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22-01-2013, 19:38
Are the current 12 great companies the ones that have been around since the beginning. Have there been other Great companies in the past that have risen and then fallen or become lost (13th) and then replaced by others?

Lord Squidar
22-01-2013, 20:00
No the great companies constantly change.

The wolves have a very strange hierarchy with kings and a high king instead of captains and company masters. In addition, the great companies are not fixed like the other marine companies are, they belong to a wolf lord and change with him. The record of a wolf lord and his great company is recorded or represented by a giant stone tablet called The great annulus. Its a stone circle made up of 13 parts, each wedge of stone is made for a particular wolf lord, and when he dies, it is removed by the wolves and the newly elected wolf lord who takes his place makes a new one to put in its place.

All Cing Eye
22-01-2013, 22:46
When a wolf lord dies his replacement is chosen from members of the great company's Wolf Guard. The new Wolf Lord then chooses a symbol and the company is renamed, usually after the Wolf Lord and the symbol.

Wolf Lords can actually revoke their oath of loyalty to the Great Wolf and strike out on their own with their Great Company. Sven Ironhand and Jotun Bearfang (sp?)are two examples of this. This is also presumably the origins of Skyrar's Dark Wolves CSM force.

23-01-2013, 00:23
Awesome! Thanks a bunch!