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22-01-2013, 19:49
So I have been playing the game since third edition. I picked up the space marine codex right after it came out. Read it through cover to cover, same with the dark angels codex. Even used scouts plenty of times. Yet in all that time I never knew that scouts had move through cover and scout..... so now I get the pleasure of taking advantage of these from this game forward. number of times they didn't make it to objectives *grumble grumble*......

Anyone else have some fun ones like that?

22-01-2013, 20:54
I played nurgle daemons for a good while before I knew that poison let me re-roll wounds when strength is equal to or greater than enemy toughness.

On a complete side note (not even the same game) I just recently learned how warrior bonus feats work in 3.5 DnD. Been playing for about 3 years.

22-01-2013, 21:05
You didn't know that Scouts had the Scout special rule? I think the clue is in the name.

It's not a "years later" thing, but I just realised for the first time that Recon Marines have Shroud Bombs. Would have been useful to know, and I'll totally remember it now.

Legio Phasma
22-01-2013, 21:09
In fourth edition, space marine scouts didn't have the scout ability. SNAP

22-01-2013, 21:10
A long time ago, back in 2nd ed, we didn't know that armour penetration was reduced based on range. It wasn't until playing 2nd ed games after 4th ed was released that we realised that we'd been playing a rule wrong for 2 editions...

22-01-2013, 21:10
In fourth edition, space marine scouts didn't have the scout ability. SNAP
And Terminators didn't wear Terminator Armor :D

22-01-2013, 21:23
And Terminators didn't wear Terminator Armor :D

Real terminators don't need any silly armor, they just jump out of their spaceships and enjoy the ride down.

Also it took really long time for me to realise that in the last edition of the chaos codex, spawns were beasts and were actually rather fast from time to time. "oh, they have fleet, OH, they double their assault distance"

22-01-2013, 22:04
Didn't realize that in 5th edition you could only attack a unit you were already in combat with for one 'round' if another unit Assaulted you.