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21-01-2013, 19:58
Hey guys, been working on my own scheme GK army for a month or so now. I am new to warhammer and new to the miniatures scene. I've been doing scale models for some years, so all these super details are new to me =)

The terminators are the first warhammer models i've painted, I just recently finished the DK. My camera was acting up today, so bear with the crappy pictures.

These models were an attempt at zenithal highlighting which is much more apparent in real life, also I do no like the edge highlighting technique on these specific models because of the gradient I painted on the armor. I was going for a realism that I do not personally think edge highlighting captures.








Currently on the bench is 20 Henchmen

Comments please =D

21-01-2013, 20:23
I like the purplish hue these guys have. It looks really original. Also those powerweapons are out of this world. Great use of an accent colour. You might think on using the same rich blue for the lenses of the knights, I think it might really pop there too.
Are you leaving the metal parts black? They look like they've been powder-coated, which is an excellent look. Please, some more!

21-01-2013, 20:31
the metal parts on the dread do you mean? They are actually a subtle bronze, with an basecoat of metallic which gives it that powder look. Glad you enjoy them

21-01-2013, 21:30
Really nice, the purple is great.

22-01-2013, 05:39
thanks guys =)