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19-01-2013, 21:00
Basically, after recently getting back into stuff ive decided id love to build a pre-heresy / heresy themed ultramarine army. Mostly this will be done off the new forge world kits which are looking really awesome atm....HOWEVER
My main aim of this thread is to gather some ideas for nice conversion pieces as i really wanna put my all into this army. So basically any ideas that you've seen or learnt from personal experience would be greatly appreciated :D
Ideas on heads, head plumes, special torsos, shields, nice greco-roman (imperial) swords etc and where to get them.

Thanks alot for any ideas you post,

20-01-2013, 16:30
This looks good, will you be using "legion" or just normal infantry kits? The MKIV captain, banner, and apothecary look like good characters. You could probabaly find plumes /sheilds /weapons on a web site advertisement above, or scratch build them.

20-01-2013, 18:46
Personally I love the idea but I would. Check my blog and if you fancy chatting about ideas I'm always up for a brainstorm

20-01-2013, 20:22
Ah Morelion i've already browsed yours and gathered ideas xD Looking good! basically jus thinking atm, wont have the time until exams and work subside around March time, will be buying stuff in preparation though.
Still need to find a decent sword / gladius for sgts etc

20-01-2013, 20:32
I've seen some good things done with HE spear tips. Gladius don't have a guard so just remove the blade and attach to hand with a pommel.

20-01-2013, 20:33

I made these several years ago when i was a kid, were the basis for my own chapter the 'Knights Of Guilliman', following the whole Knight theme with swords and Corvus heads, from these came the Pre-Heresy model desire but i didnt have the money etc back then

20-01-2013, 20:42
We all started some where mate.

20-01-2013, 23:04
Also i wasnt much of a player last time, but if these guys turn out nice i may wanna play a few games with them, can anyone shed any light of the snippets ive read along the lines that GW dont like you playing with models that dont have mostly GW parts?

21-01-2013, 00:22
Store Managers (at least in UK) get a bad time of things. At heart they are hobbists who love to see cool models but the corperate line they follow is very restrictive. Long answer short I wouldn't use anything clearly not GW made.