View Full Version : Ad Mech, Fluff build questions/advice needed.

19-01-2013, 17:42
Hey guys,

So the newest GW FAQ has thrown a monkey wrench in my army idea of Guard led by a master of the forge
And a small body guard of marines converted to look more skitarii esq.

My question is should I just use the MOTF anyway even though he can't repair the guard vehicles since his rules are do much better/interesting? Or should I bit the bullet and go with the enginseer who can't really do anything but repair the vehicles?

Is guard with space marine allies the best way to even do an Ad Mech list anymore? I can't really afford to buy a whole new army but could get a couple new units if someone's plan required it. Currently have about 2200 points of guard.

As far as just house ruling it to override the FAQ, that would be easiest but I would like the army to be rules legal for those random games at my LGS.

Thanks in advance guys!

Lord Damocles
19-01-2013, 18:05
Is repairing vehicles (which the Master of the Forge isn't even that great at anyway) really so important to the list?

If that was the main reason you included him in the first place, then drop him, but if you're more concerned with his cool Servo Harness and thematic appropriateness, then keep him.

19-01-2013, 18:26
I guess that's the question. How valuable is the repair vehicles ability really? My list contains and exterminator a standard russ and 3 chimeras.

19-01-2013, 19:28
In the old Adeptus Mechanicus section of the Imperial Agents list, tech-priest heroes (Magi) couldn't do battlefield repairs, only engineers (now enginseers) could. So you're actually closer to the way they once were than farther.

19-01-2013, 19:48
I imgine a fabricator general would consider himself above something as mundane as actually doing the repairs themselves...

Anyway, if that is your concern, just stick to codex SM. Use scouts for your troops (heavily augmented tech-guard), techmarines for your elites, thunderfire as artillery, scout bikers would make for some pretty cool wheeled combat machines, Land raider for a tank (machine spirt and all that) and you're good to go.

Just think of it as an elite tech guard, rather than a IG level force.