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24-01-2013, 14:57
So, I don't play fantasy much, but when I do, I play Wood Elves. I've been trying to put together a list for 1500 points and this is what I've come up with so far. Please let me know what you think. I'm very open to suggestion. Except suggestions about TreeKin. So, yeah. Thanks in advance and here's the list:

SpellWeaver lvl 4 275 (Likely with Lore of Beasts)
- dispel scroll

Noble on Steed with HODA, light armor, spear, shield and Helm of the Hunt 143

14xGlade Guard with Musician - Standard Bearer and Banner of Eternal Flame 196
10xGlade Guard with Musician 126
10xGlade Guard with Musician 126

8xDryads 96
8xDryads 96

Great Eagle 50
Great Eagle 50

5xWild Riders with full command and Razor Standard 211

5xGlade Riders with Musician 129


Would this be a better list swapping the mounted noble and glade riders for a WarDancer noble and 8xWardancers?

Again, thanks for any advice.

25-01-2013, 23:37
In that list, yes. I'm not sure what the noble is going to be able to accomplish to be honest, and I really don't like glade riders. A wardancer noble, possibly with the blades of loec, and some wardancers for counter attacking would pack more of a punch. You already have the eagles, dryads and wild riders for redirecting / chaff hunting, and the glade riders won't add anything more.

Although more glade guard and a bsb may be an even better choice.