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25-01-2013, 20:03
Okay guys so I need to hand in my list today let me know what u think or what I should tweak.

GUO with pestilent mucus lv4

HoK armor of khorn bsb standard of sundering
HoT chariot dispel scroll lv2 hevens 225

29 bloodletters full comand
29 bloodletters musician standard
5 furries
5 furries
5 furries

Feind of slanesh
Feind of slanesh

2394 points

One thing I know the chariot seems mehhhh but I think since hills and stuff always block LOS so hiding from cannons and the like is easy enough. Also it can kill chaff/war machines pretty reliably if it had 2. Instead of it I could squeeze in a blood crusher but I dunno. Let me know guys :D.

26-01-2013, 00:03
Hey mate! Going to Onslaught GT at Templecon?!?!

I think the list is a bit small, but that's coming from a guy who plays Goblin armies with 300 models... The units you do have will put some hurt on anything though! I'd like to try my list against yours, I just posted it here

Good luck at the event!

-David N.