View Full Version : New orcs and goblins player, first army list, 1000 points

20-01-2013, 18:57
This is my first warhammer army list, and any coments/criticism are welcome.
Night goblin big boss, light armour, bad moon banner (army standerd bearer)
savage orc big boss
night goblin shaman, talisman of protection
40 night goblins with spears, full comand, netters, 3 fanatics
5 spider riders
5 sider riders
20 savage orcs, standard, champion, additional hand weapon, big stabbas
Rock lobbber, orc bully

savage orc big boss goes with savage orcs, banner bearer and shaman with the night goblins, spiders harass flanks, night goblis hold up units, and hopefully the savage orcs will make quick work of things in cloce combat.

Dark Aly
21-01-2013, 15:32
I'd drop the bad moon banner TBH and get some protection instead- armour of silvered steel+ a luck stone is my favorite (and a GW) but may be costly at this size game.

No equipment on the savage orc BB? if nessecary I'd drop the big stabba and get him AHW or GW or a magic toy.

Drop the talisman on the shaman- extra level instead

The bully ins't that good- save the points- if possible go for a doom diver not a rock lobber but I don't know what models you have.

If theres some points left over make the savages big 'Uns.

that's what I'd do.

Oogie boogie boss
21-01-2013, 15:40
Drop the Talisman on the shaman, one of the spider units, the big stabba, the bully and the bad moon banner. Use the points to make the SO unit 25-30, get an extra hand weapon or magic weapon for the SO big boss, upgrade the shaman to level 2 and maybe a small unit of NG/Goblin archers. Sorted.