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21-01-2013, 22:21
Hi All,

Im playing some staff at my local GW in 2 weeks time, and will be taking my undead. Im stuck on which list to take. Any ideas on how to tighten them up would also be appreciated.

List 1 Infantry list

The lord goes with the grave guard and the standard, while the vamp heads up the ghouls. I would give him lore of shadow to debuff opponents. Finally the zombies have the necromancer with them to build their number. The crypt horrors cover the flank and hopefully I use the terrorgheist for a scream and rear charge.

1 Vampire Lord, Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield , Talisman of preservation, Sword of Striking, Quickblood

1 Vampire, Heavy Armour, Shield, Staff of Damnation, Dragonhelm, Seeds of Rebirth

1 Wight King, Great Weapon, Nightshroud, Battle Standard

1 Necromancer, +1 Magic Level, Dispel Scroll

40 Zombies, standard, musician

36 Crypt Ghouls, Crypt Ghast

5 Crypt Horrors

20 Grave Guard, Senechal, Standard, Great Weapon, Banner of Barrows

1 Terrorgheist

List 2 Strigoi Themed.

The plan for this is a 2 wave attack, the terrorgheist and vargheists fly to strike opponents rear/flanks while the ghouls and horrors move up to hit from the front, the zombies are purely to tarpit.

1 Strigoi Ghoul King, Terrorgheist

1 Vampire, Quickblood, Nightshroud, Battle Standard

1 Necromancer, +1 Level, Dispel Scroll

40 Zombies, standard, musician

36 Crypt Ghouls, Crypt Ghast

4 Crypt Horrors

3 Vargheists

1 Vargulf

1 Terrorgheist

Which list is more competitive, and are my vague plans ok?

22-01-2013, 23:44
Depending on how friendly you trying to be or how competitive your trying to be a few suggestions.

list 1) 20 GG always strike last guys most likely will not be around long enough to pack the punch you will want them to. Between spells and shooting or simply hand to hand vs another block. I think a better option would be to remove the 5 crypt horrors and add more grave guard. Depending how many you want to go to i would try and be around 30-40. You can not give your vamp lord the lore of shadow he needs to be the vamp lore unless you were talking about your secondary vamp. If you are looking at different lores for your vamps i would suggest the beast lore. Also redfury is great for vampires. I would look into squeezing that onto your lord.

List 2) Having a strigoi ghoul king on a terrorgheist sounds awesome until someone hits your lord with a cannon and his 5+ regen save fails and you lose your game due to crumble. It is up to you but it is a huge risk. I would take that terrogheist off and make your ghould king a beast with all the tricks you can give him. I am a big fan of giving him +3 to str quick blood and redfury. This usually gives him the ability to kill everything he touches. I would also try and add an engine to the list to add the +1 regen to your horrors and your lord which will push him to a 4+ as well.

23-01-2013, 09:11
I would like to b competitive as possible, so taking your suggestions on board:

List 1: are grave guard good in large numbers? If so I'll need more. By dropping the crypt horrors that gives me enough points for 10 guard and red fury. Oh and i was on about the vamp hero for shadows.

List 2: i did think about dropping the vargulf for a terrorgheist, which gives me 175 points spare to tool up the lord and add a crypt horror or two. Would that improve the list, and where would be the best place for the lord? Also Isn't the Mortis engine a bit unpredictable? I'm worried about an opponent targeting it and it takin out half my army. I've noy used it so feedback from more experienced players is appreciated!