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Lord Bob
19-01-2013, 16:10
Hi all. I used to play fantasy a lot in 5th and 6th edition, but I left it for 40k after the dreadful 7th High Elves. Now I want to rest a little bit from 40k and I made a list for 8th using my old night goblins. I would appreciate any feedback!

Night Goblins 2.5k:

Night goblin warboss: enchanted shield, basha's axe of stunty smashing.
Night goblin great shaman.
2x Night goblin shaman: dispel scroll.
Night goblin big boss: battle standard bearer, light armour, shield, discipline standard.
Night goblin big boss: great weapon, light armour, shield.
43 Night goblins: nets, spears, full command.
48 Night goblins: nets, spears, full command.
2x 20 Night goblins: bows, 2 fanatics.
2x Squig herd: 15 goblins, 10 squigs.
8 Trolls.
6x spearchukkas.
2x rock lobbers.
2x doom diver catapults.

One horde goes with skarnisk and the great weapon big boss, the other with the battle standard bearer and the warboss. This way both hordes are ld 8 on their own. The shamans go wherever they hurt more. Mind that I want a fluffy night goblin list and I would play mostly for fun (no great tournaments).

26-01-2013, 00:24
You could always make some of those NGs into Goblins... no one has to know....
I think you could use a Mangler or two, and I love Skarsnik but he hasn't been worth taking lately. No ward save means he's still easily killed =(


-David N.