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23-01-2013, 18:34
Below is my 2000 point list for Orcs and Goblins. I have a rivalry match up with an old friend that has a shooty High Elf army with tons of Sea Guard. Let me know what you think and if you think it will be a good generic list to go against a variety of other armies.:chrome:

Savage Orc Great Shaman, Lv. 4; 205 points
+ [1] Fencer's Blades, 35 points
+ [1] Dispel Scroll, 25 points

[38] Savage Orcs; Extra Hand Weapons; Big'Uns, 443 points

[1] Boss, 11 points

[39] Night Goblins: Spears; Shields; 167 points
[*=1][1] Big Boss; Battle Standard Bearer; Extra Hand Weapon; Light Armor; 64 points

+ [1] Enchanted Shield; 5 points

[2] Fanatics; 50 points

[5] Goblin Wolf Riders: Short Bow; Spears; 60 points


[39] Black Orcs, 493 points

[1] Black Orc Boss; +12 points extra

[12] Trolls, 420 points


[1] Mangler Squig, 65 points

Total Cost: EXACTLY 2000 POINTS

23-01-2013, 21:29
i like the list alot, i think it should do well against the shooty elves...only suggestions were, why not lucky shrunken head, and maybe drop ahw on bsb for a better save or better weapon?

24-01-2013, 12:21
Zienlonkak, Thanks for the response. I totally agree that the S.Orcs are a bit vulnerable and the lucky shrunken head could be good. What would you replace to get the magic item? I think dropping the extra hand weapon would be good for the BSB in exchange for a magic weapon. Points are all totally locked up so I might consider getting rid of the mangler squig in exchange for something else. I am facing down 60 seaguard so things could go pretty bad if I don’t move up quick enough.

24-01-2013, 14:09
U can consider dropping a troll and the light armor and additional hand weapon on bsb and take shrunken head and a charmed shield for bsb

26-01-2013, 09:51
I've told the Mangler squig is a bad idea as it will be shot down the first turn. Maybe I can sub the squig for something better?

26-01-2013, 17:36
Worth the points to keep him. IMO

26-01-2013, 22:49
If he has tons of shooting and no chaff usually I would take big blocks and just march up into his face!