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25-01-2013, 17:53
I'm thinking of fielding an Ancient Stegadon with Engine of Gods but am concerned for the safety of my Skink Priest. According to the rules I get a 2+ Armour save, which "cannot be improved in any way". So if I charge the steg into a unit of dwarfs with great weapons, there could potentially be something like 10 attacks directed against the model, and if all 10 decide to target my Priest, then with a WS and T of 2 each, he's gonna take a lot of wounds. With a 2+ AS I'd be alright, but this gets reduced to 4+ with the dwarf's strength. This is especially annoying seeing as how in the FAQ they changed monstrous cavalry so that you use the stats with highest wounds and toughness - but for ridden monsters the enemy is somehow much more able to target individual riders and use their toughness.

It just seems like if you put a Skink Priest in combat on a stegadon, he's ludicrously overexposed - surely there should be a rule that you can't attack characters on a massive stegadon, especially if you're a 4 foot dwarf! How do they reach?

28-01-2013, 21:23
I think one thread on this topic (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?363135-Stegadon-armour-saves) will suffice ;)

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