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24-01-2013, 20:36
Hey all,

Here is an idea for a small tournament list worth 1900 points.
Its a bit all Eggs in one basket. But I was wondering how something like this performs.

Bretonnian Lord:229
-Virtue of Heroism
-Sword of Swiftslaying

Prophetess (Lore of Life):240
-Level 4


Paladin: 124
-Enchanted Shield
-Luck Stone
-Warriors Bane
-Virtue of Duty or Better magic weapon

Paladin: 126
-Gromgril Great Helm
-Virtue of Confidence/ the Wyrmlance?

9x Knights of the Realm with Full Command: 240
- Lord and the Paladins go here for the bus of Doom approach.

8x Knights of the Realm with Full Command: 216
- Prophetess normally goes here
216 Points

12x Knights Errant with Full Command and Errantry Banner 281 Points

5 Knight Errant with Champion (Not sure about this unit, could upgrade it to Knights of the Realm). 100 Points

10x Peasant Bowmen with Braiziers
65 Points

10x Peasant Bowmen with Braiziers
65 Points

2x Trebuchet
180 points

34 Points Left... Could take the Leadership Banner, and some minor things.
Alternatively I could upgrade the 5 man unit to Knights of the Realm to be more reliable.

Normally I'm not fond of this all eggs in one basket approach but I wanted to give it a try.
So yes, the goal of the list is a bus of unkilleable 1+ rerollable saves death. Essentially my Lord hunts and kills Monsters. The Paladins are for support (I think they may need to be tooled a bit better for killing).
When facing Death Magic snipers I'm adding the Prophetess to the unit for that extra magic resistance. When facing weaker armies with many S3 units I might just as well divide the heroes across the units.

The small unit is there to kill chaff, redirect or draw out fanatics. I could replace them with Mounted Yeomen (maybe even two units). What do you guys think?

Archers and Trebuchets for random monster Killing and regeneration denying.

I have 3/4ish units of Knights do you guys think its enough? Do you think this may work in this point number?
What would you guys recommend in the list ?

La'mour Le Breton
28-01-2013, 12:37
Where are you getting these magic items from? I'm looking at the dex and I don't see alot of them, sword of swift slaying, dragon helm, luck stone....

King Arthur
28-01-2013, 17:41
the rule book!!! looks quite a solid list consider crown of command to one of your lords so they can get supported if they get stuck and all the paladins aren't actually needed more knights instead?

La'mour Le Breton
30-01-2013, 10:32
Thanks for being cool about my ignorance without being snarky, this forum should be called Warsnark