blind eye to non-standard mixes of armour plate sections. Closer observation of individual Iron Talon Astartes will further the idiosyncrasies of this Chapter. In a similar manner to that of their Primogenitors, the lauded but savage White Scars, the Talons employ non-codex squad and company markings displayed on the right shoulder pauldron and left kneepad respectively. Enemy combatants and even friendly forces from outside of the Chapter will be hard-pressed to positively identify a particular squad or Astartes from these markings, a confusion that the Talons encourage and do not attempt to clear.


Removed from the ongoing crusade against the Blackmaw orkoid xeno, several members of the 2nd Edge display kill tokens and trophies taken from notable kills. Often these will be the tusks and canine teeth ripped from the jaws of the xeno-forms, although other tokens carved from sections of larger bones are also common. Note that all tokens are stained black due to the documented traditions of this particular xenos clan-brood.

Review of after-action reports and missives submitted by combat veterans of the 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry and other pro-Imperial agencies clearly picture an Imperial presence disappointed and disenfranchised with the presence of the Iron Talons. Whilst many of the Imperial commanders might have expected a more co-operative Chapter, possibly influenced by the depiction of the so-called 'Space Marines' of the penny-dreadful prop-lit publications and more lurid entertainment vid-progs, it is clear that much of the Imperial strength in-theatre was unsure how to deal with these elusive and silent Astartes. For their part, the Inquisition remained silent and choose to concentrate on their continuing investigations and infiltration of Secessionist-held territory. It was only with the Stane Service Township clash (ref Reclamation Action 82/db-3) that Imperial forces would see the Astartes deployed in more than combat team strength, an event that established both the Astartes' feelings towards this Compliance and the combat doctrines by which they would prosecute this war.

***End record

Lord Dan
22-01-2013, 02:54
I'm not normally a fan of 40K logs, but for you, sir, I'll happily make an exception!

First of all, aren't you tired of painting bone? ;) The models are looking great. That single red arm reminds me a bit of the old GW ogre color scheme with the bloody hand tribe, or whatever it was called. I will say that I think they need a bit more color in some way, however I'm not sure how that could be added without changing the color scheme completely.

Your writing, as ever, is a joy to read. I particularly like the bits from the point of view of people sighting your marines, as your ability to write in slang/vernacular of non UK regions really shows off your skill as a writer. There was one in particular that I couldn't help but read with a Texan drawl, whether it was your intention or not.

22-01-2013, 03:00
I'm really digging the one red arm. Please, let's see some more.

22-01-2013, 06:33
Really nice start. I love armies tied to fluff.

22-01-2013, 09:22
This is just a great log, fluff, great painted Marines, superb pictures and great story. All you could wish for!

22-01-2013, 09:59
Really interesting stuff so far, great fluff to accompany. Subscribed.


22-01-2013, 10:26
A great start to the PLOG. I love the idea that it's a story that's already happened and we're being told it after the fact and from several view points. I really like the helmet-cam pictures too, adds a real nice extra layer to the stories. I do have a couple of points though:

1. Can you paint anything other than bone?! Obviously this is a jest as I know full well you can but I challenge you to paint a colourful army next. I vote Bretonnians!

2. Get toothbrush, tip in white paint, flick over BFG bases :D

3. Drill out the bolters man, that's just pure lazy and they look so much better if you drill them out!

22-01-2013, 13:43
Interesting use of the red right arm. Reminds me of the Dusk Raiders.
Your bone colour is pretty nice too, and love the markings.

gain, the fluff is great, really puts a sense of mystery into these bad boys :)

22-01-2013, 14:05
Great going so far man, keep it up :)

22-01-2013, 14:48
Cheers for all your comments guys, really good to know that this stuff is going down well. I spent last night basing all the remaining infantry and getting them ready for undercoating - hopefully I can get the last 4 Tactical and a Razorback undercoated tomorrow and get them sorted over the next few days. I also want to have some more fun with the fluff pictures, see what else I can do with those.

Have to admit, I'm a little disappointed with the pics of the finished Astartes, the red looks great but the light has washed out the bone completely. Need to take another swing at those pics I think.

@ Lord Dan - always happy to be the exception :) I think the light has removed most of the colour from the bone, its a lot darker and more shaded IRL. And yes, I am heartily sick of painting bone. But I can't stop, its like a disease. No bone in my next army though. I promise. Most of the fluff and slang is made up on the fly lol, but it's good to know it works. Now I have images of Texans in spppaaaaccceeee.

@ PrimeMinisterSinister - cheers mate, glad you like it. I think it makes them stand out nicely. Plenty more to come once I can hammer out a few Rhinos and Razorbacks.

@ Beowulf3112 - you'll enjoy this plog then, fluff out the wazoo ;)

@ Psykomamba - ah thanks bud, too kind.

@ Eltanko - thanks for the sub mate, means a lot. Glad to hear you like the fluff, I love writing it but always worry its too much or not to everyones taste.

@ Jonahmaul - cheers homme ;) I'm having fun with the fluff and the pic-cap things, all stemmed from messing about on my phone taking pics of Sarah and Nate. And in answer to your queries - 1) No I can't. Help me please. Erm, my next army is likely to be a small Necron force - does dark iron, electric blue and ceramic white count as colourful? 2) Blaaaaahhhh. Maybe. I was just impressed with how much my coasters and placemats resemble deep space... 3) Yeah I know, I know. All those years of telling kids in GW to drill bolters and I totally forget as soon as I do my own army. I suck. I'll drill em out at some point, honest.

@ Drazhk - the bone looks a lot better than that, trust me. I'll try and get some better pics. The red arm was jointly inspired by the Dusk Raiders and a Nick Cave track, which has become the unofficial motto of the Iron Talons. Again, glad you like the fluff :)

@ Hazmiter - I intend to mate, thanks for the kind words :)

Right, really should do some work now - will update soon with some fluff/wip pics and hopefully with some more completed units. Only 4 more Tactical to go and I can paint something fun - only question is what? Praetor, Chaplain, the Assail or the Storm-born? Decisions decisions...

Cheers all

23-01-2013, 00:28
Just occurred to me that this scheme is very similar to the unification wars Dusk raiders, was this intentional?

23-01-2013, 00:41
So how do you do your bleached bone? Undercoat dark grey? And build up from there, or white basecoat?
Can't wait to see some more of these slighted sons of the emperor :)

23-01-2013, 08:58
@ Jonahmaul - cheers homme ;) I'm having fun with the fluff and the pic-cap things, all stemmed from messing about on my phone taking pics of Sarah and Nate. And in answer to your queries - 1) No I can't. Help me please. Erm, my next army is likely to be a small Necron force - does dark iron, electric blue and ceramic white count as colourful? 2) Blaaaaahhhh. Maybe. I was just impressed with how much my coasters and placemats resemble deep space... 3) Yeah I know, I know. All those years of telling kids in GW to drill bolters and I totally forget as soon as I do my own army. I suck. I'll drill em out at some point, honest.

1. It would, if 'Ceramic White' wasn't just another way of saying 'bone coloured' We know your game JackDaw!

2. If you take the coasters with you everywhere fair enough! It's just personal preference, there's nothing wrong with plain back, I just think they look cool with the white spots. Makes me want to dig out my Eldar fleet and give them some love!

3. Yes, shameful!

23-01-2013, 12:43
Harlequins warband!!!!!!!!!!!!

23-01-2013, 13:35
@ Drazhk - the bone looks a lot better than that, trust me. I'll try and get some better pics. The red arm was jointly inspired by the Dusk Raiders and a Nick Cave track, which has become the unofficial motto of the Iron Talons. Again, glad you like the fluff :)

Red right hand, by any chance? :p Great track, I must say. Videoclip attached, less so.. I'm voting Preator next :)

23-01-2013, 13:52
If these guys are inspired by Nick Cave then this won't end well for anyone. I love the fluff, I've always tried to attach a little here and there to the models in my plog, and I appreciate it when other people do too. I am looking forward to this. I find standoffish marines so interesting.

24-01-2013, 21:43
Evening everyone, and thanks for your continued interest in this plog and your kind words. Got a few wip pics for you and a small fluff piece as well, nothing too major while I gear up for the final push on the Tactical side of the army. Need to get this lot undercoated on the weekend;

http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1322.jpg http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1318.jpg

These chaps are the last 4 Astartes from Tactical Blade Rashan, consisting of the Veteran, 2 bolter armed Astartes and the final brother who is about to enter the Chaplaincy, hence his slightly more ornate armour. Crazy mishmash of pieces there including FW Red Scorpions and Mk IV armour, Space Wolf and Blood Angel bits. There's also a couple of Dark Angel bits in there. Basically, I pour a load of glue into a bag of random Marine pieces and see what sticks together...

And to go with the 26 Tactical Astartes, a few transports:

http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1324.jpg http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1325.jpg

One Rhino is already painted and varnished, so I've got one more Rhino to paint and the Razorback above - the issue is I hate painting tanks. Ah well. As a White Scar successor, every squad needs a transport so I don't have much choice - damn me and my living by fluff. I do like the look of the Razorback though, for me the FW turrets are so much better than the GW ones and the Heavy Bolter one was pretty easy to convert into twin assault cannons. Hopefully this will help keep my enthusiasm for painting it up.

@ Sheep - I was inspired by the Dusk Raider scheme because it looks frakking awesome - but there's no fluff link to them, only to the Scars.

@ Hazmiter - Its pretty simple mate, same way as I paint the bone on my Druchii - basecoat of Dheneb Stone, thin wash of Devlan Mud, first highlight with Dheneb, second with 50/50 mix of Dheneb and white, final edge highlight of white and then a thin Devlan wash followed by a thin Badab wash. And a Harlequin warband would drive me crazy, although I did have a temptation to do a troupe all in ghostly whites, blues and greens....

@ Jonahmaul - No bone on the Necrons, promise. Ceramic white will be hard enough. And I drilled these barrels just for you sweetcheeks ;)

@ Drazhk - That would be the one :) I am thinking I need to do a character after this Tactical section, but I'm still mulling over putting a helmet on the Praetor. I do have a Librarian and Chaplain to paint....

@ PrimeMinisterSinister - My fluff rarely ends well for anyone ;) I've seen the fluff in your plog mate, its really good as well, like you I also appreciate people who make the effort to do that kinda thing. Hope you enjoy the rest of the army.

So, that's it for now guys, I have got 2 other finished Tactical Blades ready for pics so I'll try and get those up soon - might do a single combined post for all the transports as the fluff is pretty much the same for all of them.

Cheers all

24-01-2013, 22:24
Escalation - Stemming the tide.

"Someone told us the Astartes were here. Can't tell you if that was true, but what I can tell you is that things got real quiet round 'End 'Port real quick. We went from crapping ourselves at every raid siren to routine patrols in the habs like nothing had happened. The prop-lit mags and pic-shows were full of tales of the Holy Astartes saving kiddies, castigating the Secessionists, all that stuff. The habbers lapped it up, but the vets, those Malaz guys - some of them had been up-country and claimed to have seen the Astartes in action. The things they told us didn't sound like any prop-lit I'd seen. Sometimes it was hard to know if the Malaz boys even thought the Astartes were on our side."

Magistratum Officer Jiraz Tomei, Journeys End Starport East-19 Precinct. Excerpt from post-event Inquisitorial Debrief, Aren Prime Secession.

***Begin Record

Within two weeks of the Astartes' deployment planetside, the southern continent of Aren Prime had been pacified by the combined but not co-operative military actions of both the Iron Talons and the 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry. While the guard secured Journeys' End Starport and the surrounding habitation and goods-processing districts, the Astartes appeared to concentrate on reclaiming several outlying manufactoria and supply districts adjacent to the continent and ocean spanning mega-transport route known as the Namas Highway. These interdictions effectively removed all semblance of Secessionist control from areas designated as an immediate threat to Imperial holdings on Aren Prime and ensured that the Starport remained firmly under the aegis of the Emperor's faithful. Attempts to co-ordinate military efforts with the Talons came to nothing as the Astartes embarked on a lightning fast series of murderous attacks on Secessionist supply lines and command nodes. The military dogma and doctrines of the Talons clearly owed a great debt to their Primogenitors, the White Scars, as swift-moving Rhino and Razorback mounted Tactical Blades savaged the Secessionist forces with little reprisal in return. Fragments of Iron Talon combat records recovered from communication traps installed by Inquisitorial agents and translated from the obscure combant-cant used by the Astartes seemed to indicate that this war was approached with something less than the righteous fervour that one would expect from the Angels of Death. It was not until the shocking events of Reclamation Action 80/db-3 (ref The Broken Angel) that Imperial observers would see the Talons ire come to the fore and the escalation of their presence on Aren Prime, an series of increasingly brutal compliance actions that started at the Stane Service Township clash (ref Reclamation Action 82/db-3) and ended with the first major Astartes military action at The Cut (ref Reclamation Action 214/sh-6).

*** End record


Secessionist emplaced observation posts capture footage of Edge fireteams advancing under supporting fire from Astartes armour elements

24-01-2013, 23:11
You my friend have inspired me to finish off my blood angels :)
Truely great work and the fluff even more so (you should write a mini series ;)

25-01-2013, 01:15
One of the things I enjoy about your blogs is spotting the references to things I have read, I think we have similar taste in books. The Malazan series is my unparalleled favourite, and I can see a Lies of Locke Lamora (not great) reference and Kiss the Blade is an Affront ship I think. Good stuff.

25-01-2013, 03:42
They're getting more involved and more tenacious. What could be the matter?

25-01-2013, 08:57
@ Jonahmaul - No bone on the Necrons, promise. Ceramic white will be hard enough. And I drilled these barrels just for you sweetcheeks ;)

Well done petal! I know what you mean about painting tanks because I share the hatred! At least you found a use for liquid green stuff though!

Red Skullz
25-01-2013, 12:30
I was actually thinking on when you where going to start your 40k plog the other day and lookie here, it`s well under way :)

Subbed ;)


26-01-2013, 20:40
Evening everyone, hope things are good.

Just a small update from me tonight - the last 4 Tactical are undercoated and the bone plate well on its way to be completed, just waiting for the Devlan wash to dry befire the final Badab wash. The Rhino and Razorback are also undercoated, waiting for me to man up and get them started. Sigh. In other news, Praetor Corvin Varras has donned his war-helm, joining his brothers in hiding his shame. For now at least.

@ Hazmiter - glad to hear it mate, always gives me a warm glow to know someone else has been inspired by me. And I will be submitting some stuff to Black Library this year so fingers crossed.

@ Jozga - you've hit all those references on the head fella, and Excession is probably my favourite Banks Culture novel. Inversions a close second.

@ PrimeMinisterSinister - ah,not too long till you find out mate. Next fluff piece probably.

@ Jonahmaul - painting tanks sucks, simple as. Also have to do a Land Raider and a Darktalon conversion. Bleh. And liquid greenstuff is amazing mate, so many uses. Get some and get on it.

@ Red Skullz - great to see you along for the ride mate :)

So, just working on those last Tactical this weekend, which will give me a core of 26 Tactical for the army along with 2 Rhinos and a Razorback. Not a bad start and once this lot is sorted I get to paint some fun stuff.....

Cheers all

26-01-2013, 21:30
So, he'll be having a helm afterall? Cool, fits in better with the fluff you created.

26-01-2013, 21:41
Escalation - A broken blade can still cut

*** Begin record

Broken Edge, Tactical Blade Meanas
During the Crusade against the Blackmaw xeno-kind, the Iron Talons were deployed in Chapter strength across a sector-wide warfront. Whilst Chapter-scale deployment of the Astartes may seem an overly agressive move, the Iron Talons have never been a large Chapter and lack the volume of battle-brothers of other Astartes. Numbering somewhere in the region of 700 to 800 Astartes, the newly appointed Chapter Master Sevrin Kallas deemed it appropriate to call together all 7 Blades of the Talons and deploy in force to prosecute the subjugation of the Blackmaw ork clans. Almost a full decade of warfare, coupled with the close-range combat doctrine inherited from the Founding Scars, resulted in the Iron Talons suffering high casualties and bringing themselves almost to the point of Chapter-death. The results of this can be seen most prominently in the under-strength Tactical Blade Meanas, referred to as a Broken Edge. Consisting of the five surviving Tactical Astartes from Meanas, they have been joined by the sole survivor of the 5th Blades fourth Tactical unit and form an ad-hoc fighting unit used primarily to support the advances of the Assault Blades.


Led by Veteran Jarak, the Broken Edge normally deploy via Razorback armoured transport as fire-support for the swift moving Assault Blades, securing objectives after they have been cleansed by their brethren. This close association with the Assault Blades has coloured the combat actions of Meanas and they are often to found engaging the enemy in close range firefights and advancing into areas of intense combat. An almost fatalistic attitude seems to colour the orders and decisions made by Jarak, almost as though he and his brothers seek to join their fallen brethren and see Meanas reunited once again. This has not gone unnoticed and the Broken Edge often find themselves censured by Praetor Varras for their oft-impetuous and foolhardy exploits. Second of the Talons squads deployed to Aren Prime planetside, Meanas took it upon themselves to harry and harass Secessionist relief columns and comms-stations. While these actions were within standard Talon combat doctrine, they were not ratified by Praetor Varras and only their unparalleled success saved Jarak and Meanas from further censure and punishment.


The four standard Tactical Astartes of Meanas can be seen here in the now-standard mix of armour marks and plate sections. After the bitter drawn out conflict of the Blackmaw Subjugation, it was rare for an Astartes to wear a set of power armour consisting of plates from a single mark and these Astartes bear witness to that truth. Several pieces of Mk IV and Mk VII plate can be seen above, along with reconditioned sections of Mk VI and Mk VII plate. Each brother bears the traditional red right arm and bone plate of the Iron Talons, along with the company marking of the 5th Blade displayed on the left kneepad. Again, the Talons preference for non-Codex squad markings and the display of kill-tokens and fetishes is in evidence, with each brother bearing xenos tusks and bone sections in triumph. It was in part this savage appearance that went some way towards explaining the less-than-enamoured attitude displayed towards the Iron Talons by Imperial persons on Aren Prime, who by all accounts were expecting a Chapter more in the vein of the Argent Crucifers or vaunted Ultramarines.


Iskar Jarak, Veteran of Tactical Blade Meanas, perhaps comes closest to the biased ideal of an Astartes that Imperial forces were expecting, bearing as he does several relics of an Ecclesiastical nature. Mounted atop the power plant for his reconditioned mix of Mk VII plate is a simple devotional icon taken from the altar of the Demoscien Cathedral on Praxis 9, site of the fall of the majority of Tactical Blade Meanas, while a ragged section of tapestry from the same Cathedral is draped across the rear of the power plant. While some might think that Jarak does this to honour and venerate the God-Emperor, the truth is far more pragmatic - they are marks of shame, borne by Jarak in recognition of the fall of his brothers and a constant reminder of their fate. This morbid celebration of his brothers death is one of the many reasons that Destriant Borusa keeps a close eye upon Jarak and Meanas, ensuring that their melancholic nature does not turn into outright despair. Armed with a rugged Godwyn pattern bolter and straight form power sword, Jarak is an imposing warrior and easily the equal of many other champions of xeno-breeds and traitors alike and his tactical acumen ensured that the Broken Edge became a hated and feared force on Aren Prime, renowned and reviled in equal measure by the Secessionists for their uncompromising and brutal nature as well as the speed and fluidity of their attacks.


The final member of Meanas is rarely spoken of. Known only as the Penitent, this Astartes has been stripped of all honour and identification markings and is forbidden from bearing the winged talons of the Chapters symbol, instead bearing only a scroll detailing his trangressions inked in his own blood. This is the gravest punishment that the Destriants and Praetors of the Talons can mete out, further compounded by the actions of the Chapters Librarians who mind-scrub the brother to ensure that even he cannot remember his name, only the dolorous deed that has earned him this punishment. Once marked in this way and armed only with a bolter and combat blade, the Astartes is expected to find his end in battle in order to atone for his sins - the irony is that the mere existence of the Astartes ensures that this end is hard to find. During the Aren Prime intervention, the remnants of this particular Penitent were recovered from the site of the final clash with Secessionist forces, his search for redemption finally achieved.

*** End record

26-01-2013, 22:09
The Penitent -- whoa -- dark. I love the new fluff and the new marines. Makes me want to work on mine more.

27-01-2013, 01:34
Very nice, very very nice indeed :)
The penitent sounds like he did something quite bad, especially to suffer the fate that is worse than death.
Makes me feel sorry for him :(

27-01-2013, 18:33
very nice and in-depth look into your chapter. Love the idea of the penitent.
They're a morbid bunch, aren't they?

28-01-2013, 09:48
Morning everyone, thanks for the continued kind words and interest in my little Chapter.

Some progress to report, the last 4 Tactical's bone plate is all done and dusted - fingers crossed I can get the majority of the remaining work done this evening. No progress on the tanks but my Praetor has gone through another change, making this the 5th time he's been converted. 5th and final hopefully. Sneak preview pics to come later.

@ PrimeMinisterSinister - glad to hear you like the Astartes and the fluff mate. The Penitent was one of those random ideas that came about from thinking about what happens when something goes wrong for the Astartes - I don't really see them as the forgive and forget kind of warriors. Plus everyone likes Slayers.

@ Hazmiter - yeah it's pretty much the worse punishment I could think of for an Astartes, especially one from a Chapter that encourages kill-tokens and trophies - knowing you've done something that wrong that you've had all memory of yourself scrubbed must be torment for an Astartes. Don't feel sorry for him though, he deserved it.

@ Drazhk - morbid maybe, but I think just more inclined to neither forget or forgive errors in judgement - one of my favourite things from Prospero Burns (aside from it making the Wolves cool again and not just silly Vikings in spaaace) was the saying "I recognise my failing and will learn from it" - the Talons just take this a step further with "I recognise my failing and will learn from it, but will never forgive myself for it".

So that's pretty much it from me at the moment - day off today but plenty to sort out while the wife has taken the wee man out for the morning. Will catch you all later tonight folks.

Cheers :)

28-01-2013, 10:11
Arrivals - the Lords of War walk amongst us

"Was it an error in judgement to summon the Astartes? No. This war needed to be prosecuted swiftly and brutally as an example to those other planets and sub-systs harbouring similar pretensions towards independence. My colleagues may have wished for a more amenable Chapter, one more suited to the propaganda machines tastes, but for my own purposes, the Talons would more than suffice."
Excerpt from personal recordings, post-investigation reports made by Inquisitor Ishmael Constans, Ordo Hereticus.

"So apparently some Astartes commander is here. What's your frakking point? Is he gonna suddenly appear at tac-briefs, bathed in the light of the Emperors holy ****? Is he single handedly gonna protect every low-grade habber we have flocking here? Is this frakking hero gonna save my men? No, because they're already frakking dead. I'll tell you what this hero will do - he'll **** off up north with the rest of his frakking Astartes in secret and all we'll see is the bodies left behind."
Gunnery Sergeant Rand Lasko, 4th Platoon 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry. Comments made typical of anti-Astartes feeling prevalent amongst Imperial forces.

*** Begin Image Record

Inquisitorial spy-drones seeded in the Raseen Commercia District capture footage of assumed Astartes command elements for the first time

Closer image of Astartes command elements captured by spy-drone. Initial visual clue recognition and Astartes heraldry pattern analysis tentatively identify the central figure (ref Ast-[2]) as a company level commander equivalent to Captain in Codex Astartes designation. Ast-[2] temporarily assigned identification appellation of Praetor in line with known Iron Talons Chapter organisation.

Further image captures and identification efforts hampered by destruction of Inquisitorial spy-drone by Astartes pictured far left (ref Ast-[1]).

*** End Image Record

28-01-2013, 10:12
Not a fan of Space Marines normally, but you might be converting me. Good stuff so far.

28-01-2013, 16:53
Excellent work, love the fluff and the intrigue being generated in the PLOG already. The writing on pentinent's scroll looks black though, shouldn't it be red it it's blood?! Love the spy cam shots and the scenery being built to tie in with them, that's a great idea. Go do a Dark Elf shrine for the House of Chains too.....

29-01-2013, 11:24
Well well well JD... You really have come out all guns and amazeballs blazing.

Fantastic fluff and has really made me rethink and get on doing mine again...

This right arm thing is catching though isn't it!!!

Props on the little nod to the Argent Crucifiers. That chapter is something I cant wait to read more about.

Keep it up you little tyke.


30-01-2013, 17:17
Afternoon gents :)

@ Aku-chan - means a lot that you popped over and checked thine one out mate, I'll try and keep you interested for as long as possible

@ Jonahmaul - yeah I only decided to make it written in his blood as I was writing the fluff. Using the magic of fluff-handwavium, I'd say that enhanced as Astartes blood dries quicker and clots harder than human blood, it also dries darker.... I've had those bits of scenery knocking around for a while now to be fair, its nice ot get some use out of them. And DE wise, I have got one of the old FW Malus statuettes I was thinking of making into a shrine terrain piece...

@ ChadXHollywood - amazeballs is how I roll playa ;) Good to hear the fluffs inspired you - get on and get some more of your Son's done. Doing the arms a different colour is a nice easy way to break up a mini a bit, I think it always looks good on Astartes.

Sadly no painting progress to report, however the Talons are in action tonight - standing with their brothers of the Argent Crucifers against the turncloak Word Bearers and foul Nurgle Daemons. Should be a good game - I'll try and get some pics of everything as we go along.

Cheers all :)

31-01-2013, 01:37
Yay! Thanks for the nod JD. The Argent Crucifers were proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Iron Talons tonight against the vile hordes of Chaos!

02-02-2013, 09:44
I've just gone through and re-read the whole Plog, and I must say, DAMN YOU JACK DAW! I'm now gonna have to produce a Plog for the Brother-knights of the Argent Crucifers.

The only problem there is, how the hell do I follow this badboy? Sigh.

02-02-2013, 10:03
Hot damn, JackDaw does 40k fluffy-plog-awesomeness! Sweet! Looking good already, and the fluff is just as amazing as expected.


02-02-2013, 15:27
Maclorean, all I have to say is try, there is nothing else.
Hell, I reckon you can do it, so do it.

Jack daw, I want moar!!!!!!!
(also on side note, I'm almost finished with my brotherhoods deathcompany)
Can't wait for the next instalment dude.

02-02-2013, 21:06
Evening everyone :)

Some progress to report, although not much as some beer was consumed over the last few days...I also got distracted with making a few tweaks to a couple of the Assault marines, changing a few chainswords and arms around, and reconverting the sgt. This was mainly because his performance in-game has been shocking recently and I thought a more dynamic pose would inspire him to better things. Veteran Soren Kibre now looks the part I think;


And in terms of the last few Tactical, its only the metalwork and details needing doing:


@ Macloren - my pleasure mate :) It was a great game, absolute carnage as always. The Argent Crucifers definitely need their own plog - get on it!

@ BeatTheBeat - cheers buddy, good to see you here as well :) Glad the fluff is to your liking, I was a bit unsure about how to do it all if I'm honest. Kinda enjoying this weird post-review style though.

@ Hazmiter - there's more coming soon mate, be patient ;) Get some pics of your Blood Angels up as well.

That's it for tonight folks, aside from a small something coming up......

Cheers all

02-02-2013, 22:06
Armoured wrath - the war machines of the Astartes wake

"Secessionist armour had us pinned down in the hab units while their ground forces moved in to circle us. Maybe a half-dozen light tanks, couple of self-propelled artillery pieces that looked nothing I'd even seen before. Those self-prop frakkers were the issue, once they wiped Kessler and his team we were frak outta luck and anti-armour gear. Vulture support was apparently, inbound but wasn't gonna make a crapload of difference until we were all smears on the roadside. We could hear the self-props spooling up and moving in and nothing on Terra was gonna stop them. Then Solomon spotted the Astartes. Three armour units he said, what looked like a mainline battletank and two transports. Three units and they went through those Secessionist pieces like they weren't even there. It was so fast we barely saw anything, just that battletank moving faster and firing more accurately than anything that size had a right to do. By the time we cleared out the infantry it was all over, just wrecks as far as the eye could see. Still no sign of those bastard Astartes though."
Post action report, First Sergeant Nylan Reese, 8th Platoon 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry, Reclamation Action 124/sh-4

***Begin Record

Inquisitorial spy-drones capture footage of Iron Talon Astartes armour elements moving through heavily shelled area north-east of Namas Highway off-ramp Theta-354/b

It is rare indeed for any Astartes force to make war without the support of armour elements and heavier weaponry more suited to vehicle mounts rather than infantry held. Whilst the Iron Talons share their parent chapters predilection for a swift moving style of war, they also share the Scars appreciation for a telling blow that cripples the enemy in one hit. Thus, while Devastator squads are a rare sight in Talon forces, mobile weapon platforms such as the noble Predator pattern main line battle tank are a more common sight. During the Blackmaw Subjugation, Predator Destructor pattern squadrons were commonly deployed to counter the hordes of light walkers and buggies utilised by the orkoid-xenos. Military intelligence regarding Secessionist forces had established that while light to medium weight armour elements were plentiful, heavier units were curiously absent. Praetor Varras wasted no time in deciding that the few remaining Destructor pattern Predators held by the 5th would serve and deployed them planetside to act as opportunist armour-hunters.


The Predator shown here was given the designation 'Lance-1' by Imperial military observers, in the absence of any confirmed name provided by the Iron Talons themselves. While superficially similar to the Rhino-pattern APC commonly utilised by Astartes forces, the Predator sports noticeably heavier armour on its flanks and on the mantlet of its main piece. Armed with the formidable Hewer-type heavy autocannon, the Destructor pattern Predator can lay down a surprisingly heavy rate of fire that makes a mockery of the light armour units deployed by Secessionist forces and made the deployment of heavier ordinance such as lascannons unnecessary. This particular Predator unit was also equipped with a machine-spirit operated Hunter-killer one-shot missile, ensuring that any target that escaped the attentions of its main piece would find their respite brief at best. Of particular note is the lack of any sponson-weaponry, indicative of the fast-moving nature of Iron Talons combat doctrine - without sponsons, the Predator can maintain a rate of travel and fire that exposes the weaker side and rear armour of enemy units while also providing a fine defense against the attentions of the slower Secessionist forces.


Lance-1 displays the idiosyncratic markings common to the Iron Talons - observational reports and background data retrieval have tentatively suggested that the white triangular flash displayed on the left flank is a Company-equivalent marking, while the symbol displayed on the right maintenance access hatch may refer to the Predators support role and possible Devastator designation crew. Iron Talon armour units are rarely fully-crewed by Astartes due to a combination of low recruitment numbers and the fact that Talon Astartes prefer to face the enemy in person. Thus, this Predator unit will be crewed by a single Devastator class Astartes, supported by hard-wired combat-grade servitors and the machine spirit of the Predator itself. The gene-hanced physiology of the Astartes and the integration of purpose-built servitors leaves the Predator the equal of any veteran crew-served Imperial armour piece and able to respond to battlefield conditions quicker than a purely mortal crew.

During the Aren Prime Interdiction, commonly referred to as The Three Hives Rebellion by non-military personnel, the armour units of the Iron Talon Astartes reaped a fearsome toll from Secessionist forces and ensured that the southern third of the Namas Highway and outlying continental plains remained firmly in Imperial hands.

*** End Record

03-02-2013, 01:58
Gorgeous painting and nicely put together background!

03-02-2013, 03:49
Dude, the tank is awesome XD
I can agree on the many beers thing too, big night last night :)
I can't put photos up until I can get the pc up on the net, by then my army will be half painted :P
Are you going to run scout snipers??? (or were they wiped out in the massive suppression campaigns?)

03-02-2013, 04:07
Looking very awesome, and I'm loving the fluff snippets, keep it all coming! I was wondering if you'd had the chance to field the Predator yet, and if so how well did it perform? I've been considering adding a couple to my White Scars using the same configuration, but had some concerns about getting enough bang for my buck, so to speak.

04-02-2013, 12:54
Cheers for the kind words gents - pleasantly surprised to see how nicely those pics of the Predator turned out, think I might have cracked it.

@ Unwanted - Thanks mate, glad to hear you're enjoying things.

@ Hazmiter - cheers buddy :) I never enjoy painting tanks but the Predator did come out nicely. No scouts for me at the moment - I'm not a huge fan of them but I do have a squad with bolters just waiting for helmed heads, so I might add those in if I decide to reach 2.5k. Fluff-wise, the scouts are concerning themselves with recon missions and hunting spy-drones so won't be seen all that much...

@ Eek107 - thanks mate, much appreciated. The way I look at the basic Predator is this - its 60pts. For that, you get AV13 on the front, 3 HPs and an autocannon. So it's tough as feth and soaks a load of punishment and with the HP rules is great against light vehicles, walkers and skimmers. Use it as a screen for Rhinos, without sponsons you can happily trundle round 6 inches a turn and hit the sides of light transports without the whole 'but if I move I'm wasting my sponsons' thing. The first game I used it in, it happily faced down 3 Chimeras and a Hellbrute and was still rolling. Its also tough enough to soak up hits and still achieve that Linebreaker VP in the last turn - this also works if your opponent ignores it because its only got an Autocannon. Plus look at it - it looks awesome, specially if you get the FW reinforced armour like I did. My main point though is that its only 60pts. Absolute bargain for a tank that tough.

Anyways, enough Predator love from me (seriously though guys, 60pts. For a tank. 60 pts.) Got some good pics of the second Tactical squad over the weekend so I'll do my best to get those up tonight and finish off the last 4 Tactical marines and make a start on the Rhino and Razorback. Might have to do something cool as a reward though, maybe the Praetor or first 5 Sternguard....

Cheers all :)

04-02-2013, 15:19
ohhh i likey.

My unnamed (and unloved) Scars off shoots are Bone coloured too. Im really liking your fluff and that Predator is awesome. Is that the FW armour upgrade pack you have fitted to it ?

04-02-2013, 18:06
Loving the pred. The bone looks very good on tanks, I must say.

04-02-2013, 23:02
Just caught up on the full thread, your writing is excellent! Loving the multiple POVs and references to Imperial propaganda and trashy pict-shows. The contrast between how SMs are often represented and your guys' actions is really nice, some great fluff and the 'in-action' shots are a really nice way of introducing your models. And anything Nick Cave-inspired is always gonna be good. You've got some pretty sweet scenery there too. So yeah, I'm loving pretty much everything about this, keep up the good work!

05-02-2013, 16:16
Escalation – the blade unsheathed.

“Sections thirteen to nineteen clear. Count eight heavy armour units, four light units destroyed. Fifty three enemy combatants eliminated. No losses. Ammunition expenditure within tolerance levels. Thyr redeploying to sections twenty through thirty.

Praetor...this is poor sport. There is no glory here”
Intercepted secure-vox transmission believed to have originated from Astartes Veteran, designation unknown.

***Begin Record

As with all Astartes Chapters, the Tactical squad forms the solid backbone of the Iron Talon forces. Whilst other Company Blades of the Talons heavily favour Assault Astartes and rely on a minimum of Tactical Astartes as support, the 5th is renowned for the depth and strength of its Tactical Blades – though perhaps unsurprisingly given the genetic and doctrinal inheritance of the White Scars, Iron Talon Tactical Blades are most comfortable operating in lighting quick strikes at point blank range with the enemy. Drop pod and Rhino transports are often used to deliver massed ranks of Astartes into the heart of the enemy, shattering battle lines before they have even formed properly and fracturing combat formations. This is the arena in which the Astartes excel and in which their terrifying post-human nature is their greatest weapon – few indeed are those can remain resolute in the face of the gene-hanced assault of the Astartes.


Shown here deploying across the blasted plains to the north-east of the Namas Highway southern continent roadways, Tactical Blade Thyr prepares to engage Secessionist armour elements alongside Predator support. Led by the Veteran Caanan Dujek, this Tactical Blade sports a terrifying array of firepower from the ever-reliable Godwyn pattern bolter to the Hel-pattern plasma gun and Steelbreaker multi-melta. It is the inclusion of these last two armaments especially that points towards this Tactical Blades particular role on the battlefield – the location and elimination of enemy armour units and elite formations. The Hel-pattern plasma gun has proven to be a very reliable mark, with misfire occurrences in the lower tenth percentile and the power to take apart light vehicles as easily as heavily armoured infantry. This particular example sports heavy carbon scoring across the muzzle and fire-vents, indicating prolonged use – this Astartes would do well to change the muzzle array before further heat build from sustained firing results in warping of the muzzle framework and an unacceptable reduction in accuracy.


The Steelbreaker melta-unit deployed by the central Astartes is an immense weapon system that only the gene-bred bulk of the Astartes could hope to wield to any effect during battle. As with all melta-weaponry, armour is no protection against its unkind attentions, especially at the close ranges that the Iron Talons favour – it is for this reason that the multi-melta is preferred over the more static and range-reliant lascannon by the sons of the Talons. Flanking this Astartes, his brother consults an auspex array, no doubt identifying the next unfortunate target for Thyr to eliminate. To the fore, the closest Astartes can be seen preparing to deploy a fragmentation pattern grenade, his out-stretched bolter clear indication that enemy crews surviving the destruction of their iron mounts will not be at peace for long.


In clear evidence across all ten brothers of Tactical Blade Thyr is the Talons preference for non-standard squad markings and power armour mark combinations. Observers would be hard-pressed to identify a single Astartes clad in a full suit of Mk VII or VI plate. Kill-tokens and trophies adorn the battle-plate of several brothers along with other non-standard modifications to both helms, plate sections and bolters. As referenced before, this borderline barbaric appearance often resulted in Imperial forces viewing the Iron Talons with some suspicion, exacerbated by the fact that when the Talons eventually did join their efforts on Aren Prime with existing Imperial military actions, the idiosyncratic squad designations made it difficult for Imperial commanders to reliably identify what Astartes were fighting alongside them and what role they would perform in the field.


Caanan Dujek has walked the Imperium of Man as an Astartes for close to two hundred and fifty years now, serving as the Veteran of Thyr for the last 30 of those. There is little that this hardened warrior has not seen and his voice was one of the loudest raised in protest at the deployment of the 5th to Aren Prime, his bitterness at his removal from the Blackmaw Subjugation evident to see. Clad in a hybrid battle plate of Mk IV and V pieces, Dujek is an imposing figure and wields a bolter-plasma combi weapon – a rare weapon that only sharpens the bite of Thyr’s firepower. Hidden from view is Dujek’s augmetic left arm, legacy of the encounters with the daemonic infestation of Charbydis-9 by the plague-ridden vassals of [REDACTED]. Disdaining the power weapon variants commonly used by Astartes Veterans, Dujek instead hefts a simple chainsword, albeit one that is wielded with the strength and speed of an Astartes behind it. The reasons behind this choice are unknown, though the older brothers of Tactical Blade Thyr have been known to remark that Dujek has unfortunate luck with powered weapons, citing a higher rate of weapon malfunctions than any other brother of the 5th. The subtle nuances of Astartes humour are sadly lost upon the outside observer.

During the Aren Prime Interdiction, Tactical Blade Thyr reaped a fearsome tally amongst the Secessionist armour elements, often deployed via Rhino alongside the Predators of the 5th. Operating on their own recognisance for extended periods, Thyr harried Secessionist armour units across the length of Namas Highway and its outlying plans and sub-roadways, leaving a broken and burning trail of metal in their wake. With the escalation of military efforts and the roused wroth of the Iron Talons after Reclamation Action 80/db-3, Tactical Blade Thyr found their fearsome firepower directed at a very different target and suffered a grievous price for their continued butchers tally.

***End Record

05-02-2013, 22:02
Just read through your log, and my expectations are fulfilled when I read this thread's author's name ^^.
There are some cool mixed armors, I really like your use of the SW-armor, esp. the shoulder-pads. To comment on the newest update, the Seargent Dujek looks really badass - he's probably more easy to identify due to his helmet ;).
The red arm is a nice colour spot and a great way to customize - I think I've seen some similar some years before with the black templars, which fought a campaign alongside the Crimson Fists.

The lore you create around your army is probably my favourite aspect around your armies (I already knew your exquisit Druchii) the hints to a catastrophic (at least in terms of cooperation between the IG and The Astartes) ending of the "Three Hives"-campaign create a steady question "What's behind these incidents?". I'll follow your log from now on :D.

05-02-2013, 22:19
This is a fantastic log, inspirational stuff. This is a cut above, truly excellent.

06-02-2013, 12:37
Awesome stuff again JD. I love the Predator, the use of the red as a spot colour is perfect and ties it in very well to the rest of the army. Have you forgotten the purity seals or are you going back to do these?! The tactical marine with the auspex doesn't have his painted? What colour are you thinking of doing for the wax?

06-02-2013, 13:40
Dude, the tactical squad looks sweet :)
Keep it up, but I do reccomend some relaxation time too :)

06-02-2013, 15:11
Great idea to keep the eyes black on Dujek’s helmet. He looks so marshal and stern. I might have to steal that trick.

06-02-2013, 19:34
Dujek Onearm, brilliant.

Have you read the 'The Prince of Nothing' books? I am half way through the first one and I think it is very close to Malazan quality so far.

07-02-2013, 09:13
Morning everyone - thanks for the continued support and comments, I'll try and reply to everyone this morning.

@ DaHedd - cheers mate, Scars successors in bone for the win! It is indeed the FW reinforced armour kit - I just left off the door surround pieces as I wanted to use those on my Razorback instead and it didn't make sense for a non-transport tank to reinforce it's doors...

@ Drazhk - yeah I was very happy with how the Predator turned out, surprising really as I hate painting tanks.

@ Childsoldier - cheers fella :) I'm enjoying doing the little fluff snippets and the black & white pics, it's a nice way of showing WiP stuff without endless pics of grey plastic. Plenty more to come,

@ Harlekin - you are too kind sir. I think my main inspiration for the arm was the old pre-Death Guard Dusk Raider scheme - something about a blood red arm just looks badass. Glad to see you're along for the ride and enjoying the fluff, there's some cool stuff up ahead.

@ Commander Panda - thanks buddy, good to know you're enjoying it all so much.

@ Jonahmaul - Gah purity seals. They are painted, honest - the wax is the same goldish brass as the metalwork and the paper itself is just Dheneb stone with a Sepia wash. I'm too lazy to do anything else. I checked that Tactical as well - it is painted, but the light has made it look like it's not. If I was starting the army again, I'd shave off every purity seal I could.

@ Hazmiter - thanks mate - there's another 10 man Tactical to come soon once I sort the fluff. And with a wife, 18 month old son and 2 cats to look after, I only get about 9 hours painting time a week so there's little chance of burn-out ;) To be honest, once the last Rhino and Razorback are done, theres only another 23 Astartes, 5 Terminators, Land Raider and flyer to do, so it's probably not gonna take much more than a few months to finish the army.

@ PrimeMinisterSinister - steal away mate - it was more happy coincidence than anything with Dujek - the eyes on that helm are a bugger to paint.

@ Jozga - knew you'd get that one ;) Haven't heard of them before but I shall check them out - cheers mate.

Right, think that's everyone. Working on the tanks tonight, gonna try and get the bone finished and get the fluff sorted for the last Tactical squad. Also making the hard choice between a flyer or some FW parts for my Land Raider this month - can only really afford one of them. I'll also get a few more fluff bits sorted showing off some of the upcoming units and bits you haven't seen yet.

Cheers everyone

07-02-2013, 09:29
Wow, really interesting paint scheme. I like it a lot. Very crisp style.

And, yes, painting tanks SUCKS. Not sure why, but it does. Maybe all the large, boring flat surfaces.

07-02-2013, 10:50
This is excellent work Jack. Love the paint scheme, the red really makes the bone 'pop'. And I'm a sucker to good fluff to back up an army so double points!

09-02-2013, 21:20
Escalation - cleanse and burn

"We heard that the Astartes had moved north, towards the continental bridge and dockyard ares running off the Namas. Fairs fair - the Secessionists didn't seem to have an answer to the Astartes. They just melted away. Still, can't say I blame them. Got a tac-rep from Seventeenth platoon, Clancer's lot - tough bastards all. Clancer said they'd followed ten Astartes into a township hab-build about seven kliks south-east of the nothern coast. The area was lousy with Secessionists, dug in like ticks on a dogs back. Clancer's tac-rep said that he'd been approached by one of the Astartes, told to wait for one hour before advancing. He gave them thirty minutes and followed in. Now, some of those boys have seen some serious crap, they've seen and done things even I ain't sure of. But what Clancer said he found.......Throne, it doesn't even sound possible, sounds more like something from the pop-pics. Thirty minutes was all it took for those Astartes to break that Secessionist force. Multiple kills, for no losses. The Astartes moved on pretty quick. Clancer said his boys wouldn't have followed them if Sebastian Thor himself had asked him to."
First Captain Morlan Assant, 3rd platoon 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry. Acting field commander following the Namas Highway Incident, Aren Prime Secession.

***Begin image record

Intercepted Secessionist tac-images clearly show Assault elements of the Astartes involved in building to building clearance of the Cogan's Bluff township. Post action investigation reveals no Secessionist forces evaded Astartes engagement during this reclamation action.

Further images recovered from Arbite-installed population surveillance cam-drones show Astartes forces engaged in street-level maneuvers. Imperial tac-logists unable to positively identify third Astartes in line, early armour identification and Astartes heraldry pattern-analysis provide 70% possibility of command level Astartes presence, further 55% possibility of Chaplain designation.

***End image record

10-02-2013, 01:33
Lurve this plog. The Marines look fantastic. The simple asymmetrical colour scheme serve only to make for an incredibly striking model and looks nothing short of marvellous across a squad. I can't wait to see a larger force picture pict-capture.

The fluff puts me in mind of Bill King's Angel of Fire and feels entirely genuine to the setting. It's also really compelling, I wanna know what the "shame" is and I really wanna know what nastiness breaks loose to turn this from "poor sport" to a "Holy Work".

In short. Sublime.

Subbed and eagerly awaiting more. :)

11-02-2013, 02:22
I got a feeling this is going to go into some serious Platoon territory. I am expecting some Night Lords level terror.

Lord Dan
11-02-2013, 03:56
Do I spot a chaplain conversion, or just a crazy awesome marine with an eagle-headed beat stick?

11-02-2013, 07:37
Love the latest bit of background story, and the assault marines are looking good. I look forward to seeing them painted up :)

11-02-2013, 13:42
Morning ladies and gents, thanks for all your continued interest in my ramblings.

Sometimes in this hobby of ours, ideas are like buses – I struggle for months on end to think of something cool and fluff-tastic for my next army, tossing around ideas for Necrons and Ogres and Empire, before sacking all of them and concentrating on my Astartes. Then, just as I get really enthused and into my Astartes – BAM. Warriors of Chaos, straight in the kisser. I don’t know what it is about them, they’ve never interested me before – maybe it’s the new book (which is very nice and the list seems nicely balanced), maybe its the new models (the plastic lord is amazing and the Mutalith is the first big plastic monster I’ve actually wanted) – who knows.

All I know is that my next army will be Warriors of Chaos, that the theme genuinely makes me excited and a little sick, that the incomparable hobby peers of our Warbasterds gaming group have proclaimed this army to be a ‘good thing’ and that I have been threatened with physical violence if I do not do this army. Oh and there will be tentacles.....from beneath, it devours......

But fear not – my Astartes come first and they will be finished before the WoC are started. I’m still very enthused by the Talons, and once these last two transports are done, the army is pretty much halfway finished. On the subject of tanks, both the Rhino and the Razorback have had the bone finished, now comes the onerous task of blacking up everything again and painting the details. Sigh. Hopefully not too much longer on them and then it’s on to the Praetor (giving me a game legal painted army) and the first 5 Assault Marines. I’ll sort some proper wip pics of the tanks tonight showing the progress – the third tactical squad will also go up sometime soon, the pics are done so its just the fluff needs doing.

@ Seville – much appreciated fella, thanks very much. Your own Fleshtearers are great and your tanks are much better than mine – such a pity they are a pain to paint though, you’re right, it is the large flat surfaces that do my head in.

@ Jape – cheers mate  Fluff comes hand in hand with everything I do, there’s no escape.

@ Chem-dog – see, now words like sublime make me smile but also make me worry I’m gonna let you down ;) cheers for the very kind words though, really means a lot. Glad you’re enjoying the fluff, I will be heading into more detail regarding the Astartes’ shame and the change in attitude fairly soon, probably once the last Tactical squad goes up and before the ‘cool’ stuff gets deployed. It’s also great to know that the colour scheme is working for people, there was appoint where I really wasn’t sure about it and was gonna change it – happy I stuck with it now. No more bone for me though. Ever.

@ PrimeMinisterSinister – maybe not Night Lords levels mate, but somewhere close. Night Lords are my joint favourite Founding Legion though, maybe it’s time for another Chapter to step up to their mantle....

@ Lord Dan – lol, I didn’t recognise you with your new avatar mate, I was immensely confused for a second. You are correct, that there is indeed my Chaplain (Destriant). He was one of those spur of the moments ideas, but he’s come out looking amazing, he’s already one of my favourite minis in the whole army. A proper brooding bruiser of a Chaplain, with a proper sized beat-stick.

@ Deathcat147 – cheers mate, I’m looking forward to painting the Assault marines, it’ll be a nice break from Tactical before I move onto the Sternguard.

That’s it for now folks, I’ll get some wip pics sorted tonight for the tanks, and also a few shots of my librarian conversion – he’s not in the army list as such (to be honest, neither is the Chaplain) but I do want to get him painted – I need your opinions on the scheme though.

Cheers all :)

11-02-2013, 21:04
So, just a quick little update folks showing some wip on the tanks and the upcoming Librarian. The pics were grabbed real quick so aren't the best but they give a good idea of where things are.

Tanks first:


God I hate painting tanks. There was a burst of relief when the bone was finished, swiftly crushed by the realisation I would be spending about an hour blacking up sections ready for different colours. Still, once the metalwork is done, there's only a few small red and black sections to do, along with a few spots of the white/green I use. To be fair, they look good once finished but my god I do not enjoy the journey. Can't wait for the Land Raider :rolleyes:

Now, here's the question I was gonna pose you guys. This is my Librarian, converted up from the awesome Dark Vengeance chap:


Now, my question is how to apply the Talons scheme to this chap. I'm hesitant to roll out blue armour all the way, but then only a small amount of armour is actually on show. I was thinking of something similar to my White Scars Stormseer, where I did the armour in the regular white and just the right arm in the traditional blue:


So I have three options:

1 - Traditional blue armour with bone robes
2 - Regular bone armour with a blue right arm
3 - Traditional blue armour, with a bone right arm.

On top of that, I'm not sure what colours to do the robes. Silly Dark Angels and their silly dressing gowns. Why did you have to look so good? So, give me your ideas Warseer :)


11-02-2013, 22:25
God, you don't have like to bang on......:p Just kidding mate, lovely fluff as normal. The Assault Squad look awesome although I can see some non-drilled out barrels you slacker ;) I really love the different mixes of armour, it looks great.

I completely feel your paint on the tanks, they are just such a chore to paint, I get no enjoyment out of it! Love the conversion of the DV Librarian, I've done something very similar myself although not swapped arms as much as you, I really like the staff though, may have to get the clippers back out and remove his sword arm as that's a great idea. As for painting, also a conundrum I'm having which is why it's been sat on my painting desk since last summer! I really like that Librarian you've posted so I'd vote bone with the traditional blue arm but can't help you on the cloak sorry!

Chaos army sounds exciting and another great PLOG for us to follow is always good. But the Mutalith sucks balls!

Lord Dan
12-02-2013, 00:33
That Librarian is the single coolest 40K model I've ever seen. Everything about him is perfect, from the pose to his equipment.

12-02-2013, 00:53
Okay Bro, I've been giving some thought to your Librarien conunderum and what I'm thinking is you should paint his armour the same as the rest of the army keeping the bone and red right arm, and give him blue robes. none of the other Mariens in the force wear robes so fluff-wise that could be their Librariens thing. Also if you go for bone armour with a blue arm you would lose the cool red arm thing which is such an awesome signature to the look of the army.

Appart from that, remind me to snipe him in the head as punishment for not wearing his helmet!

12-02-2013, 01:15
Go for the normal colour of your army :) paint the loincloth blue ;)

12-02-2013, 03:18
words like sublime make me smile but also make me worry I’m gonna let you down.

You're putting way too much pressure on yourself dude. ;)

Now, my question is how to apply the Talons scheme to this chap....

You've established that the Talons are anything but orthodox in their application of rank insignia, why should Librarians be any different?
He carries the traditional rank badge on his right shoulder, that'd be enough for the Talons' purposes, they don't seem to care all that much that the other branches of the Imperium's war-machine can't work out their designations.
There is nothing to stop you adding a small splash of blue somewhere on the model (perhaps the hood trim detail) but I suggest sticking with the Chapter colours for the main part. A black robe would allow him to stand out without adding another powerful colour to your palette.

Aesthetically speaking, this guy has a lot more detail on him than the standard rank & file, that's going to add a lot more colour to him anyway, a third large block of colour might start to make him look a bit busy which would be jarring in the very neat and crisp company of his battle brothers.

If I were forced to accommodate all three colours, I'd pick blue armour, with a red right arm and bone robes. This suggests that, to the Librarian, being an Iron Talon is far more important than being a Librarian, as he is choosing to put is chapter colours over his mandated rank colours, to be seen as a Talon first and foremost. It also limits the impact of the addition of blue by all but eliminating it from the central bulk of the model. if that makes any sense.

12-02-2013, 10:46
I was going to suggest bone armour with blue robes, but I think Chem-Dog is right, too much blue may look wrong.

12-02-2013, 12:11
Hmmm, yeah perhaps blue robes isn't the way to go then. I liked Chem-dog's first sugestion more than the second though, I reccon he needs to have bone armour with the cool red arm for befonate, then just some blue detail as Chem sugested. If you went with blue armour with a red arm and bone robes, I think he may look too much like a Dark Angel Libby.

12-02-2013, 13:22
The Seer is wonderful. Which of the spacewolf figs is that you have used ??

( i prefer him to the DA guy tbh)

12-02-2013, 14:57
This plog is a perfect mix of nicely done and painted minis and good fluff.

But in the name of the Emperor - drill the barrels of those bolters :)

Horus Aximand
12-02-2013, 15:22
I'd personally just cut blue out entirely. Judging my your fluff, and what others have also noted, your Chapter doesn't adhere to strict Codex designs. Painting him as any other Talon would work well (maybe with black robes). The model itself should stand out without the need for an unnecessary additional colour block. If you want him to make him easier to notice on the board, try putting him on a 30mm base rather than a 25mm like the rest of your Talons. I did it for my own version of that model and I like how it works.

On the Talons themselves, I am in love with that colour scheme. It's simple, bold and different, and also in combination with the details and patterns conjures images of native Americans in my mind. And that's pretty damned awesome.

12-02-2013, 16:27
And suddenly BOOM, loads of comments. Thanks for all your input guys.

@ Jonahmaul - you moan, but you love it really ;) Don't worry, I will be drilling the pistols out on the Assault marines, same time I do a little gs filling. It's a real simple conversion to get the staff on there, just a hand swap from what I can remember. And the Mutalith is ace-cakes.

@ Lord Dan - cheers matey, he does look pretty cool doesn't he? Sometimes the simplest conversions are the best.

@ Macloren - the traditional bone and red was what I was leaning towards to be honest. And fluff wise, he never goes planetside, so doesn't need a helmet. That's my excuse anyway....

@ Hazmiter - cool, another vote for traditional Talon colours, cheers dude.

@ Chem-dog - good point well mate sir, no point going against my own fluff. Looks like traditional Talon with blue trim on the robes.

@ Aku-chan - I agree with Chem-dog as well.

@ Da-Hedd - cheers mate, he's the Space Wolf Rune-priest mini with some arm swaps. He is cool, but I can't bring myself to repaint him and he's a little too barbaric for the Talons.

@ Karl Franz - ah very kind of you to say mate, very kind. And the bolters will be drilled, promise.

@ Horus Aximand - thanks for the input mate, seems like everyone has pretty much the same feelings. Which makes things easy lol. Now that you mention it, 30mm bases would be a great idea for my characters...might have to look into that. And thanks for the kind words about the Talons in general - glad you like the scheme. Have to say, Native Americans never even crossed my mind when creating them but I can see where you are coming from with that - weird how things work out.

So, looks like the Librarian will be in the traditional Talon colours with black robes bearing a blue trim - cool beans. Once the tanks are down, he and 5 Assault marines will be next, swiftly followed by a Land Speeder Storm. Good times.

Oh, and as a thank you to everyone for your help, the next completed unit will go up tonight - woot.

Cheers all

12-02-2013, 18:35
And the Mutalith is ace-cakes.

It looks like it was thrown into a box with some random bits and glue and given a shake!

If your Librarian never goes Earthside how does he partake in battles?!

12-02-2013, 19:28
If your Librarian never goes Earthside how does he partake in battles?!

He doesn't Jonah, he's a craven as well as a witch!

I kid of course. Someone needs to stay on the strike cruiser and keep the ship running! Also you only get two HQ slots so if you want a Chaplain then no Librarian for you young man! I'm having the same issue with my army, I've made an awesome Libby but I want my force to be taken from a Battle Co so I feel I need to use my chaplain wich I don't like as much.

12-02-2013, 20:03
Escalation – a blade first amongst equals

“Yeah we captured some good pics, real stirring prop-lit stuff – the Astartes against the skyline, entering the township, that sorta thing. What? Did they know we were there? How the frak should I know? Ask them. Anyway, Hansen had the great idea of following them in, getting some real meat you know? The glorious Astartes in action against the heathen Secessionists. Frak me, there was nothing glorious about what we saw in there. “
Excerpt from Inquisitorial interrogation of Peitrs Viller, war-rep journalist for Skyfall news-affiliate. Image recordings sequestered for later destruction.

***Begin Record


For any Astartes force, the Tactical Squad is the finest weapon available. Unstoppable in advance, resolute in defence and flexible enough to react to any threat, there is little that can stand before a full Tactical Squad of Astartes in their righteous fury. The Iron Talons are no exception – we have already noted the emphasis that the 5th Company Blade placed upon Tactical Astartes, contrary to their Assault-heavy brother companies, and amongst the 5th, Tactical Blade Rashan holds a unique position as the first amongst equals. Often deployed in the vanguard of any assault or defence, Rashan are renowned for their accuracy under fire, their dependability and their willingness to adapt to the fluidity of the battlefield. Many times Rashan has formed the steel spine around which the rest of the Talons force moves, their solid reassuring presence in the battleline an ironclad promise that none shall face them and live. The casual observer may find this reputation somewhat contradictory with the appearance of Rashan themselves – they bear no heavy weaponry of note, no devastating combat blades, no warriors of legend walk amongst them – they are as they appear, simply ten Tactical Astartes wielding the holy bolter. However, it is this very simplicity that is Rashan’s greatest strength and their clarity of purpose that is their greatest weapon. Tactical Blade Rashan are killers, pure and simple. Their role is the extermination of any foe that sullies the realm of the Imperium with its presence and that threatens their brothers – Rashan know their place in the order of battle and knowing that their brothers will eliminate armoured threats or enemy psykers allows Rashan to focus their murderous skills on the reaping of enemy lives, something they excel at in all theatres.


Tactical Blade Rashan are shown here deployed in full strength across the plains north-west of Namas Highway junction Zeta-98, moving in support of assault and armour elements of the Iron Talons in one of the largest engagements fought by the Astartes prior to the events of Reclamation Action 82/db-3. Imperial forces in the area were caught unawares by the sudden deployment of the Astartes and their rapid engagement of a large Secessionist force containing combined heavy and light infantry units and light armour support. Suffice to say, the Secessionist numbers counted for little in the face of the Astartes assault and the enemy were routed for no fatal losses on the part of the Talons. Rashan can be clearly seen bring the full weight of their firepower against an enemy formation, the thunderous crash of bolters echoed by the heavier fire of the large-bore heavy-bolter variant hefted by one brother. The bolter is the perfect anti-personnel weapon, mass-reactive rounds ensuring that even a minor hit causes catastrophic organic damage and retaining enough power to chew through all but the heaviest armour. In the hands of Astartes the bolter is especially deadly, their preternatural accuracy only enhanced by the kill-tags and targeting matrices employed by the machine spirits of their battle-plate. Thus, even moving at pace, an Astartes can keep up a fearsome hit/kill ratio and a full unit firing in concert can break the foe in seconds. Underpinning all of this is the psychological aspects of Astartes firepower – one bolter is a loud weapon, ten fired in a sustained manner in unison is a thunderous cacophony of destruction, as though the God-Emperor himself roared in fury.


We have already detailed the role played in the early stages of the Aren Prime Reclamation Action by Tactical Blade Rashan and early pic-caps relating to their near savage appearance can be found in earlier reports submitted for this record. Suffice to say, Rashan typifies the somewhat lax approach taken to Codex-dictated appearance by the Iron Talons, power amour hybrids of several marks each painted in a bone lacquer and each brother bearing the red right arm prescribed by the almost barbaric initiation traditions of the Talons (ref ‘The Letting’). It is pertinent to note that encounters with Tactical Blade Rashan were the first recorded by the Imperial military presence on Aren Prime, the consequences of fleeting meetings with the assured calculating killers of Rashan no doubt colouring further Imperial opinions of the Iron Talons. The particularly observant may have noted one Astartes, seen in the fore of the bottom left quadrant of the second pic-cap who does not bear the red right arm displayed so prominently by his brethren and whose armour displays a further degree of ornamentation compared to his peers. Partially identified by post-mortem tissue analysis, this Astartes has been tentatively named by Imperial savants as Brother Trevant Arasc, and investigation of the remains of his battle plate indicate that he had begun training as an Astartes Chaplain before his death at the hands of Secessionist [REDACTED]. Closer inspection of this warriors power armour shows that he bears the Imperial Laurels on his left kneepad, a rare example of a traditional Codex Astartes honour marking and clear evidence that Brother Arasc was a warrior to be reckoned with. The reinforced left shoulder plating and box magazine fitted to his bolter would lead the informed observer to assume that Brother Arasc was particularly proficient at close quarters work, possibly with building clearance in mind. Moreover, one can infer that Brother Arasc was an especially pious Astartes, therefore well suited to the doctrinal rigours of the Chaplaincy. It should be noted that piety to this extent is rare amongst the ranks of the Iron Talons who venerate the Emperor as a mighty warrior rather than a God. In any case, Imperial representatives found that when eventually brought to the table, Iron Talons Astartes displayed an often disinterested attitude to worship, one that some whispered bordered on near-heretical agnostic leanings.


Tactical Blade Rashan has been led for the last three-score years by the Veteran Astartes Kalas Juvens, known as the Ironback by the brothers of the 5th for his unyielding stance in battle. Juvens wears a reconditioned suit of MkVII plate, bearing increased reinforcement around the gorget and additional bracing along the thigh and lower calf armour sections. Of particular note is the left shoulder pad – instead of the standard Chapter symbol displayed prominently, Juvens instead sports a simple plain pad mounted with a tattered remnant of banner. As a Veteran of the 5th, Juvens has earned the right to display heraldry or markings of a personal nature rather than the Chapter symbol and in place of the iron winged talon, Juvens bears the ragged remnants of an Astartes banner, tentatively identified through heraldry recognition programs as belonging to the Argent Crucifers Chapter. Perusal of the military records of both the Iron Talons and Argent Crucifers show that both Chapters were deployed in the cleansing of Charybdis-9, a hard fought crusade against the daemonic legions of [REDACTED] that forged an unlikely bond between the Crucifers and the Talons, two Chapters that could not be more different in personality. Somewhat atypically for an Astartes Veteran, Juvens bears only a standard Godwyn-pattern bolter holding an increased capacity box magazine and does not appear to carry any combat weapons of note. The reasons for this are simple – Juvens leads his warriors from the front, bolter in hand, as an equal. Born a killer and perfected in this art by his Astartes enhancements, Juvens has no need of fancy weaponry to ply his deadly trade and instead faces his enemies armed only with his bolter, his brothers of Rashan and the withering mordant wit that has become his hallmark.

As already noted, Tactical Blade Rashan were the first Iron Talon unit to deploy to Aren Prime planetside and the first to engage Secessionist forces. This infamy amongst enemy forces marked them from an early stage and sadly it was Rashan that would feel the weight of the retribution of Secessionist reprisals once the Aren Prime Reclamation escalated into something more than a simple compliance action.

***End Record

13-02-2013, 02:13
Have I said how much I enjoy your writing? Because I really do.
Also, you've shown a real knack for bitz. Everything looks well grounded in the White Scars but also like that doctrine and those traditions have changed and evolved into something totally different.
I might have to try out your colour scheme on a spare marine or something soon.

13-02-2013, 16:21
@ Jonahmaul - Curse me for not being more specific. Fluffwise, the librarian never come planetside in this specific war. He does everywhere else. And the mutalith is awesome. Who doesn't love a bajillion tentacles for a face?

@ Macloren - That's what he's doing this time ;) I kinda prefer Chaplains fluff and ruleswise, but they are a one-trick pony - just whack a jp on them and burn them around with Assault Marines. Libbies have a lot more flexibility in-game but just aren't as cool in my eyes. We probably need to try out the pysker rules properly though.

@ PrimeMinisterSinister - as long as you keep enjoying it, I'll keep writing it ;) Thanks for the kind words re the builds etc - I always think less is more in terms of using the Space Wolf and BA bits. Sometimes something the Chaplain and Librarian just come together beautifully with a minimum of fuss and changes. Not like my Praetor, oh no. He took about 7 versions to get where he is at the moment. Feel free to try the scheme mate, it would be great to see someone elses take on it.

Tybalt Andrus
13-02-2013, 18:30
Coming to this very late, I must admit, but there's lots of nice stuff in this log so far. I agree with you on the motivations for the colour scheme - the original Dusk Raiders scheme is very nice, and we don't see enough asymmetrical heraldries on Astartes (says a man who paints every marine bright yellow!). I differ from much of the group opinion on the Librarian colour scheme though (from what I can see) - I rather like the idea of him having his normal Chapter heraldry on the armour, with a dark blue tabard pulled down over the top. That, to me, implies that he is first and foremost an Iron Talon. He might wear the robes of a Librarian, but even when those are cast aside, he remains a brother of the Chapter. Ultimately, however, I could envisage either option working with a bit of thought, so I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

15-02-2013, 02:22
Inspiring story so far jackdaw, can't wait for the next instalment :)
Keep it coming :)

15-02-2013, 20:27
@ Jonahmaul And the mutalith is awesome

Fantastic fluff and equally fantastic painting, terrible choice in Warhammer monsters.....

17-02-2013, 02:56
Just caught up on the posts I'd missed, glad to see you've maintained the exceptional standard of fluffy goodness JackDaw. This Highway Namas Incident is intriguing me more and more... Glad you picked that scheme for the Librarian, consider mine another vote for it, albeit a late one! And the chaplain looks really bad ass. I'm thinking something daemonic is coming this way soon, but I can't be sure. One thing that's for sure is something gets a good walloping from that Imperial beat stick. Keep up the great work, be it glued, painted or written!

Lord Dan
17-02-2013, 04:36
Fantastic fluff and equally fantastic painting, terrible choice in Warhammer monsters.....

I love ya', Jack, but I have to agree with Jonah on this one... :D

18-02-2013, 15:46
Afternoon everyone :)

A little update - the tanks are done! Woot! Pics etc to come later tonight. My Bone-caster (read Librarian), Lucio Ilm, is also undercoated and ready for painting, along with 5 Assault Marines - so they will be started tonight. In related news, I've also upped my list to 2.5k, adding in a Chaplain, 5 scouts, a Land Speeder Typhoon (represented by my Land Speeder Tempest) and a 5 man Devastator squad in a Razorback. So yay, more stuff. And boo, more tanks.

@ Tybalt Andrus - it's early days yet mate so don't worry about being late :) Thanks muchly for the kind words on the colour scheme in general and your opinion on the Librarian. Looks like being a Talon first and Librarian second is the way to go.

@ Hazmiter - lots more to come mate, don't worry :)

@ Jonahmaul - cheers mate. You're still wrong though ;)

@ Childsoldier - thanks very much bud, glad you're enjoying everything. There is stuff coming, maybe daemonic, maybe not....I like my impending idea, it's very in keeping with the essentially paradoxical nature of the Imperium...

@ Lord Dan - BLAH you are wrong sir! The Mutalith is glorious. All Hail The Tentacle!

So that's it for now - pics and fluff to come this evening, promise.

Cheers all

18-02-2013, 15:54
@ Jonahmaul - cheers mate. You're still wrong though ;)

It is a well know fact that I am never wrong!

I've also upped my list to 2.5k

Ah, the hallowed words! It's always good news to hear that we will be getting to see more your miniatures and fluff. And it's only one more tank unless you count the speeder! Looking forward to pics later.

18-02-2013, 22:11
Escalation – the tools of war

“Rhino is a fitting name. I’ve seen them driven through walls and still keep rolling on the other side. Couple more main arms wouldn’t go amiss but I guess when you carry ten Astartes you don’t need much else....”
Personal recollections of Sgt Tovin Marx, Armoured Section of 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry, commander of the Strontium Dog Hellhound pattern armour unit.

***Begin Record

The Rhino armoured transport, and its cousin the Razorback, have been a mainstay of Astartes forces since the time of the Great Crusades. Rugged and hard-wearing, the stalwart Rhino chassis has proven itself to be one of the most durable armoured unit patterns in existence, and one well suited to the rigours of Astartes warfare. Able to transport a full ten-strong unit of Astartes both safely and swiftly into the heart of battle, with adequate space for additional ammunition stores and increased vox-contact capabilities, a Rhino armoured transport is commonly attached to every Tactical and Devastator squad in an Astartes company, with a further reserve pool utilised for ad-hoc transport missions. In this at least, the Iron Talons are in agreement with the Codex Astartes, with each Tactical Blade having a dedicated Rhino transport and each smaller Devastator Blade usually accompanied by heavily armed Razorback variant. The mobility afforded to the Talons by the use of such transports sits perfectly within their combat doctrine – the swift powerful strike aimed at severing the enemies head from its shoulders. Clearly inherited from the practices of their Primogenitors, the fleet based nature of the Talons means that the preferred warbike mount of the White Scars is eschewed in favour of drop-pods and Rhino transports, but the essential rapid close-range nature of their style of warfare remains similar.


Pictured here at station are three such workhorse transports of the Iron Talons. From left to right, we can see Shield-3 – the Rhino transport attached to Tactical Blade Thyr, Shield-7 – a reserve Rhino currently attached to Tactical Blade Rashan and Shield 2 – a support Razorback pattern transport utilised by the under-strength Tactical Blade Meanas. It is pertinent to note the designations applied to each transport and their somewhat generic nature. Standard Astartes tradition is to provide each armoured unit in their arsenal with a proud name, to honour the machine-spirit residing within. The Iron Talons have dispensed with such tradition for purely pragmatic reasons – the nature of their warfare results in a high loss rate of transport vehicles, either through enemy action or the extreme conditions to which they are pushed. Thus, the Talons rely on simple designations for armoured units – transports are Shields, battle tanks such as Predators and Vindicators are Lances, and the heavy transport Land Raiders are referred to as Broadswords. It is rare for an armoured unit to bear an official name though some examples exist, such as the venerable Land Raider Iron Bride that bears Praetor Varras and the Assail to war. The Iron Talons are not alone amongst newer Chapters in making use of advances in servitor technology to crew their war machines – due to their smaller number of Astartes, the Talons feel that dedicated vehicle crew are a luxury that cannot be afforded. Thus their vehicles are often crewed by slaved servitors and dedicated hardwired thralls, usually Aspirants that unable or unwilling to complete the transformation to full Astartes brotherhood, acting in concert with the vehicles machine-spirit. As an example, Rhino and Razorback pattern transports have a hardwired thrall responsible for operation of any weaponry and defensive systems while transporting a Tactical Blade – during this time the Rhino will be driven by a member of the embarked unit. Once the passengers have been deployed, fire-evasion and area denial sub-routines will be performed by the hardwired thrall and machine-spirit, though it has been remarked that the combat performance of such a Rhino lacks the innate flair and skill of an Astartes driver.


Shield-3 is the sole unit-dependent transport shown here, permanently attached to Tactical Blade Thyr. As a frontline combat transport Shield-3 bears a full complement of tactical gear, from the heavy stormbolter mounted on the top copula, to the additional smoke launchers positioned either side of the main chassis. Firing a mix of blind grenades and tinsel, these launchers are intended to confuse both organic and machine optics, ensuring that Shield-3 can protect its valuable cargo for as long as it takes to deliver them into the heart of the enemy. Note that Shield-3 is the sole transport pictured that bears the squad markings adopted by its parent unit – displayed prominently on the right access hatch and top-hatch. This specific Rhino transport has served as Thyr’s combat mount for close to 50 years, with only minor repairs due to attrition and engine-degradation needed in that time.


During the Blackmaw subjugation, the dedicated Rhino transport attached to Tactical Blade Rashan was lost to Ork wreckers and deemed unrecoverable before the extraction of the Talons from the crusade theatre. As a result, Shield-7 was attached to Rashan from the reserve pool for the duration of the Aren Prime Reclamation. As a reserve unit most often used for materiel deployment and second/third line transport missions, Shield-7 lacks the stormbolter armament and smoke launcher defensive systems sported by its peer Shield-3 and mounts only a high-gain spotlight and vid-cap array. Under normal circumstances, a refit to a combat ready state would be essential before this armoured unit was considered for front-line operations, however the Talons attitude towards the Aren Prime Reclamation resulted in a somewhat lax approach to combat-readiness and it was deemed that Shield-7 was suitable for use by Tactical Blade Rashan. For their part, while wry comments were made about the lack of teeth to their mount, Rashan found that the spotlight array was useful, especially in the urban pacification and search-and-destroy missions that they commonly undertook. It is then perhaps unsurprising that after the Talons left the immediate environs of Aren Prime, a petition was submitted by the surviving members of Rashan for the permanent attachment of Shield-7 to their unit.


The Razorback variant armoured unit is a hybrid of personnel transport and fire-support unit, providing heavy weapon support for the cost of some transport capacity. Aggressive and rugged, the Razorback is a favoured mount of the Iron Talons, usually attached to the smaller Devastator Blades as a means of increasing their firepower without increasing squad size. Shield-2 mounts a particularly fearsome armament in the form of twin-linked assault cannons, a weapon option capable of a torrent of accurate armour-piercing rounds that excels in both anti-personnel and anti-armour use. This particular load-out, mounted to the modular style turret manufactured on several newer Forgeworlds such as Sindon-theta and Port Talmmot, is a favourite of the Iron Talons and means that the under-strength Tactical Blade Meanas can feel confident in dealing Secessionist infantry and armour alike. Shield-2 has served the warriors of the 5th for several hundred years, and while it has been brought close to armour-death on several occasions, no enemy has been able to inflict system-death on the belligerent machine-spirit bound within its metal hide. Unofficially and superstitiously referred to as ‘Hound’ by the Astartes of the 5th, the machine-spirit of Shield-2 has a reputation for its aggressive and eager nature and it has been noted by the Tech-adepts of the Talons that this armoured unit does report a higher than standard burn-out rate on its hardwired thralls and servitors.

***End Record

19-02-2013, 10:34
First my nitpicking (sorry!) but in the photo of the three tanks it goes Rhino > Razorback > Rhino not Rhino > Rhino > Razorback like the fluff says ;)

And onto comments. Firstly the fluff. As usual it is excellent but what I really love is the way it makes things that we've already read about a million times (Rhinos for example) interesting. It would be very easy to just dismiss it as 'yeah, it's another Rhino story, we've heard all about them before' but I think the strength of your writing is that it makes you read because of the way that they don't name vehicles, or the new labels you're using for groups of tanks (Shield/Lance/Broadswords). I like the details on each vehicle as well, you provide character to a very mundane and usually uninteresting part of a Space Marine army.

And onto the painting. As usual the painting is fantastic and very well done on getting three (THREE) vehicles done! I usually force myself to get one done and then avoid painting another one for as long as possible! Did you batch paint them? I also think you should do some weathering, especially as they're engaged in urban warfare involving lots of smashing through buildings!

20-02-2013, 02:29
Firstly the fluff. As usual it is excellent but what I really love is the way it makes things that we've already read about a million times (Rhinos for example) interesting. It would be very easy to just dismiss it as 'yeah, it's another Rhino story, we've heard all about them before' but I think the strength of your writing is that it makes you read because of the way that they don't name vehicles, or the new labels you're using for groups of tanks (Shield/Lance/Broadswords).

Quoted for truth!

21-02-2013, 20:19
Evening everyone, just a brief update today - no shiny fluff or special pics sadly, still working on a few things for the next few posts. On the plus side, I do have these wip pics to show off and hopefully whet your appetites:

The Assault Marines as they stand, armour basecoated and first washed, these chaps just need the two highlight stages and the last two washes. So loads really. First up the regular three Astartes, then the Edge leader and flamer Astartes;


And there was a bit more progress made on the Librarian, his armour just needs the final white edge highlight. I'm enjoying painting him, which is kinda sad seeing as he won't be used all that often. Ah well, least he's gonna look cool.


After these 6 full brothers are done, I'll be moving on to something a little different - the new recon section of the 5th Blade, consisting of a 5 man Scout squad (in helmets, gratefully received from Labrat of the Warbastards) and my Land Speeder Typhoon proxy, who looks like this:


Yep, it's a Land Speeder Tempest. Mainly because they look cool, also because I had one lying around. I'll need to replace the assault cannon in the nose with a heavy bolter but aside from that it's good to go after a swift reundercoat. And yep, that's a sweet little magnetic ball-and-socket flying stand for proper zoom-woosh posing. WEEEEEE as my son Nate would say.

@ Jonahmaul - cheers mate, glad you liked the tanks. I painted them in pairs, Shield-3 was done the same time as the Predator, the other Rhino and Razorback done together. Still didn't really enjoy painting them, but once the bone is done, they are pretty much 90% finished. Still a Land Raider, Land Speeder, Razorback and Stormtalon to do though :( Thanks also for the kind words about the fluff, it was a bit of a challenge trying to find interesting things to say about basic tanks, so its good to know it all worked out.

@ Childsoldier - thanks muchly as well mate, least you and Jonah seemed to like the tanks :)

That's it for now folks, more to come once I've worked out what fluff bits to do next and have finished the Librarian etc.

Cheers all

21-02-2013, 21:52
Magnetic ball and socket joint? You have my attention sir, please go on...

22-02-2013, 14:13
JD this really is coming along rather swiftly. Keep up the good work. I am enjoying the fluff.

23-02-2013, 22:44
Evening everyone, just a very quick update from me tonight - a fair bit of progress has been made on my Librarian, to the point where his armour and robes are done, leaving just the detailing. I say just the detailing, there's so much of it that he's still only about 50% painted. Sigh. Still, I reckon he should be done by the end of the week. I'm also working on the next set of fluff pics - there's some of the recon section I want to do, but need to wait for some heads on Wednesday, so the next one might be Sternguard related. Maybe.

Anyways, some pics of the Librarian - I got the blue in on the robes, using Fenris Grey with a very very thin blue wash, then picked out the trim details with Hawk Turquoise, again with a thin blue wash. I think it's got the balance between the darker, bleached style of my painting and the Talons, while still adding that Librarian blue touch. Let me know what you think guys:


I'm pretty happy with him so far - the bone armour is a section I'm particularly happy with, and I reckon the robes work quite well.

@ Jericho - I wish I could take credit for it mate, but I found it entirely by accident on eBay. This gent is the genius behind them - Linky (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261165848117?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649).

@ ChadXHollywood - Cheers mate :) They are coming along fairly quickly, but then I have been painting 30+ units of Dark Elves for the last year so a ten man Tactical squad is a piece of cake by comparison. Hurry up and update your log as well you lazy bum.

That's it for now folks, promise I'll get something more exciting and substantial next time.


24-02-2013, 06:22
Impressive jack, the librarian looks pretty good :)
I'll have to bite the bullet and paint mine up.... (he is not even 25% painted... Only undercoated XD )

24-02-2013, 11:24
That's a very snazzy robe.

24-02-2013, 12:08
Excellent looking stuff JD, the Librarian is looking impressive already and the colours complement each other very well. I feel that there is something missing from the PLOG - painting guide! Sure I've asked you about the armour scheme before for the Druchii which is similar to this but can't remember what you said!

24-02-2013, 16:13
The magnetic flying stand is a really cool idea, posable whooshiness on a Speeder is no bad thing! And really like the look of the Librarian so far, glad you went with the "Talon first, Libby second" colour scheme, looks like he'll tie in very well with the rest of the force but the robes, pose and details set him apart as a centre-piece model. Looking forward to the next update, although I hate Sternguard (from coming up against them with my flimsy IG!).

25-02-2013, 05:12
Fantastic work on both fluff and models, and that is a very shiny libby you have there, keep up the good work!

25-02-2013, 21:58
Blades Unsheathed - the Assail enter the fray

"Three weeks into clearing Raseen District hab-levels and we were getting nowhere. Secessionist forces had dug into hab-blocks around the Tempelum buildings and were not moving, holding off everything we threw at them. After the ninth day, the Astartes came. We had been expecting more, but only five of them came. Konnar asked where the rest were - one of the Astartes made a grating sound and said they were it. Five Astartes against maybe two hundred mixed Secessionist infantry and their support weapons. Frak me, the Secessionists didn't stand a chance. Those Astartes tore them apart in as much time as it took to think it. Some kind of hi-ex round took out walls, emplacements, heavy armour. Incendiary rounds broke apart fire-teams in bursts of flame, scouring the ruins. Four hours later, Konnar and his boys were securing the Tempelum sector and the Astartes had gone. Throne, I never want to see anything like that again. The worse part? We realised after that the grating sound had been laughter."
Field report of fire-team leader Calin Droost, recon section, 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry
Raseen Commercia District, reclamation action 59/Mh-7

***Begin Image Record

Secessionist pic-cam emplacements capture images of Astartes forces engaged in building clearance during several actions in Raseen Commercia District. Non-standard armour marks and ornamentation imply the presence of elite Astartes forces (ref 'The Assail'). Note presence of heavily tech-augmented Astartes on upper level, Imperial tech-savants tentatively identify individual as bearing high-gain vox and auspex tech and possibly being responsible for heavy interference and info-flow sabotage on both Imperial and Secessionist data-flows.

Further images captured of potential Astartes command elements by Secessionist gun-cams and recovered by Inquisitorial tech-agents. Imperial Military Intelligence concerned by appearance of Astartes on far left of Iron Talons Praetor - no markings common to the Iron Talons Astartes are present, indicating the presence of a second Astartes Chapter on Aren Prime, unknown to Imperial Command. Efforts are ongoing to cross reference heraldry markings with armour pattern to identify this particular Astartes.

***End Image Record

25-02-2013, 23:16
The plot thickens! When my mate talked about plogs I thought it meant "painting log" not "project log". This is certainly the latter, and I'm mightily enjoying it. I like the laughter bit in the intro too, that's why they don't take off their helmets! *we are giant scary superhumans from the future* sounds better in grating, mechanical tones.

26-02-2013, 09:33
The plot does indeed thicken. Excellent little teaser, can't wait to hear more! But if you post ONE more picture of a marine without the bolter drilled I will hunt you down and smite you god damn you!

26-02-2013, 13:57
The plot does indeed thicken. Excellent little teaser, can't wait to hear more! But if you post ONE more picture of a marine without the bolter drilled I will hunt you down and smite you god damn you!

Indeed, the new guys look great. And i must agree with the bolter part, drilling them out that is, not the hunting you down part :D It's a minor thing, but it does look a little jarring against the other great work you have done on this project.

26-02-2013, 15:24
Afternoon everyone, and as ever, thanks for your continued interest.

@ Hazmiter - thanks buddy, I'm pretty happy with how he's coming along so far. He's also up to 75% done now, so get your skates on and catch up ;)

@ Aku-chan - cheers :) The robe was the part I was most worried about but it seems to have come out alright.

@ Jonahmaul - I shall sort a painting guide out for the bone soon, possibly a tutorial with pics and everything. Oh and the bolters will be drilled out, promise - the ones without had literally been added five minutes before the pic was taken.

@ Childsoldier - thanks muchly bud, the speeder does look pretty cool on the base - more so now that I've painted it to look like an Imperial road-surface with markings and everything. Making the Libby a Talon first, psyker second has helped witht he background as well, there's a nice little extra conflict in there. And Sternguard are my favourite unit in the codex, hands down. I never write a list without them.

@ Ghoulstars - cheers mate :) Your own Chaos stuff is looking good, there's some great kitbashes in there.

@ DeathCat147 - the Sternguard are my favourite unit so far, I've tried to give them all a little character in some way. And don't worry, the bolters will be drilled before painting.

That's it for now chaps, will try and update as soon as I can, possibly with finished Librarian goodness.
Cheers :)

Tybalt Andrus
26-02-2013, 16:04
Very nice Sternguard. I've just finished putting together a squad myself, taking exactly the same approach with the Forge World armour marks, and mixing it with the GW standard models.

The Librarian looks to be coming along nicely as well. The blue is darker than I had envisaged you'd go for, but it seems to work so far.

Solun Decius
27-02-2013, 13:50
Just want to let you know I've been following this thread eagerly since it started.
Love the gritty fluff. Just haven't really had anything special to say :D
I'm totally excited about the escalation to all out war that you've been hinting at ;)
What intense secrets are these Secessionist hiding, eh?
Stay on track man and keep up the great work.

01-03-2013, 21:15
Ah how the best laid plans go awry. I got the Librarian all finished last night and was planning to post him up tonight with the fluff. The fluff which I had started to write in work, and duly forgot to email to myself to carry on with at home. Sigh. So, the Librarian will have to wait until Monday or so - on the other hand, I do have the bits ready to do some fluff pics for the Recon section, so I'll get that up instead over the weekend.

@ Tybalt Andrus - Cheers mate, the FW stuff looks great as Sternguard I think - the regular Sternguard are a little too over-the-top for me. I kept the blue fairly dark on the Librarian as I didn't think anything brighter would work with the rest of the army - the little lighter blue trim seems to work nicely though. Oh and inspired by your retro Techmarine, I picked one up myself - more on him later.

@ Solun Decius - hey, thanks for staying around mate, much appreciated :) I promise I'll stop being such a tease with the fluff soon - I was just building up to the big reveal and everything kicking off while I was getting the basic Troop choices done - now that they are out of the way, the cool stuff can come out to play and everything goes crazy.

So, as I mentioned, Tybalt Andrus's awesome retro Techmarine in his lovely Imperial Fist plog made me want one of my own - but, he didn't have a helmet on and I hadn't written one into my list. The other issue was that a slow clanking Techmarine didn't really fit with the swift moving Talons - however, there was an opening for a sergeant in my Devastator squad, one that seemed fitting for a Techmarine. A quick little eBay later and here we go:


Gotta say, I love this chap. He looks brutal and heavy, just like a Devastator should. Just need to sort out his 4 squadmates now. And their Razorback. Sigh.

Oh and one final thing - thanks to whoever decided to down my rating from 5 to 4 stars, without commenting or leaving any feedback - very helpful and constructive of you.:rolleyes:

Anyways, thanks again to all you chaps kind enough to take the time to comment and spur me on. Shiny fluff stuff to come over the weekend, I promise.

Cheers :)

01-03-2013, 23:55
I'm looking forward to the next lot of updates jackdaw, and I must agree, the techmardevsarge looks good :)
And ill get there in the end, I decided my scouts want some TLC, so I've been undercoating them.
I must admit, your armies theme is a powerful one ;)

02-03-2013, 10:58
The fluff which I had started to write in work, and duly forgot to email to myself to carry on with at home.

Busy at work then ;) The techmarine guy looks awesome. I think he could've fitted into the fluff as with so many tanks they obviously need someone to fix them up! But regardless he is a very cool miniature and conversion. Looking forward to seeing the Librarian on Monday (you do realise that it's contractually binding now right?!) and this guy and his squad.

Tybalt Andrus
03-03-2013, 20:42
So, as I mentioned, Tybalt Andrus's awesome retro Techmarine in his lovely Imperial Fist plog made me want one of my own - but, he didn't have a helmet on and I hadn't written one into my list. The other issue was that a slow clanking Techmarine didn't really fit with the swift moving Talons - however, there was an opening for a sergeant in my Devastator squad, one that seemed fitting for a Techmarine.

Well, I think that's a first, but I'm very pleased that my little plog has provided some inspiration to a fellow Warseer. The conversion does, indeed, look excellent - extremely fitting for a Devastator sergeant. I can't quite make out the detail on his left arm and shoulder pad, though - what are the parts?

03-03-2013, 20:49
Oh that old tech marine works really well.

Btw I forgot I could vote. 5 stars from me. Maybe that'll bump u back up :evilgrin:

04-03-2013, 01:57
Ah how the best laid plans go awry. I got the Librarian all finished last night and was planning to post him up tonight with the fluff. The fluff which I had started to write in work, and duly forgot to email to myself to carry on with at home.

Compose in hotmail (or similar). Save as draft. Access from anywhere you can get to the net. ;)


This is raw, unadulterated SEX in Power Armour.

I love how you've used a Sarge as an excuse reason to include an awesome model, just because, it's a nice touch that totally fits the fluid dynamic of the Chapter. Also think that the Techmarine being responsible for "signal sabotage" is an awesome touch.

Have to say I'm incredibly taken with the title of "The Assail", an elegant touch. It says brutal, but in an educated way, if you get my meaning.

The Librarian. It's looking pretty boss right now, dark and underplayed blue works magnificently. I'm really looking forward to seeing him completed.

Oh, and the mysterious Marine...I'm ignoring the origin of his right shoulder pad as a red herring, I'm wondering if he might be a representative of the Argent Crucifers though.

EDIT++ I mean left shoulder pad, not right. :shifty:

04-03-2013, 13:07
Hey dude, loving this so much. I must start my own one too, but I have to admit following such hobby brilliance is rather daunting!

The mystery Marine looks cool. Do you think the Inquisition would be mad at me if they thought I knew who he was!? LooL

Also the Devastator Sg is acecakes, realy nice use of a clasic mini

Keep it coming!

04-03-2013, 14:57
Afternoon everyone, hope things are good.

@ Hazmiter - cheers mate, good to know I'm inspiring you onwards :) Must admit, this is the Marine army I am happiest with of all the armies I've done in the past.

@ Jonahmaul - er...yeah...always...:shifty: I think I see Techmarines as being quiet slow and plodding for some reason, not sure why - that's why the army list option didn't work for me. And yeah I know I cursed myself with that promise of a post today - no painting planned for tonight so fingers crossed I can get him up if Nate behaves and goes to sleep easily.

@ Tybalt Andrus - I think I was on eBay looking for my own within about an hour of seeing yours mate :) The left arm is the Emperors Children shoulder pad (used that for all my Chapter symbols), the FW mkIV captain sword arm (with the sword and hand trimmed away) and a random plastic left hand that wasn't holding a gun.

@ DaHedd - cheers mate, much appreciated. It's Jes Goodwin man, all of his old sculpts are still amazing.

@ Chem-Dog - work look at me funny if I have an email open all day - a word doc on the other hand is fairly normal ;) Sex in Power Armour sounds like it should be an 80's style hair-metal anthem and therefore the semi-official anthem for this army. Glad you like the conversion though, I was really happy with him and his solid presence. I might recut the signum so it follows his eyeline a little more though. The Librarian will be coming soon - for someone who doesn't take any part in the fluff and probably won't get used in-game that much, I did spend a while on him and I reckon he looks pretty sweet.

Oh and Argent Crucifer? Maybe. :shifty:

@ Macloren - ah don't worry about it mate, you are more than capable of doing something equally as e-peen engorgingly awesome. I've shaved down the Inquisitorial symbol on that pad to avoid any Deathwatch confusion - instead he's just got a real ornate pad, as befits a champion. I am slightly annoyed that he's ended up with the Chapter symbol on the wrong pad now, but I do have a plan to cover that - I think his left pad is going to display a stripped down version of the Talons Chapter symbol as a mark of honour.

Thanks again chaps, will update again tonight with Librarian goodness if Nate goes to sleep, Scout goodness if he doesn't.

Cheers all

04-03-2013, 20:39
Lords of War – Epistolary Lucio Ilm, Bone-caster, the Seer of Ends.

“He may bear the bone of the Talons and the crimson of the Letting, but Ilm is not of the 5th. He is a bone-caster, a mind-breaker. A wych-kind. We do not trust him and we do not like him. Ilm stands with us, yet apart from us and brings no glory to the 5th.”
Edge Veteran Alyx Tarsus of the Assail, 5th Blade of the Iron Talons.

“They curse me and mark themselves with wards against my talents and not one of them will acknowledge the feats I perform in service of the Emperor. None of them understand my endless war against the temptations of the aether and none of them will try to understand. When I look at my brothers, I see the manner of their deaths in their eyes. Is it any wonder that we keep this distance between us?”
Epistolary Lucio Ilm of the Librarium, Iron Talons Adeptus Astartes.

***Begin Record

As rare as the Astartes are, those carrying the pskyer gene are rarer still. Amongst the thousands of aspirants selected for the Chapters of the Astartes, only a handful survive both the physical trials of Astartes enhancements and the rigours of the mental tests performed upon potential psykers. A Librarian is the culmination of physical and mental training, the perfect blend of mind and body in one warrior. They are also the most dangerous of Astartes, a conduit to the ruinous powers of the Warp that requires an iron will to control and a weapon that can cut both ways. For the Iron Talons, an aspirant bearing the psyker gene is rarer still. Lacking a homeworld, the nomadic fleets of the Talons instead must recruit from whatever appropriate planets they can locate. The chances of finding a un-mutated youth of appropriate age for Astartes augmentation are already slim, and the chances of finding a nascent psychic youth not already claimed by the Black Ships of the Inquisition slimmer still. Thus it is unsurprising that Librarians are a rare sight amongst the ranks of the Iron Talons, with only a half dozen or so in active service at any time. Secretive to the point of obscurity, even for the already reticent Talons, the Librarians are seen as outsiders amongst the Blades and are regarded with a great deal of mistrust, regardless of the fact that they bear the crimson and bone of the Talons themselves. The brothers of the Librarium are also regarded poorly due to their role in the creation and punishment of Penitents – for a Talon, the loss of memory and personality is as horrific a punishment as internment in a Dreadnought sarcophagus, and the association of the Librarium with this mind-wipe process is one that colours relations between the brother Astartes. This mistrust has oft-times boiled over into outright dislike, resulting in the derogatory nickname of ‘Bone-caster’ often being used to refer to Librarians. The implication that their skills and talents extend purely to throwing runes and bones like some savage backwater shaman is a barely disguised insult and one that few Talons would voice to a Librarians face.


Hailing from the pre-industrial agri-world of Daruj, Ilm was selected for Astartes augmentation almost two centuries ago, making him one of the youngest Librarians currently serving the Iron Talons. Despite this apparent youth, Ilm resembles an Astartes closer to three times his age, the strain of controlling his warp-borne powers ravaging his augmented body. Whilst others amongst the Librarium can bend their minds to immense acts of telekinesis or are able to reshape flame and flesh to their desires, Ilm is one of the few who can unlock the secrets of telepathy and divination, able to raze the minds of his enemies and read their intentions before they know them themselves. While his power is a brutish thing compared to the divinatory powers of xenos breeds such as the Eldar, it is possessed of a certain raw power and many Talons have been saved from certain death by Ilm’s insights and warnings. This gift is a blade that cuts both ways however – Ilm is cursed with the foresight of his brother’s deaths, able to see the manner of their ending in their eyes and yet unable to prevent them in any way. As such, Ilm is particularly ill-regarded by his brother Astartes and is darkly referred to as the Seer of Ends, regardless of the victories his talents have wrought. Rising to the rank of Epistolary, Ilm has become one of the premier Librarians of the Talons, his talents in demand as much as they are derided. However, the continued and extended use of his powers has resulted in the premature aging affecting his gene-hanced body and it surely cannot be long before the entropy of the Warp takes its toll.


Lucio Ilm can be seen here clad in his heavily augmented suit of MkVI power armour, painted in the traditional bone and red of the Talons. Unlike the Librarians of other more Codex-adherent Chapters, Ilm and his brothers do not wear the blue armour identifying them as psykers, instead armouring themselves in the same colours as their blunt brethren. In this way, Ilm shows that he is a Talon first and Librarian second, despite the less than fraternal attitudes of his brothers. The eschewing of the Codex-dictated blue armour also shows the pragmatism of the Iron Talons - why should Ilm advertise the fact that he is anything other than a standard Astartes warrior and make it easier for his enemies to mark him? Nevertheless, Ilm's armour bears heavy augmentation suited to his role as battle-psyker. Finding that a standard helm impaired his abilities, Ilm instead walks bare-headed, his psychic hood integrated into his armour and forming a protective halo around his head. Incorporated into the honour-marking ornamentation on his greaves and right shoulder pad are numerous wards and protective sigils, designed to protect Ilm against the attentions of enemy psykers, while the Chapter symbol of the Talons is shown proudly on his left pad. His plate is also liberally decorated with purity seals and scrolls, evidence that Ilm has passed every trial and test set before him by the Chapters Destriants and that his soul remains pure.


Although Ilm and his brothers do not wear the traditional blue of the Librarium, they do pay a lip-service to the strictures of the Codex in the formal robes that are sometimes worn, as seen here. The unlearned observer may believe the optical unit covering Ilm's right eye to be a crude bionic unit, however they would be mistaken. While Ilm's flesh bears the grey pallor of the slowly dying, his eyesight remains a sharp as ever. The device is in fact an Occularis, a seeing-glass used by psykers to seek out and identify other warp-touched individuals, allowing Ilm to bend his formidable mind-breaking powers to their end. As is usual for a battle-psyker, Ilm wields a carefully crafted force weapon. While his more destructively-minded brothers favour heavy axes and broad blades, the subtler powers used by Ilm and a few others require more of a focus point rather than a outlet for their power. Mounted by a facsimile of his own skull crafted from a psyko-reactive crystal, the force stave acts as an anchor for Ilm's aetheric self and a repository for the warp-power surging through his body. While it may not seem the most potent of weapons, remember that it is wielded by an Astartes, with all the speed and strength of his gene-hanced frame behind it. Ilm is easily capable of breaking a standard human in half with his stave and only the heaviest armour can stand unbroken before it.

For reasons unknown to Imperial observers, Lucio Ilm played no part in the ground war on Aren Prime and seemed instead to confine his presence to the Strike Cruiser Kiss the Blade. Whether this was due to orders from Praetor Varras, the general ill-feeling towards Ilm from the Astartes of the 5th, or for some other hidden reason that Imperial savants are unable to fathom is still under investigation, however it should be noted that several orbital-station crew and in-system frigate staff show evidence of mind-scarring and are unable to recount their actions during the Aren Prime Reclamation.

***End Record

05-03-2013, 11:13
Very, very cool. Your best combo of fluff plus mini in the plog so far.

05-03-2013, 15:55
i was unsure of the figure when i first saw it tbh. But seeing it painted improves it massively. Not too mention the Fluff is awesome.

06-03-2013, 02:46
As always, great work. I'm looking forward to more.
Are we getting hints of chaos in this latest fluff? A cult or deamons? Insidious, whatever the plot.

06-03-2013, 08:58
Excellent plog, this. Great fluff, awesome painting and regular updates. I´ll be following this eagerly, sir! Good job!

07-03-2013, 03:00
Another great entry, the chapter colours definitely paid off in my opinion. And the blue trim around the hem of the cloak, the dark blue hue and the psychic hood and force staff easily mark him out as a Librarian for clarity on the tabletop, without detracting from the obviously non-Codex style of the Talons. Nice bit of intrigue between the Astartes themselves and the Seer of Ends is such a badass epithet for a telepath/scryer.

On a side note, inspired by the awesomeness of this fluffy plog me and my mate have decided to start our own joint plog for our two armies which will be fluff heavy and based on the narrative campaign we ran on and off again for a few years. The only problem being that it bears some remarkably similar elements to yours JackDaw. Thanks for your help in finally (albeit unintentionally!) getting our asses into gear!

07-03-2013, 09:40
Really good painting and also very intriguing and characterful background to these guys. I need to work on that side of things for my own Scythes of the Emperor Marines + Guard + Orks + Chaos etc

07-03-2013, 21:06
Evening everyone, hope things are good.

A sad lack of progress to report I'm afraid. Since Ilm was finished up, Nate has decided he doesn't want to sleep. Ever. So what used to be a half hour get-to-sleep routine that resulted in peace until 12 hours later has become a 2 hour struggle to get him to sleep. And then he wakes every 3 or 4 hours. Awesome. If he wasnt so cute, he would get a punch in his tiny balls. Unfortunately, that means that painting time has been non-existent and no progress has been made on the 5 Assault Marines. Booo. On the plus side, I have finally got my hands on some cheap Emperors Children Land Raider doors, so I can finish the assembly of Iron Bride. I've also got all the bits needed to sort out the Devastator squad - the sgt and one plasma cannon marine are done, so it's just the last 2 bolter brothers and the second plasma to do. Hopefully Nate will settle properly again and I'll be able to get some painting done.

@ Aku-Chan - thanks very much :) I was at a little bit of a loose end in terms of what to do with the fluff initially, but then it all came together nicely. It helps that the DV mini is so nice and inspirational.

@ DaHedd - cheers bud, glad I managed to change your mind.

@ PrimeMinisterSinister - hmm, maybe Chaos, maybe something else ;) There's more hints in the next fluff post....

@ Thalenchar - thanks mate, good to see you on board here. Plenty more updates to come.

@ ChildSoldier - cheers mate, I think the Chapter colours worked really well in the end, especially for this particular chapter. I like making my Astartes not like each other, makes them a bit more believable and human I think. Looking forward to seeing your plog mate, make sure you send me the link :)

@ AndyG2006 - very kind words mate, thank you very much. Oddly enough, Scythes of the Emperor were one of the Astartes armies I did years ago when I was a staffer in GW Cardiff.

As ever, thanks for your continued support and interest folks, really helps to keep me motivated. Right, while Nate is slumbering like the Kraken of the deeps, I'm off to clean up some Land Raider doors....

Cheers all

07-03-2013, 21:14
Escalation - the war of information

“...close-orbit scans and tech auguries indicate recent increase in power output [Unknown/signal corruption] personnel movements in previously abandoned research stations [Unknown/signal corruption] sectors 1190-G to 395-T. Orbital pic-caps unavailable [Unknown/signal corruption] signals interference of previously unknown levels. Recommend infiltration by [Unknown/signal corruption] Transmission anomaly detected, possible intrusion. Counteractive measures beginning. Ending transmission [Signal connection lost]”

Excerpt of intercepted Astartes communications between Strike Cruiser designated Kiss The Blade and unknown ground forces. Imperial Military Intelligence report loss of info-sys drone assets in immediate near-orbit volume of Astartes Strike Cruiser within 1.3 standard hours.

***Begin Image Record


Images recovered from Secessionist perimeter surveillance of Research Station Alpha-9, located on the extreme northern coastline of Korel, Aren Prime’s northern landmass, showing apparent Astartes reconnaissance units engaged in seek-and-clear actions. Further investigation by Inquisitorial agencies three months after date of recorded images provide confirmation that the structural damage appeared not to have been caused by conventional Astartes or Imperial weaponry and had been inflicted approximately four months before initial Imperial and Astartes investigations began. Additionally, survey-scans and atmospheric analysis indicated presence of extreme radioactive substances, plasma-fusion fallout particles and organic trace elements similar to those found in Forge World equivalent biologis/genetor laboratoria. All Secessionist records pertaining to the time period before this installation was abandoned appear to have been destroyed and the mind-state of the installations surveillance manchine-spirit reset to factory-birth status.

***End Image Record

07-03-2013, 22:05
been loving this plog, keeps me coming back to check if you've updated it.

What helmets have you used for the scouts. I have been building a mk6 Revilers chapter army. I have a thing about marines not wearing helmets being stupid. My scouts need a suitable helmets and you've seemed to have found them.

11-03-2013, 02:51
Liking the update, the helmets on the scouts look really nice and good to see that even the neophytes stick with the no bare heads "oh the shame, the shame of it all" motif of the rest of the Chapter! I recognise those helmets but can't seem to place them. Have seen Scouts with Elysian helmets that also looked pretty cool, although I don't hate the normal Scout heads as much as a lot of people seem to!

I know you said there were hints in that post but I remain stumped, I never was cut out for the Inquisition... Cool fluff as always, and the action pict-captures really are a great way of introducing WIP shots of models. Cheers man, will send you a link when we get it set up, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Lord Dan
11-03-2013, 03:55
Are those Pig Iron helmets? They look great!

11-03-2013, 18:27
They are indeed pig iron helmets...lovely pieces mate keep it up

11-03-2013, 20:18
Loving the blog. Particularly the many references to a certain a certain series of books. Love them, love this blog.

12-03-2013, 21:53
Evening everyone, hope things are good.

So, in the ongoing sage this month of Nathaniel and the Lack of Sleep, we've had some good nights and some bad nights. Currently this means that some progress has been made, but the lack of a good solid couple of hours painting time means I haven't been able to crack on and finish the first 5 Assault Marines. Instead, I've had to do some little assembly bits as and when possible, inbetween wrangling Nate into bed and everything else. Oh the joys of family.

Anyways, here's some pics of wip bits, because I feel bad leaving you guys for so long without anything. First up, the Assault Marines:


I won't lie, I love how Assault Marines look. There's an elegant brutality to them, and it only takes a few tweaks to arms and such to give them a real sense of movement and presence. Under 5th ed, I did run 20 Assault Marines, but with the overall nerfs to combat in 6th, I've trimmed back to just the one squad. A small voice in my head was screaming at me to use the Blood Angel Codex so that I could run the two Assault squads as Troops alongside the Tactical, and also use Tycho as a proper tactical veteran captain, but that was a bit too gamey for comfort.

I've also cracked out 2 of the Devastators, the first plasma cannon chap and the first bolter brother. I'm going to try and get each squad member with a targeter on his helm - I think it fits for Devastators, and fluff-wise I like to think plasma cannons create a huge amount of electromagnetic interference from the magnetic coils, so increased targeting systems are needed. I also sorted out the Chapter Symbol door for the Land Raider, shaving down the arrow points from the eight-fold star behind the Emperors Children symbol. Just needs a little smoothing out with some liquid GS and we are good to go. Man am I not looking forward to painting a Land Raider.


@ Friday - cheers very much fella, nice to know you keep coming back. The heads are from Pig Iron, kindly donated by Labrat.

@ Childsoldier - hah, admittedly the hints aren't towards anything obvious in terms of bad-guys. Things will become clearer, I promise. Looking forward to the link :)

@ Lord Dan - they are indeed mate, great fit aren't they?

@ Nasha - you beat me to it :) Thanks very much mate.

@ Morelion - hah yeah the Malazan books are some of my favourites as well. Glad to hear you're enjoying everything so far.

That's it for now chaps, hopefully have a bit more progress towards the end of the week. Off to wrap presents for the wifelets birthday tomorrow now.

Cheers all

14-03-2013, 11:42
liking the assault marines. I dont have the current Marine Codex, haventy played for ages. Are heavy flamers allowed in assault squads now ?

14-03-2013, 12:39
That's a great idea with your Devastator Squad, I did the same - all of my MKVII squad have targeter eyed helmets! (the other squad are MKIII). Loving the colour scheme so far. As for painting a Landraider, it's childs play compared to four drop pods! Ha. Seriously, the main bulk of the tank is a big box so not too difficult. Do the tracks separately and the 3 weapons as sub-assemblies. I'd forget about the inside and glue the doors shut - i painted my first interior but you can't really get to see it.

19-03-2013, 00:14
Evening everyone :)

Progress finally! The first five Assault Marines are done and dusted, just awaiting a coat of varnish alongside the Librarian. Which is nice. Only five more to go, then the scouts, then the Devastators, then the Sternguard.......and everything else. Sigh. To make things worse, I'm also gearing up to start a small Eldar army - the first Banshee is on its way to me for testing the colour scheme (no bone. Honest. Well, maybe a little...). But before all that kicks off properly, the Iron Talons will get done. By the way, I am really not liking the new Photobucket. Resizing something and saving it is apparently impossible.

So, that progress. Le Assault Marines:

http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8527/8569368453_c0eac7928f.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/93919766@N06/8569368453/)http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8090/8569368879_e43b3ec7e8.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/93919766@N06/8569368879/)

Came out quite nice I think, the whole unit should look pretty good. I also made a start on the Land Speeder Tempest, it's turning out to be a lot easier and more fun to paint than the regular tanks:

http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8380/8569368037_1fbd5d29ba.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/93919766@N06/8569368037/)

So, yeah. Good times.

@ DaHedd - cheers mate :) They can't have a heavy flamer sadly, but I think the Grey Knight flamer just looks a lot beefier than the regular marine flamer.
@ Siph - ah, good to know I'm not the only one theming helmets ;) The Land Raider is already glued shut - I've never seen the point of painting the interiors. Still not hugely looking forward to painting it, but the way the Tempest is going is cheering me up a bit.

That's all for tonight folks - I was gonna pop up a fluff post for the Devastators now that they are all assembled, but Photobucket has hacked me off enough for one night.

Cheers all

19-03-2013, 11:54
Really liking those Assault Marines, the Incinerator is a nice stand-in for a normal flamer. It always did annoy me a little bit that IG carry flamers the same size as Marines' ones. Even if they're equally killy I'd always pictured a SM one being more brutal looking, having higher fuel capacity etc. The Tempest is coming along very nice too, I like the simplicity of the colour scheme, ties in well with the rest of the army without trying to force some red in there for the sake of it. Still looking good, keep 'em coming!

20-03-2013, 11:05
OK, first off apologies for not catching up on this sooner, the Librarian fluff was posted over two weeks ago and I haven't managed to find the time to read it yet although I'd looked at the pictures (yes, just like a child!). Once again the fluff is fantastic and I love the little intrigues that you drop into your stories. Why did the Librarian not take part in ground missions in the previous campaign? Why have the crew been mind wiped? What is the plasma-fusion and organic fallout where the scouts are? It is these questions that really make your fluff stand out and make me want to read more. Fantastic work.

And as for the miniatures, they are beautiful as always. I love the colour scheme you've gone for with the Librarian, it works and looks great. The scouts look awesome but forgive my ignorance what are Pig Iron helmets?! The Landspeeder is looking good and I'm glad that you're not finding it too torturous to paint, I definitely feel your pain regarding the Land Raider! I hated painting mine and then I had to strip it and start again (well, start again one day!). Good work on the door though.

And I applaud your decision to stick to vanilla marines. Like you I place miniatures, fluff, and painting before gaming and it's good to stick to your principals and create a good looking and unique army rather than designing one just so it kicks ass on the table. Well done!

20-03-2013, 15:28
what are Pig Iron helmets?!

Pig Iron (http://www.pig-iron-productions.com/head-sprues-c-4.html?zenid=77837d921e9705cb00d64646bc9dfaf0) is the name of a minis company that makes the helmets used on the scouts!

21-03-2013, 10:33
Escalation – fury of the Astartes

“[Signal corruption/electromagnetic interference]...request immediate support, the damned Astartes are here! First and Second platoons are already gone, we’ve got nothing that can withstand firepower of that magnitude [Signal corruption/electromagnetic interference] need armour support, artillery, anythi- [Signal lost]”
Comms-intercept of Secessionist military signals during Reclamation Action 37/sh-9. Post-action investigation showed evidence of significant Astartes firepower engagement including high levels of plasma-fusion particulates.

***Begin Image Record


A rare sight captured by Secessionist gun-cams during engagement – Iron Talon Adeptus Astartes of a Devastator designation. Imperial Tech-savants have identified the heavy gauge plasma weapons borne by two Astartes as Starfury pattern plasma cannons and have noted with interest the use of additional targeting arrays by all members of the Astartes unit.

***End Image Record

21-03-2013, 15:41
Looking forward to seeing some paint on the devastators JackDaw. And as usual excellent fluff :) And i completely agree with you about the new Photobucket, its a nightmare to use.

21-03-2013, 21:44
Much love for all the comments and interest people - it's such an incentive to keep painting and writing. Only a small bit of progress today, but it did mean the Land Speeder Tempest got completed. Just need to sort out the fluff now, so expect that post sometime over the weekend :) Next up will be the 5 Scouts, mainly because they will be a quick win and they are the last Troops choice. After that, the last 5 Assault Marines.

I've also been working on the four submission pieces for the Black Library this year - yes I am taking the plunge and seeing what happens. Interesting times. If you get a moment, check out the Warbastards website PaintWater Diaries (http://paintwaterdiaries.com/) early next week for my somewhat tongue-in-cheek and immensely biased review of Angel Exterminatus. There's also a few other great articles on there from my buddies about their Nurgle Daemon, Mercenary, Iron Hand and Word Bearer armies. Make us happy and check it out :)

@ ChildSoldier - totally agree mate, Astartes flamers should be big and brutal. I still think that Assault Marines should have the option to take a single heavy flamer in a ten-man squad as an alternative to two regular flamers. The Tempest came together really quickly and really well to be fair to it. Nice and simple to paint.

@ Jonahmaul - hey no worries bud, you are silly busy with organising and that at the mo. Hopefully Black Library will feel the same as you about my writing - I'll swing my two new submission pieces over to you and a few of the boys for your opinions, the last lot you gave me on the other pieces was much appreciated. ChildSoldier hooked you up with the link for Pig Iron, they do a few nice looking helmets, especially Scout appropriate ones. And you know me mate, I'm all about the fluff over in-game performance. The Eldar army I have planned is liable to be absolute toss on the table, but I'm loving the fluff so far.

@ Deathcat147 - I'm looking forward to painting the Devastators as well, it's been a while since I painted more than one heavy weapon at a time. They were fun to assemble so hopefully that will translate over into the painting. And while I'm still not a fan of the new Photobucket, at least its letting me save edits to my pics now :)

That's all for tonight folks, the wife and I are going to revel in the fact that Nathaniel seems to have gone straight to sleep....by sitting on the sofa in dressing gowns and watching Sons Of Anarchy. Rock and Roll.

Cheers all

23-03-2013, 16:32
Escalation - the rapid strikes of war

“From the on-ramp, we could see the Secessionist convoy heading out about 3 kloms ahead. Standard mix of light armour and support vehicles, looked like a supply run. Jesker was about to target mark them for air-support engagement when the Astartes struck. Some heavy speeder variant hammered along the highway at a frankly ridiculous speed, banging off missiles. Throne knows how, but every one hit home, wiping most of the light armour. The poor bastards tried to return fire, but they had nothing that could hit anything that fast. The Astartes speeder made two passes along the convoy, turning tighter and faster than anything I’ve seen before, strafing everything in sight with missiles and its rotary cannon. Then it lit off, leaving the wrecks behind it. We moved in and mopped up the survivors.”
Field report of fire-team leader Calin Droost, recon section, 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry

***Begin Record


Created from a recovered STC template by their Primogenitors the White Scars, it is perhaps unsurprising that the Iron Talons Astartes favour the use of the Tempest pattern Land Speeder over any other variant. Bearing heavier armour and greater fuel/engine ratios than its lighter kin, the Land Speeder Tempest excels at extended hunt/kill missions and reconnaissance, able to face down armoured opponents many times its size due to its speed and manoeuvrability. Post-combat reports gathered over the years indicate that the Iron Talons used the Tempest almost exclusively, often fielding them in roving squadrons of tank-hunters that used their immense speed to expose the weaker armour of their prey. Crewed by a single Astartes working in concert with slaved machine-spirits, the Land Speeder Tempest is able to engage and destroy targets at speeds unreachable by conventional human armour unit crews, the augmented physique and power armour of the Astartes ensuring that any ill-effects from the g-forces and extreme speeds experienced are minimal at best.


During the Aren Prime Reclamation, Land Speeder Tempests were deployed via close-orbit drops to the mainly Secessionist held Nothern territories, acting alongside scout-recon forces in an information gathering role. This later changed to outright harassment and seek/destroy objectives once the conflict escalated into open war, with the Tempest providing much needed heavy support for the lightly armed and armoured Scout units. Pictured here we can see a Tempest bearing the designation Spear-6, information gathered from the recovery of its auspex data-looms following its destruction during the armoured engagement at the Rogen Tertiary service station. Armed with a heavy assault cannon in the nose and linked missile pods on the flanks, Spear-6 is able to engage infantry and armour alike with ease. Further investigation of the targeting array mounted atop the Tempest indicated that the machine spirit governing the weapon systems was advanced enough to engage aerial targets as well as ground targets. This, along with eye-witness accounts of Astartes flyers active on Aren Prime would account for the apparent lack of any Secessionist air-support. 4


Of particular interest to scholars of Astartes militaria is the complete lack of any Chapter, company or honour markings on the chassis of Spear-6. Some savants had opined that the Tempest’s role behind enemy lines precluded the use of any markings that could be used to identify the Talons presence, while other more pragmatic individuals point out that the high speeds at which Land Speeders operate results in a large amount of carbon scoring and incidental damage from micro-particulates, thus necessitating the constant repainting of any markings that could be applied. Considering the attitude displayed towards armoured units and transports by the Iron Talons, either theory is entirely possible. Regardless, the bone colouring of Astartes armour became an increasingly common sight in the air and on the ground of Aren Prime as events continued to escalate towards the unfortunate climax of this Reclamation Action.

***End Record

24-03-2013, 01:59
Cool fluff as always, and the Tempest came out really well. The black and red panels break up the bone nicely and tie it in with the Marines themselves. The magnetised ball joint also seems to have paid off immensely, it just screams zoominess! Bit hard to see what's on the base, is road markings saying "7-6"? I can't really tell, but seems like this might be a section of the now infamous Namas Highway?

24-03-2013, 09:30
Nice work on the Tempest :)

Tybalt Andrus
24-03-2013, 13:05
Ah, you don't see that many Tempests flying around - I've always rather liked it for exactly that reason, though it's a bit over-priced. Are you expecting the Scouts to get painted before that Devastator squad?

Just spent some time looking through the entries on the Paintwater Diaries as well - very enjoyable read. I do like 'hobby collective' blogs when someone takes the time to do them well. Do you guys maintain a Facebook page?

24-03-2013, 17:11
Neat bloggy :) I like the tempest to ^^what he said..
A shame I dont see more Tempest's and Storm's, a shame really, because I think they embody quite nicely visually anyway the fast hitting power of marines, and not persay the footslogging they often do (with drop pods)

Lord Dan
24-03-2013, 17:48
That's how a land speeder should look!

"Well, we're about halfway done with this thing. What do you say we call it good?"
"Er...sir, there's no roof."
"Yeah, they're space marines. They have armor."
"Right...but if it had a roof they'd have armor AND a roof protecting them."
"I don't follow you."
"You know how our tanks have roofs?"
"And how space marines inside them have armor, as well?"
"Of course."
"You understand, then, that they're afforded additional protection from having both?"
"Well, obviously. But that's a tank, man! This is a land speeder!"

26-03-2013, 21:19
Evening everyone - seems like the Tempest went down well then :)

So, progress progress. Er. Right, there was some. That whole plan of working on the Scouts next...right. Here's the progress on those badboys:


Yeah. Look strangely like Assault Marines don't they? I thought I might as well get the entire unit done before hammering out the Scouts - the first five didn't take that long to get done anyways. So, once these are done and the fluff written up, it'll be the Scouts next and then the Chaplain I reckon, as a nice reward. Once that's all done, there's only a small amount left to do, only another 16 marines, 5 terminators and 2 vehicles.

Which is probably why I've been a little distracted this week, coming up with some ideas for my next project........

“They thought our rage dead
and our strength destroyed with it.
But our fury lives.”

Yeah. So there's that......

@ ChildSoldier - cheers dude. The Tempest was actually pretty fun and quick to paint, much more enjoyable than the Rhinos etc. The base has the markings 9-C and lane stripes. Could indeed be the highway....

@ Deathcat147 - cheers mate :)

@ Tybalt Andrus - I think the FW price tag helps mate ;) Points-wise I don't think its too bad now, the 6th Ed update changed it to a twin-linked missile launcher with AA, so its pretty handy at flier hunting. There is indeed a FB page for PWD - thanks for checking us out by the way - linky (http://www.facebook.com/paintwd).

@ Rhaiven - thanks bud, glad you liked it all. I like the speeders as well, especially for White Scars and their off-shoots. I was going to invest in a Storm, but then realised I had run out of Fast Attack slots.

@ Lord Dan - your post made me lol in work. I had some strange looks and had to pretend I found a customers complaint really funny. Everyone knows Land Speeders have to have enough room to hang your arm outside, gangsta style.

So, that's it for tonight folks - I'm having a night off from painting and will instead be sneaking glimpses of my wife in the bath, drinking some wine and hoping that Nate doesn't wake up. Oh and if anyone's interested, I give my thoughts on Angel Exterminatus on Paint Water Diaries (http://paintwaterdiaries.com/2013/angel-exterminatus-a-review-or-more-accurately-a-mounting-disbelief-in-why-graham-mcneill-gets-published/). Maybe I could have been kinder. Maybe it could have been a better book.

Cheers all :)

27-03-2013, 11:09
The metallic red on that Eldar is very nifty, looks like I've got another 40K plog to look forward to :)

27-03-2013, 11:58
Excellent fluff and painting on the Tempest as usual. Really can't wait to see more of this army. What is your plan for the Eldar? How many points? You usual narrative driven army I hope? And have you managed to source metal miniatures for them!?

27-03-2013, 17:04
@ Rhaiven - thanks bud, glad you liked it all. I like the speeders as well, especially for White Scars and their off-shoots. I was going to invest in a Storm, but then realised I had run out of Fast Attack slots.

I am interested myself in adding a ally-contingent of Blood Angel (rules based) Minotaurs, but they cant have Storm either which sucks imo :)

Il Maestro
27-03-2013, 23:46
And here I thought I would never like any space marines army... trust you to be able to change my mind!!

Fantastic work on this log so far, can't wait to see how the rebellion reaches it's gritty end!

Tybalt Andrus
28-03-2013, 14:48
@ Tybalt Andrus - I think the FW price tag helps mate ;) Points-wise I don't think its too bad now, the 6th Ed update changed it to a twin-linked missile launcher with AA, so its pretty handy at flier hunting. There is indeed a FB page for PWD - thanks for checking us out by the way - linky (http://www.facebook.com/paintwd).

Ah, lovely stuff. I'll reciprocate with one of my own - I decided to set up a Facebook page about six weeks ago as a complement to Project Logs like those on Warseer. Feel free to give Tybalt Andrus Paints (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tybalt-Andrus-Paints/136983419804740) a 'Like'!

I wasn't aware that the Typhoon had undergone an FAQ rules change - seems like a nice way to differentiate it from other Speeders.

28-03-2013, 21:23
Ah you folks are great - love seeing a flurry comments after a relatively low-key post, you really keep me motivated.

@ Aku-chan - thanks mate :) I think the lighting is giving her that metallic sheen, I've actually not used a single metallic paint on her. I'm gonna try and do the whole army without a metallic colour...

@ Jonahmaul - cheers dude. Eldar wise, it'll only be 1k to start with, maybe going up to 1500 at most - its mainly to give our gaming group something other than Marines and Guard to play against. Having said that, it will be fluff and narrative driven, as always. The overall fluff is done, as are the unit names and titles. I'm even polishing up on my haiku ;) And I'm gonna try and go all finecast and plastic. Controversial I know, but I'm actually a big fan of finecast.

@ Rhaiven - sometimes GW's army selections makes no sense to me. Blood Angels should have Storms, why the hell wouldn't they?

@ Il Maestro - hahaha I do like to mess with peoples preferences ;) Glad you're liking everything so far mate. Hopefully the end to this campaign should be suitably grim and gritty.

@ Tybalt Andrus - consider a like winging its way over the aether to you mate. The update for the Tempest made it pretty viable, what with its AA mount on the launchers and the over-power of fliers. Plus they look sweet, so that's reason enough to have one.

Just to let you know guys, I am working on a tutorial for the bone armour using the last five Assault Marines - at the moment they sit at stage 2 of 7. I'll pop it all up in one go, but it might take a while - with the Easter long weekend looming, I'll be up to my armpits in rolling about with the wee man and looking after him, as well as visiting the land of my fathers on Saturday for a close mates wedding party and what will inevitably be a very very drunken night. So there might not be much progress over the next few days. Bear with me ladies and gents.

Much love,

28-03-2013, 21:43
Escalation – Fear incarnate walks amongst us

“Secessionists had breached the line in a half dozen places, they were all over us. It was done man, we were dead. Then...it arrived. They said it was an Astartes. Frak me, I never want to see an Astartes like that ever again. It was laughing as it killed them….laughing…”
Post action report of Corporal Lev Hadir, 16th Platoon, 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry, Reclamation Action 631/nd-4. Corporal Hadir was later removed from active duty and sequestered by agents of the Inquisition. No further contact has been made with Corporal Hadir and he is listed as Missing, Presumed Dead.

“Death is here mortals. Witness.”
Vox-broadcast statement recorded during Reclamation Action 631/nd-4. Source believed to be Astartes in origin.

***Begin Image Record


Secessionist gun-cams capture arrival of Iron Talon Astartes individual via low altitude/high-impact drop during Reclamation Action 631/nd-4. Imperial savants tentatively identify figure through honour-marking and known Astartes pattern-recognition as equivalent to Adeptus Astartes Chaplain in rank. Iron Talon specific nomenclature and identification remains unknown.

***End Image Record

29-03-2013, 09:28
The chaplain is brutal looking JackDaw :) And i love the quote from Corporal Hadir, the thought of this huge slab of ceramite encased killing machine laughing as it goes about its merry dance of destruction would be truely terrifying for any guardsman or citizen witnessing it.

31-03-2013, 19:10
One of my favourite helmets in the entire GW range.
I'm looking forward to more. I've been enjoying what I've seen so far.

04-04-2013, 17:05
The Banshee is looking very nice, I like the idea of an Eldar army painted entirely in non-metallics, fits with the fluff of their vehicles and weapons largely being made out of wraithbone and not standard metals like those of the Imperium. (Not sure if this is actual fluff, or my own idea of what the Eldar use, but either way your model fits it!) Also, looking forward to having another of your plogs to sink my teeth into. Speaking of which, have been meaning to check out the Druchii one for a while now.

The jump Chaplain is looking awesome, but having just had my ass handed to me on Tuesday by an army led by that very mini (winning 10-3 in turn 3, by end of turn 6 losing 10-1, finished with a grand total of 2 models left on the board...) I've decided I don't like him! :cries: I love his vox-log though, the addition of just that one word at the end made it so badass, very much the haughty Iron Talons we've come to know, but with added religious fervour. Also love the bit about the Imperial scribes not knowing for sure what a Chaplain is called in the IT's secret battle-cant. Ditto PMSinister, one of the single best helmets GW produce, and his Imperial Beat Stick is none too shabby either.

Great work as usual!

10-04-2013, 12:18
Escalation – swift and unyielding vengeance

“Run and hide if you like – it matters not. We are the red right hand of the Throne, and we will find you.”
Vox-signal recovered from data-systems of Coshell Refinery District 19, previously Secessionist held. Tech-adepts advise that the signal was set to continuous broadcast throughout Coshell Refinery District 19 public and private broadcast systems and was only halted by destruction of the local vox-mast and control tower. This self-inflicted vandalism also ensured that Secessionist forces were unable to use high-gain vox relays to request support in the face of an Astartes assault.

***Begin Record

Perhaps as a result of the genetic and dogmatic legacy of their Primogenitors, the Iron Talons have always displayed a propensity for close-quarters combat and a willingness to cross blades with the enemy that can often verge on the tactically unsound. Unsurprisingly then, Astartes Assault squads form a large percentage of the Chapters overall number of warriors, with some Company Blades numbering as many as fifty Assault Astartes, with their battleplans often drawn up accordingly. For many Astartes of the Talons, there is no greater glory than facing your opponent blade-to-blade and ending its life with your hands rather than from afar with a firearm and their love of close-quarters warfare often results in glorious, if somewhat tactically unsound battlefield decisions. Indeed, during the Blackmaw Subjugation, this lust for glory and the excitement of close blade-work, coupled with the large numbers of Assault Astartes resulted in immense casualty and injury rates, bring the Chapter almost to the point of dissolution. Once removed from the theatre of war, it was noted that the equivalent of two and a half companies of Astartes had been lost, with near a hundred more removed from active service to recuperate from their wounds. For a Chapter the size of the Iron Talons, the loss of a full third of their fighting strength was a grievous blow, albeit one that had torn the heart from the Blackmaw xenos-clans. While this method of warfare was indeed glorious and destructive to the enemy, it was also bloody and injurious to the Talons themselves. Despite this, the Assault Astartes remain at the core of the Iron Talons fighting strength and the Chapter as a whole still follows the tenets of the White Scars fighting tactica – the fast powerful strike that catches the enemy unawares and kills them before they even notice.


Prior to the bloody events of the Blackmaw Subjugation, the 5th Company Blade of the Talons fielded approximately two-score-and-ten Assault Astartes alongside its half century of Tactical Astartes, a ratio that is a little unusual for the normally assault minded Talons. The leadership of Praetor Varras can perhaps be seen as the source for this disparity between the 5th and some of its brother Companies, representing as he does the ‘new-breed’ of Astartes officer beginning to rise from the ranks of the Talons: a more cautious, pragmatic and tactical-minded cohort than their glory-hungry peers. Regardless of the reason, the Assault Blades of the 5th performed their duty as admirably and savagely as any other during the crusade against the Orkoid xeno-beast and suffered their wounds in return. On arrival in the Logros sub-syst, it is estimated that barely a score of Assault Astartes were in battle-ready condition and of these, only the full-strength Assault Blade Sethek were deployed planetside with any regularity.

As a result of the dangerous close-in nature of their role, the armour worn by the brothers of Sethek is a patchwork of hybrid suits with several Astartes sporting miss-matched shoulder pads and sections of battleplate recovered from early marks of power armour. Clad in the common bone and crimson of the Talons, the members of Sethek also display a wide variety of kill-tokens and honour markings, along with pattern variations on the standard armaments of the chainsword and bolt pistol. The chainsword in particular is the hallmark of the Assault Astartes, a terrifying weapon chosen as much for the psychological effect of its throaty roar as for the horrendous damage it can inflict against flesh and bone. Coupled with the inhuman speed and strength of the Astartes, a full Assault Squad is a fearsome prospect to face, easily capable of facing down many times its numbers in combat. While some Assault Blades of the Talons will go to war safely ensconced within armoured Rhino transports or heavier Land Raider assault-tanks, Sethek can be seen here utilising the bulky jump-pack that is perhaps the hallmark of the Assault Astartes. Consisting of two heavy-yield propulsion units, the Astartes jump-pack may lack the delicate touch of Elysian grav-chutes or xeno-equivalents such as the Tau battle-suit systems, but it more than makes up for it in raw power. Able to lift and propel a fully armed and armoured Astartes over great distances at a relatively great speed, the Astartes jump-pack sacrifices agility for raw power and eye witness accounts have described instances of Assault Astartes using jump-packs to propel themselves through intervening walls and windows (transcribers note: these ‘accounts’ are dubious and fanciful at best, bearing an unfortunate resemblance to the exaggerated ‘Space Marines’ of popular contemporary prop-lit and penny-dreadful publications).


Shown here is the Second Edge of Assault Blade Sethek, led by Edge Veteran Holan Syr, seen in the centre. Syr displays a starburst insignia on his right pauldron in place of the common squad marking adopted by Sethek, indicating his status as a void-war specialist and one who has successfully crippled an enemy ship. Whilst void-combat actions are not unusual for Assault Astartes, it can be inferred that Syr’s actions directly led to the capitulation of the vessel possibly through destruction of its engines or the death of its captain, thereby granting him this particular honour marking. The remaining Astartes of the Second Edge can be seen displaying the usual mix of idiosyncratic honour and squad markings, as well as several kill-tokens hung from weapons and pauldron rims. Of particular note is the large anti-personnel flamer unit wielded by one brother – truly a fearsome weapon when wielded against the mass infantry targets that are often the first victims of Sethek’s attentions. This flamer-unit bears the inscription ‘Fortitude’ – unusually noble and idealistic for the somewhat savage Talons and a less-kind observer could infer that this piece of wargear has perhaps been ‘appropriated’ from another nobler Astartes Chapter at some point.


The First Edge are shown here, as close to Assault Veterans as any of their peers amongst the Company Blades. Led by Blade Veteran Meryn Kibre, Sethek have cemented their reputation as hardened warriors eager to take the battle to the foe and willing to endure any wound in return for a taste of glory. During the Blackmaw Subjugation they were responsible for the spear-thrust kills of xeno-leaders, leaving the attendant warriors-breeds bereft of leadership. On Aren Prime, their role was very different. Lacking any centralised command or leadership figureheads to vent their wrath upon, Sethek instead contented themselves with the reaping of lives, tallying a kill-total that exceeded all other Astartes units engaged in the Reclamation. Utilising the full repertoire of the Talons swift-thrust tactics and the use of info-system terror actions, Sethek were renowned for being able to break the will and morale of the enemy before they had even engaged in direct combat, though some Imperial observers were said to harbour deep misgivings about their tactics. Several engagements prosecuted by Sethek drew formal complaints from Imperial military figures who quoted unorthodox and unsettling terror-tactics, as well as unacceptable levels of civilian casualties and bodycounts of enemy combatants that bordered on levels of slaughter rather than accepted military engagement. To date, no comment has been received in response to these complaints from either representatives of the Iron Talons Astartes or senior members of the Holy Inquistion.


Meryn Kibre has worn the bone and crimson of the Talons for close to three hundred years, almost all of which have been spent in the Assault Blades. Perhaps the embodiment of the Talons propensity for glory over sound tactical thinking, Kibre is a viciously skilled warrior and amongst the best with a blade in the 5th Company and his early years amongst the gang-slums of the Glass Hives of Scotia marked him as a killer without compassion. Recognised as the de-facto leader of the 5th Blade’s Assault squads, Kibre has been outspoken in his criticism of Praetor Varras’ command decisions and what he sees as ‘warfare lacking in glory and passion’. This may be attributed to mere displeasure at the appointment of Varras to Praetor over Kibre himself, but it is clear that the brotherhood of the Talons is not as close as other Chapters of the Astartes. Seen here shortly before deployment planetside, Kibre wears a modified suit of Mark VI power armour, bearing replacement arm plate sections and a non-standard pattern of helm. This may be due to hasty repairs and recovered sections from other suits of power armour, however it is also likely that Kibre himself has made some amendments to his battle-plate. Kibre’s wargear also shows the signs of personalisation – his plasma pistol bears additional reinforcement along the muzzle, allowing for two to three additional shots before replacement is needed. The powered blade wielded in his right hand is modelled after the scimitars used by the Founding Three, the White Scar veterans responsible for the founding and leadership of the Iron Talons from its birth and through its early years. Recruiting as they do from a wide diaspora of planets, each Talon has his own favoured blade in a multitude of forms and patterns, however it is not uncommon for Veterans such as Kibre to wield a variant on a scimitar or tulwar as a way of honouring their founders and Primogenitors both. The combination of powered blade and armour-busting plasma pistol makes Kibre a fearsome opponent and one well suited to his preferred hunting of elite warriors and commanders. Kibre’s remaining battle-plate and shattered scimitar were recovered from the battlefields surrounding the Namas Highway after the Secessionist forces had been broken and following the unfortunate events thereafter.

***End Record

12-04-2013, 15:09
No love for the Assault Marines? Oh Warseer, you harsh mistress you...

Apologies to you gents who commented earlier - check these replies yo.

@ DeathCat147 - Brutal was what I was going for :) He's one of my favourite conversions so far. Glad you liked the quote as well, really wanted to get across the fear factor of the Astartes.

@ PrimeMinisterSinister - It is a great helm. Why GW haven't done a plastic chaplain I'll never know...

@ Childsoldier - Wraithbone is described as a psycho-reactive plastic, it really annoys me when I see metallic Eldar vehicles and constructs etc. Rest assured there will be no metallics on my Eldar. Glad you like the Chaplain as well, he's next on the list for painting after the scouts.

That's all for now folks - I have made a start on the scouts so they should be done in the next few days. Then its on to the Stormtalon and the Chaplain. I started assembling the Stormtalon last night - its actually a really nice kit, once you replace the silly massive chin assault cannons.

Cheers all

12-04-2013, 17:42
I've been meaning to comment on how great your log is for a while. I look forward to seeing if its had another post in it each morning.

And to prove I'm a kind mistress (ummmm, that doesn't sound odd when I say it quietly in my head...honest); the assault marines are great, lovely balance of motion, grim advance, and brutality. Is Sergeant Meryn Kibre's helmet a Grey Knight one? Something tells me they might want their gear back...When do we get to hear about the "unfortunate events"?


PS: Is Veteran Syr's double-edged chainsword a Space Wolves one? I've been looking for one's like that.

14-04-2013, 16:29
Yeah man, I love the background for your assault astartes, it always makes me happy to hear of internal conflict within Chapters, it realy helps to humanise the vaunted 'Space Mariens'. On that note, I loved your refferance to the trash novela and 'peny dredfuls' touting propaganda peices about the Space Mariens doing all their heroic super human feats of awesomeness.

Space Mariens = Meh-poo-poo
Adeptus Astartes = Super-awesome-awesomeness

Keep up the good work m'man, I love reading your fluff peices, it's so inspiering. Ive started writing my backgrount for the Argent Crucifers, which I'll pop up as soon as I have a decent opening peice done.

Noble Korhedron
14-04-2013, 17:00
@Macloren: Why not paraphrase/quote Recess's T.J. Detweiler, and use the term "Yucky poo-poo!"?! L.O.L!! :D:p

14-04-2013, 20:31
Hah, lol,

I just bought a box of Grey Knight marines, and just ordered a box of Blood Angel Sanguinary guard, both for use as bits to build me some Minotaurs,
seeing you use the flamer, I had the exact same idea, as this flamer looks quite modern and effective, so why not use it as such?

Nice and fluffy thread btw..

15-04-2013, 13:23
Fantastic work JackDaw, love the detail, love and care that you're putting into each and every model. Yoyu've inspired me to restart my Sons of Horus plog to make it more background-centric, rather the occasional smattering of fluff that I put in there. Keep up the great work ^^

15-04-2013, 20:58
Evening everyone, thanks for all your comments.

@ Munday - cheers for the comment mate, much appreciated. Glad you like the Assault Marines, they are one of my favourite looking Marine units. Kibres helm is actually from Sevrin Loths Honour Guard, only the flamer is from the Grey Knight kit. And yeah, Syr's chainsword is from the Space Wolf kit. Oh and the unfortunate events are coming soon...

@ Macloren - glad you like it mate, was fun to write it up and make them a bunch of bastards ;) And I had to get a little dig at the 'Space Marines' in there somewhere. Looking forward to seeing your Argent Crucifers plog up and running - give me the inside skinny on our next man night.

@ Rhaiven - thanks fella. The Sang Guard have some great bits in there, them and the Grey Knights should make some very nice Minotaurs. I'm tempted to pick up some Grey Knights just to put together for a giggle but I've enough to do already.

@ Khorneguy - many thanks mate - oddly enough the latest article I've done for our website PaintWater Diaries was about the importance of fluff to me - Check it out (http://paintwaterdiaries.com/2013/background-over-battle-prowess-why-fluff-is-so-important-to-me/)if you get a spare few moments. Loads more to come from me and I'll keep an eye out for your Sons plog :)

Wip-wise I've made a start on the Scouts - just got the armour done and tidied up the undercoat ready for everything else. Should be done by the weekend I reckon. I also got sidetracked with this bad boy;

I've been a long journey with the Stormtalon. I hated it at first, then I saw it in the flesh and it was ok. Then it grew on me and I picked up a cheap eBay kit - it's actually really nice, very easy to put together and great looking when it's done. I have fiddled some bits, mainly leaving off the silly looking t-bar fin on the rear and moving the missile pods closer into the cockpit cheeks. I also sorted out those retarded massive chin assault cannons, replacing them with the Baal assault cannons and recessing them into the chin. I reckon it looks a lot smarter.

Thats it for the next few minutes chaps and chapesses, your comments are always welcome.


15-04-2013, 21:09
Escalation – A brother falls.

“[Signal corruption/interference]-king through on the left flank. Second Edge is moving to deny, heavy fire incoming. Throne take these bastar-[Signal corruption/interference]-Juvens, we need support, there’s something her-[Signal corruption/interference]-hell is that? Oran, take Arasc and move up thirteen met-[Signal corruption/interference]-peat, all Talons fall back to rally point marked on displays-[Partial signal loss experienced for nineteen point three-five minutes ]”

[Imperial auguries report unexpected spike in electromagnetic pulse levels during this time and emission-effects consistent with void field level technology deployment]

“[Signal regained]-lons respond. Repeat, any Talons respond. Brothers, are you there? I have lost mobility and cardiac function in my primary heart. I am dying. Repeat, any Talons res-[Signal corruption/interference]-hat are you deviant? Throne take you, what are you?”

[Signal interruption from outside source]

*Greetings Imperial hound. We are the Prodigal.*

[Source signal lost due to failure of host system. Attached signal bio-metrics indicate catastrophic and complete cessation of all Astartes bio-functions, indicating death.]

Combat record fragment recorded during Reclamation Action 80/db-3.

***Begin Record

Transcribers note – the above fragment of Astartes combat signal has been included in this record against the wishes of the Iron Talons and was recovered at great expense by Inquisitorial agents in the months after the end of the Aren Prime Reclamation action. Its relative brevity should not detract from its import, representing as it does the first Astartes casualty at the hands of person or persons unknown during the conflict on Aren Prime and the end of the increasingly disinterested attitude of the Iron Talons. From this point on, the Talons prosecuted the war against the Secessionist with a cold ferocity that bordered on the unseemly, with several Imperial observers noting that the already somewhat callous Iron Talons became even less observant towards the niceties of wartime conduct. All contact was lost with Astartes forces for seven days following this incident before their renewed interest in the Aren Prime Reclamation Action was announced in the brutal Stane Service Township clash and the complete destruction of the northern Secessionist held Hive Espedair by orbital bombardment and magma warhead deployment.

As unfortunate as this event was, it did seem to foster a new co-operative attitude in the Iron Talons and it was not unheard of for representatives of the Astartes to make themselves known at tactical briefings and for joint military operations to be performed for the first time during this conflict.

In terms of the unknown factor that caused the death of one of the Emperors own Astartes – the Prodigals – little was known at this time. Only further in-theatre contact with Imperial forces and the strenuous efforts of implanted Inquisitorial agents in the Secessionist held Northern Hives would reveal the truth behind the Prodigals and the work carried out in those remote research stations by rogue Mechanicus and planetary governance agencies.

Secessionist gun-cams capture footage of Astartes forces engaged with Secessionist heavy infantry elements during Reclamation Action 80/db-3

***End Record

Tybalt Andrus
15-04-2013, 22:05
How pleasingly mysterious! I look forward to learning more of these 'Prodigals'...

More and more people seem to come around to the Storm Talon once they see one in the flesh (myself included). Your modifications to the chin-mounted assault cannons do seem an improvement - was it an involved conversion?

15-04-2013, 23:12
@ Khorneguy - many thanks mate - oddly enough the latest article I've done for our website PaintWater Diaries was about the importance of fluff to me - Check it out (http://paintwaterdiaries.com/2013/background-over-battle-prowess-why-fluff-is-so-important-to-me/)if you get a spare few moments. Loads more to come from me and I'll keep an eye out for your Sons plog :)

Your article pretty much sums up the hobby for my and my biggest bugbears. People down my local club call me mad for the level of detail I go into with my background and for refusing to take so-called 'must include' units. I call them mad for ignoring that aspect of the hobby. For me this hobby would be nothing without it's rich background and doubly so for my armies. I can't inspire myself to paint or even play if there's no background behind the forces i'm working with. I'm an aspiring writer, so for me, story is everything.

The new plog may be a few weeks in the making, despite the amount of background i've already got written for my Sons of Horus. I'll have to squeeze in posts between late night uni study sessions (it's assignment season *sigh*)

17-04-2013, 03:44
I like the fluff a lot, makes me eager for more, lol.

17-04-2013, 09:24
Considering their low opinion of the existing rebel forces, I would have thought having an enemy that can give them a decent fight would have made the Talons happy, but I guess not.

Noble Korhedron
17-04-2013, 10:28
I used to writes short background/fluff stories for a lot of my armies, I may start again if I ever take a force to a Tournament.

17-04-2013, 16:23
I've been away for a while. The assault marines are aces. I'm not a big fan of the "flamer" but I do like how well it fits into the non-standard theme you've got going.
The sabre sticks out exactly like it should. I love the mix of armours you've got going. In fact, it's a big inspiration for things I'm working on right now.
Please keep up the good work.
PS Telling that Kilbre didn't survive....

Noble Korhedron
18-04-2013, 11:26
@Jackdaw: So what parts of those are actually White Scar bits? The swords(aka tulwars), the mini-shields and what else....?

Solun Decius
18-04-2013, 15:33
Yes! Finally a hint to what devilry those secessionists are up to :D

Noble Korhedron
18-04-2013, 15:35
Yes! Finally a hint to what devilry those secessionists are up to :DOH YEAH!! :) As for myself, I think it's some sort of Chaos entity or imprisoned Chaos marine that escaped and got outta control! :)

18-04-2013, 20:40
Holy crap gents - if killing a single Astartes causes that many replies, I'd have killed a whole bunch off earlier.... Seriously though, much love for the comments folks.

@ Tybalt Andrus - There will be some more hints soon, promise. The assault cannons were real easy - I trimmed away the circular mounting bit, leaving one tier from the 3 that were on there. The Baal assault cannons, once assembled as normal, fit snugly up in the recessed bit that usual houses the spinning turret bit. Very simple. Pretty much every one of the Warbasterds has said the same as you - the Stormtalon looks loads better in the flesh.

@ Khorneguy - Its kinda heartening to know that there's other people out there that feel the same way as myself and my mates, makes me feel better about the state of the hobby in general :) Let me know when your plog is up and running mate, I'll definitely be wanting to check it out.

@ Rhaiven - haha cheers bud :) Plenty more fluff to come for you.

@ Aku-chan - At this point it's shock more than anything else, they've been so used to the lack of resistance from the Secessionists that this sudden strength is totally unexpected. Rest assured, when they come back, they come back brutal, hard and totally invested in this Reclamation. Its an honour thing now.

@ Noble Korhedron - Good man, everyone should come up with fluff for their armies. It should be the law. The only White Scar bits are the ones you've picked out, everything else is a mix of the ordinary marine and Space Wolf kits with some odds and ends from other kits. And there may be Chaos, there may not.....:shifty: Oh, and in response to your question on my House of Chains plog, Hiroths sword isn't scratch built or from the Archon kit, its from a Rackham Alchemist of Dirz mini I had knocking around.

@ PrimeMinisterSinister - Good to see you back mate, glad you like the Assault Astartes. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

@ Solun Decius - Only a small hint ;) But there will be more to come. I'm happy with the whole Prodigal thing and how it shows the inherent paradox at the heart of the Imperium.

So, again, thank you for all the comments guys, really keeps me motivated and wanting to do more. Sadly, no painting for me tonight as I have messed my back up a bit and had the longest two days in work (gotta love dealing with French Auditors, even if one of them is very very cute...) so the work on the Scouts takes a little delay. On the plus side, they are pretty much 3/4s done so if my back holds up I might get them finished tomorrow night.

But, I can't leave you without anything. So I thought I'd drop some hints about the three 'capstones' for the army, the three things that will be finishing off the army. One, Praetor Varras, you've already seen. The second, I will leave you with a name - Temudjin Ironbound, Last of the Three, the Oncoming Storm....... And the last, well for that, i have a picture:


Much love everyone,


Noble Korhedron
18-04-2013, 22:05
@JackDaw: Cool name and reference to Ghengis Khan. Bet you can't tell me the name of his childhood friend/blood-brother?! :p

Radu Lykan
19-04-2013, 08:45
oooh, a dread, will it be a contemptor?

22-04-2013, 21:08
Escalation - the unseen blades.

“Know this – we do not care who you are, where you have come from or what you have done in your brief little lives. Not all of you will live. Not all of you will take the crimson and join our ranks. Those few of you who do, we will call brothers.”
From Veteran Suro Hyran’s pre-trial address to Astartes Aspirants.

***Begin Record

As with all Astates Chapters, the recruitment and augmentation of potential candidates is an important and time-consuming process for the Iron Talons. Lacking the permanent homeworld or dedicated 10th Company of their peers, the Talons instead rely on each Company Blade performing its own selection and recruitment trials itself from the various worlds that their dispersed fleets visit. In this way at least, the gene-seed pool of the Talons is kept diverse and varied and less likely to develop an instability or mutation. Many in-depth and informative tracts have been written upon the subject of Astartes recruitment and augmentation, thus we will only refer to the pertinent details here: the ideal candidate for Astartes augmentation is a human male child between the ages of 12 and 15 (older and younger candidates have displayed potential for augmentation however rejection rates significantly increase outside the age parameters noted above) and would already display violent and near-socio or psychopathic tendencies. Certainly, an aptitude for combat and basic good health is also favourable, however the augmentation process itself will take care of any of the malingering ill-effects of malnutrition and suchlike, while the psycho-conditioning process and training regime unlocks the combat potential of the Aspirants themselves. Regardless of the suitability of the candidates themselves, success rates for Astartes augmentation are remarkably low – for every fifty selected specimens, barely a score would be expected to survive to the implantation of the Black Carapace, the benchmark of their new lives as a full Astartes. Where the Talons are concerned, this success figure is lamentably lower, in part due to the lower recruitment figures achieved by their dispersed and fractured fleets and it is rare for a Company Blade to have more than a dozen Aspirants at any time. In either case, the trials, training and surgery necessary to turn a callow youth into one of the Astartes is a long and time-consuming process, often taking a half-score or more years just to get the Aspirants to the point where they are able to take part in front-line missions alongside their full Astartes brethren.

Following the costly Blackmaw Subjugation, the Iron Talons elevated the majority of their Aspirants to Astartes in order to replenish their diminished numbers, leaving only the most recently recruited as Aspirants. The 5th Blade was fortunate in that after this elevation, enough Aspirants remained to form a combat-strength unit that was suitable enough for the data-recovery and terror-actions that the Talons favoured for their Aspirants. Led by the Veteran Suro Hyran, the Talon Aspirants were deployed in secret to the northern continent territories of Aren Prime, deep within Secessionist held areas. Accompanied by close-orbit seeded servo skull drones and Land Speeder Tempest and Stormtalon support, the Aspirants were responsible for espionage and data recovery, mainly regarding the clandestine activities performed in the more remote research stations and laboratoria hidden by the Secessionists. Once the conflict escalated after the death of one of the Iron Talons Astartes and the Prodigals were revealed, the Aspirants turned to their alternate role of demolitions and disruption, attacking supply dumps, training grounds, vox-relay stations and the like. The full nature of their activities behind enemy lines was only discovered during the post-action review and data-purge carried out by the Inquisitions investigators after the Aren Prime Reclamation had been formally declared as successful. It is important to note that Imperial Military Command was at the time entirely unaware of the deployment of Astartes forces to the Secessionist-held north.


Aspirants of the Iron Talons can be seen here in the act of recovering servo-skull drones, utilised by the Talons as data-recovery agents. Seeded from close-orbit, the servo-skulls are tasked with locating and splicing into data-link networks and cogitator banks and from there to transmit the intercepted information to Iron Talons tactical command. Not only does this allow the Talons unprecedented levels of information regarding their enemy, but also provides them with direct access to civilian and military communication networks, the exploitation of which has become a hallmark of the Iron Talons. Armed with the ubiquitous Godwyn-pattern bolter, this small formation of Aspirants can nevertheless unleash a storm of firepower that belies their limited number. This is further augmented by the medium calibre Heavy Bolter variant wielded by one Aspirant. While lacking in the ammunition reserves of the larger variants utilised by their Astartes brothers, this pattern is capable of firing individually loaded Hellfire rounds – a potent cocktail of acids, monomolecular shards and toxins designed for use on unarmoured targets and larger xenos-breeds. Each bolter has been adapted to suit the needs of the Aspirants, lacking as they do the full auto-senses and enhanced vision of a true Astartes. As such, each firearm bears an additional magnocular viewing unit, synced to the helms HUD and also acting as a gun-cam, recording the in-theatre actions of the Aspirants for later review. In addition to the bolter, each Aspirant also bears a bolt-pistol sidearm and various anti-personnel and anti-armour grenades, along with various additional secondary explosives and gear. While alternative weapon loads such as assault shotguns, combat weaponry and sniper rifles are available, the flexibility and sheer power of the boltgun makes it the favoured tool of the Aspirant.


Despite the various physical augmentations already carried out on each Aspirant, they lack the critical Black Carapace implant necessary to support a full suit of Astartes Power Armour and are instead clad in semi-powered suits of carapace armour. While not affording the same level of protection as Power Armour, the carapace allows a greater freedom of movement more suited to the reconnaissance roles of the Aspirants and a boost to their already enhanced strength and toughness, making even a new Aspirant more than a match for a non-augmented standard human. Of particular note are the enclosed helms seen above – these provide the Aspirants with a rudimentary version of the auto-senses and tactical display suites available from a full set of Power Armour and allow the same level of immersion in the on-going tactical landscape that any Astartes can gain. While it is unusual for Astartes Aspirants to utilise helms, it is important to remember that for reasons known only to themselves, the Iron Talons refused to show their true faces during the Aren Prime Reclamation – it is entirely possible that the reasons for wearing these helms were as much personal as they were tactical. Keen-eyed observers will have noted three points of further interest – the lack of any crimson lacquer on the right arm of the Aspirants, the lack of kill-tokens or other honour markings aside from a single purity seal affixed to the left pauldron, and finally the lack of squad or Chapter markings. The common cause of these omissions is the perceived status of the Aspirants themselves – as they have not been implanted with the Black Carapace and are therefore not true Astartes as yet, they have not performed the savage ritual of The Letting and are therefore not entitled to bear the crimson hallmark of that initiation rite. Similarly, their lower status means they not entitled to take kill-tokens and similar from the dead, and are only allowed to bear a single purity seal confirming that they have been vetted by the Talons Librarium and are free of taint. The lack of squad or Chapter markings has a more pragmatic reason – operating behind enemy lines as they often do, the Aspirants do not wish to advertise the presence of their Chapter to the enemy.


The current Master of Aspirants for the 5th Company Blade of the Iron Talons, Suro Hyran has a reputation as an iron-willed and acerbic warrior, and perhaps the finest shot in the 5th Blade. Entering the ranks of the Talons at the same time as his closest brother, Corvin Varras, Hyran is responsible for shaping the new blood of the 5th, a task he performs with relish. Alone amongst the Aspirants, Hyran wears the crimson of The Letting and bears the Black Carapace beneath his skin. Despite this, he has not worn a full suit of Power Armour since his time amongst the Tactical Blades after his own initiation. Clad in the same carapace armour as his charges, Hyran’s helm contains a vastly upgraded version of the crude auto-senses of the Aspirants, allowing him to keep abreast of all in-theatre developments in real-time. For countless years Hyran has smote the enemies of the Talons with his Stalker-pattern bolter and it bears the hallmarks of an heirloom weapon, from the non-standard suppressor to the enhanced scope array atop its bulk. Although his armour lacks any distinguishing kill-tokens or honour markings, it is common knowledge amongst the Talons that his personal kill-tally is more than equal to the more renowned warriors of the 5th such as Kibre and Juvens, and that many champions of the enemies of the Imperium have found a most ignominious end at the hands of this quiet warrior. It is maybe not suprising then that alone amongst the Astartes deployed by the 5th Blade, Hyran and the Aspirants were the sole unit to escape the Aren Prime Reclamation without any casualties.

***End Record

22-04-2013, 23:15
Wow, this whole log has been stunning. Just wanted to reply so that I can make sure to keep an eye on this. I love the combination of fluff and models, and its definitely a format I'm going to try to follow in my future logs. Really fantastic job with the painting, modeling, and background for the new chapter.

Looking forward to more.


Il Maestro
23-04-2013, 02:59
I love these Aspirants - they look SO damn cool!

And I seriously can't wait to hear more about the Prodigals, you have a way of keeping us totally enthralled and drawn in... damn you!! :p

23-04-2013, 03:34
Neat fluff dude.. very nice indeed, nice to see emphasis on the recruitment
part of the marines instead of the standard blindness on Terminators, lol.

I wonder what you will have the servo skulls count as in this build though..

I myself am also using Pig Iron helmets but with flat facial plates:
Linky (http://www.pig-iron-productions.com/bmz_cache/3/37153e03fa002986fa9c3614bb40e0dd.image.733x550.jpg )

23-04-2013, 20:19
Evening everyone, thanks for the continued comments.

@ Noble Korhedron - not off the top of my head I can't :) And as White Scars successors, there has to be at least one Khan reference.

@ Radu Lykan - maybe......:shifty:

@ Sadtime - ah thanks very much mate, you are too kind. Plenty more to come so keep an eye out.

@ Il Maestro - yeah they turned out alright didn't they? The helms really make them work I think, much better than the weird fat plastic heads you get in the kit. And I need to give you a reason to keep coming back don't I? ;)

@ Rhaiven - I thought it was about time that the young bloods got some love - Terminators are supposed to be rare, yet they pop up all over the place. Having said that, I am guilty of having some myself, but fluffwise there's only 14 in the entire Chapter. The servo-skulls will be just be used as objective markers in this edition.

No painting or anything tonight, having a night off with the wife. However, the Stormtalon and Devastators are ready for undercoating and the Chaplain is about two thirds done - have to admit thought, the fluff for this chap isn't flowing as easily as I thought. He will get there though.


Pretty happy with how he is coming along so far.

Cheers all

23-04-2013, 23:21
@JackDaw: Cool name and reference to Ghengis Khan. Bet you can't tell me the name of his childhood friend/blood-brother?! :p

He was called Jam something or other. :)

I love those Scouts JD. I must admit I wasn't sold on the Pig Iron heads when I first saw them, but seeing them all painted up, I've totally changed my mind.

23-04-2013, 23:29
@ Il Maestro - yeah they turned out alright didn't they? The helms really make them work I think, much better than the weird fat plastic heads you get in the kit. And I need to give you a reason to keep coming back don't I? ;)

@ Rhaiven - I thought it was about time that the young bloods got some love - Terminators are supposed to be rare, yet they pop up all over the place. Having said that, I am guilty of having some myself, but fluffwise there's only 14 in the entire Chapter. The servo-skulls will be just be used as objective markers in this edition.

Did you see the helmets I use? :), and yes, the plastic heads are atrocious, lol.

No worries, I myself have over 20 old school terminators stashed away in my country, I might sell them on Ebay if I get to ship ehm over to me..
I have one librarian termi atm but not sure how to use im as yet.
14 in the whole chapter is not a lot, but cool! ;)

Noble Korhedron
24-04-2013, 01:45
He was called Jam something or other. :)

I love those Scouts JD. I must admit I wasn't sold on the Pig Iron heads when I first saw them, but seeing them all painted up, I've totally changed my mind.@Macloren: Half marks for being close! :p It's Jamulka - I may have the spelling wrong though....

Cap'n Facebeard
24-04-2013, 09:55
That Chaplain is going to be brilliant, the pose is perfect.

26-04-2013, 15:45
Have to agree with the above posts. The pigiron heads look great on the scouts. And again excellent fluff.

28-04-2013, 07:58
I must say jackdaw this is getting really good man. Been away for a fair while due to work and stuff.
Have had my army put on hold for now ( the dark elf dragons too good not to paint).
Where did you get the scouts helmets from?? They look awesome man.
Keep up the good work.

29-04-2013, 22:40
Lords of War – Shield-Father Armin Brukhalian

“We stand as His bloody vengeance, His red right hand. None are safe from our blades.”
Excerpt from the litany of The Letting, an initiation ritual performed by the Shield-Fathers of the Iron Talons.

“Fear is the greatest weapon that we wield, brothers. Nothing cuts deeper”
Shield-Father Armin Brukhalian of the 5th Company Blade, Iron Talon Astartes.

***Begin Record

Amongst the ranks of the Adeptus Astartes, none are grimmer in visage than the Chaplains. Clad in midnight-black armour, their faces hidden behind impassive morbid skull-helms, they are the true embodiment of the Astartes as the Angels of Death. Their roles within the ranks of their brothers can vary from Chapter to Chapter, shaped by the traditions and foibles of their particular brotherhood but all Chaplains share a common cause – guarding the spiritual well-being of their Chapter and ensuring the survival of its rites and traditions. Often mistakenly viewed as the Astartes incarnation of a simple priest or holy-man, the Chaplain is a warrior first and foremost and often the religious dogma and trappings of the Ecclesiarchy are conspicuous in their absence from the daily observances and routines of these champions of the Astartes. The tensions between the Church and the Astartes regarding their veneration of the Holy Emperor are well known, with many Chapters regarding the Emperor as simply equal to their Primarch, despite overwhelming evidence of His divinity. As such, it is not unusual for the rites and traditions of a Chapter to omit any reference to the divinity of the Emperor and instead to simply acknowledge him as the undisputed Master of Mankind and a warrior beyond compare. When in battle, the Chaplain will exhort his brothers to feats of strength and defiance and will lead them in their catechisms of war - the strength of their resolve is legendary and no Chaplain will ever take a step back in the face of the enemy, no matter how fearsome they may be. However, it should also be noted that Chaplains are never fully embraced by the Astartes they call brothers. As the watchdogs of purity, Chaplains have the power to question and censure any Astartes amongst the Chapter and none are safe from their scrutiny. All Astartes know that despite their presence on the battlefield and their guidance in matter of faith and ritual, every Chaplain has one watchful eye upon their brothers, searching for any sign of weakness.

http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/IMG1609_zpse78189f9.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/IMG1609_zpse78189f9.jpg.html)

Despite the apparent apathy displayed towards the Codex Astartes by the Iron Talons, it is perhaps surprising to find that Chaplains operate in a functionally identical manner amongst the Talon Company Blades as they do amongst the companies of the Talons peers. Referred to as ‘Shield-fathers’, the Chaplains of the Talons are attached to each Company Blade to support the Praetor and ensure that each Astartes is fully prepared in body and soul, while the senior Chaplain takes the position of Reclusiarch alongside the Chapter Master. Acting as counsellor and watchman both, Shield-fathers are not only drawn from those Astartes who show a particular piety, already rare amongst the Talons, but also from those warriors who best exemplify the spiritual and martial strength of an Astartes. Thus, it is not rare to find a Shield-Father whose emphasis is closely placed upon martial prowess, with matters of the spirit and veneration of the Emperor a distant second. Regardless of each Shield-Fathers individual approach, they are true veterans and their experience and wisdom is much respected by their brothers. They also take pride in continuing the traditions and rituals laid down by the Founding Three of the Iron Talons, those proud veterans of the White Scars responsible for shaping the Chapter in its infancy. Chief amongst these is the somewhat barbaric ritual known as The Letting, endured by every brother upon his ascendancy to full Astartes. During this ritual, performed in front of the entire Company Blade, the newly formed Astartes stands clad only in a simple bodyglove, arms and legs bare, his bloodstream infused with anti-coagulants and the surgical scars from the implantation of his Black Carapace often still raw and fresh. The Shield-Father will then slowly and ritually flay the skin from the Astartes right arm, from shoulder to hand, until they bear a red right hand in truth. At the same time, the holy ritual words of the Iron Talons are spoken, reminding the Astartes of his role and the burden he bears and the sacred duty of the Iron Talons as the Thrones agents of vengeance. At the culmination of the ritual, the Company Apothecary will inject the Astartes with hyper-coagulants, ending the slow continued flow of blood and the Shield-Father will solemnly inform his new brother that this will be the last time he will allow himself to be wounded without answering in kind. The newly-inducted Astartes, flayed arm still raw, is then embraced as a brother by the Astartes of the Blade he will join and takes his place amongst their ranks.

http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/IMG1612_zps75e7191c.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/IMG1612_zps75e7191c.jpg.html)

Armin Brukhalian has held the role of Shield-Father of the 5th Company Blade for close to three hundred years and has seen two Praetors serve the 5th before the current incumbent, Corvin Varras, was elected within the last 30 years. His experience eclipses all others in the 5th and many amongst the Chapter at large, and whispers abound that upon the death of Jubal Kirsch, Brukhalian will take up the mantle of Reclusiarch. His battered and war-torn body held together by bionics and permanently encased within the onyx armour of his station, Brukhalian has seen every threat and enemy of the Imperium that walks the stars and cast their broken bodies down. During the Charybdis-9 crusade, Brukhalian led Tactical Blade Rashan in the defence of the Charon Gate for 32 straight hours, never faltering in the face of the unclean legions of [REDACTED] before ending the millennia-long life of the Dark Apostle Saardis Uquet of the Word Bearers, breaking the traitors back across his knee before sundering his armour. Accompanying the Assault Blades during the Blackmaw Subjugation, Brukhalian was again found in the thickest fighting, his Crozius smiting xenos champions while his stern gaze ensured that no Assault brother faltered in their duty. Centuries of warfare have not dulled the fires of Brukhalian’s hatred for the enemies of mankind, instead hardening it into a brutal and callous approach to war. He is renowned for his uncompromising attitude to the Iron Talons duty and for his willingness to achieve victory through whatever means necessary, as well as a less than complimentary outlook on the men of the Imperial Guard and the ability of non-augmented humans in general to wage war.

http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/IMG1616_zps80ef054a.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/IMG1616_zps80ef054a.jpg.html)
http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/IMG1613_zpsfeff76d1.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/IMG1613_zpsfeff76d1.jpg.html)
http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/IMG1614_zps1f80f3a1.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/IMG1614_zps1f80f3a1.jpg.html)

The original mark of Brukhalian’s battleplate is almost impossible to identify after centuries of repair and artifice by the Chapters armourers. Of particular note is the reinforced chestplate displaying the holy Aquila rendered in ancient and tarnished adamantium, a powerful symbol of a true champion of the Imperium and a stark reminder of the immense timespan that Brukhalian has spent defending mankind. The right pauldron bears the crimson of the Talons, indicating that Brukahalian, as all Talons, has undergone The Letting, and is embossed with the Deaths Head symbol of the Astartes Chaplaincy. Additional armour plating has been attached to the left pauldron of Brukhalian’s armour, framing the Imperial Laurels and stylised recreation of the Iron Talons Chapter Symbol. Various kill-tokens adorn this ancient battleplate, with what is understood to be a holy relic of the Talons suspended on Brukhalian’s left thigh-plate. The exact nature of this relic is unknown, with several informed observers of the opinion that the relic itself is not from the Talons but from an otherwise unknown Ecclesiastical source. The Shield-Father’s appearance is dominated by the skeletal bone helm, fashioned in the Deaths-head style and the brutal Crozius Arcanum held easily in his grasp. The Crozius is as much a symbol of office as a weapon, a brute maul encased in a powerful disruption field that sunders armour as easily as flesh. Brukhalian also currently sports a new pattern Angelus jump-pack, two smaller thrusters providing a greater degree of control than the brute packs utilised by the Assault Blades. During the Aren Prime Reclamation, Brukhalian was to be found close to the Assault Blades led by Meryn Kibre, often accompanying them into battle as he did against the Blackmaw xeno-kind. It is unknown whether Brukhalian shared Kibre’s view of their new Praetor or whether he simply placed himself closer to potentially disruptive brothers of the 5th, however it is recorded that Imperial forces were disappointed to see that the Shield-Fathers presence failed to rein in the worst excesses of the Assault Blades.

Shield-Father Brukhalian emerged from the Aren Prime Reclamation bloodied but unbroken, and unrepentant in the face of condemnation from Imperial Military command for the actions of the Namas Highway Incident. It was remarked by many that both Brukhalian and Inquisitor Constans of the Ordo Hereticus shared a similar outlook on how the ends achieved justified the means.

***End Record

30-04-2013, 12:00
Finally caught up! Some awesome stuff since I last checked in. Loving all the fluff and the painting as usual. There's so much intrigue and character into each of the units and characters its simply fantastic. The Assault Marines and Scouts are both ace, really love the servo skulls and the sights on the Scouts bolters having a reason is cool. Also really love how you take a character we're all familiar with - the Chaplain - and give it new life. I think you've done a great job with it and the story of the letting is gruesome and I love it!

Your article pretty much sums up the hobby for my and my biggest bugbears. People down my local club call me mad for the level of detail I go into with my background and for refusing to take so-called 'must include' units. I call them mad for ignoring that aspect of the hobby. For me this hobby would be nothing without it's rich background and doubly so for my armies. I can't inspire myself to paint or even play if there's no background behind the forces i'm working with. I'm an aspiring writer, so for me, story is everything

Hey, no fair! I'm a person down your local club and don't think you're mad at all! I much prefer armies that are chosen for what looks cool or for fluff than power gaming armies that are only designed to win.

30-04-2013, 14:55
Hey, no fair! I'm a person down your local club and don't think you're mad at all! I much prefer armies that are chosen for what looks cool or for fluff than power gaming armies that are only designed to win.

I was actually refering to my other gaming group down St Neots. I've found the Sons of War very open minded and great, actually :)

30-04-2013, 20:04
Cracking plog. I'm new to it so won't try to read it all in one go, but the opening fluff is very engaging. Are you playing the scenarios to see how the campaign progresses?

I particularly like the scouts - the helmets make them look like an advanced armoured force rather than light skirmishers. It fits the theme well for a planetfall.

30-04-2013, 21:57
I was actually refering to my other gaming group down St Neots. I've found the Sons of War very open minded and great, actually :)

Good to hear!

30-04-2013, 23:01
Excellent fluff, absolutely can't wait to see how the war escalates!

03-05-2013, 21:02
Apologies chaps, fallen a bit behind on replying to you all - bad Jackdaw.

@ Macloren - the heads look much better painted up, getting the visors done was the winning point I think.

@ Rhaiven - I did buddy, very nice - I also like their Spartan style helms. Termie armour is supposed to be really rare - only the Dark Angels have enough to give every 1st company vet a suit, so it irritates me how common most Marine players seem to view it as.

@ Capn Facebeard - cheers buddy, hope you liked the finished mini.

@ DaHedd - glad you liked the fluff mate, always makes me happy to hear.

@ Hazmiter - hey fella, good to see you back. The scout helmets are from Pig Iron, they do quite a few nice little pieces.

@ Jonahmaul - hey slacker ;) though I guess I can let you off, post-honeymoon and all that. As ever, glad to hear you like the fluff and units, I was pretty happy with the Chaplains and the Letting in particular.

@ Warmtamale - thanks mate, much appreciated. The fluff is actually just that, pure fluff - the games we do in the Warbasterds have nothing to do with this plog fluff at all :)

@ Adam352 - cheers mate, plenty more fluff to come and more all-out conflict.

Now that the Chaplain is done, I've forged onwards with the Stormtalon and Devastators - shockingly, after these two are done, its only the Sternguard, Terminators, Land Raider, Praetor and special something to go before the army is done...
On the subject of the Devastators and Stormtalon, the bone is on the way to done:

http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/IMG1620_zps755943b2.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/IMG1620_zps755943b2.jpg.html)http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/IMG1622_zpsfcd5663d.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/IMG1622_zpsfcd5663d.jpg.html)

The Devastators have had the basecoat of bone, wash and recoat - they are now ready for highlighting up and the final washes. The Talon is a stage behind, having just had the basecoat of bone. Its a pain of a process sometimes and I have to say I'm looking forward to not painting my next army bone...

More to come after the bank holiday weekend folks.

Cheers all

03-05-2013, 21:45
@ Rhaiven - I did buddy, very nice - I also like their Spartan style helms. Termie armour is supposed to be really rare - only the Dark Angels have enough to give every 1st company vet a suit, so it irritates me how common most Marine players seem to view it as.

More to come after the bank holiday weekend folks.

Cheers all

Spartan helmets? whatdidImiss? lol..
Ive got a spare Terminator Libby, and a Chaplain, might sell them off just like I might all the old termies eventually, hmmz...
Bank Hol for me means more work, lol, I work weekends as a bouncer ;)

Be happy you get to paint whilst I recuperate and sleep, lolz.

03-05-2013, 22:45
the Shield-Father will solemnly inform his new brother that this will be the last time he will allow himself to be wounded without answering in kind.

Single most awesome piece of GW fluff I have read in years.

0% hyperbole.

10-05-2013, 12:18
On the Prodigals

“Knowledge wins wars. Oh, you need guns and bombs and men and Astartes and tanks and whatnot to fight a war, but knowledge will win you the war. Know the enemy. Their hopes, their dreams, their strengths and weaknesses. Use any and all tools at your disposal to get in their heads. Once you know your enemy, it’s so much easier to kill them.”
Attributed to Inquisitor Sholesh dan Raf, Ordo Hereticus

***Begin Record

http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1667_zps33ffc262.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1667_zps33ffc262.jpg.html)
Footage captured by Secessionist Civilian Protection Forces of suspected Inquisitorial Agents attempting to access secure data-stack storage unit located in Hive Calbefraque. The identities and whereabouts of these agents remain unknown.

[Data corruption]-bjects have responded well to the initial genetic treatments. Integration of the Ander Serum into standard genetic manipulation templates has resulted in 35% increase in muscle mass and bone density, with corresponding increases in subjects’ neurological functions from the Ingram implants. Rejection rate remains low at 45% - even these failures are providing valuable information and results from the resultant vivisection. Suggestions to proceed to the tertiary level of testing and dosage have been approved and this will be-[Data corruption]

[Data corruption] has confirmed that Adept Rho-Hanshu has been able to adapt field technology designs from xeno-sources into homo-sapien relatable devices. The Adept assures me that once implanted into the subjects and aligned with the focus devices contained within the armour, power levels comparable to that of Knight-class voids are possible, however this will severely impact the physical function of the subjects. Adept Rho-Hanshu remains confident that levels equivalent to current disruption field and personal protection fields will be possible and sustainable on a long-term basis with little impact on the biological func-[Data corruption]

[Data corruption]-formed beyond all expectation. From the initial test group of 100 subjects, only 13 have survived to the Complete Prototype Testing Phase, however the results are…astounding. Approval has been received to begin in-field testing and deployment, with further approval received to begin secondary stage creation on further subje-[Data corruption]

[Data corruption]-nally have a name for them. Test subjects 1-13 are hereby referred to as The Prodigals. [End Data stream]

***End Record

10-05-2013, 15:49
All inclusive, how many points will the army be in the field?

10-05-2013, 23:45
RED 13 god dammit, RED, not albino!!!!!!! Great fluff though as usual ;)

11-05-2013, 13:52
Afternoon everyone, hope the weekend is treating you well.

@ Rhaivaen - Pig Iron do some helmets that looks like the Spartan Armour helms from Halo. Hope the bank holiday weekend wasn't too rough - I didn't end up doing any painting, just lots of beer drinking ;) The gaming list is 2500pts however the Librarian and planned Contemptor knock that up to about 2800. Another Tactical squad in a Razorback would take me up to 3k pretty much, which is tempting.

@ Chem-Dog - ah too kind mate, way too kind.

@ Jonahmaul - ReEngineered Dog variant-XIII, I've told you before ;) Albino is so much cooler than red anyway. Glad you liked the fluff, was fun to kinda explain what the Prodigals are seeing as I don't intend to make a mini for them.

Slow progress on the Devastators and Stormtalon so far - the Devs bone armour is done, I'm planning to do the crimson arm tonight. The 'Talon is still waiting for the highlights. Sigh. I have not done much painting recently, which sucks. On the plus side, the Warbasterds are doing a new I28 campaign soon, which excites me loads - you can read a little taster here (http://paintwaterdiaries.com/2013/how-to-start-an-inquisitor-campaign/). And in an eerie link to this article (http://paintwaterdiaries.com/2013/dave-boddy-and-the-curse-of-the-hobby-magpie/), my plans for an Eldar army may have fallen by the wayside in favour of something a bit more random and Ork-like.

I'll keep you posted.

Cheers all

12-05-2013, 11:37
I totally get that, I too have battled the Hobby Magpie on many occasions, it's a good thing I don't game because I'd never get anywhere close to having a playable force in anything.

More on-topic, your Talons are going well. I loved those scouts and the fluff is great as always.

15-05-2013, 08:20
Hey JackDaw, just wanted to say that I really dig the way you are doing your blog. The blurbs and black and white pictures really give it that extra edge that transform it from simply a project log into an evolving story that actually has me eagerly awaiting what comes next. Well done sir. Inspiring work. :)

16-05-2013, 11:10
Well, I've come to this late, and I am yet to look at your Druchii, but this is the best plog I've seen for a while, and it has given me a lot of inspiration and ideas for my own modelling of the Amalthean Crusade.

I really like the background pieces, a lot, and think that your army not only looks, but feels, like the Astartes. I especially like the Tac squad armed only with bolters, and the ferocious Kibre.

And don't worry - you are not alone in enjoying the background and favouring story over WAAC! ;)

Noble Korhedron
16-05-2013, 12:11
@Gen. Steiner: I despise people who refuse to play with anything but WAAC armies myself. I generally take a balanced force with infantry, missile infantry, magic, a general, a BSB, a war machine or two and some fast or heavy cavalry.

20-05-2013, 20:54
Just read through the whole thing, incredible work with the fluff as many have said already! Looking forward to getting some more info on The Prodigals, if that even will happen that is ;)

Keep it up mate,

21-05-2013, 09:13
Why no update..... :(

21-05-2013, 12:34
Morning everyone, god I love you guys and your constant input even when I suck and don't update for days on end.

@ Aku-chan - That Hobby Magpie is a bastard. He's currently tweeting away Wood Elf ideas in my head, while the Orks have taken a step further to beginning with the kind donation of a Black Reach set from a buddy. Curses. Glad to hear you enjoyed the scouts and the fluff, we are on the home stretch now though in terms of units.

@ Gerod253 - aw thanks for the kind words man, much appreciated. Glad to hear the Guard turned up as well, hope they treat you as well as they did me.

@ Gen.Steiner - better late than never mate ;) Seriously though, thanks for taking the time to read through from scratch and comment, means a lot to me. And its great to find another fluff-lover :)

@ BeatTheBeat - ah cheers mate, always nice to hear from you :) I will reveal a bit more about the Prodigals later on, when they go toe-to-toe with the Talons properly.

@ Jonahmaul - blah I know I know. Not sure what happened but I got hardly any painting done last week. On the plus side, the Devastators are now done and I only need to get the fluff done before they get posted up - fingers crossed I can sort that out today.

Cheers everyone, hopefully a proper post from me soon. Promise.


21-05-2013, 13:09
I've shamelessly ripped off your style for my own plog of Imperial Forces. Imitation, flattery, you know :p Looking forwards to the next update!

21-05-2013, 17:27
Escalation – fury unleashed

“They told us we would have Astartes support this time, that they were co-operating. For the first three hours of engagement, there was frak all sign of cooperation. The Secessionists boiled out of that Township like ants from a hive, sending a hell of a lot of ordinance our way. Three hours we took that for, before the first Astartes bothered to show up.

Throne though…when they did show up….Five of them came to us to hold back a push by a brigade of Secessionist heavies. Two of the Astartes carried huge plasma weapons, bigger than anything I’d seen not bolted to a Russ. Made a mess of the heavies, just tore through them. They only fired maybe a half dozen bursts each, but it was like a new sun was born. After that, it didn’t take much from my boys to mop up the rest and move onto the Township proper.”
Third Captain Joren Allim, 16th Platoon, 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry

***Begin Record

To even the most casual observer, it must already be clear that the Iron Talons adherence to the dictates of the Codex Astartes is loose at best and dangerously rebellious at worst. The heavy-handed emphasis on close –range engagement, the non-standard squad markings and nomenclature – all these point to a marked disregard for the teachings of Guilliman, made even more apparent by the seeming lack of long range support. We have touched earlier on the lack of Devastator squads fielded by the Talons and it is easy to assume that there simply are none, the Talons instead relying on armoured units such as Predators and Vindicators for their support fire. However, this would be a false assumption. While Devastator Blades are rare, they are not entirely absent from the ranks of the Companies – most often they are only deployed in limited numbers and bear fewer support weapons than their more Codex brethren – it is easy therefore to overlook a Devastator Blade as merely another Tactical Blade. Counted amongst the ranks of the 5th Company Blade is but a single example, the Devastator Blade Ashok. Consisting of a mere five Astartes, Ashok is skilled in the use of all the heavy weapons available to them from the humble Heavy Bolter to the ravening energies of the Plasma Cannon to the tank busting Lascannon. It is most common for only two members of the Blade to wield such weaponry, while their brethren provide close range protection and additional target-marking.

http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG16851_zps83a47fd6.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG16851_zps83a47fd6.jpg.html)
http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1686_zps3db42a08.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1686_zps3db42a08.jpg.html)
http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1690_zpsefdf66e1.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1690_zpsefdf66e1.jpg.html)

Blade Ashok can be seen here deployed on the outskirts of the Stane Service Township at the start of that brutal engagement which marked the first large scale Astartes deployment as well as the first instance of cooperation with existing Imperial forces. Clad in the standard bone and crimson plate, Ashok nevertheless display several modifications to their power armour, most obvious of which is the additional targeting arrays and range-finders built into their helms. Not only off-setting the electromagnetic interference created by several of their armaments, the targeting arrays also provide additional threat-marking opportunities – with the Devastators often being deployed in high vantage points, they provide essential tactical updates to the rest of their brothers and can mark high-priority targets for destruction by other Blades deployed in-field. Imperial observers have already identified the heavy-gauge plasma weapons carried by two of Ashok as Starfury pattern cannons – a relatively stable design with only a 12% misfire rate. The muzzle venting seen here is remarkable free of carbon scoring, indicating that these sections were most likely recently replaced – Starfury patterns typical allow approximately half a dozen firings before warping and heat damage forces their replacement. Of particular note is the armour worn by one brother – an ancient set of Mk III, original designed to provide greater protection in boarding actions. Clearly this particular Astartes harbours a concern regarding the 12% misfire rate of his weapon.

http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1691_zps97bf76c1.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1691_zps97bf76c1.jpg.html)
http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1692_zpsab13f53c.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1692_zpsab13f53c.jpg.html)

Devastator Blade Ashok is currently led by Kanedias, Techmarine of the 5th Company Blade. Whereas most Codex adherent Techmarines will often take to the battlefield surrounded by servitors and weapons platforms, and armed to the teeth with servo arms and obscure weapon arrays, the Techmarines of the Talons are more often found leading Devastator Blades into battle, providing their expert technical knowledge to firing patterns and target resolution. The lumbering servo-harness equipped Techmarines of other Chapters would soon find themselves left behind by the swift tactics of the Talons and thus their Techmarines have learnt to adapt themselves to this style of war. Kanedias has overseen the armoury of the 5th for three-score years to date and has fostered a number of apprentices in that time. Respected and well-regarded by his brothers, Kanedias is surprisingly open and humorous for one initiated into the mysteries of Mars and is renowned for his encyclopaedic knowledge of the glories won by his brothers. Clad in a heavily augmented suit of power armour barely recognisable as Mk III, Kanedias cuts an imposing figure, the Signum targeting array mounted to his powerpack ensuring that no foe of the Talons will escape the gaze of his Blade unscathed.

Devastator Blade Ashok was one of the few Astartes units to emerge unscathed from the Aren Prime Reclamation, a fact which weighed heavily on the mind of Kanedias and further deepened the divide between the brothers of the Assault Blades and those of the Devastators. However, none could question the destruction caused by Ashok, whether it was by boltgun or more impressive weaponry.

***End Record

21-05-2013, 19:47
Neat indeed :)

21-05-2013, 22:31
Like the fluff, like the colour palette, like the paint jobs, keep it up :)

22-05-2013, 10:43
I love the idea that kanedias is hooolarious! I imagine that he gets a lot of invites to dinner parties!

22-05-2013, 13:02
Wonderful. Love the fact that the Sarge is infact a techmarine and that the Assault squads and Devastor squad have bad blood between then. Epic fluff.

22-05-2013, 20:17
Of particular note is the armour worn by one brother – an ancient set of Mk III, original designed to provide greater protection in boarding actions. Clearly this particular Astartes harbours a concern regarding the 12% misfire rate of his weapon.

Brilliant stuff, made me laugh out loud! Keep it coming :)

23-05-2013, 11:06
Whinge and it will come....they should make a film along those lines.....! Awesome stuff as usual, love the incorporation of the Devestator's into the army and the way everything has a reason for being the way it is (i.e. only two Heavy Weapons when normally you see four). Great painting as always as well.

23-05-2013, 22:53
Evening chaps - I have a fully functional laptop again! Woot!

@ Rhaiven - cheers mate :)

@ Intercepta - thanks bud, much appreciated

@ Macloren - I thought it was about time there was a happy Astartes. And I like the idea of the Techmarine being the joker, in complete contrast to the standard robot-like way they are portrayed. Maybe he's overcompensating for the extra steps he has taken towards becoming one with the Omnissiah.

@ DaHedd - thanks mate, I really don't like the idea that every Astartes loves his brothers. Makes it much more interesting to have some inter-squad rivalry and conflict, and a bit more realistic as well.

@ Khorneguy - I was hoping somebody would get that little joke ;)

@ Jonahmaul - its like Field Of Dreams, only with less Kevin Costner. And baseball. Cheers as ever mate, much appreciated. Don't know when I'll ever use these chaps in a game but they were fun to put together and paint - even if they were basically an excuse to get the Techmarine model into the army somehow.

So, Devastators down and only another 6 units to go. The 'Talon is currently up next - the bone armour sections are done and it has been re-blacked ready for everything else. Hopefully shouldn't take too long to finish off, though I always seem to say that....
I could have done some work on it tonight but I got distracted painting this chap for our upcoming Inquisitor-28 campaign:

http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/Doctor%20Who/IMG1693_zpsd622923b.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/Doctor%20Who/IMG1693_zpsd622923b.jpg.html)
http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/Doctor%20Who/IMG1689_zpsdb32614d.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/Doctor%20Who/IMG1689_zpsdb32614d.jpg.html)
http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/Doctor%20Who/IMG1688_zps26276622.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/Doctor%20Who/IMG1688_zps26276622.jpg.html)

We are thinking of starting a plog on Warseer for this campaign, but for now you can find more info on the setting and characters on Paint Water Diaries (http://paintwaterdiaries.com/). Take a look, it's full of goodness yo.

Cheers all - Stormtalon and more fluff soon, promise.

24-05-2013, 11:17
He's brilliant. What did you use for the base? It looks like a tile from one of the 40K buildings.

24-05-2013, 11:39
He's brilliant. What did you use for the base? It looks like a tile from one of the 40K buildings.

Looks to me like the inside of a Land Raider door cut down to fit on top of the base. I'm more curious as to the origin of the miniature himself. Malifaux I'm guessing?

24-05-2013, 12:51
Oh yes, that would make more sense.

24-05-2013, 15:32
Looks to me like the inside of a Land Raider door cut down to fit on top of the base. I'm more curious as to the origin of the miniature himself. Malifaux I'm guessing?

I don't think it's Malifaux. I know the range fairly well and don't recognise it and it's also a little on the small side for Malifaux.

24-05-2013, 16:02
Great painting on the Inq-28 model! Of course you should start a log for that campaign, everybody needs more logs :D Besides, that skirmish format will be really fun to follow.


24-05-2013, 21:21
Hey folks, just a quick reply tonight

@ Gen.Steiner - cheers mate, I was very happy with him. I'm really enjoying painting I28 stuff at the moment. Ephrael got the base right, its a trimmed down Land Raider door with random bits of trash added.

@ Ephrael - It's not a Malifaux mini.....

@ Jonahmaul - Definitely not a Malifaux mini. Its one of the Iron Kingdoms RP characters from Privateer Press, chap by the name of Draegyn the Black Bastard. Lovely miniature.

@ BeathTheBeat - cheers dude, he does seem to have turned out to be one of the better mini's I've painted recently, which is cool as he only took about 4 hours altogether. I am nearly 100% sure LabRat and the rest of the Warbasterds will be rolling out a plog for this campaign.

Thats all for now, I'm off to eat doughnuts, drink tea and watch Arrow with the wifelet. Stormtalon wips to come over the weekend :)


25-05-2013, 01:54
@ Gen.Steiner - cheers mate, I was very happy with him. I'm really enjoying painting I28 stuff at the moment. Ephrael got the base right, its a trimmed down Land Raider door with random bits of trash added.

It's very effective indeed, and the figure wonderful. What exactly have you done to 40Kify him? It looks like the simple addition of a purity seal?

29-05-2013, 11:30
Hey guys

@ Gen.Steiner - I take it as a stunning endorsement of my conversion skills that his left hand doesn't look out of place ;) The whole left hand and gun are from Heresy Miniatures, I just snipped off the original empty hand.

For more on Nils, check out my article for him on Paint Water Diaries (http://paintwaterdiaries.com/2013/inquisitor-28mm-profit-before-prophet-the-birth-of-nils-ander/).

Update wise, no pics, but the Stormtalon is 90% done so should be up soon. I'm also working on a little =I= side project which will tie in with the Talons and show up soon.

Cheers all

29-05-2013, 15:32
Great work.
i love the fluff.
do you have any tips on writing the background material?
i often begin to write things and then think it sounds silly and bin it.
meaning that after an evening of constant writing im lucky if ive got 2 lines haha.
keep up the good work

Si ' Moog Sit ' Let
29-05-2013, 16:57
Jack I have just read this plog from end to end and have enjoyed doing so a huge amount!! your fluff is in short epic and you should be trying to write for BL I would buy your stuff without question..... I feel like a junkie and need you to add another fix with more fluff! love your models as well mate, thanks for the ride!!

31-05-2013, 08:31
Interlude – Secrets and Lies

“A mess like this, of course you get the Inquisition sniffing round like corvids on a corpse. Didn’t take them long to make themselves known and unwelcome, pushing into tac-briefings, messing with the local Magistratum and civilians. Lot of people just up and disappeared, which didn’t sit too well with us. Throne knows how many Inquisitors were actually around, we saw a few different faces every time. There was one constant face though, looked old as time, but cold with it, like he’d happily shoot us all in our sleep to keep things going smoothly. Nobody wanted to mess with him, and it was only after the dust settled we realised just how much he had moved us all around like game-pieces.”
Colonel Sebas Moran, Central Command, 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry.

***Begin Image Record

http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1700_zps1738de36.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1700_zps1738de36.jpg.html)

Images captured by Imperial Observers and Archivists of Inquisitorial representatives present at several military briefings. The central figure has been confirmed as Inquisitor Sholesh dan Raf of the Ordo Hereticus, assumed to be the de facto head of the Inquisitorial presence on Aren Prime, while his companions identities are harder to confirm. The male appears to be a member of the Hereticus Stormtrooper regiments while the female bears no distinguishing markings or features. However, eyewitness accounts indicate that she may be a feral-worlder.

***End Image Record

31-05-2013, 10:22
Tease ;)

And some words to take me above the 10 character limit!

31-05-2013, 10:51
What range is the warrior woman from? She's awesome!

31-05-2013, 15:24
OoooOOOOoooo nice. I like (a lot).

01-06-2013, 10:18
Morning everyone, thought I'd take some time to reply to your kind comments before I get the fluff for the Stormtalon all done.

@ Maulokk - cheers buddy, glad you're enjoying the fluff. In terms of tips, I'd probably say write what you know - if you play around with themes and ideas and source material that you are comfortable with, it's easier to create something. I;d also say to do a bit of give and take - it's real easy to make your personal army/character/whatever awesome with no weaknesses, but it makes for dull reading. Don't be afraid to have flaws and character mistakes etc. If you ever want a second opinion on anything mate, drop me a line :)

@ Si 'Moog Sit' Let - very kind of you mate - and congrats for having the oddest screenname I've had to reply to :) I am waiting for the BL submission window to open this year so fingers crossed you could be seeing something from me.

@ Jonahmaul - I know ;) I am getting real distracted by I28 stuff though. Naughty me.

@ Aku-chan - she's another awesome mini from the Privateer Press Iron Kingdoms RP range - not sure if they still do these or not, but there's some great minis in there that are well worth picking up.

@ Gen.Steiner - cheers buddy, there's always room for a bit of Inquisitorial-love ;)

Managed to get the Stormtalon finished last night, so hopefully can get the fluff done today and posted up for you all. Then it's onto the Assail and the last 4 members of the Inquisition.

Good times :)

01-06-2013, 12:02
The Holy Ordos are always a wonderful source of modelling madness and a great place to put all those random figures one collects over the years, or so I have found. I look forwards to reading more about Inquisitor Ref and his merry minions.

01-06-2013, 12:15
@ Jonahmaul - I know ;) I am getting real distracted by I28 stuff though. Naughty me.

Not as long as you share!

01-06-2013, 15:04
Escalation – Death in the skies

“The one thing we had over the Secessionists was air-support. They might have the numbers and the armour, but we could put birds in the sky when we needed. When the Astartes started putting out their own birds, well that was it. Game over. Those Astartes builds were brutal, like the bastard lovechild of a gunship and a warplane. Secessionists never saw them coming.”
Flight Captain Klara Jessick, Imperial Navy 297th Attack Wing, attached to the 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry

***Begin Record

Traditionally the Astartes have never cared much for air superiority – the nature of their deployments and the devastating speed with which they can crush the foe and redeploy means that by the time air support arrives, the Astartes are invariably already gone. As such, until recent years they have relied simply on the venerable Thunderhawk as a makeshift transport/gun vessel. While the Thunderhawk is as reliable as ever, recent developments in the technology used by foes of the Imperium means that the Astartes have been forced to adopt newer patterns of aircraft, such as the transport Stormraven and the attack/escort Stormtalon. The Iron Talons were enthusiastic in their adoption of the newer Stormtalon, and in particular the Harpy variant, which sacrificed some manoeuvrability and targeting arcs in favour of increased speed.

http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1704_zpse0853b3b.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1704_zpse0853b3b.jpg.html)

Pictured here is one such Harpy variant Stormtalon employed by the 5th Company Blade of the Iron Talons during the conflict on Aren Prime. Immediately noticeable is the slimmer profile in both the chin and tail boom compared to the standard Aquila pattern. Here, the assault cannons are recessed into the chin of the craft with a far more limited degree of movement which while sacrificing ammunition hold-space and traversement, does reinforce the role of the Harpy variant as more of a highspeed attack craft rather than a support gunship. This particular craft has been outfitted with Typhoon Missile pods, able to fire both anti-armour and anti-personnel warheads, leaving the Harpy able to strafe ground targets with impunity once any enemy aircraft have been eliminated.

http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1705_zpse426d202.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1705_zpse426d202.jpg.html)
http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1710_zpsbd61a26f.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1710_zpsbd61a26f.jpg.html)

As usual, this Harpy variant bears no identifying markings beyond the Chapter colours of the Iron Talons – we have already discussed their pragmatic approach to naming war-engines in some depth – however Imperial combat logs have recorded this particular craft as being referenced to as ‘Arrow-3’ by the Astartes themselves. Whether a more informal name is also in existence is not known at this time. Imperial sightings of the Astartes Stormtalons were rare during the opening stages of the Aren Prime conflict, their deployment usually limited to rapid ground strikes in the Northern territories against targets marked by the Talons recon forces. Imperial savants were able to deduce that the Harpy variants were being held in attack cradles on the Astartes Strike Cruiser Kiss The Blade in close orbit instead of being held at an airfield or similar position. This would also explain the Harpy variants apparent lack of landing gear – unnecessary for a craft held and dropped from an attack cradle.

http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac145/Jackdaw1982/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1707_zps658f44fe.jpg (http://s894.photobucket.com/user/Jackdaw1982/media/Iron%20Talons%20Adeptus%20Astartes/IMG1707_zps658f44fe.jpg.html)

Investigation of the remains of destroyed Iron Talon Harpy variants provided some interesting information – rather than being crewed by Astartes, the Talon Harpy’s were instead crewed by Chapter Thralls. Each Thrall displayed extensive augmentation and genetic enhancement similar to that performed on Aspirants, leading Imperial Savants to theorise that the Iron Talons utilised failed Aspirants to crew the attack craft in place of full Astartes brothers. While in contradiction to the tenets of the Codex Astartes, it is entirely in keeping with the modus operandi of the Talons themselves, freeing the Astartes for the more visceral thrill of personal combat.

***End Record

Noble Korhedron
01-06-2013, 15:21
Interesting idea about using failed aspirants to crew their strike craft. What's the Iron Talons current status with the Imperium? Are they considered loyal but somewhat deviant, like Space Wolves? Near-traitorous, like the Relictors? Or something in between....?