View Full Version : 750 woc list

24-01-2013, 10:40
So ive entered a semi competitive league and its a 750pts.
here is my list, C & C are most welcome

-barded steed, spell familar,luckstone

30 marauders
- MOK, flail, standard

5 Hounds

5 Knights
-standard, banner of eternal flame

3 skull crushers


what you think?

Warrior of Chaos
24-01-2013, 15:46
You got some speed and a good deal of CC hitting power. You could run into issues against steadfast units, but if you do combo-charges with those knights and crushers there will be little that can hold up to you for long.

24-01-2013, 18:22
Yea at that point level I was really only worried about a huge bock in horde or heavy magic armies like empire that can have a lord and hero Mage